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Jun 7, 2012

Clues into murder of 13 year old Jasmine Lowe

Jasmine Lowe

The reaction to the murder of thirteen year old Jasmine Lowe has gone from disbelief to devastation to anger.  Jasmine, a vivacious young girl, left her father’s house in Santa Elena, Cayo on Monday and after midday on Wednesday, her body was found on the Cristo Rey Road. A post mortem was unable to determine the cause of death because of the advanced state of decomposition and the Lowe family quickly organized her burial. Still in shock, the community is coming to terms with the horrific murder of the promising teenager. Although she has been buried, the police and community continue to fervently follow leads. News Five’s Andrea Polanco reports.


Andrea Polanco, Reporting

The recent killing of thirteen year old Jasmine Lowe has sent an alarm cross the country and raised the need for continued protection of our children. In less than forty-eight hours, the Lowe family received the terrible news that their little girl was murdered.  In October of 2011, News Five spoke with Jasmine Lowe, who was eager to tell us about her family’s Fruit-A-Plenty products.


Jasmine Lowe, Fruit A Plenty [File: October 14, 2011]

“Well most people say it’s the best and it’s natural with only peanuts and sea salt and not really much, but the main product is the granola bar.”


Andrea Polanco

“Right. So is that your favorite?”


Jasmine Lowe



Andrea Polanco

“So why is it your favorite?”


Jasmine Lowe

“It’s because it’s a mixture of both of them put together in one and it’s a good healthy snack because it gives you energy, satisfy the sweet tooth but can be addicting.”


Jasmine was said to be a lover of life; a tomboy; a brilliant student and fun-loving little girl; she was a friend and Cub Scout. But to single-father, Chris Lowe, she was his baby. He raised her for thirteen years and expected great things from her.


Chris Lowe, Father of the Deceased

“It’s been incredible; this happened. I spent thirteen incredible years with her and people really enjoyed her. She was always our tour guide and our mascot. She was strong. It was good; she was learning music, computer and even studies math and reads a lot. She was an incredible child so it’s really sad when a young person’s life gets cut short because they have so much potential. I mean, seriously, I figured she’d probably get a d Doctorate Degree.”


Chris Lowe

On Monday this chirpy and intelligent teen went missing around two in the afternoon. She was last seen alive boarding what appeared to be a white station wagon taxi near the Hawkesworth Bridge in Santa Elena. Jasmine, who was a cub scout, was heading off to Bullet Tree to prepare for an event in Belmopan later that night.


Chris Lowe

“She had an important thing to do at the Queen’s Jubilee in Belmopan with the Scouts and so she was all excited about that so she memorized the prayer and everything.”


Jasmine’s decomposing body was located off the Cristo Rey Road shortly after noon on Wednesday. It is believed she was killed elsewhere on Monday night and that her body was merely dumped on the feeder road.  Police have since been relentless in their efforts to track down this taxi.


Chester Williams

Sr. Superintendent Chester Williams, O.C Police Western Formation

“The vehicle in question as I said before is a white station wagon taxi; there are not many of them in San Ignacio or Benque Viejo or Bullet Tree. Since Monday we have brought in a number of these vehicles and have interviewed their owners and eliminating them. But the one in particular that we are trying to find, we have been unable to do so.  I could assure the people of the Cayo District as well as the family of the deceased that we will do our utmost best to solve this crime. I believe that it is one that is solvable and we will do our best to ensure that that is done.”


A Christian man at heart, Chris Lowe says he is hurting inside, but maintains a remarkable calm. He says the road ahead is one that no parent wants to travel.


Chris Lowe

“Of course, it’s difficult. I seem strong but I break down. It’s going to be really hard dealing with putting away her possessions. I didn’t want her to buy a little pair of high heels this Saturday but she said, ‘I’ll only wear them to church,’ you know so she had a way of talking me into something and  she is incredible. I’ve really enjoyed her. I lost my mother when I was twelve and so I learned about death early and that was a really had thing. This is more difficult.”


On Saturday at seven p.m the National Scouts Association along with schools and community groups will be gathering in front of the San Ignacio police station to hold a candle light vigil for the fallen scout. But as those preparations are being put in place, the blatant but cold fact remains; there is a brutal child-murderer lurking in our midst. On Monday it was Jasmine; on any other day it can be your daughter.


