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Jun 8, 2012

Suspect detained for questioning about Jasmine Lowe’s murder

Jasmine Lowe’s murder continues to send shockwaves and galvanize communities across the country. Tonight, police can confirm that one man, a taxi driver from the Cayo area is in custody as a suspect in the brutal murder of the thirteen year old scout, who went missing on Monday and was found dead on Wednesday in Cristo Rey. This evening at six, community activists and concerned residents are lighting candles in front of the police station in San Ignacio. On Saturday at seven p.m., the National Scouts Association will be holding a second vigil in the teen’s honor. The attendees are expected to speak out against violence of children, with an emphasis on the recent murder of Jasmine. Officer in Charge of the Western Police Formation, Senior Superintendent Chester Williams told News Five that a taxi car with Benque Viejo license plate has also been impounded as investigations continue.


Jasmine Lowe

Sr. Supt. Chester Williams, O.C. Western Police Formation

“We continue to look at the investigation. We have since brought in one vehicle of interest and have detained one person of interest as well. However, we are still in the elimination stage of our investigation. We have done certain forensic work through the national forensic service as well as utilizing the Belize scenes of crime unit with the new van that the police received just recently to do some work within the vehicle that we have in our custody. We are very optimistic with the result of that but we have to wait until the forensic experts are through.”


Andrea Polanco

“Now O.C., a few days ago at the press conference you said you are looking for one vehicle in particular. Is that the vehicle you have at this time?”


Chester Williams

Sr. Supt. Chester Williams

“We cannot say definitely that that is the vehicle but we believe it is. We will be able to confirm if that is the vehicle as soon as we get the enhanced video which has been sent to the U.S Embassy for further analysis or further improvement. When we get back that video from the embassy, then we will be able to say if that is indeed the vehicle, by virtue of the license plate.”


Andrea Polanco

“Now, I know that you’ve specifically been calling on the public to assist you guys. Anyone been coming forward with information?”


Sr. Supt. Chester Williams

“Yes, I must say that the people of the Cayo District, particularly San Ignacio and Benque have been very helpful to the police in providing information or leads that they may gather from off the streets. As soon as we receive those leads we follow up with it. I must say that I have my deputy in the person of Inspector Reyes, in charge of the investigation, so that shows the level of commitment that we have to the investigation. I must also say that that is the only major incident we have on hand and so there is no need to divert from that right now and so we will still continue to focus fully on that investigation. For people to say that the police are not doing enough; that is their opinion. I can tell you though, that the officer commanding this formation; we are doing all we can inorder to ensure that we find the person or persons responsible for this particular crime. It is a gruesome one and it cannot go unpunished. Even if we have to seek assistance from abroad in sending things for testing, whatever the case may be, we’ll go the length because we want it to be solved.”


Andrea Polanco

“O.C, in terms of the post-mortem results, it stated that it was inconclusive due to the advanced state of decomposition. With respect to the speculations that the girl may have been raped, that was also inconclusive as well?”


Sr. Supt. Chester Williams

“Yes, that was also inconclusive but I doubt pretty much if she was raped because I don’t see a rapist raping a child and putting her clothes back on her so perfectly because her clothes was totally intact; it doesn’t appear to have been tampered with. So I’m not saying that she was not but I doubt if she was. I would just like to appeal to taxi owners within the Cayo district that if they know of any of their colleagues that may be involved in this type of crime to please feel free to forward information to us. As I said before that information is forthcoming to us and as soon as we get them, we act on them in order for us to eliminate. Also I appeal to members of the public, if you have any information likewise to please call us: 911 or they can call the 0-800-922-TIPS number—if they do not want their identity to be revealed. All we need this information and once we get the information then we will be able to act swiftly from there.”


