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Jul 6, 2012

Friend of slain mother and daughter believes someone close is responsible

Clari & Shanny Fredersdorf

It is yet to be determined how the Prime Minister feels about the money trials of the K.H.M.H. or the undocumented trail of transactions that beleaguers the National referral hospital.  But another trail of blood that the cops are following may lead to a stash of cash. The double homicide of a mother and daughter has left the Corozal community in shock. On Wednesday night, shortly after nine-thirty, the owner of Hotel Paradise Bay Villas, along with her teenage daughter were fatally shot, after which three dark complexion men were spotted fleeing the scene.  While it hasn’t been established what triggered the killings, residents and friends have only been able to speculate; which has led them to believe that it was a set up by someone close to the family. Today, a close friend of the Fredersdorf’s provided some details about the family. He spoke with News Five’s Andrea Polanco.


Andrea Polanco, Reporting

In a gruesome killing on Wednesday night, thirty-five year old Clari and her eighteen year old daughter, Shanny Fredersdorf, were shot to death in their establishment, Paradise Bay Villas in Corozal Town.  From all accounts, they were easy going people. Paul Haberling, is a close friend of Clari Fredersdorf; and said he last her a few weeks ago for Shanny’s graduation. Haberling, who resides in Canada, says he spoke to Clari the night she was killed.


Andrea Polanco

“So, Paul when was the last time you spoke with Clari?”


Paul Haberling, Close Friend of Clari’s

“Fifteen minutes before happening and she was happy because she had in her mind to come to Canada for a visit with me. Everything was perfect; she was waiting for her visa, a Canadian Visa. We talked very often like ten times a day or so.”


Andrea Polanco

“Did she at any point mention to you if she had any conflict with anyone in Corozal?”


Paul Haberling

Paul Haberling

“No, she never had any conflict with anyone because she was a very nice person and never started anything; very quiet and very happy person.”


And so, the question remains, why were they killed? Several theories have been thrown around; was it a murder for hire? Robbery perhaps? According to Haberling, inside this property was a safe with jewelry and thousands in cash; the safe, he says, was opened after the double homicide.


Paul Haberling

“Yes, she was keeping money at home because that’s from the hotel; cash received and she won a few days before she won some money in Boledo like two thousand dollars and she was keeping my money because if I come; usually I would leave money with her like a couple thousand dollars and some Mexican money too.”


Andrea Polanco

“Now reports are estimating the value of the cash to be over two hundred thousand dollars?”


Paul Haberling

“Minimum. Minimum because she was trying to buy the house; the neighbor’s house they came from different house and they offer to sell so the discussion was how she gonna pay and she said I will pay cash.”


Andrea Polanco

“Now I understand she would usually keep that money in a safe?”


Paul Haberling

“Yes. It was hidden in her bedroom and she, all her jewelry and money she was keeping there.”


Andrea Polanco

“And so following the murders, the safe, I believe, was discovered empty?”


Paul Haberling

“They couldn’t see the safe before; during the first investigation but later on that night, a few people break into the safe and open up without any police present; they destroyed the safe to open up.”


Andrea Polanco

“When you say few people, is that in reference to the three men seen running away from the property?”


Paul Haberling

“No, that was Shanny’s boyfriend; Shanny’s boyfriend with another person, his brother-in-law.”


Andrea Polanco

“Now, do you believe that they were targeted because someone knew that money was there?”


Paul Haberling

“No at that point I don’t know because she never talked to anybody that she was keeping the money there only a house member would know about it.”


But it does seem as if more people knew of the safe than Clari thought.  According to police, Shanny’s boyfriend who also resides on the property, with the help of a caretaker, opened the safe that night to get money for medical bills for Shanny’s injuries. Well, residents of the area seemed to believe there’s more than meets the eye. But Paul says he is clueless as to who killed the Fredersdorfs.


Paul Haberling

“No, idea. No idea right now at the moment. The police are doing investigation and then later on we will know something about it because police doesn’t want to talk about it.”


Haberling says he didn’t observe any signs of forced entry and no personal belongings seemed to have been taken.


Paul Haberling

“No, nothing was taken yet. She got all her jewelry on her at that moment and nothing was missing; except the break in to the safe and they take the stuff from the safe. I would like to ask the public; people to help to solve that case and if anybody knows any information, I would appreciate if they would contact the Corozal Police or Belize Police.”


Reporting for News Five, I’m Andrea Polanco.


The two detained men remain in police custody.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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19 Responses for “Friend of slain mother and daughter believes someone close is responsible”

  1. Storm says:

    Whoever did it, hang them all. No mercy for killers in the Jewel, no exceptions.

    Neighbours should help the police try to find them, but be careful because they are dangerous — it might be too risky to capture them alive.

  2. Joe Mcguire says:

    Paul Haberling knew about the money perhaps he is the one who hired the killers?

  3. Jam says:

    it’s sad…..but GOB will not do ANYTHING!

  4. Dr. No says:

    How did these people get over 200 thousand dollars cash with their small sex hotel?
    Could it have been a drug deal gone bad?
    How does this man know there was over 200 thousand dollars hidden in the home?
    He could be a suspect who paid hired killers to do the job and set up the daughters boyfriends family to take the rap.
    Conveniently he was out of the country and arrived the day after the murders.
    This fourigner owns a nightclub that just went bankrupt and is struggling with a housing development.
    Rumors in Corozal are that he is already taking over the victims properties and has kicked out the victims mother.
    The police need to bring in professionals to investigate. Gunpowder residue, lie detector tests, dna and more.

