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Jun 6, 2012

13 year old Jasmine Lowe murdered

Jasmine Lowe

All hopes were dashed aside shortly after noon today for the family of thirteen year old Jasmine Lowe. The young girl went missing on Monday after she left her father’s house in Santa Elena. Lowe was preparing to participate with the Scouts in Diamond Jubilee celebrations in Belmopan. Lowe is believed to have taken a taxi; that is the last time she was seen until today when her body was found in the bushes near a farm on the Cristo Rey Road. News Five’s Andrea Polanco spoke to family, friends and the police.


Andrea Polanco, Reporting

Yellow caution tape marks off the area where the decomposing body of thirteen year old Jasmine Lowe was found. Residents of neighboring communities gather on the sidelines looking on as police officials process the scene; a feeder road off the Cristo Rey Road. Her father, Christopher Lowe, was on site.


Chris Lowe, Father of Deceased

“It’s the worse news possible to any parent. They found her but not how we were hoping.”


Jasmine was last seen alive on Monday afternoon around two. She was heading off to prepare for Scouts activity in Belmopan for that night.


Chris Lowe

Chris Lowe

“On Monday, she helped my worker produce our products and everything she was so excited and she left the house at two o’clock—usually she is more intelligent than jumping into any taxi so she must have known the guy. She should have crossed over the bridge, but she caught a taxi right in front of Highway Supermarket in front of Max right by bridge foot. And she was supposed to go up there by her mother’s salon and get her nails done and all that sort of thing so that she would look presentable at the Jubilee in Belmopan. And I didn’t find out until late because I came back from the farm rather late and I assumed that she was in safe hands.”


But that was the last time she was seen or heard from. Reports are that she was seen getting into a white taxi. Video surveillance from a nearby business shows this image of a vehicle matching the description of the cab. It passed around seven minutes after two and returned a short while later. Reports indicate that there was a third person inside the vehicle.


Chris Lowe

“I started putting the pieces together and right away I suspected—she mentioned to my worker she was tired so that means that she probably was going to take a taxi and I had actually given her extra money in case she needed to take a taxi and I’m sorry I did. I’m sorry I didn’t make her go to the farm with me.”


Chester Williams, O.C., Police Western Formation

“We cannot say definitely that that particular car is the car that picked her up because as we know the company does not make one vehicle of the same description. However, as a part of investigation process, we want to locate that vehicle—it is a vehicle of interest—as a part of our elimination process. I can say that we are taking this matter very seriously and I’ve requested the assistance of our U.S. counterpart. My intention is to send the video for enhancement to see if we can pick up the license plate for the vehicle as well as to be able to identify those who were in the vehicle at the time. I do not want people to believe that crime will be committed and because we, the Belize police department does not have the capability means that we’ll leave it at that.”


Chester Williams

All indications are that Jasmine may have been familiar with the driver:


Chester Williams

“I believe that the time of death may have been some time Monday night and we also believe that she was murdered sometime Monday night and the location where the body is at this time, I do not believe that is the area where she was murdered. We believe that she was murdered elsewhere and dumped in that location. So, all of that will be confirmed by the doctor as soon as he has conducted his post-mortem.”


Chris Lowe

“It would seem so because she was a smart child and she usually would cross the bridge and ride a Bullet Tree taxi which is more direct than get a ride by bridge foot and go the opposite direction and circle around. When I go to town—and we live close by—I would walk before driving all the way around because it is quicker and closer. So it just doesn’t make any sense. And apparently she talked to the person a few minutes either convincing her to get in—I suspect. I don’t know.”


Jasmine Lowe from all accounts was an outgoing and smart little girl. Chris Lowe says she was very much a part of the family business. In October of last year we met her marketing her father’s products.


Chris Lowe

“She’s very smart; she jumped a grade last year at St. Peters. We live in a farm and she loves the farm and all that. She loves to learn, but I didn’t want to put her in high school at twelve years old. Some people thought it was crazy—but all the influence and all that, so I left her out of school for this year. And I’m happy I did because I spent all this time with her. We climbed Victoria’s Peak three weeks ago with tour guides and everyone just loves her. She gets along with young people, old people. She’s kinda a tomboy; she plays football and like she says, we’re like peas and carrots. We’re very, extremely close.”


Suleny Lowe, Sister of Deceased

“We had a very close relationship. And the person who did this, I hope they find out who it is and he took away my only sister. And I don’t have no one else.”


Chris Lowe

“I just know that God’s just and the person will pay. I know everyone says they will catch him, but let’s be real; murder is the easiest thing to get away with in Belize. Sad, but it’s true. Don’t get caught with a stick of weed, then they’ll send you up. I mean it’s ridiculous, but… You have to learn to forgive.”


Reporting for News Five, I’m Andrea Polanco.


