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Jun 15, 2012

Reward for capture of Jasmine Lowe’s killer

Christopher Lowe

A ten thousand dollar reward is being offered for information that can lead to a conviction for the murder of thirteen year old Jasmine Lowe. Several taxi drivers have been detained and released during the investigations, including Glen Velasquez, who told us today that his vehicle looks nothing like the one in the surveillance video. Velasquez says that since he was detained, his reputation has been tarnished and he has lost a lot of valuable customers. Word also circulated recently, that Jasmine’s father, Christopher Lowe, had been questioned by police. We met him at the demonstration in San Ignacio today and he explained that it was simply to review the information on the case. 


Christopher Lowe, Father of Jasmine Lowe

“The police are just going back over everything that’s been done already. I didn’t take it offensively; I did want to attend church that day. What I didn’t like was when they detained my friend from Hopkins who has even been here, as a suspect. I think that was rather odd and then they don’t give you food or water. I was there from about eight o’clock and church was at quarter past ten. It was the last place I saw my daughter so I really wanted to go to that ceremony and they had me until a quarter past four. But I was mostly with Inspector Reyes and he treated me good all day, just going back and going over everything to see if there’s anything they missed and just doing an extremely thorough job and we just hope for the best.”


Glen Velasquez

Glen Velasquez, Taxi Driver

“I was detained for the jasmine Lowe murder and I’m not happy with it because the police, I know they are doing an investigation but they are not doing the investigation the correct way because everyone that have a white car, they’re picking up and they make me lose a lot and they’re messing up my reputation and that’s my daily bread, that’s my job as a taxi driver.  I lose a lot; the day they detained me, I had a trip to the airport, from the airport to Chetumal and back and the next day I was going to Xunantunich ruin, I lost over a thousand dollars. I had a contract that I was doing for seven hundred and fifty dollars every two weeks and I lose that. The man said that he’s going to give me back the job but for me to wait for it. I don’t know how long I will have to wait but I believe that I lost it already.”


Chester Williams

Sr. Supt. Chester Williams, O.C., San Ignacio Police

“I will not give any further updates apart from saying that we have two leads that we’re working on and…”


Luis Wade, Plus TV

“And those were from the last twelve hours, six hours?”


Sr. Supt. Chester Williams

“One just came up yesterday and the other one was from two days ago. As I said, I do not want to give too much information because it can compromise our investigation. We have two leads and as soon as there’s any break through, the media will be the first to know.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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5 Responses for “Reward for capture of Jasmine Lowe’s killer”

  1. Rod says:

    Hehehehe and this is the same man that says crime is down so you take it from there.

  2. Rod says:

    And not a word from the supposed leader of the country.

  3. alilhope says:

    God bless the Lowe Family, may they find the killer(s) and may justice be brought to little Jasmine Lowe. What a beautiful outgoing vibrant child, that could of been a great mother, supporter, sales women…. Undoubtably she was a great daughter, friend, leader, she must have been full of excitment and ambitions in life. I remember what it’s like to be young to be discovering one’s identity…. intrigued by exploration, steadfast in determination, hopeful in circumstances, eager to learn it all. Makes me think what could a child have possibly done, that would make someone want to take her life!??!?? It bothers me so just think about it, my deepest sympathy for her father Mr. Lowe who had to burry his daughter before his time came. No parent wants to burry there child. These crimes need to stop against the children, women and innocent people in Belize, Maybe If everyone would join together and speak out for every single crime or odd behaviors; (maybe even a anonymous hotline) and if the police dept. could find fundings to help mount survalliance cameras outside, maybe these crimes would go down, because I dont for one second believe it has, i believe people are fearful to speak out and lost hope in the poilce. I believe they think “Who will protect us, if we look for help in those who can not? ” but much viloence is commited in circumstances where there is too little of. Its “Lacking”, the lacking of resources, agriculture, sales, and education leads a dark unstabble passage for the youth, we must go out of our way sometime and try to help those types of communities. Hopefully someone comes foward and speaks out and the police dept. does the right thing and ask for international help from more developed countries to gain more evidence and forensics, in this case and others, at any means neccesary; send letters out to corporations, organizations, hell the United Nations… any where that can help. I know for a fact being a U.S citizen Forenesic Pathologist in the United States are extremily more knowledgable, experienced and are equipt with the best technological advances. I just want something to be done, because what has happened can not be undone, and Jasmine’s life would of been for not, an dthe killer is still out there living his. I pray his guilt eats at him.But most of these monsters are unremorseful. It is a scary thought to not know if the persone who is a criminal, murdered, or sex offender is walking amongst your children, you, your love ones, and is staring at them as possible victims, not only are beautiful lives beigng taken then but the security of a community, the oppresion it brings on it’s people. It is truley sad when justice and closure can not be obtained, and even worse when everyone knows it. Again God Bless Christopher Lowe and his family that mourns for her lose, i mourn with you , you are a strong man, and I will continue to pray for you and do as much as i can to help.

  4. letusfind TheKiller says:

    FIND THE REAL REAL KILLER of that sweet innocent child that surely DESERVED to live, BEFORE pointing fingers at TAXI DRIVERS !!!
    READ, THINK !!!!

  5. Storm says:

    If Jasmine went somewhere in a taxi, but was not harmed by the driver, then there is a driver somewhere who knows where she got out. That is an important piece of evidence, and is a step to finding the murderer.

    So, let Jasmine’s taxi driver come forward and tell the story of where he left her, and with whom. If the police cannot investigate from there, maybe a people’s committee can start to be more vigilant and get some answers.

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