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Jun 18, 2012

Guatemalan Doctor murdered

Ivan Garcia

The spate of violence continues to spiral; in June so far thirteen murders have been recorded but since the beginning of the year, the loss of human life stands at seventy-one.  In tonight’s newscast, there are two murders to report; seven others were shot since the weekend. The madness started on Friday night, but the most shocking is the murder of a Guatemalan doctor who was attached to the Accident and Emergency Department of the K.H.M.H.  At around seven-thirty this morning, the lifeless body of Dr. Ivan Garcia was discovered on the floor of his bedroom at his apartment on Guava Street in Belama Phase I.  Garcia, we were told, has been in Belize for many years; his children reside in Guatemala. Initial investigations reveal that the doctor’s car is also missing. News Five’s Andrea Polanco reports.


Andrea Polanco, Reporting

The body of forty-six year old Guatemalan national, Dr. Ivan Garcia Gomez, was discovered around seven-thirty this morning. His maid discovered Garcia on the floor of his Guava Street Apartment in Belama Phase Two; a house which is secured with gated-fence and guard dogs.  But it appears as if those were easily breached when Garcia was killed.


Insp. Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer

“She is saying when she gained access to the bedroom, she found Doctor Garcia bleeding from the head on the floor. This is between the bed and the wall itself for the bedroom. She immediately called police. Police visited that scene and yes we do suspect foul play in this so we have classified this investigation as murder.”


Fitzroy Yearwood

Garcia’s exact cause of death is unknown at this time, but police say it appears as if he was injured to the head sometime around Sunday night.


Insp. Fitzroy Yearwood

“Investigators are saying that he was bleeding from the head when they arrived there and they cannot say whether or not it was; what type of object could have caused that injury.  The condition that the body was found in, there was no state of decomposition so that would suggest that it took place overnight.  The doctor will be doing a postmortem examination and hopefully he can tell us the cause of death.”


Notably, the doctor’s green Geo Prism car is missing.


Insp. Fitzroy Yearwood

“Offhand, all she can say is that the car was missing. She wasn’t certain whether or not any other personal items had been stolen or so. We know that the police officers are still on the scene; they are trying to ascertain from relatives or from her whether or not any items were stolen.”


Adrian Coyi

Garcia has been working at the K.H.M.H. for nine years with the Accident and Emergency Department. His family resides in Guatemala. Colleagues are still in shock over Garcia’s murder; a doctor they say who was very professional:


Dr. Adrian Coyi, Director Medical Services, K.H.M.H

“We have benefitted and shared with his wealth of experience and the Belizean population has benefitted from the gifts of his talents and we are extremely sorry for his untimely passing. We give our sympathies to his family. There was nothing ominous or anything. Everyone who had seen him over the weekend, either he was hugging them or kissing them so there was no concerns.”


Andrea Polanco

“When was the last time one of his colleagues saw him?”


Dr. Adrian Coyi

“I think through-out the day on Sunday.”


Magda Habet

Colleague, Magda Habet, knew Garcia’s sociable side of him; they were also good friends.


Magda Habet

“We were friends. We liked to party and celebrate my birthday, his birthday, Doctora Paz birthday and we always get together. He was a very friendly person that is why everyone is in shock at the hospital because nurses, doctors and the staff know him as being very friendly and he has no kind of problem as far we know he was very easy going and we didn’t know him as having problems with anybody.”


Ruby Briceño of the K.H.M.H. also weighed in the sentiments of the medical fraternity on Garcia’s murder:


Ruby Briceño

Ruby Briceño, Senior Physiotherapist, K.H.M.H.

“We have to said that it is crude awakening and the loss of a brother. Awakening to the death at the K.H.M.H. should not be astonishing to the personnel of this institution. Today was an exception, as this morning, a member of this family was deprived of his life. Doctor Ivan Enrique Garcia Gomez was brutally murdered at his own residence. This is a day that we mourn one of our own. Our hearts are filled with sorrow for the loss of a man, who without being a born Belizean, provided for and cared for Belizean people without seeing their race or cultural background. Doctor Garcia Gomez dedicated nine years of his life and profession to save lives at the accident and emergency unit of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. What an irony it is that his life was taken away in the most undignified of manners.”


Reporting for News Five, I’m Andrea Polanco.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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24 Responses for “Guatemalan Doctor murdered”

  1. Storm says:

    Another black mark on the Jewel — as a nation, we’re pretty much covered in muck from top to bottom these days because of the violence, and GOB is utterly powerless to stop crime or catch and convict criminals. A 3% conviction rate is something like the odds of getting struck by lightning!

    I hope they figure out who did it, and deliver gentle justice to him [or them]. Kill about 100 of the worst killers, and Belize will be a far happier place again.

  2. Rod says:

    People people this gov. And pm needs to step down enough is enough now a doctor murdered for no reason now you see that everyone can be next no one is safe even in their own homes we have to bring back the hanging penalty we have to let’s all march to the pm house and press him to eighter to step down or bring back the hanging penalty the death toll is completely out of hand andthisgovandpm. Are inutil..

  3. Uncle Benji says:

    Belize crime wave is usually alluded to the gangs and gang related incidents. The demise of this good doctor was not related gangs or gang related matters. Thus, we must conclude that his murder is not part of Belize’s crime wave. His murder smells more like a lovers dispute. Hey, doctors can be kinky too.

    Let’s not harp too much on this murder. Statistically, it is not part of our never ending crime wave. Therefore by reporting on this tragic, we are making Belize’s murder rate look worse. Everybody’s journey is individual.

