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Jul 5, 2012

Mother and daughter murdered in cold blood

Shanny & Clari Fredersdorf

In cold blood; there is no other way to describe the inexplicable killing of a family. The security once felt by Corozal residents is becoming fragmented as the seeds of doubt and suspicion surround the district as a mother and daughter were murdered. The pair lived on the property of their business, a hotel, located among a number of other popular inns. It is reported that during business hours on Wednesday night, three men were seen fleeing the grounds after three shots were heard. While police haven’t established a motive, accounts from residents in the area suggest that it may have been robbery stimulated by greed of someone close to the family.  News Five’s Andrea Polanco went to Corozal today and reports on the calculated double murder of mother and daughter, all that was left of the Fredersdorf family in Belize.


Andrea Polanco, Reporting

Tragedy struck on the grounds of Hotel Paradise Bay Villas in Corozal Town around nine forty-five on Wednesday night when proprietor, thirty-five year old, Clari and her eighteen year old daughter Shanny Fredersdorf were murdered. News of the double homicide spread quickly in the normally peaceful and quiet municipality causing groups of residents and friends to gather on the street in front of the latest murder scene. Close friend of the Fredersdorfs, Alvaro Cowo says that the Fredersdorfs were nice people and he doesn’t know of any previous attacks on the family.


Alvaro Cowo

Alvaro Cowo, Close Friend of the deceased

“Well, I know deh good, good, good for about fifteen to twelve years; they are nice persons and friendly to everybody and they just stick to deh place and barely go out; only when they have to go out, they go out and apart from that well they just stick to the place.”


Andrea Polanco

“Do you know how long they’ve had their business here?”


Alvaro Cowo

“From I know them they have their business here about twelve to fifteen or thirteen years.”


Andrea Polanco

“And before this incident, do you know if any; if they were targeted before?”


Alvaro Cowo

“Well, I nuh think so because I dah wah close, close friend fi dem and she neva tell me nothing like if she was targeted or something like that.”


Reports are that Clari was shot and killed here between the buildings; these small blood stained gravel is where she laid and died; she was shot to the left armpit and left triceps; After hearing the shots, it is said that Shanny ran outside to inquire upon which she was hit to the left temple and fell here on the ground. She was taken to the K.H.M.H where she died around five this morning. The wounds, reports say, appear to have been committed with a hand gun at close range.


Alvaro Cowo

“It happened during business hours because according to the niece when they called she, she said that somebody mi just left one of the rooms and she mi always nuh matta what hours somebody left the rooms even till ten o’clock  she go and clean up one time in case somebody come, the room is clean.”


Andrea Polanco

“So it could’ve been that someone walked in and..?”


Alvaro Cowo

“It look so.”


Shanny Fredersdorf

And just a few weeks ago, Clari’s husband had passed away; Cowo says they were still grieving and now the double murder has left them stunned.


Alvaro Cowo

“Yes, a complete shock because they called me around ten o’clock in the night from the hospital and when I come, I gone straight to the hospital and I met her daughter right here and from there I was waiting and then deh ker she but she was dead already.”


Friends of the family say that while they aren’t sure who committed the murders; they believe it could’ve been orchestrated by someone familiar with the Fredersdorfs.  Initial reports indicate that an assortment of jewelry was taken from an inside safe. The Hotel, we were told, had several guests for the overnight; and someone spotted three masked men running from the scene. Reporting for News Five, I’m Andrea Polanco.


Two men have been detained by Corozal Police in connection with the homicides.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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21 Responses for “Mother and daughter murdered in cold blood”

  1. Storm says:

    A life for a life, I believe.

  2. says:

    Cud be same ppl whe get the dad? Or the fishsman?

  3. Fly on the Wall says:

    It is called KARMA.

    Do not spit into the wind because it will fly back and hit you in the face.

  4. Relic says:

    This why people move away from Belize. The country has become a murder state. What has gone wrong in Belize.

  5. Rod says:

    This is getting so much more worse now they are killing women and children this gov. And pm need to come out and tell the public what they will do about all these murders we want to hear from this useless incompetent pm we have to have to bring back the hanging penalty these killers need to be hung march march and dont give them up to the police hang them yourselves.

  6. Bze gial says:

    how tragic! we Bzeans no safe in we own home or business now. ppl have no respect fu we life.
    they shoot we like birds.

  7. Concerned says:


  8. ben says:

    It had been rumored that their hotel was a place for the gang members from Belize city that were being PAID by the goverment to leave the big city were staying there . Sad affair all around


    You don’t have to have a fight or quarrel for someone to kill you.

