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Jul 2, 2012

Telethon raises targeted $1 Million for Inspiration Center

The goodwill shown by the embassies in Belize and the courageous act by an Orange Walk mother to rescue her children from a burning building are only two of the recent moments that show the good nature of Belizeans. Across the country, hundreds of people gave from their hearts and made the Inspiration Telethon on Saturday, a major success. Before the event, the one million dollar target, set by the Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis Barrow, seemed like a stretch, but the was not only met, it was surpassed. The largest donations came from the Social Security Board, which pledged one hundred and fifty thousand dollars to be paid over three years, Belize Telemedia Limited committed to sixty thousand dollars, while Fyffes and Belize’s Sugar Industries Limited each donated fifty thousand dollars. But the biggest surprise came at the end of the day, when Minister of Human Development, Anthony “Boots” Martinez announced a pledge of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars that would be transferred from the OPEC Fund for International Development through the Southside Alleviation Project.


Anthony “Boots” Martinez, Minister of Human Development

“It’s a project that is dear to my heart and as representative of the Southside and also the Minister of Human Development and Poverty Alleviation, we have chartered through a program through OPEC to find a way to donate to this cause two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, which is quarter million dollars.”


Rene Villanueva

Anthony “Boots” Martinez

“Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!”


Anthony “Boots” Martinez

“That is going to be done next month. Of course, we are sending up all the approvals to OPEC; ninety percent of the approvals come from Belize, it’s just a matter of us doing and making sure we follow the protocol, send up the project and the procurement guidelines and we could say that is for sure, that is a done deal so that push it over the million dollars.”


Rene Villanueva

“That push it over the million dollars!”


Kim Simplis Barrow

Kim Simplis Barrow, Special Envoy For Women and Children

“So that brings us to one million, ninety-three thousand, three hundred and sixty-eight dollars and sixty-six cents. I certainly take this opportunity to thank everyone who donated to this great cause. I was deeply, deeply moved by especially the children who came, who broke their piggy banks, who gave their monies from the tooth fairy to the Inspiration Center. I think those are the moments that will forever be etched in my mind and my heart and the Belizeans for a very long time to come. Today is a proud, proud day to be a Belizean. I am so overwhelmed with emotion and I can’t thank you all enough for supporting these children, for really walking this walk with these children. They need us and they us need us today. So this is one step towards the realization of this inspiration center.”


Guest phone operators who volunteered on Saturday included Prime Minister Dean Barrow, Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega as well as Ministers Anthony “Boots” Martinez, Patrick Faber and Herman Longsworth. If you missed the telethon and still want to donate, you can do so at or send cheques, made out to NCFC Disability Center, to the Special Envoy office at the Whitfield Tower on Coney Drive.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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19 Responses for “Telethon raises targeted $1 Million for Inspiration Center”

  1. easy Glenn says:

    How can the government and Government own Businesses Pledge Public funds to private entity without the people consent WoW !!! it call Moving money around right in you face

  2. easy Glenn says:

    tek That Belize and People just stay there and watch wow Unu no want change wolf ina sheeps clothing and belize tha red riding hood.( how big and shiny your teeth look grandma UDP)? Yes just to eat you with Belize Eat and rip to shreds and left poo poo poo when we done COME ON!!! INa debt an now the super bond pay some a that they the reroute money check!!! Smart business What a shame

  3. Indy says:


    Big applause for Mrs Barrow initiative and hard work for the this successful telethon. But I am sad to see that it was only government entities that gave money (SSS, BTL, and Ministry of Human Development and BSI who was subsidize by the government 2 years ago). Is this a people’s/grassroot movement or giving or a government. I would have rather seen dollar, quarters, cents coming from the Belizean public. This is is hand me down things like we Belizeans are used to. But regardless where it came from, I am sure who ever decided to give the monies they had surplus right??


  4. Uncle Benji says:

    Congrats to all in a well organized fund raiser! Did they really achieve their ,million dollars goal? Boots Martinez was involved, and that is where the problem lies.

    Sorry Booty Boy, a “showoff” you are; but when it comes to putting your monies where your mouth is………. hmmmmm……….. that’s a different story.

    I am taking bets. Within the next thirty days, the media will be reporting all sorts of setbacks with Booty Martinez quarter million dollars pledge. Sit back, observe and enjoy the Booty Martinez jive.

  5. Stephen says:

    Great job however we need to consider putting that building in Belmopan. We are doing too much work in Belize City and see our hard work go down in vain due to crime. There are also some things we need to consider which is hurricane, if there is a treat we need to get those to a shelter outside of Belize City so why should we built in Belize City. Let do this Madam Borrow but in Belmopan City as many are afraid of Belize City and doing it in Belmopan will be the best place as it have easy access from any part of the country. Just something to consider as Belize City have a lot of problems and the building will cost less in Belmopan.

  6. check it out says:

    How can they donate 150,000 dollars of workers pension funds in SSB without consulting the people. now PM also said he will use SSB funds to build back CITY CENTER. SSB=SLUSH FUND

  7. Ragamuffin says:

    I totally agree Uncle Benji….. While I applaude the cause, I bet if it wasn’t the PM’s wife getting the praises none of the entities like BSSB, BTL etc. would have pledged so much money.

  8. get it right says:

    Its a pity how some people let minor details affect the outcome of a good cause. Despite that the GOB controlled enities donated the most, the money is being used for a great and worthy cause. Since when is a fundraiser limited to certain sectors of people. The point of a fundraiser is to raise funds thru donations from anyone. Come on, stop making things so damn political. If you wanted to make things political, you should’ve asked how much the opposition or any other political party or activists contributed. I applaud Mrs. Barrow and everyone who contributed on a successful fundraiser.

