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Jun 25, 2012

Girlfriend shot and watched 20 year old boyfriend murdered

Myrick Gladden

The weekend street violence started on Friday when Edmond Panton was shot and killed on Mex Avenue shortly after four o’clock. That murder was followed by another just after midnight on Saturday. Twenty year old Myrick Gladden was shot and he succumbed within an hour at the K.H.M.H. He was with his girlfriend and a friend when they were fired upon in the Lake Independence Area. News Five’s Jose Sanchez reports.


Jose Sanchez, Reporting

Myrick Gladden, his girlfriend Shyiana Allen and Richard Wade, were walking on Administration Drive where they were confronted by a gunman. Shots were fired and Allen received one bullet to her calf, and Gladden was blasted on the right and left side of the chest, the right side of the shoulder and the left side of his back. Gladden was mortally wounded. His aunt says he was not a violent person.


Natalie Hope

Natalie Hope, Aunt of Myrick Gladden

“It’s very sad because my nephew noh really know he as wah violent man; he got a history of criminal record dah di station or so. He dah noh wah person weh stab nobody, juk nobody or no hurt nobody—he noh got no kinda charge. If he do any criminal thing dah ina words cause he no really got the heart fi do dehn thing. He only talk hard, but he noh hard. Then di next thing too much thing di happen dah back yah and lotta we—even if we dah noh di mothers of the person who dead or get shot, we feel it and fi we heart cry. And so much gunshot di take place.”


Gladden’s mother slumps over the verandah of the family home, still unable to cope with the death. She said that two weeks ago, he was confronted by three other young men for being a friend of their enemy.


Voice of: Mother of Myrick Gladden

“About two weeks ago, me and mi son, Myrick, we gone dah shop, the chiney across the field. They were closed so I tell Myrick I need fish cause mosquito di bite right now and we wah can’t sleep in yah dehn fly. So I tell Myrick like how you noh got no fish, make we goh down more pan di main dah di big chiney. We neva end up reach the big chiney. We sight three bwai—two standing up and one deh pan nike. Like weh part dah car deh and the Chiney deh up like wah lee bit more. The bwai jump off ah di bike and tell Myrick; you remember your squad diss my squad and get fi understand you di roll with Keith. But all ah uni weh di roll with Keith wah get the same treatment weh Keith get—because dehn mi end up di kill Keith. And soh my son tell di bwai, I noh heng with Keith, I got mi job and I got my family. And so the bwai say noh tell me no {bleep}. And so the bwai tell Myrick hear what I noh wah got no lotta talking with yoh. You could deh out yah by the time I go through soh and come back and then yoh wah see weh wah happen to yoh if yoh noh wah dead. And dah soh while he gone down the alley, the next two bwai tell Myrick, all ah unu back yah fi dead weh roll with Keith. And so I tell Myrick, Myrick dah dehn two bwai, you noh know weh dehn bwai got pan dehn, try run and do something. He wah di stand up deh and di talk to the bwai. And ih look like ih mi sight the next one weh tell ahn make ih see ahn outr deh when ih come back and dah soh ih run down wah next alley. Me see he run and soh I run this way how we mi gone up and so I run back that way fi come home.”


There have been other shooting incidents in their neighborhood and Gladden’s aunt wishes for substantial changes in behavior of the city’s youths.


Natalie Hope

“We need lamp posts with lights. We need something to be done. We noh want no problem because we wah will leave it to the man up deh—he wah judge we. And weh he di dome, he di come hard. I really woulda wah ask them bwai dehn if they can’t stop this thing weh di happen, stop the madness because right now we can’t take it number; Belize, the whole world can’t take murder right now. We need wah change. The chiney and other next kinda people come dah Belize and progress, then we noh di make no progress. So we need wah change ina this country. I noh know weh fi change, but please boys listen to me; have wah heart, we come from woman. Unu make woman like unu ma cry. Please stop it.”


Voice of: Mother of Myrick Gladden 

“When Myrick mi much younger, he indeed does hang with Keith, but while growing bigger and bigger and bigger, ih noh heng with Keith no more. Myrick not even mi live dah back yah; he mi end up gone live with ih gial pan di main.”


Jose Sanchez

“But you do believe it is possible that because they associated him with Keith when he was younger; that’s the reason why they may have killed him?”


Voice of: Mother of Myrick Gladden 

“Yes that is the reason.”


