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Jul 2, 2012

A second Public Relations Officer in the Ministry of National Security

The daily reports from the police department traditionally comes from the press officer who is currently Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood. In addition to the Police Press Officer the ministry also employs the expertise of Public Relations Officer. Currently, the P.R. post is held by Raphael Martinez. This morning at a press conference at the Queen Street Police Station, Yearwood was flanked by Martinez and Delroy Cuthkelvin, a newly appointed Public Relations Officer for the Ministry of National Security. The trio talked about how they will keep the public informed about the department and the ministry’s activities.


Insp. Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer

Fitzroy Yearwood

“If we reflect on the past week, we can see that we definitely had a decline in crime and we believe that this is contributed to the amount of patrols we have on the street; our mobile patrols, foot patrols and our officers on the street who are actually doing the stop and searches. We can see that in Roaring Creek, a gun was taken off the street and in Belize City itself; we didn’t have any major incident reported during the last week. So we believe that the new zoning and the effective patrols have an effect on crime itself. We are trying to bring a new briefing of the press that we will bring it on board every Monday at ten-thirty a.m. This will be held at the Raccoon Street Police Station at our conference room; where whether or not we have a weekend of crimes or not we will be having a briefing just to keep the press updated as to what our nature of crimes have been or our investigations as to their progression. I would like to introduce to you our newest members of our public relations team. Mister Delroy Cuthkelvin joins the Ministry of National Security as yet another member of our Public Relations team. So now we have Mister Delroy Cuthkelvin and Mister Raphael Martinez from the Ministry—Public Relations Officers—and myself as the Police Press Officer.”


Fitzroy Yearwood

Delroy Cuthkelvin, P.R., Ministry of National Security

“I am thankful to the Prime Minister and the Minister of National Security to have called on me to serve in this new capacity which we are yet to properly define. It demonstrates the seriousness of this administration where it comes to crime fighting and national security. The election on March seventh gave the government a new mandate and part of that new mandate gives the Prime Minister the authority as the head of the ship of state to deploy accordingly, as he see fit, all the expertise at his command to ensure that we meet whatever the new challenges are and the old challenges in a new order of priority. It is no secret to you and the rest of the nation that crime and the solution to it has become one of the major challenges for this government and for all our Belizean people. I think I come on board at the Ministry of National Security at a good time; when we are already starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Over the past few weeks, we have seen greater cooperation from the public from ever before—cooperation between the public and the police. And we have seen what tangible benefits that can bring for example in Cayo. And so, it is the Prime Minister and the Minister of National Security’s position that we cannot have too much public relations at this time. Fitzroy is doing an excellent job as far as we are concerned in terms of relaying to you the operations of the police; Raphael has been serving for some time under the former Minister of Police as Public Relations Officer. And so, I am here neither to replace any of them, but to strengthen our public relations efforts. And I am doing so on the basis that the Prime Minister and the Minister of national Security have this as a major priority.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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13 Responses for “A second Public Relations Officer in the Ministry of National Security”

  1. Storm says:

    As a PR professional, the first I would do is change my last name. I think the average Belizean immediately thinks of the RECENT scandal when Vernon Cuthkelvin imported BILLIONS of dollars of drug precursors, and wasn’t even charged. He has been a disgrace to himself and the UDP even before this latest incident — defrauding hotels more than once, trying to defraud citizens when he was employed by Ministry of Housing.

    So when I see the name Cuthkelvin connected with enforcing the laws, my skin crawls.

    Delroy needs to be like Caesar’s wife, above suspicion.

  2. Rod says:

    Man you must the joke ,I think their are two separate worlds the one we live in and the one yearwood and this useless pm and gov. Live in he says crime is down who is he talking to fool the talk but fool no the listen now we see why cutchkelvin was not put in jail for drugs I tell you Barrow has the gang members for his personal safety and now he has drug dealer as his mouth piece we are truly doomed, this next part is as I see it this pm and gov. Is the most prejudice in the history of Belize every single person with jobs in this gov. Is black come on barrow their is other races in this country other than black and being a drug dealer.

  3. jeeboo says:

    Delroy is the best guy for public relations that i have seen in Belize. Good choice PM and keep it up Delroy.
    Rod don’t know left from right . Just because Delroys last name is the same as Vernon Cuthkelvin, does not mean that he is the drug dealer. I think we have a case of fool listening and commenting.

  4. Al says:

    Just what we need another person to give information to the public, what information?. What a joke, the fix that this government offers seems never to be thought out, someone gets an idea a boom it goes. Begin to tell the people the truth, begin by setting tighter standards for gathering and protecting evidence and making tighter rules for the men and women who call themsleves protector of the people. A lot of the police officers are drunks, party people of no or low character, this is where immediate focus needs to be. Oh the name Cuthkelvin, is he related to the one who was sent the drug making shipment by mistake, lol.

  5. BMNJ says:

    Vernon and Delroy are cousins but I’m not sure how close they are to each other.

  6. check it out says:

    what is his salary, in this ” fiscal discipline” time is this what we need? another bloated UDP to feed at the public’s expense. another SPIN DOCTOR . He will try to convince us that crime is down, it is only a perception of crime that we are seeing, he wil try to convence us that the TRUCE is working.and he also has an unlimited budjet to do infomercials. WTF PM, is this fiscal discipline???

  7. Ragamuffin says:

    Delroy cannot stick out his neck for the UDP because he has no neck.. this guy surely prospers under the UDP… fatso

  8. Concerned Citizen says:

    This is really a joke. What the hell this government thinks we are. i think the Ministry doesn’t even need Raphael Martinez, more or less another well paid public relations officer. What GOB is doing, is placing their cronies in well paid positions at the expense of tax payers. Wonder how much of the ministry’s budget will these two leeches pull. Instead of hiring these two none good, lazy, incompetent leeches, we could have paid the salaries of ten more police officers to patrol the streets and curb crime. When Yearwood was on leave, the nation could have clearly seen the incompetence of Raphael Martinez on the media. He surely puts more emphasis and love on other private contracts, “Mr Atlantic Insurance, coverage for Tsunamis.” Cutkelvin is a waste of time just like Raphael Martinez, political leeches.

  9. rod says:

    you no know whey you the talk bout jeeboo you dey that states and wa comment bout things happening in belize you that the fool jeeboo you tha traitor to you country so no talk no fool.

  10. Seletar says:

    I agree with the comments that money can be better spent than on a SECOND “public relations” officer for the police. PR men are “spin doctors,” to take the facts and try to make some other story out of them.

    Crime and law enforcement are not products to be “sold” to the public. don’t spin it JUST GIVE US THE FACTS. We can make up our own minds what to think of them.

    If I were King the police would not have PR officials, but I’d spend the money on more officers, the best training, and modern equipment. Every penny.

    With the new budget in serious multi-millions deficit, this is a moronic decision. DON’T SPEND WHAT YOU DON’T HAVE! Every little decision to go further into debt condemns FUTURE Belizeans to continued poverty and want. It’s immoral and unnecessary.

  11. now i see says:

    …… I agree with storm.

  12. Eye in the Sky says:

    Brian Brown also needs a job also since he is no longer allowed to sell drugs.

    Huh? huh?

    How about it Mr Barrow and Mr. Minister of Police.

  13. justice says:

    i feel shame to know i gave this crew a second chance in government, they could do fool mein. just hunting jobs for their cronies.

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