  9. airdan says:

    And yet SS gives the people’s money away. The money they give for scholarships and other events is our money yet they always give it away like it’s theirs! So wrong.

  10. Me says:

    Shame on simple to collect monies from the government (taxe monies) for her self to look as a good simple individual. Shame on this UDP, i voted you in now with all my hearth will vote you out. You are no good, you play to be good , .

  11. rod says:

    no worry bout super bond ask them how much we the belizean poo people owe fu medical bills tha miami and they still wa mo .

  12. deedee says:

    SSB, housing ministry, btl….all control under Barrow. This is just another way for them to use tax payers $$$ for their own use. Yes Kim Barrow is on the fore front appearing to be spear-heading the whole thing, but behind that it’s her husband playing all the cards. And now here we have crackhead boots talking about giving a quarter million $$$$….his words sounds so nice, but lawd da boots we di talk bout. I bet ppl who voted for Barrow & his government are very disappointed in what they are doing to this country. Look at the ministry of national security…..they just got another PR officer, fi what?????

  13. b.Jones says:

    Is it a good cause, yes. Is it a good look, No. 1st…. We all know that in order for any monies to be “donated” by any sector of government must it must come direct from the PM, which is not a “donation” but an order. 2nd… With rhetorically current conditions of the South Side, no money should be diverted from that constituency. If anything the south side needs a fundraising of its own. Again, a good cause, but not a good transparent look. It kind of stinks. Poor Belize

  14. Eye in the Sky says:

    I have said it before and I will say it again. How long before we stupid Belizeans understand?


    You get nothing in return. The bosses live good and the employees play around in their air conditioned offices. But YOU the HARD WORKING Belizean gets almost nothing when you RETIRE or get SICK.

    Stop paying Social Security NOW and see how quick they go out of business. What are thay going to do? Lock up every Belizean for not paying . . . . .I do not think so.

    Stop paying Social Security NOW

    Stop paying Social Security NOW

    Stop paying Social Security NOW

    Stop paying Social Security NOW

    Stop paying Social Security NOW

  15. now i see says:

    This is only my opinion. I took long to answer because i had to read over and over this million dollar telethon. I respect you Mr prime minister and more or less understand what you are trying to do. If i was in your situation probably will do the samething if my wife had cancer you whant her to feel some how better, doing this. But, i trully dont think Belize could aford this. We, the people were forced to donate this money that the goverment gave. I am not saying that is wrong to help the kids with this problem. First of all we have no doctors to attend them. Second, how long will it take to build something big like this?. Why not use this money to feed the poor kids that are going to school?. They are the future of this country and they need the food so they can do good in school. Not to mention that the roads are a shame at least in the districts example Corozal. We dont have the minister of tourism so, we have to wait for left overs (like usual). I will like to say more but i dont want to bored you they are so many things that its needed. First, think of this hungry kids. And that they are trying soooo hard to be someone in like you in the future. I wish i had more money to help more but little by little iam doing my best. And dont belive on going to the press and show off what i do, because when you do something its from your heart. Like they say your rigth hand dont need to know what your left hand do.

  16. easy Glenn says:

    Come on Belize Be smart a good cause in OW what about civic what about the crime what about the children what about the Majority and the minority The ministers should have donated there own salaries the money out of there own Pocket not the Peoples money. Come On a good cause there is many more things that need attention other than this what about the new hosptial wing How about radios for every police on the street so they can communicate instantly with each other so they can fight crime how about feeding and recreation for the kid how about finishing the stadium how about the poor and homeless OPEN YOUR EYES how about fight against guns violence tell me did anyone see any plans for this center the numbers the plans before this can we finish something in Belize what about the 2 million dollar fence (If you dont stand for something you will fall for anything ) put the center in Belize city THEY NEED THE MOST INSPIRATION AND HOPE
    I pray for Belize another dent in our already weakened armor

  17. easy Glenn says:

    Am sorry Is not going to be in OW where is it going to Be !!!!! ?????????? how did they come up with 3 mill Key word Minor Therapy yes we do need a center But is this needed right now fight against the guns People cant even walk the street tell me have you talk to you minister on the street since election (come tha the office and wait ina line like the rest and thanks fe the vote simple) they are so disconnected from the People Both Parties are guilty of this (Everybody got gun now everybody and tha no cheap gun Glock and taurus the gun worth mo than so of they house crime is a business in the jewel You mean GUN TOWN ROBBERY RAPE MOLESTATION BELIZE FIGHT THESE THINGS PLEASE PLEASE

  18. GEORGE USHER says:

    i was in belize for the teltheron i was so proud of all belize the kids broke their piggie bank great the thing that upset me the most is mr vega this was not a udp or pup thing this for the kids on stage with this red red red red red shirt shame on u we must know to stop and mr boots please we know who apec is are they the ones that contol the world oil market dont play with us those people that saddam did not sign over their oil to henry kissinger please stop keeping bad company god bless mrs kim i love her very much i wish aal of u had ahert like miss kim good luck belize and good nite belize

  19. looking on says:

    I applaud Mrs. Simpliss-Barrow for her big heart! I think it is wonderful dat she is dedicating so much to the minority-disabled kids especially since sum are of the opinion dat the focus should b on other issues such as crime/violence. Sure we would all like a lower crime rate; however, i admire the fact that she is standing up for the minority rather dan goin along with d main stream. I tink SSB, BTL n d other companies’ donations are commendable. They can DEFINATELY afford to. My onli issue tho is Boots quarter million dollar pledge. Southside could hve DEFINATELY used that money themselves. Many of the houses and streets are in deplorable conditions. Seems they need more funds themselves! Seems a bit like robbing peter to pay paul…

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