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Jun 12, 2012

Another gang-related murder in Belize City

Keith Lewis

Over the weekend, ten persons were shot and two of them were mortally wounded. That figure only represents the Belize City portion of the violence while bodies were being uncovered in Orange Walk. The gang related murders and shootings continue unabated.  Another gangland slaying occurred in Belize City on Monday night.  Twenty-four year old Keith Lewis was in the Lake Independence Area when he was reportedly ambushed by three men who fired several shots hitting him on various parts of his body. According to the family, Lewis received shots to the chest, upper back, and both legs. The motive remains unknown however, freelance Journalist Duane Moody reports from the blood tainted Belize City Streets.


Leslie-Ann Nunez, Sister of Deceased

“When dehn di call my bredda phone, dah like he di pick up, but he can’t talk. So we mi concern. So actually the young man dehn weh mi deh with my bredda, dehn come yah and the try find out if Keith mi did reach yah, but no Keith noh reach yah yet.”


Duane Moody, Reporting

Leslie-Ann Nunez

…and Keith Lewis never showed up. Lewis’s sister, Leslie-Ann Nunez, says that it was rumored that Keith was shot and when he did not come home, they grew concerned.


Leslie-Ann Nunez

“Yesterday evening, my ma give me wah call and ask me if I hear that dehn mi di shot up after my bredda, Keith. So I tell she no. This happened like minutes to six. I tell ahn I noh hear nothing ‘bout it. Immediately I start get concern and I text my sister dehn weh live weh part my bredda live and I ask dehn weh happen and my sister give me a call and that she hear that dehn shot up after Keith, but nobody know weh Keith deh.”


Investigations reveal that at approximately six p.m. on Monday, Lewis was being pursued by gunmen as he ran through a residence on Miller Street. He then scaled the rear fence of that property while several shots were fired in his direction. The police found his lifeless body a couple meters away.


Fitzroy Yearwood

Insp. Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer

“The body of twenty-four year old Keith Lewis was discovered this morning sometime around six o’clock thereabout. He was found on Roches Street in a yard with several gunshot wounds. The estimated time of death would be sometime last night.”


Nunez says Keith was a respectable and mannerly person and that he may have been hanging with the wrong crowd.


Leslie-Ann Nunez

“This dah noh even ‘bout who we want they remember Keith as. Everybody weh know Keith know that he is a very respectable, mannerly person and a very kind person. Everybody in this neighborhood—so my phone di ring, dah so the neighbors the come sympathize. People di come sympathize because they know the type of person my bredda was. Nobody around this neighborhood coulda never talk bad ‘bout my bredda and say that my bredda noh respectable and mannerly. But sometimes dah just the company you pick fi heng out with; which in I am not saying  that the company that he heng out with bad, but sometimes dehn just get themselves ina minor problems weh mek ih look like dah big things.”


The family says that they are not looking for justice.


Leslie-Ann Nunez

“At the end of the day, weh I have to say, they done take my bredda life; we noh need no justice because you know what, the man dah top dehn, he wah give we fi we justice pan fi ih own.”


Police Press Officer, Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, says that they have two persons detained.


Insp. Fitzroy Yearwood

“Presently, we have two persons detained and we are looking for a third person that we believe is involved in this recent murder. Initially someone stated that he was being pursued by three persons and that is why we have two of them detained and we are looking for a third one, known to the police.”


Leslie-Ann Nunez

“The thing just happen and all ah we just di try come together and deal with this tragedy weh happen to my bredda.”


Duane Moody for News Five.


Lewis was no stranger to the law; he was charged six years ago for the murder of fifty-one year old Michael Burns. He was later acquitted of the charge.


Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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15 Responses for “Another gang-related murder in Belize City”

  1. Elly says:

    Is it just me or are we actually viewing up-to-date news on this site?! Way to go, Channel 5 and thanks for doing this. Maybe now the others will follow!!!

  2. Rod says:

    Where is the leader of the country Y the hide under y bed resign barrow resign before y tu late fu Belize.

  3. Earl Grey says:

    Wasted TALENT……

  4. Storm says:

    The wheels of justice grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly small.

    He lived by the gun and died by it. Now I hope his killers will follow him, one way or the other. Legally, of course!

  5. skylar says:

    What goes around comes around and he got what was coming to him. Lewis killed my friends dad right in front of him(my friend) and was acquitted shows how ineffective the justice system is…and to those who killed him the cycle will follow you guys as well. Time to break that cycle, but hey this is belize… sad sad little country.

  6. Disown mi country says:

    Belize. Wild Wild West!!!! Tourists, stay away!

  7. Real life says:

    All of you who are saying what goes around comes around. Don’t worry your turn will come soon. remember that no sin is greater than the other. So don’t crucify the killers because in God’s eyes a sin is a sin. so for the politicians who are stealing they are as equally sinfull as murderers and those who steal even 1 cent keep in mind a sin is a sin. so all of us are sinfull.Most of you all are pure hypocrites and now your preaching like your so innocent.
    These stupid humans

  8. Al says:

    These are all good friends, they left him and did not even try to check on him. Who needs friends like those. The sister says he is mannerly and how good the neighbors talks about him, yet he had attempted to kill somebody, and it was attempted only because the person did not die. Wake up family.

  9. hypocrites says:

    All of you who are saying what goes around comes around. Remember that a sin is a sin.So if u steal 1cent you are as sinful as a murderer. so keep in mnd you hypocrites. you are comiting sns that you tnk is o and want to crucfy the God’s eyes you are all equally sinful.

  10. now i see says:

    Like his sister said God will do the justice now was his time to pay for what he did. Sometimes takes a long time but it comes. Yes its a sad little country and it hurts so bad to see how is going. I love Belize.

  11. Get it right al says:

    Your day will come soon AL

  12. Elgin Martinez says:

    Is this all we can do Keep killing each other?Wake up Belize and let’s have a referendum on the death penalty to hang these fools high.

  13. Me to you says:

    They need to implement the death penalty! “Killed and be KILLED”

  14. Al says:

    Real life, So becasue sin is sin, murderers should not have to pay the price for the wrong they do. The word says, that we shall not kill. How do you justify what you said. The Bible even says those who lives by the sword, shall die by the sword. It sounds like you maybe related to someone who has done some pretty bad things or even killed someone. Is this why you are so pro murderers. I would not want any of my family members killed by these fools. Sin does not always hurt someone except the sinner. Murder takes a life. think about that.

  15. Get it right al says:

    yeah al.when you live this life or grow up around it you tend to understand more. You all are just outsiders who have no clue to what is really happening.I am not saying murdering is right but some people are forced to live this way. Until you are in that position then you have no right for all of you all to blurt out whatever your stupid minds think.

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