San Ignacio police hope that by next week they will be able to get back the surveillance video that was sent abroad for enhancement.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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24 Responses for “Suspect detained for questioning about Jasmine Lowe’s murder”

  1. Belice ES Nuestro says:

    BELICE es nuestro!!!
    Yes… SAN IGNACIO Town Board, sell more TAXI license to Guatemalans in the name of Benquenos !!!
    Sell more Taxi license to COYOTES… YES COYOTES in the name of BENQUENOS !!! Just because they go bribe at the labor dept. for a work permit !!!
    Think Bz is asleep? We all watching you … SAN IGNACIO town board !!!
    Think it was a good idea to import GUATEMALANS to drive TAXI here in Belize?

  2. The World says:

    Sometimes the Police say to much, as is the case here. Sometimes stupidity knows no bounds. Better to keep ones mouth shut rather than open it an erase all doubt. This case must be solved and the person responsible convicted and then executed. If there was ever a case for Capital Punishment to be used this is the one that is the poster child for it to be brought back to Belize. Until the people of Belize have had enough of their Children murdered in the streets and finally stand up and say “Enough” nothing will change. The “Jewel” is getting tarnished. Perhaps its time to stand up and be counted.


    The World is watching.

  3. Tiffany says:

    Omg this man is incompetent! There are many cases here in the states where men rape girls and women and put on back their clothes! This girl, am afraid, will die in vain!

  4. Storm says:

    Before anyone contaminates evidence, I think this is a special case where we need to ask for outside, EXPERT HELP. See if we can get experienced crime scene experts to process the taxi, even the poor girl’s remains, perhaps. If DNA evidence exists — and it can be microscopic — we don’t want to have it lost or overlooked.

    That said, I hope they’ve got their man, good job there. AND HANG HIM IF CONVICTED, PUBLICLY AND QUICKLY.

  5. kira ryuk says:

    i think chester williams should have looked for pubic hairs, and sperm. i guess he didn’t! i dont think the person raped her and then made sure they didnt leave any pubic hair or sperm behind.

  6. Rod says:

    Now that the person is in custody forget about a trial hand him hang him high if he is found guilty which he is no worry bout no candle light vigil hang him by candle light if you want judges we will be following this case very keenly so yu beta make the right judgement. No less than hanging by the neck till dead dead dead no forget the panades and garnaches so we can enjoy the hanging.

  7. Mellow Belizean says:

    The police are hampering their own success in this investigation, and any like it. When a person steps forward with info that can potentially help, they detain that person as a suspect. Is it any wonder that people hesitate to step forward?

  8. Macario Benturantel says:

    Tiffany, you get me scared, if this angel dies in vain, how many more will also die in vain?
    We need REAL PROFESSIONALS to question the suspects, turn them round and around until they crack!!!
    They MUST have a conscience, hitting the right points, find their weak spots, they will crack!!!
    But it needs special skills to do that, our Cayo District cowboys are so very incapable of doing that!!!
    Of course if you get drunk they will kick you up, lock you up, but other that they may not even know what I am talking about!!!
    So better someone please get international professional assistance. And we all will go to the candle light vigil today Saturday.
    Yes, even the Churches should join this cause,please.

  9. Elgin Martinez says:

    I can gurantee this case will be a nolle prosequi.Let’s hope the evidence don’t go missing.

  10. john says:

    Jazmin Lowe’s murder has shocked this country and I hope this feeling will last forever. Problem is many murders happen and many people caught and they get off or spend little time for their crime. This coutry’s too small with most people related or well aquainted with. We just don’t have a government willing to take crime prevention, protection of it’s citizens, prosecution and enforcing laws and sentences. They take trips to the USA claiming to visit Belizeans rather than visiting and doing their jobs here. My family made a choice to leave permanently. I’m geting reseatled in North America haveing my family go through the process of obtaining permanent visas. We’ve been robbed, had our 8yr old threatened with a gun cause he came home early and saw the men robbng us. This country ONCE was called a very great place to oive but has since earned a reputation of serious violence and a country to avoid. We need HELP! We have laws about alcohol levels with regards to driving BUT no breathalizer machine. We have laws about weight restrictions of trucks BUT no scales oor even portable scales which are not expensive. We have the laws BUT spend money of new vehicles for government people and huge expense accounts without accountability. People of Belize please STAND UP AND BE COUNTED! Do not loet this slip into the system like many other cases before this. MAKE THIS GOVERNMENT AND FUTURE GOVERNMENTS ACCOUNTABLE!

