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Jun 12, 2012

Belize earn high rank on Most Hated Cities in the world list

Karen Bodden

You may have heard of America’s Most Wanted captures in Belize, but there is a report that Belize is one of the most hated cities. CNN Go has released a list of the top ten most hated cities in the world. Belize comes in at number ten, with an article captioned: “Hate Belize? No, no, no. I’d just prefer to be somewhere else”. The article says that while the Jewel has been dubbed “Central America Lite,” “the other Caribbean” and “the gateway to the world’s second largest barrier reef”, Belize City has a reputation as the sorriest port of call on either edge of the Caribbean. But that’s only the start of the criticism. It goes on to say that; “Crime, drugs, dilapidation, welcoming committees of bored, desperate touts, a vibe that screams avoid being out after dark and wait for your real itinerary to begin; Belize City has it all.” Belize’s Director of tourism is quoted as saying that the city is “consistently rated as the worst destination” among cruise passengers. It ends with a final jab that; “something more than the city’s famous swing bridge may need adjusting. Until then, it’s full speed to the puddle jumpers and water taxis.” The damning article was discussed at the P.U.P.’s Press conference this morning and Senator Karen Bodden, who was also an aspirant for mayor in the last election, had this to say.


Karen Bodden, P.U.P. Senator

“Take a close look at the new Belize—a country that was once characterized as being a haven of democracy, now bears the fifth deadliest country in the Americas and the sixth deadliest country in the world. A country that is now known as the murder capital of the region with sixty-seven murders being committed this year so far—and we still have six months to go. Thirty-five of those murders were committed in Belize City; that’s for the period of January to June 2012. A country that hosts the city that is the tenth most hated tourist destination. A country where our national symbols seems to have been replaced by guns, gangs, crime and violence. The current state of affairs in Belize contravenes both the laws of God, which clearly states and I quote; “thou shall not kill,” end of quote. As well as section 2(a) of the constitution of Belize which protects the right of every Belizean man woman and child to life, liberty, security of the person and the protection of the law. The constitution of Belize, although the supreme law of the land however, is not able to guarantee life or the protection of it in this new Belize.”


The other countries the list are Cairo, Egypt at number nine, followed by New Delhi, India; Jakarta, Indonesia; Lima, Peru; Los Angeles, United States; Timbuktu, Mali; Paris, France; Sydney and Melbourne, Australia and at the top of the list, the number one most hated city is Tijuana in neighboring Mexico.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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25 Responses for “Belize earn high rank on Most Hated Cities in the world list”

  1. jj says:

    Well The gov. does not seem to care…
    Little actions are taken…
    We are doing well I would say(sarcasm)… It seems we want to be number one on the list!


    I totally agree that Belize City is a terrible City even for the local populace living there. But, there are other destinations which one can still feel safe. Belizeans from the districts dont even bother to remain in the city when visiting from The U.S.A . Recent elections in the country was decided mainly by the same people living in this hellhole. So we can expect the deterioration to continue .Belize needs new leadership and a new development program for the city otherwise expect more negative reviews .The Country Belize is a Jewel the city is a sewer.

  3. RedBwai says:

    No surprise there…its all true what they are saying about Belize…face it, they aren’t lying at all…and you all know that…to deny what they are saying as true would only be you trying to comfort yourself into thinking its all lies… Belize is all dat and worst….I myself hate Belize City…Belize is my country and i love my country…i was born n raised here…i still choose to live my life here….but the one place i hate the most in my entire country is Belize City…im so glad i dont live there…its jus screams disgust….its a very wicked and hellish place to want to go or live…with the present crime and murder rate, people will suffer, businesses will suffer and the ecomomy will suffer…

  4. Rod says:

    This is because judas barrow got paid his 30 pieces of silver to take back all these gang members from the us he has been doing it now for years to please the us and getting paid for it.

  5. Elgin Martinez says:

    It shouldn’t be surprising that Belize earned high rank on most hated cities in the World.There is no leadership whatsoever in the Jewel.What’s next?

  6. busha says:

    the reality of it is that people cannot afford to care for thier property. I watched “Dogs of War” the other day, and the city looks the same.