Miriam Ochaeta

Miriam Ochaeta, Concerned Citizen

“This morning I found out who it was because I have bought granola from this child at the market where she works with her enterprising father; that is how I know this little girl but it could’ve been my daughter too or anybody’s daughter.”


Regrettably, Jasmine has come to suffer the fate like other little girls before her.  In a span of fifteen years, the brutal homicides of thirteen year old Sherilee Nicholas; twelve year old Jackie Malic and nine year olds Jay Blades and Erica Wills; fourteen year old Noemi Hernandez; and 2011’s murder of nine year old Janessa Jones, have remained a mystery. Like any little girl, Jasmine and those before her, share a couple things in common: age range, they were students and cheerful children excited about life. Ultimately, they’re the victims of sensational and gruesome murders that have stunned the country. Reporting for News Five, I’m Andrea Polanco.


Kim Simplis Barrow, the Special Envoy for Women and Children, who is recovering in Miami, issued a statement on Jasmine’s murder. She expressed her regret at the disturbing news saying, “An innocent life has been taken, leaving a family and community devastated. I would like to extend my deepest condolences to the Lowe family in their time of grief; no parent should have to endure heartache from the death of their child.” Simplis-Barrow also asserted that the need for proper legislation and technically trained personnel continues to grow and that the respective arms of government are embracing those prospective changes.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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23 Responses for “Clues into murder of 13 year old Jasmine Lowe”

  1. belizeanlatino says:

    the country needs better forensics lab and doctors! I can’t believe the amount of deaths that are inconclusive what dah hell, things like that would not happen in our neighbours backyard. our country is so behind in this science. We need to invest in this.

  2. Rod says:

    What a pm not one word about all the murders in the country not a word about this little girl being murdered goes to show you what a supposed leader we have.

  3. Charlie Price says:

    Thank God for the First Lady…Mrs.Barrow…. THE ONLY PUBLIC PERSON TO SHOW SOME HEART!

  4. Stephen says:

    To me something is not correct here, within 48 hours the body was so decay that an autopsy cannot be perform to determine the cause of death. The girl went missing on the 4th and this photo of the taxi was shown that it was taken on the 5th we need to look at those close to her as many children fall victim of someone they know especially family member. Sorry to say that but it is a fact and we all need to look at situations like this at all different angle. I do not believe that a body will be so decay within two days that an autopsy cannot be perform, let us get some help from other law enforcement eg FBI as this is too much and please stop blame the government as we are the government.

  5. Macario Dubnamtello says:

    My greatest condolence to the family.
    In the name of JESUS CHRIST the person who committed this HORRIBLE crime will HAVE to be found, that child did not deserve that !!!

  6. Sports Fan says:

    Please Barrow, Can the citizens atleast hang this ONE criminal? i wouldn’t mind.

  7. Elgin Martinez says:

    The conviction rate of these murderers must increase to a 100% .Our leaders must send a message to these criminals that criminal activities in any shape or form will not be condone in our Jewel.

  8. Steel says:

    Stephen, I once was seeing through your eyes about the pm and the entire gob not doing anything. But last night’s news was just terrible. Bean Barrow spoke about everything except the issue plaguing this country. Crime is not caused by the pm or gob, dnt get me wrong, but they can enforce harsher punishments so that criminals can get the sense of what will happen if they chose to take part in such cruel acts. PM, get on the news and at least show some kind of concern, this is one of the reasons the belizean people are pointing fingers bcz we know we can reduce crime rate in Belize but our leader chooses to remain silent!

  9. alley cat says:

    Our court sytem enforces the law, any corruption there?

  10. now i see says:

    What do you want him to do or say? He has enough worries with his wife. Thats why we have people in charge.

  11. jade says:

    The PM not only remains silent but he/GOB pays criminals….duh …helloooo remember the gang truce?? (which by the way no works at all) get paid….imagine gangs are illegal/criminals…n u get paid to be a criminal….WTF!!! that person who murder deserve fi mek the police bust his A** n also be killed/hange watever!!! but a slow and torturing one tooo….

  12. Storm says:

    So many different issues are presented by this case. First, my profoundest condolences and prayers go the family and especially the father, who appears to have been a remarkable single father, doing a very good job raising this child.