  11. Concerned says:

    Did he just say the child may not have been raped because her clothes were intact?? To be the officer in charge, that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. The killer raped and killed her then had to put her clothes back on and then dumped her. The location where she was found was not the scene of the crime, so driving around a naked child would be too risky, even if it was in the middle of the night. Why can’t these people use their brain and think before answering??

    I say the community as a whole should stone the killer to death.

  12. Elgin Martinez says:

    @Tiffany How can you conclude that Supt Williams is incompitent based on an assumption he made?

  13. Tropical says:

    That taxi shown above in that picture is not the taxi shown in that video. That taxi had white bumpers and a sticker on the side and a lot more. Come on police of BZE you are not doing a good job we’re not looking at the obvious. However, the sick fool who killed that poor little girl probably saw the news about having caught a white suspicious looking taxi on video and police saying they will tried to get the video enhanced to see license plate number.. Come on that fool will probably change their license plate off the taxi. We need to focus more on the description. Also what proof do they have of that little girl getting into that specific cab shown in the video. For sure someone saw something and that person needs to come forth and say what they witnessed. We all complaining about we need to stand together and make our home a better place but we are not doing so if we’re not helping. I think the police should not make an assumption also about that little girl not being raped. Most situation with girls going missing is because of being raped and killed after. The rapist don’t want to go to prison so they killed these innocent little girls. These fools are sick to brain to raped a little girl and put their clothes back on perfectly or after having raped them have them put back their clothes on and then killed them. It is also sad that they could not determine the cause of death. We always hear of doctors and police going abroad to study to become better at what they do but still the country of BZE is just out of control. They should really get help from abroad to help with this case. The police are moving too slow. Also it is soooo true what some friend of the family said on the news about if it was a drug or weed bust that police won’t stop to hunt down those fools involved but with murder people are just getting away with it. Come people of BZE talk what’s on your mind so the government of BZE can see what a poor job they are doing. Yes The truth hurts. It’s a darn shame to see what is happening to our country and with all this that is happening im not proud to say i am from BZE. Come on government of BZE enforce more harder punishment for these sick fools. BZE is going to even lose lot more money in the tourism industry . Which tourist would want to come to a country with all these gruesome crimes happening everyday? None.. I think BZE need police from abroad to work in BZE because the police of BZE are lazy and sloppy.

  14. ang says:

    If the child was injected or given a drink this wont be very evident. They should offer a reward for info or the killer.

  15. drose flowers says:




  16. Concerned too says:

    Yes Drose flowers that is what we should be doing. But we need to recognize also that our governments don’t love our country. As Patrick Faber said….I made a lot of promises so I can win, so the UDP can win, but I have NO intentions on fulfilling those promises! How can a minister, aspiring to be Prime Minister someday say something like that???

    Instead of thegovernment buying the police department equipments to do there jobs better, so they don’t have to send things abroad to be done, they prefer buying fancy rides with the peoples money and earn thousands of dollars monthly and live good lives. Where is the love for the people and our country as they profess???

  17. Retired CEO says:

    Usually, I try not to comment or have an opinion about about the very sad state of affaires in the Jewel, and believe me, I know that my opinion doe’s not reallly mean much, however after reading the level of ignorance imminating from some of the above comments. I can not help my self or hold back from saying, it is appalling to hear so many singing the same old hang man song. Clearly hanging is not solution to the current issues, one of the many solutions is somewhat more of effective and efficient law enforcement coupled with competentcy and the wilingness of GOB to do whatever it takes to to enforce the laws fo the land. Currrently, I must say we have one of the most brilliant and competent law enforcement officer incharge of this case. Lend him (Chester Williams) your support. I can assure you that he will work 24/7 until he gets to the botttom of all of this. In the mean time lets slow it down on the blaming, name calling and finger pointing game. Show support for the Investigating officer in charge.

  18. tanya says:

    i think it’s about time the criminal be stupid it is to do such a insane thing to such a little girl.