  7. Storm says:

    I recently had a chance to travel to some other Caribbean tourist spots, and they are quite a contrast to what we offer in the Jewel. For a nation that depends on tourism, we are doing a very poor job of attracting it — we still have our reef and our Mayan sites, but this report also highlights the other things we “offer” that drive tourists away — crime, filth, graffiti, delapidation.

    Where did we go off-course? When did we lose our way, and head to the sorry state we find ourselves in today? WHO WILL HAVE THE VISION, THE COURAGE, AND THE INTEGRITY TO LEAD US TO A BETTER FUTURE?

  8. John Boy,Carson,Ca says:

    We already know that Belize City is one of the worse place to live.Its record speak for it self.

  9. A Jew says:

    Agree with all your comments people, Belize City is a hell hole indeed. The thing is this is very serious because all the other countries ranked before Belize like Tijuana, Jakarta, and Los Angeles have millions of people living in those cities. For the small population of Belize City and small land area alone makes it a number 2 or 3 in my books. This will have a terrible effect on Tourism, i am surprised that the cruise ships have not pulled out of Belize for good as yet. And what does the GOB leaders do in regards to Belize City’s turmoil state of deterioration?? Nothing.. they just continue fighting for control of BTL while people in the city are terribly suffering.

  10. A Jew says:

    Belize City Mayor and his assitant Espejo do not agree with the ranking of Belize in the article and they are saying that Belize City is a lovable city.. what!? Do we live in the same city Mr. Mayor?? Look around you or better yet go to South Side and see for yourself that the city is becoming like the old “kenel water” around Novelo’s. They also want to invite the lady that wrote the article.. Plz dont shame us more. Get it plz most people do not want to visit the city anymore.

  11. Donjuiv says:

    Look what the @$$holes have done to my country, ma! Sad indeed.

  12. Tanya says:

    I love my country but i also have to agree that belize city is reallly bad in all aspects you want to discuss… I only go there if i have to.. People that live there, they are really blind or they really have no other choice..But people in belize city believe that its the country of belize city. Our jewel and country of belize goes beyond belize city.

  13. now i see says:

    I agree with all of you. The only good thing in Belize city is : The tavern ( river side ) you dont feel like you are in the city. Its very sad because people think is the whole country. Not just the city.

  14. Al says:

    The country did not become delipated under the rule of UDP, each party bears responsibility. The infastructure of a country has to be planned, but when you look at Belmopan, you have to ask the question if you are creating a new capitol, should the plan not be to build a better and more lasting environment. The new capitol is a joke. Is there a building department within the city council that sets the standard for new building? I look at the homes that are built by the government to give to the poor, it is a piece of $#&*, that in two years becomes a ghetto building. This is why the country looks like shanty town, because there are no building codes, or standards. God has to take this country to the ground and cause a rebuild to take place. I say do away with self government and go back to British occupation or become a US protectorate. like Costa Rica, do something please.

  15. Fabian says:

    Belize has earned this reputation because of the PEOPLE as a whole; Yes, including the government but also the general populace. In the end, it is the PEOPLE that give government the power they have. They elect those in government. It is also the PEOPLE in general that has to reach that tipping point where THEY decide that enough is enough and are willing to pay the price (whatever it costs) to bring about positive change(s). Based on the current actions (behavior) of the people as a whole, they are not ready for change.

  16. impartial says:

    wake up call .. for those still sleeping and thinking that nobody knows what is going on here

  17. Liz says:

    I’ve been to Belize twice and loved it. However, I will not be returning anytime soon. The dangers that await us tourists are just too great. I don’t understand why you people of Beautiful Belize don’t PROTEST what is going on with your inept government and police force!! What is wrong with you that you ALLOW this to continue and get worse and just stand by and bury another body? Our US police force is an agency that we can turn to for help and not just assume that they are corrupt (not all cops are good here, but the majority are).
    The people of Belize need to find a leader (like our Martin Luther King) and then stand behind him or her in order to make changes that benefit your Country!! You are all watching your Country go to hell and nobody is doing anything about it!! You have a gold mine there with the tourist industry, but I will NOT travel there again until it is safe for me to do so. I love Belize and have found some great friendships but it will be a long time before I see my friends again. YOU HAVE THE POWER YOU JUST NEED A LEADER TO SHOW YOU HOW TO GET IT BACK!! PLEASE!!! Until we meet again…. Liz