    Next, Stephen has a good point — BELIZE NEEDS A COMPETENT, TRAINED MEDICAL EXAMINER. If Dr. Estradabran doesn’t personally witness a murder, it seems he is often unable to determine a cause of death, and that endangers any murder prosecution.

    Yet in other countries, coroners can examine skeletons or parts of bodies submerged at sea for long times and often determine cause of death. I TRULY BELIEVE HE HAS NO IDEA WHAT TO LOOK FOR TO DETERMINE CAUSE OF DEATH. Maybe needs to train at a professional coroner’s office in Miami, or houston, or Los Angeles for a while to learn his profession.


    Finally, Chester, if you have identified a vehicle to find, why not let the public know the plate number and vehicle identification number? You’d have 100,000 more sets of eyes working for you that way, and you would find it quickly.

  13. Rod says:

    Now I see he is in charge you nincompoop.

  14. concern citizen-2 says:

    This medical examiner is a fraud, where did we get him from, he does not know anything about autopsy. Just taking the people’s money and doing s#@ht. Get rid of him and get somebody who knows what they are is doing. We will never know anything about murders dealing with this quack.

  15. Jose B. Perdomo says:

    In this state of rage, give the public the license plate and the suspected murderer, and possible reletives and friends, might also get killed. And the situation would continue. Think Storm! What makes so many people come to the conclusion that the GOB is not doing enough to enforce established laws. Nothing wrong with execution in a premeditated murder. Go for it GOB.

  16. Royal Creole says:

    I agree Esradabran is a fraud, and i have been saying that over and over again. but the police is resposible, they just sign a new fat contract with him for the next five years. it is convenient for them you see when someone dies in a holding cell, for him to say inconclusive.

  17. Concerned Citizen - 3 says:

    Please PM we need to introduce the capital punishment again and penalize the criminals. Please do something about this crime. This crime cannot stay unpunished.

  18. Belizean Pride says:

    car taken as the suspect car is different my people. in the video it shows a car with white pumpers, the car taken now to the SI police station is a white car with black pumper how different it is. I feel that’s not the correct car, even if you change the pumper it shows recent removal marks but this one shown on fbook shows it’s been there for long, it’s frustrating to see how cases like this are solved.

  19. impartial says:

    First lady our heart goes to you and more so to the family of this child. You may mean well, but a press release is just not enough… your husband’s goverment was given a mandate by this people: fix problems… so far I only see problems getting worse.

  20. Disown mi country says:

    All prospective visitors need to bypass Belize and spend your dollars elswhere. Dmake it known why you are not visiting Belize. CRIME!CRIME!CRIME!
    Don’t tell me that crime is everywhere. That may be true,but Belize is a tiny country for the amount of crime. Also, I grew up in Belize without this amount of crime much less killings.
    Shame on the government of Belize. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

  21. Nat says:

    Really are the police so blind you need to fire that coroner how can he not find the cause of death from a body that is days old not even a week. While I was reading this news from Facebook I thought this murder was a year old and they just found the body. But 3 days old and the body is decomposed the people are not that stupid the coronor should be ashamed to make that statement instead he should just say he doesnt know because he is not educated enough just say inconclusive something other than what he said cause it makes it obvious he is being ridiculous if people are digging up graves and finding cause of death. If he wants to keep his job he should invest in himself and go get better educated on his own time and money instead of wasting the countries money and most of all not helping the deceased family at all he is just ridiculous and should live in hiding I am not sure how he looks himself in the mirror or maybe he doesn’t

  22. marelise says:

    I do thank mrs.Kim for all she is trying to do for the protection of our youths , but i do belive it is our government, that needs to change , we need to do more as a small country we are able to keep things under control if we just work together, when a child go missing set up road blocks , set out search groups , what ever it take to make sure more innocent lives, get lost to the perverts, and soulless freaks…

  23. citizen says:

    i personally think Dr. Estradaban needs to revise his Doctorates Degree! personally he is a waste of a Forensic Personel…….u notice to every time he does a post mortem his favorite quotes are, “the person died of natural causes,” “…..due to the advance state of decomposing,” or ” Death by asphyxiation.”

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