Police are looking for one suspect. Tevin Andrewin has been identified as the gunman who shot at Wade, Allen and Gladden. Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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15 Responses for “Girlfriend shot and watched 20 year old boyfriend murdered”

  1. now i see says:

    Where is his photo? Dejavu all mothers of gang members say the same story. Our problem is too many single mothers. The court need to be stronger on this guys.

  2. Storm says:

    I hope GSU sweeps the streets clean of these killers. Whoever committed this crime needs to be hanged if he is captured alive.

  3. Rod says:

    Where is the pm on all these murders where is he is their anyone this gov. That is seeing what’s going on or I just think they just don’t care people you will have to take care of murderers on your own your gov. Has given up on you they have thrown you to he dogs so stand up march on this useless pm and gov.


    Murder, murder, murder.

    Same story different cast.

    While I don’t expect the GOV is capable of saving every life, I can safely say that if the thugs are not targeting the minister family there is no emergency in finding a solution for all the killings.

    It is pretty obvious in Belize who is the boss.
    A country ruled by thugs.

  5. Uagadodo says:

    why can’t the parlament start working on new laws & sentences?
    Give 15 years for keeping an unlicensed firearm and see if this young boys still wannna play cowboys in the street. 30 yrs for attempted murder, life for murder.
    Child molestor, castration in public

  6. IloveuBelize says:

    I am amazed that the mother knowing that her son was threatened infront of her didnot report the incident. Maybe the police could then have done more to prevent the end result. Everyone must do his/her part. Its not only the Government responsibility. This young man didnot have to die.

  7. Storm says:

    Uagadodo, that’s a great political platform.

    Now I See: you’re right, many of the problems begin at birth to the wrong parents, or to girls who get pregnant by men who never want to be fathers. Such girls are so foolish, ruining their own hopes for a decent life and condemning their children to a cycle of predictable poverty, while the “boyfriend” moves on with his irresponsible selfishness. Bad choices, bad results.

  8. WehDLuvDeh says:

    First of all, I cant seem to understand the disrespect the little boys have in the first place infront of a senior citizen which was this boy’s mother. Apparently all the hard talk happen and the woman was caught up in it all. The city is not so huge and everyone Kno each other, these same individuals maybe have went to preschool or did something together until they join separate gangs that curse them to be in a warfare. Where I come from as a parent talk, we respect them(she just hav to seh i kno u mother), in this case the lady had to run through the street for her life with her son because of the young men with a whole different ambition to kill.
    This is way beyond what use to be Belize city, they had bad men but they had codes, the street is just heavy with disrespect and violence until we the people are almost close to the brink of civil war in Bze. My mother is 70 years old if I would see here running through the street because she fears for her life then that would change me totally(INSANELY MAD), what is happening in the city is not right, but who voice can be heard….AFTER ALL WE JUST ORDINARY PEOPLE….BIG FISH NEED TO BE HIT BEFORE CHANGES HAPPEN…

  9. alley cat says:

    little boys? More like cold killers… The word that best describes what is going on to me is Paralysis!! Are we ready to unleash our own set of killers to get this crime thing under control? I don’t think that our government and the opposition is ready to do so…

  10. Phillybelizean says:

    All I have to say is an eye for an eye if some one would kill my son or daughter I will personly get a g## an find the person who did it .thats how I see it now in bz.

  11. Sasha says:

    Rod PM & his crew can’t cut down the gang because they are the head of the snake, if they try to kill or imprison them these criminals will come after all of them. Mom, sorry for your suffering but you need to report activities like this, this way there will be more evidence for convictions in court.

  12. now i see says:

    @ phillybelizean thats why they kill each other you kill one of mine i kill one of yours. And the story never ends.

  13. rose says:

    I think dean need to ask for some out side help…. let the queen take back belize.

  14. Phillybelizean says:

    @now I see ur so stupid if some one kill ur baby boy or girl or mom what the f### would u do just sit there an dont do anything ,come onnnn ur love one dies an the killer just get 4or 5yrs in jail an thats it may be u should write to the queen an ask to bring death plently.

  15. soldier says:

    I think the only way to solve these young men’s problem is to recruit all of them and take them to the army. Teach them how to live a disciplined life. Recruit by force all those gangs we have on street and take them to the army. If our army can,t send them abroad and i bet they will change. Mr, PM we beg please!! stop wasting our money. Stop pay the gangs, because if you don;t your are their leader then. hire more security officers and spend our money wisely. @ rose i think you have a point.

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