    Homosexuality in Russia is a crime and the punishment is seven years in prison, locked up with other men. There is a three year waiting list.

  4. Belama Resident says:

    I live in this area, I noticed one month before elections the police station was painted and no less than TEN police were staioned there 24 hours a day. Right after elections, one week later the police staion was closed down , on a few days, maybe twice a week one single police opens a side door for 2 hours then the placed is locked up again. is this the new strategy on crime. of the eleven new stations that the Commisioner mentioned, is not Belama included. how much more need to die. or is it because Belama is a part of FREETOWN.

  5. Mara says:


  6. Disown mi country says:

    Mara,you do not get. This is not about which governent is in place. Any governent in office at that time is responsible for the safety of it’s people.

  7. psychic says:

    I sure Uncle Benji is in a nice government office collecting taxpayers money, waiting for the meat pie man to pass to take his morning break from doing nothing. this government is greaattt!!!

  8. BMNJ says:

    ‘Mara’ is right. Regardless if it’s the PUP or the UDP is in power, the crime will still be the same. The members of the Churches in Belize need to go out in numbers to enlighten the masses about moral behavior and living. Secondly, good and responsible parenting need to be established in every home. And thirdly, the government needs to bring back the capital punishment since a high percentage of the murders are committed by the same group of criminals over and over again

  9. bzmember says:

    Mara is is UDP that is why is defending dean barrow. that is why belize is in this situation because of ignorant people like Mara.


    Homosexuality was decriminalised in Russia, but anti-gay sentiment remains strong. It is people like Luzhkov that are considered to be dangerous, (note: Hitler). Luzhkov opinion about homosexuality is satanic, and ignorant, and has offended many around the world. “This shows Russian people are not free,” end of story.

    It is a tragedy.
    And weather he was gay or not de did not deserved to die in this manner.

  11. now i see says:

    The crime is worst now because the criminals know that the law is very soft with them. The criminals have more rigts than regular tax payers. Because i vote red you cant do me nothing” thats, the mentality here in Belize.

  12. Sasha says:

    Sorry for your loss Doc. What if some gang member was rushed to KHMH , & his life wasn’t saved,, this could also be some form of retaliation, actually I would prefer if the doc’s started taking their time in handling gang emergencies, this is another way for these fools to expire quicker.

  13. rose says:

    Stop blamed the gov! Gov’s never put a gun to their heads and tell them go kill. The belizeans people is turning away from god and theirs an evil demon spirit over belize. Some of us is still praying for belize, thats why my king no turn his back yet. The churches is failing the ppl. They need to go out and spread the words. Put king jesus first and you see big changes in your life. Thank you jesus. I love you lord

  14. Marcia R says:

    This is sad to kmow a man who is there to save lives have lost his own innocently. The crime has to be address it is out of hand.

  15. ny says:

    Bze is a joke when it comes to crime and punishment; people needs to know that the GOB is the only entity that can amend the laws so that the punishment reflects the severity of the crime. Here in NY, Shyne got ten yrs for his gunplay that resulted in noone getting killed, my point is that people are being sentenced to serve 10yrs stints for murder in Bze which is a joke. These criminals know that the system is broken, and as a result they will continue their activities because they know that they will not be held responsible for their action. As long as this is the status quo, then the Bzean public @ large will remain unsafe.

  16. alley cat says:

    “It is better and more satisfactory to acquit a thousand guilty persons than to put a single innocent one to death”

    The only way I agree with this is if I am the innocent man…

  17. Barrios says:

    Ivan was my friend since childhood, we went to school together, we use to be very good friends.
    I’m in shock and I’m sad because I use to knew that Belize was a nice and peacefull place to live and to visit. Two year ago, Ivan invited me to visit him. I’m sad because we are turning away from God and because we are loosing the title of humans when we see this kind of crimes against a good man and a good friend.
    Belize, Guatemala, and myself, we must pray, and we all must become better persons. We must put some love around as Ivan did.

  18. p griffith says:

    Murder is murder regardless of the circumstances. No one deserves to die at anyone’s hand. Dr. Garcia demise is tragic and criminal, however this crime seems to be different that the regular shoot em up. However the crime tsunami in Belize continues, and yes Government is responsible for the safety of its people. Government seems ineffective against the criminals and they( the criminals) are in control. Please note, however when I say government, I also mean the civic leaders, clergy and most of all the family. Parents need to teach thier children principle and values. When the fabric of the family is broken the entire nation becomes what is now happening in Belize.

  19. :) :S says:

    Were the !@# is the prime minister!!! Every country primister respond to a crime n !@#$%^& barrow no seh wa $#!%!!! Belize is a sad country! N so r the government sitting right now!

  20. rose says:

    I do not see nothing wrong with mara comment. He/she is 100% right……

  21. Ricardo says:

    so far im still sad! he was my uncle! and i know that he’s on heaven right now, also i hope the police takes the time to deep investigate the whole case

  22. lisa says:

    reason 1 why i would go to visit Belize. you really don’t know who is a murderer down there.

  23. friend says:

    the only way to stop crime should be by hanging those murderers. killing innocent people in our beautiful country. People around the world will stop visiting our jewel. Ivan was always happy. a very good friend. may he rest in peace.

  24. Disown mi country says:

    I absolutely would vote for hunting,but the problem is that we are dealing with a corrupt government, and an incompetent police force. I could just forsee many innocent people being convicted. This police force is like a bunch of “bush lawyers”.

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