    This is awful, yet we have seen worse in Belize.

  10. Enough says:

    Something need to be done about these monsters that are roaming our streets. We need to stand up and let these animals know that we had enough and we need to demand that the government get off their @$$ and do something. The whole idea of the PM paying gang members and holding them up in hotels so as to keep the calm is just plain out stupid. He is rewarding those idiots for killing people. The killing will never stop cause the government is putting fuel into the fire by rewarding them. Just hang them whey should our tax dollars be given to them while teachers and public officers who are hard working and abiding citizens cannot get a raise while he is pouring millions into these @$$ holes pockets. When he will do something is when it hits home then he wah get the sense.

  11. mtor says:

    ROD- u need 4 shut up! 4 Everything u blame the gov and pm. D main cause da the break up of family values! I c young boys out in the streets at nite out a control while mom and dad happily asleep in bed. Come on- parents r not educating their children like before! I membr in my time once parents r in bed their kids like wise and we cudn’t do tings out-a-d- way cz we know what we wa get….

  12. Rod says:

    Barrow a total failure at his present job resign resign barrow how can you sleep at night with so many deaths on your hands you must be related to bashar assad.

  13. Seletar says:

    These murderers need to be caught, convicted, and executed, if the police can take them alive. Killers like these are awfully dangerous, though, and I might be scared and have an itchy trigger finger if I were a policeman arresting them, like what happened to Arthur Gentle recently.

    I encourage DPP to take a direct hand in the case now, to make sure the investigation is done “by the book,” and the evidence and witness statements preserved properly.

    Live by the gun, die by the rope.

  14. CT says:

    For information on how to protect yourselves, your families, your homes, and business check out the resources at the Belize Neighborhood Watch Coalition

  15. Btbers says:

    Live a dirty life and you too will die like a pig.
    Well known Sex Hotel.
    Lets see when your videos become available on the internet Cheaters.

  16. kesha says:

    My family and i were coming down in 2 weeks on vacation on a cruise ship we were excited but reading this and other articles and these comments i dont think we are coming off the ship

  17. Tanya says:

    We in the districts do not have a say about sending these people to our towns from belize city ?? Is this fair for us ? you negotiate with them, you give them handouts, you send them to kill in other towns and we the people in the towns accept it and our representatives say nothing. These people do not want to work, nor live a good life nor education.. they want to kill with no remorse, get money easy and do not care about anyone.. the only way they will learn is by tough laws and a tough government.. But there we go again saying racism, they are victims of poverty etc… I know a lady wwho sells tamales daily and is a single mother and sends her two kids to high school with sacrifice and poor and this year one has graduated.. she cried… its not about the whole country of belize its about a culture in belize that is lost and we have to face it and speak about it without feeling racism.. media and leaders in this culture should start to speak out to help them. Its not fair the rest of the country suffer along..Its no longer about poverty…If not, ask the southside alleviation project and how many have drop out because they do not want to worrk for 225.00 a week… Its easier to kill and get away with it.. its sad, but its true and we need to face our reality and stop hiding behind it… where are the intelects and religions talking now.. they do not want to face their reality to their people.. ?? we have to do this.. direct and cold dialogue needs to start..

  18. L .M. says:

    it is time for Belizeans to take justice in there own hands because we need to set an example to the criminals. too much is too much

  19. Bzefirst says:

    Begin by questioning those gang members government had tax payers money paying for them to just do nothing in Corozal!!! All GOB accomplished was to spread the net and connections of these gangs! Now O.W. has gang graffiti in areas where these gang members were nicely set up in comfort! Investigate all criminal activities now in the vicinity and areas where these criminals were sent on vacation on taxpayer’s back!!!

  20. now i see says:

    @ Btbers sadly to admit but you are rite. This people were swingers he was driving a white van with “LUCIFER” logo in the back window and “MALDITO ” on the front. Of course every one in town knows their lives and is a big shock to hear that now they are all dead. No one deserve to get kill worse like this. Here, at the free zone is the hot topic. I think that theres something else big behinde all this. They have shares with some polish investers in altamira Corozal very close to town. Lots of $$$$$ in between. That was an execution just follow who will stay with what. Hope they get the killers and they say who pay them. Because robery was not the motive. Acording to the police all the money and gold was there. ( exept for the money in the safety box) that the boy freind and his father took. We need to start hanging this criminals.


    Mr Enough you are so right, COUNTLESS BILLIONS OF 1000000000000% absolutely CORRECT in ALL ALL you say !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I work so hard to pay tax, just to see these WOLVES being FED by my GOV????

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