  19. John says:

    I can’t believe this, they didn’t take DNA samples…..U N B E L I E V A B L E.

    I am about to retire and got interested in Belize a few months ago, to live there for sometime. (I am from the Netherlands) Alltough I have heard about the unsafety of Belize City, but in general I thought of the rest of Belize as safe country to live in.
    Every other day for the last 2 months I have read the news of Belize and slowly I realised that there was a murder almost every day in a country with a population the size of Luxemburg City.

    When I read the passionate comments I feel I would like to come to Belize and help with stuff as far as I can. But I also I have two beautifull young daughters who would not be able to travel freely all over “the jewel” as they wish. I am not sure if I would feel protected by the law of Belize, in the meantime having to pay taxes and high visa and residentpermit fee’s. No.

    But I feel bad about the situations, seeing the Belize goverment losing grip on the situation in the country. I think it already got too far out of hand, they should get organised very fast. Rest in peace Jasmine.
    Good luck people of Belize with kicking the @$$@$ of the gansters and criminals, and the unqualified politicians …..and don’t ever ever vote for them again!

  20. gerardo says:

    I can’t believe no one in Belize is qualified to deal with forensic matters. I think our government needs to make an effort to send people to qualify in these areas. Otherwise, all crime cases will go unsolved due to lack of evidence or rather lack of expertise to deal with evidence. In every crime there is evidence, we just need people who know to extract evidence and process it to convict criminals. We need to do better!

  21. Cayo Gial says:

    First, let me say to John – we don’t know how much crime actually happens in the Netherlands because we have not yet done our research. When it comes to crime, there are countries in worst situations than Belize. This is no consolation however, especially when we lose loved ones like Jasmine.

    We will have to agree that we have a bunch of incompetent politicians of whom we have not heard anything regarding this case that has gravely affected the Cayo area and the entire country for that matter.

    What is keeping the area representative (Cayo Central) – Rene Montero so busy? Well tomorrow is Cabinet meeting…let’s hope that he will atleast support the Jasmine Taxi Law for it to become a reality.

    I also believe that it is time for the Government of Belize to get rid of Dr. Mario Estradabran who has only proven his incompetence and inefficiency time and time again.

    Then there is way too much to be desired of our forensic analysts! And GOB, what are we doing about a fully equipped forensic laboratory? It is way past time that we bring criminals to justice! GOB, some priorities need to be set straight. So many crimes go unsolved and criminals are lurking in our midst.

    I would also like to urge, especially to the Cayo residents, one of us may have seen something – you may have seen Jasmine take the taxi. You may have seen that WICKED AND EVIL taxi driver. Please come out and report it. It that killer is not brought to justice, you can bet that he will do it again! We have to stop him before he gets our daughters/sons, our nieces/nephews, our granddaughters or grandsons.

    Let’s make justice for the precious life of Jasmine. We have to keep on fighting my Cayo people!

    One of our daughters was killed my people! We have to keep on the fight for justice to be served. Deliver that insane animal to the authorities…he can attack another one of our children!

  22. Eye in the Sky says:

    Belize is NOT a Jewel and NEVER WAS. Your daughters will be abused by dirty haired Rastafari and will become drug adicts. Stay away from this dump or you will suffer like the rest of us.

  23. PHD says:

    I would like to say to all to please slowdown with the assumptions. The Belize police department is one of the most underfunded institutions in Belize. These men and women have to do their job with little to no equipment sometimes sharing a flash light, when your pay check forces you to live where the criminals live you would understand I would recommend for those who seems to have all the answers to read the cooks report to educate yourselves about the Belize police department and its deep rooted problems.

  24. souseh says:

    The truth about Jasmin’s murder may never be discovered…..The murder is still out there laughing and enjoying his hunt because 1.) The Officer in Charge said too much from the very beginning and 2.) the so-called coroner Estradabran, (who desperately needs to be replaced) did not do his job properly; then because of the state of the body, the child had to be buried immediately after the ‘coroner’ handed the body back to the family…


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