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Jun 18, 2012

Maritza Santos’ family wants murder suspect returned to Belize

Maritza Santos

It’s been almost nine months since nineteen year old Maritza Santos was murdered, allegedly during an argument with her boyfriend twenty-six year old Michael Silva in the Kontiki area of San Ignacio. Reports are that Silva hit Santos on the head with a blunt object and then attempted to end his own life by ingesting a potent herbicide. Following the incident, he was allowed to travel to Guatemala for medical treatment while the Santos family was too distraught to comment on the incident. But they chose to speak out this past Friday at a peaceful demonstration against crime and violence that was staged in San Ignacio. Santos’ twin sister, Jenny, told the media that Silva still has not returned to the country and they are being denied justice.


Jenny Santos, Sister of Maritza Santos

“Everybody knows about it and you know it’s not fair that her life was taken like that and they are not doing justice for this. It’s Mike Silva, Dan Silva son. So I am asking for his father at least to bring his son back and do justice because it’s right. It’s not fair that they do this to her and then they just go away and not want to talk about it. And every time we go to the station they are like oh he’s gonna come back and this, this that but we don’t see that. They haven’t called us and told us anything about what’s going on you know.”


Marion Ali

“So you’re using your personal loss to stand in solidarity with these people.”


Jenny Santos

Jenny Santos

“Yes, yes because this is too much.”


Luis Wade, Plus TV

“What kind of confidence you have in the police here in San Ignacio in the ability to solve the crime, bring back the perpetrator and get justice?”


Jenny Santos

“Well, I don’t think none because they haven’t told us anything about her and it’s like they don’t want to talk about. Every time we go they’re like oh the case is at Belmopan, you should go there and it shouldn’t be like that.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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19 Responses for “Maritza Santos’ family wants murder suspect returned to Belize”

  1. justiceleague says:

    always 2 sides to every story… let the young man come back (which i know for a fact he is) and defend himself.

  2. Storm says:

    Another black mark on our police and DPP. They know who the murderer is, but are impotent, incompetent, or both.

  3. George bush says:

    Well he’s Spanish just like her so….

  4. Rod says:

    He needs to to stand trial like every one else.

  5. Nova says:

    Only in Belize!!!

  6. JUSTISE says:

    I thought its was good that they bring up this matter, its been swept underneath the carpet. Just like the matter with Polanco and the young guy VEGA! Seems that this has been forgotten as well, they get to live their lives as nada happened the other one is gettin treatment to live while the poor girl was murdered!
    Mein so not fair for the victim’s family!!!! These 2 incidents should not be left behind . . .

  7. citizen says:

    Justice is for everyone including the rich. If you want to capture him follow the leads. Some way or the other he will be caught, he can’t hide forever. What he did to himself does not justifies his innocense and will not wipe out his crime.

  8. jenny says:

    this is an x minister son he is okay remember money talks bs walks my dad was murdered five years ago now the murderers walking free .. the police got paid off already .. mike aint coming back again .. now you got to take things into your own hands .. you dont find justice in court you find it on the streets …

  9. empress says:

    that’s d way things are happening these days..they kno who commit these crimes and they are doing nothin gabout needs to stop talk..they’re all getting paid to not do they’re jobs..that’s d way it is n will..somehow ple are getting used to..

  10. whyaminotsurprised says:

    seems these people are loving the media attention they are getting. but all that aside i think the media needs to stop selling stories just to sell them. its all we report in our news. and its destroying belize internationally. seriously WE are all belizeans….

    i know this young man well and wish him the best as i do understand he is returning . i am confident he will overcome as good always does. i encourage belizeans to lets hear the facts first before we make conclusions. hey we might just be surprised. a life is lost and that is never a good thing but this young lady had attempted to take her life many times before.

    god save belize!!

    tl ministries

  11. 2 hot 2 handle says:

    lets just hope for the best.

  12. BMNJ says:

    ‘There’s always 2 side to every story.’ I agree. The victim’s family side of the story is bad but I think Mr Silva’s side of the story would be way too ugly to tell.

  13. Sasha says:

    Well, if you know where he is, I know Guat authority would not have an outside criminal in their country, they would readily return him to his country, & if he tries to flee alert US Immigration, they are very good at catching criminals, they will turn every stone to find you, look at BINLADEN.

  14. now i see says:

    @whyamnotsurprised, STOP DEFENDING THIS GOOD FOR NOTHING KILLER. IF SHE WAS YOUR SISTER I BET YOU WILL BE SAYING SOMETHING ELSE. So, because we are Belizeans he can kill and get away with it? To me looks like either his your family or you are kissing @$$. I believe in karma and he will get what he deserves with or without the help of the goverment.

  15. sister says:

    @whyaminotsurprised shut up!!!!!!!!!!! Lets see what you do if they kill somebody in your family!!!

  16. Disown mi country says:

    I what does attempted suicide has to do with being murdrerd. Clearly shewas murdered& justice should be served.

  17. pandreal says:

    I thought it was innocent until proven guilty? It seems as though its guilty until proven innocent. I suppose everyone is turning into God and casting judgement these days. I even hear talk of Jasmines dad being involved in her murder. Shame on you all. Gossip is destroying our communities more than the criminals. We just bad mouth, misjudge and lie to the point where nothing seems believable. So when someone is actually saying the truth we end up not being able to tell the difference.
    People love applying the big bad wolf to every story. But dont forget the wolf in sheeps clothing.

  18. lisa says:

    innocent people don’t try to commit suicide or leave the country duh. how simple can you be to believe it wasn’t intentional.

  19. I&I says:

    George bush is an @ hole whos taking about Spanish or Black, so immature!!

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