  18. ivan says:

    if the govt continues to pay the gangs more of out tax $$$$$ i dont’ know where we are going to end,its been too much corruption,murders,rapes,roberies,etc and the list goes on where is the Police dept? the DPP? GOB?… yes we all have to put our part but if we go and report an incident the criminals will know rite away because its the same police that tells them and we continue to be in danger,noting changes….BIG CORRUPTION,TOOOOOOOOO MUCH CORRUPTION,thats what is killing Belize.Hundreds are graduating from high schools and theirs’ no JOBS,but govt’ can pay the gangs with our tax $$$$,it looks like it will be a good idea for more gang groups to form in all across Belize so they can get paid by this UDP govt’…shame ,shame..

  19. Al says:

    I agree with Fabian. Belizean’s are comfortable in their poverty. Listen to the language, all they talk about is having a little piece of land or a little house. If you dream small guess what, that is exactly what you get. Big dreams leads to big things. Some parents are not talking to their children about becoming somebody, they are not even making sure they go to school. Change must start among the populace.

  20. Eye in the Sky says:

    Forgot to mention. Who the hell invented the Stupid saying that Belize is a Jewel. It is a $hith0le.

  21. Billy tum clarke says:

    Why do black pp always make belize worest? By the way I also have black.blood

  22. Lobo says:

    Belize City is a lovely city to live in. I moved to the city a year ago and have found plenty of wonderful people living here. As long as you don’t have anything to do with the gangs you are pretty much safe. All of you who are making these stupid comments about Belize City need to move here for a while and see for themselves.

  23. Luke says:

    Lobo, you are either a) joking b) haven’t travelled much c) in denial d) missing some marbles. The comment ‘you are pretty much safe’ also applies to the person playing Russian roulette that hasn’t been shot yet.

    And the article putting those cities before, what a load of rubbish. Having said that there are many other smaller cities that could be in the top ten, but most people reading the article would never have heard of them, hence their exclusion. The author, having worked for CNN, has probably lived in large cities their whole life and probaby finds that type enviroment very mundane. Either that or they are just trying to be avant garde in the hope the article will get read more.

  24. mike says:

    I read that there was not any malaria in belize. i have a suspiscion someone from belize had probalbly bribed someone in the american medical comunity to print such lies only to trick unsuspecting tourist. I ate at a nice restaurant on the island made of a trash/garbage mound. the food was great but my american host tricked me to pay for the bill, then turned to me to say after fourty day you will turn belizian too. They were very dishonest money changers, my american hostle host from califorina told me that western union was not open on sunday to trick me into staying another day, he looked like he was on drugs too. the street person that was obviously got payed a commision to bring me to the hostle he shook me down for money money money and complained that i only had pesos mexicanos. then he tried to prositute himself, his sister ect. he followed me into a rice and beans restaunt. if you go out at night or in the day alone bring a german sherperd or a pitbull. and luke is right lobo is crazy, lobo sounds like a lashed and battered woman in denile bragin about how good her husband is to her. Belize city looks like charleston sc after 10 weeks of huricans and if slavery were still legal. i may sound nonsensical , and im intellecutual sorry i dont mean to be hypothical just alfabetical. but Belize City is a big mistake , even the rest of the Belizian want her to fall in the ocean.

  25. mike says:

    lobo must work for the belize tourism board. they say there is not malaria in belize city that was false. money changers are not honest in belize.
    there finest restaunte is build on a garbage mound island full of mosquitos.
    my american hostle/hotel/house owner who could not become a citizan of belize because of “legal problems” . stuck me with the bill. then braged that he had cheated me. lied and said that western union was closed on sunday, so he could get more of my money dihonestlly. the street person that was payed a commision to lure me to the hostle was a thief/prostute/husler and then sold drugs to the hotel owner. who stuck his sticky hands in my pocket, and stalked me in the street the whole weekend it is only safe to go out in groups the owner of my hostle lent me his german shepard to go out of the hostle. dont get me wrong there are wonderful people in belize, but it is a poor, backward, top-heavy, if the belizian could stop exploiting oneanother it could be a paradise instead of a trapped in paridise hell-hole-swamp.

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