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Jun 15, 2012

Who pays for those pimped out ministerial rides?

Dean Barrow

Barrow also faced a question that has faced every administration since Independence in 1981. How is it that even during austere times when ministries are expected to tighten the proverbial financial belts, ministers can still be seen driving the most expensive sport utility vehicles that the world has to offer?


Dean Barrow

“Let me start with myself. You notice I am driving the same thing and I’ve made it clear that I need to drive it till I leave office—that’s why it was a Toyota Landcruiser. Mr. Vildo Marin di get wa free commercial. So certainly, I will not change any vehicle. Let me put it this way, ministers that have come in, there is a cap on how much is spent for their vehicles. So anybody weh get wah luxury Landcruiser pay the difference between weh government is prepared to spend and what is cost. And this has happened. The last administration, the Deputy Prime Minister wanted a Lexus; he paid the difference. He gets, the spending on his vehicle is a little more than for other ministers because he is the deputy, but if you want more than the government is prepared to afford, then you must find the difference man. I’m sorry the F.S. (financial secretary) isn’t here. I think the cap is something like seventy odd thousand dollars duty free. So you want anything better than that, you pay.”

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11 Responses for “Who pays for those pimped out ministerial rides?”

  1. Rod says:

    70′Ooo.oo. Dollars and he thinks this is nothing , people the starve and has to nerve to say that seventy thousand dollars is nothing just imagine how much is being robbed from the poor people of Belize if he thinks seventy thousand dollars is nothing , well the word is out at the moment their are 249 gang members being paid by this pm and gov. Each gang member is receiving 563.20 a month for being good boys wow don’t you wish you had a small army of your own add it up 563.20 x249 and what do you get you get 140,236.80 per month then add that per year and what do you get now what do you think we could be doing with that kind of money po people the starve and this is what your hard earned money is being spent on for your friends and family to die wouldn’t it be nice to have your own private army like barrow has to do his bidding no wonder he will not bring back the hanging penalty .

  2. Eye in the Sky says:

    Yes Sir ! we are all stupid and believe you.

  3. Fustrated mother says:

    Government of Belize is spending toooo much money on vehicles. Even the SEVENTY ODD THOUSAND DOLLARS DUTY FREE that PM Barrow is talking about is TOO HIGH! Plus you see the miinisters and government vechicles going all over the country and accross the borders on weekends. That is MY TAX PAYING DOLLARS THAT is being spent. GOB needs to cut and cut from ALLLLLL Corners. Only a few living like kings and queens whilst the majority is eating grass. PM needs to do some self analysis and see if he is being a fair and just PM for the people and country of Belize.

  4. carlos says:

    I smell b s

  5. whyaminotsurprised says:

    barrow… election dun come and gaaan!!! no bring dem R@$$ ya. i wah u show me dat pan paper!!! u tek wi fu fool. but dat str8 all d money weh uno thief gwein just like how uno get it.

  6. EvEnInGsTaR says:

    So what are we the Belizean ppl going to do about this?
    oh, oh, I know
    pick me! pick me!
    Ans: Keep blogging and not do squat is what we’ll do…

  7. now i see says:

    This is happening from 1981. Yes, i dont think you need all those expensive rides. Its pretty hard to believe that they put the rest of the money. Lets say they do, where you think the money come from?from us the tax payers!!. In Belize even if you dont have a decent place to live or something to eat every day YOU HAVE TO HAVE A GOOD RIDE. The money instead should be use to feed the children at school.

  8. Jorge says:

    $70,000??? That is way too much in my opinion and also I don’t believe that the ministers should be allowed to pay in the difference. If they wish to donate some of their money then they should give it back to the people instead. Why is it so important to them that they drive the best car in the country? How does that make them a better leader? Ridiculous

  9. Lady X says:

    If no surprise that the PM thinks $70,000 for a vehicle is a little bit of money…he is a millionaire!!! Now let’s look at some other facts…teachers and public officers cannot get a raise in 4 years when one Minister’s vehicle is about triple most of their salaries! Not to mention so many of these people are far more educated than our ministers. Then what about those who are earning mininum wage? Their annual salary is only about $8000 so one Minister’s vehicle is 9X…yes 9X what they make in a year!!!!! But agree with EveningStar we should stop blog and do something about so this or no other Government that caome into power can take the Belizean people fi CUNUMUNU!!!!

  10. roska says:

    Rod.. i should not even bother answer you….


    We, the common citizens, the taxpayers….. WE ARE THE FOOLS…. THAT KEEP VOTING BOTH OF THEM IN….!!!!!

    $70,000 (duty free)….. is for a luxury vehicle……when we have approx 40% of pur populace living in poverty/…..

  11. trikz says:

    hmmmm70,0000 I pay mi income tax every money…..and dis is where it goes…when i coulda d finance mi own self fi go da school

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