  5. Maria Marshall says:

    Sad. Hope police find the perpetrators. I can’t understand though how come they missed seeing the safe during their first investigation. ????

  6. joe lopez says:

    Joe mcguire and both of you guys are wrong in your comments, you think if he hired the killers or if he is the one behind this murders will be speaking to the media or the police think for a second! What I think is someone working there or cuold be any other person having information of that family keeping money in the building and planned to robbed this poor people unfortunately killing them also getting away with the money at any cost even if they had to kill this people for their own money that they had hard for it! Damn! Sad to hear that this type of things are happening very often in belize and the police cannot apprehend this criminals??

  7. Anna V says:

    Dr. No;
    It sounds as if you are a detective yourself. Perhaps you can assist in the investigation. Clearly the police aren’t imiginative enough to make such accusations themselves. But, I understand you are not familiar witht the whole story- as you are believing and critiquing only what you read on MEDIA.

    My deepest condolences to the family, and friends of these victims. They are now, not only able to mourn the loss of their close family, but have to undergo the scrutiny of “wannabe” detectives.

    Please understand, that no matter how suspicious the act, there are many victims involved, and NOT all suspects.Please respect the family and above all respect the victims of this crime, who were much to young to die, not to mention die such a horrific death stimulated by GREED.

    The police NEED to catch the animals who acted in this crime!

  8. Joe Mcguire says:

    Joe Lopez they say he who points the finger first is usually the suspect, you should think for 2 seconds.

    If you didn’t want to be held as a suspect what would you do? Go into the media’s eye pretending to be so concerned.

    No wonder criminals are never caught because dumb @$$#$ like you exist in this world.

  9. blz.......... says:

    Few days before the double murder, Shanny was talking to me……….. And told me that her mom was having a relationship with some white man………. she told me that she was trying to convince her mom to leave him because he was just behind her money and that he hit her mom several times………she was scare because there was few times that he pointed gun to them already…….. If he is the same guy that DR is saying then …….. I strongly believe that he is the d one that pay for their heads…..t. how in the world will a person make big money transactions in cash…….. dats no longer the way things are done……… check ……..or some bank transaction……….. they are few people that can be potential suspects, but fore some reason they are not detain…….. only good knows……… I hope they can get forensic evidence…….. and they pay for there in-human act

  10. Dr. No says:

    The husband died mysteriously 3 weeks ago and the woman was already in a relationship with another man. My contacts in Corozal Town report that this woman was a sex trade worker on the side. They drove a car with the words LUCIFER on the windshield.
    Joe Lopez: How could a worker know what or how much money was in a locked safe. Please think U dumb $h!t.
    My contacts in Corozal Town tell me the same information that BLZ mentions above and that Paul Haberling is already having parties with prostitutes in the house of murder.
    I am studying this real good because it will make a great book.

  11. Eye in the Sky says:

    Everything points to Paul Haberling. But he will get away with murder because he set up the killers. Does anyone remember on the news that he donated a bullet catcher to the Corozal Police department a few months ago? There is a reason behind that, because why would anyone donate something like that to COROZAL POLICE? Seems fishy to me. I wonder who got the money? Everyone knows who got the house.

  12. Eye in the Sky says:

    This so called friend of the victims donated a bullet catcher to the Corozal Police Department a few months ago.
    Google it. Seems fishy to me.
    WHY would anyone donate a bullet catcher to the COROZAL POLICE?

    Someone will get away with murder and someone was set up big time.

    Who got the money?
    Who got the house?
    Who is driving the car?
    Who is running the hotel?

    I will be the first to buy Dr. No’s book.

  13. Rasta Man says:

    Its definately Paul. I hope he is locked up. Why has he been given access back to the hotel.

  14. joe lopez says:

    Dr.$%!@# no and mcguire dumb@$$, for your info I am an expolice officer because of my inteligence I am in another country and dr. Nobody your contacts is your imagination!

  15. natty1 says:

    yow dah white boy right deh dah unu killa memba i tell unu dat,da boy deh guilty

  16. now i see says:

    I think all of you guys are stupid. The police are doing their job and you guys are just making it worst. Give them a week or two and every thing will fall in place. So sad for the little girl she had so many dreams like a normal teenager. Please police show everyone that you guys can solve this.

  17. RealisT says:



  18. Joe Mcguire says:

    Poor Joe Lopez no wonder this Country has fallen your not just an idiot you were also a pig, explains why crime has risen so high and you were sent to another Country because Belize was tired of your idiotic ways not because of your intelligence, you sad excuse for a police officer who can’t easily put 2 + 2 together.

    By the way Mr. Genius I-N-T-E-L-L-I-G-E-N-C-E has 2 L’s.

    Guess you weren’t recruited for your perfect spelling!

  19. Mr. Truth says:

    All you people are miss informed, I know Mr.Paul personally, the man helped shannys and claris family from Guatemala with all the paper works and personal property without taking a dime, they were good friends with Paul and the real question is why the boyfriends family never showed up to the wake or funeral? If my concence didnt bother me i would go with no matter who is there, also boyfriend supose to go to hospital with (shanny) instead went home and waited till police leave the hotel than middle of the night came to broke open the safe….. i hope you people didnt know that??? Also the killers did not break the safe, Shannys boyfriend did !!!! So where does all the signs point out??? For all the people please watch the news and eventually the truth will come out……

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