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Jun 13, 2012

No foreign police commissioner for Belize

Dean Barrow

The man charged with ushering the Belize City gangs into a life of peace without bloodshed is Belmopan resident and National Security Minister John Saldivar. Prime Minister Barrow says that Saldivar has expressed his belief that a local police commissioner would be better for the job rather than a foreigner.


Dean Barrow

“The fight, the war, against this seemingly cycle of ever escalating, ever heinous, crime against persons is one that we do not at the moment appear to be willing. But Belize and our hearts cannot continue to bleed like this and we must staunch the flow. Last weekend was a particularly violent one and you heard on Monday from the police concerning the re-strategizing that is taking place in order for us to do better; very much better. All I will add is that I have insisted to the Minister that we must witness immediately demonstrable progress in surveillance, intelligence gathering and preventive interdiction. I am fully satisfied that the minister and our security forces will come through. In this context, I should say something about the question of confidence. There has been much debate—including on this infernally, ubiquitous thing known as Facebook. There has been much debate about whether we should import a foreign Commissioner of Police. Now I want to make clear that in this matter, there is no room for false pride and we need all the help we can get. And I fully support outside assistance for training and administration and structural improvements. But the Minister of National Security is utterly convinced that we can succeed in our struggle against the criminal elements here in Belize without having to go the route of a foreign commissioner. He is confident, and he has been all over this country since he took office, meeting with the ranks [and] he is confident that there is sound, local leadership present in our police department and that we will get the job done. He has full confidence in the men and women of our security forces and I have full confidence in him. Of course, I remind you of what Cain said; when the fact change, I change my mind.”

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10 Responses for “No foreign police commissioner for Belize”


    the minister of national security, need too humble himself, and accept the help from abroad!! with all that has been going on, and seems as if everything that is going on is too much for belize to handle on its own. nothings changed. im not trying to insult anyone intelligence, but belize really need the help. there is no more room, for experimenting, trying, playing, nor guessing. and its only gonna get worse……do U hear who creeped in your back door?? MS 13……..An el salvadorean gang, that was initially created in los angeles, and they are nooooooooo joke! a mafia, all by themselves. rape, kidnap, murder (even their own), take over and leave their mark, wherever they go. they bring in trailor load of guns, drugs etc and work long side the cartels…….. they are gonna turn belize, up!!!!! the belize gangs, havent seen NOTHING yet…… advise, would be too get all the help you need from now, dont wait til the appointed time…belize is already, almost at a point of no return!! it is urgent! please, i urge you, to get the help, quick, fast, in a hurry!!! “state of emergncy”. PLEASE PUT YOUR PRIDE ASIDE..ITS NOT ABOUT U, ITS ABOUT BELIZE BEING SAVED!!

  2. Storm says:

    Let’s see, our little country has no living person who has ever been a SUCCESSFUL police commissioner. Anyone here with experience has presided, to one degree or another, over the continued deterioration and destruction-from-within of our police formations.

    Or we can find an outsider for a while with a strong, PROVEN record of successfully fighting gangs.

    Which would YOU choose?

    Any leader who wants to protect the people of Belize will seek the best compol available in the English-speaking world. Rejecting foreign candidates out of hand is either a matter of foolish provincialism or a desire to keep the police in a perpetual state of ineffectiveness. What is your reason, Hon. Saldivar?

  3. Elgin Martinez says:

    I really don’t think having a foreign commissioner of police would make a difference.The problem is with our judicial system.Our laws are not been enforced furthermore our conviction rate remains at 2% while the murder rate is at a 100%.Barrow also need to start acting like a leader and not a follower.

  4. Rod says:

    Whey you mi dey barrow can’t you see that you are a total failure at your job 5 murders a day now and you still say every thing is fine wow wow wow whey you mi dey .

  5. cayobway says:

    Maybe saldivar should give the reins to inspector alvan gentle, and assistant to chester williams, and not interfere with thier game plan these two are no nonsence officers, but knowing john he will give it to one of his butt buddies.

  6. Al says:

    Take my advise Mr Saldivar and you spineless PM, hire a head of police who can come in and see the whole picture, not a gutless, shortsighted, brainless part of the problem person just like the rest of you idiots.The entire police department needs to be reorganized, training needs to be done, standards needs to be set. The system needs a fresh set of eyes to look at it and fix it. It needs someone who will not be afraid to tell you what the problem is Sir and plan the solution. Take this opportunity to at least fix one part of what is wrong with the country an important part of the country, SECURITY, which you yourself needs. Remember what they did to your partner. Fix security and then work on the economy.

  7. now i see says:

    Why not? I think we should try an American for a few months and see the diference. Mr. Prime minister things are getting worse out here. I admire you and i know that you are a good man and i also know that you want the best for our country we, are in your hands may God guide you to do the rite desition.

  8. Al says:

    I do not live in Belize but I have family members living in Belize and just the other day my mother-in-law was leaving Holy Redemeer Church on her way home was rob. Everytime I go online to read the Belizean News all I see is someone got shop or kill. I believe that it is time to get someone with no bias and no agenda to run the police force and stem out the corruption and clean house. Hire educated individuals and send them for overseas training on how to do proper investigative work preserving the crime seen and follow up with great forensic and pathology work. My brother-in law died 5 years ago at the age of 23 years old, was hit and run by a drunk Driver off his motor cycle and still the police cannot find who was the drunk driver. So bring in a forign commissoner of police that way we may see some changes.

  9. CLIVIE says:


    WITSOB Listen to the shadowz of Belize in our communities they are willing to make a difference our future leader is in the middle of the city trying to grow up to take his rightful place. All Belizean abroad the time in now to return all that you have ever learned and apply to your country as the bell for humanity is sounding around the world for us to restore Belize with the help of our new found friend globally. As we drill for oil lets also drill deep inside as our heritage families ask for your help NOW.

  10. Eye in the Sky says:

    Another Belizean Commisioner ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Belize is a joke and the drug dealer can not wait to get another line.

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