A report that somebody had answered her phone after she went missing was confirmed by a pastor; that is likely to be part of the investigations. 

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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70 Responses for “13 year old Jasmine Lowe murdered”

  1. Bengal says:

    So whats happening? JACK THE RIPPER has struck again?

    Come on My people no disrespect but why did this 13 year old get in a taxi by herself in the 1st place.

    People in the jewel are violating kids younger than her.

    I don’t even let my 17 year old daughter walk to school much less ride the bus or taxis alonne

    My condolences go out to the family and I hope the perpetrator or perpetrators are caught .

    One thing for sure she is going to HEAVEN.

  2. L A girl says:

    this is too sad :-(

  3. Storm says:

    Child murder is the greatest abomination possible, I feel. GOB needs to put all of its criminal resources on this, AND THE COMMUNITY NEEDS TO LEAD THE HUNT.

    Hunt the animal down, and bring him to justice. If he resists capture, be merciless. That’s my feeling. How do you feel about this murder?

  4. dana says:

    where is our forensic team and lab gob promised.they solve 50 year old murders in the us and cant solve one in belize

  5. Sexy says:

    sad case mi seh……its like now its Gurantee that u can kill in BELIZE and get away it. These Petti-File (purposely mis-spelled) lure these young girl with money n swell them heads have them thinking that a grown man can take care of them. Belize is just corrupted to the core. Just another life went to waste that didn’t mean S@#% to someone else…..condolences to the Fam

  6. Babs says:

    Scratch beneath the surface on this one. Maybe check the mother’s connections, question her. At least the dad was interested in taking care of this poor angel. The ma wanna be with young bwai, check out her provocative clothes and poses on FB. It might be someone the ma know. This was done by someone the child knew as well. The ma knows more. Anyone notice that she has said not a word or been visible since the news reports of child missing, why she neva deh by the pa side – even if they are no longer together. The records from the lee gyal cell phone would shed some light. a taxi cab is the perfect cover for a killer too, they can take the plates off and apply to another vehicle. may not even be the correct plates so that will probably turn up nothing.

  7. Blackmint says:

    We need to get rid of this pm and gov. No more excuses belizeans let’s not sit back anymore let’s at least go down fighting than sitting back doing nothing enough is enough.resign now barrow resign

  8. Blackmint says:

    Hang all murderers no more excuses step down barrow you and your gov. Are useless.

  9. Earl Grey says:


  10. Rod says:

    This is now 100 murders for this year this is the fourth murder of a child and yet their is no outcry from the belizean people well wake up belizeans your child might be the next one to die first my condolences to the family of this little girl all I can say is find this monster yourselves maybe with the the help of your family and friends and then when you find him hang him hang him high because their is no law in Belize the gov. Is useless and incompetent their is no leader in the country so hang him yourselves when you find him I will help you to find this person I’ve been telling you all that things would get way worse and so said so done step down barrow step down you are a total failure to the people of Belize guan guan.

  11. issues says:

    Even a young girl knows that the police are more concerned with weed than murder. The problem is the US help funds the weed busts.

  12. GSU commanding officer says:

    Mario Estradabran needs to sharpen his skills, he is a contributing force behind some of these murderers getting off. Add the DPP to that list, the currupt police, scared citizen and gang members…. i mean street builders and u have the perfect haven for crime….. My solution extradite a bunch of these guys start with ROD, then the leaders of all these gangs, a Minister or two on both sides. Funny to me that these guys extradition cases go on for years and years but an accused murderer get off within a year.

  13. Common Sense says:

    Terrible. Terrible. Terrible.

    You are in my prayers Mr. Lowe. Allah is over all, closer to us than our jugular vein. May you receive Justice in this life and the next.

    Mr. Williams – continuing to pray that the expensive legal study conducted (at our expense) will produce a change of heart and a desire to find this killer and gain conviction. One good, determined, persistant cop in a high position is a good start.

    At this stage all we can do now is pray and live positively. Truth and justice will prevail eventually, Inshallah.

  14. alley cat says:

    Chester is an S.O.B. but he will get to the bottom of this.

  15. Jaso Sued says:

    That’s a sad story. I hope the forensic have taken the murderer fingerprint, and have done the appropriate test to find the murderer. I suspect more than two person was involve. I hope her parents continue to push, so the police and forensic get to the murderer.

  16. ride says:

    when will this stops crime is the major thing in Belize that’s going on who will stop it, the pm is not doing his job lets do something people.

  17. stilltheone says:

    Have the police get records of the girls cell phone from the corresponding telephone company…that is why ALL cell phones had to be registered!!!!! If she knew this guy maybe they had communicated through text…how comes he met her by chance by bridgefoot…hmmm

  18. aldo says:

    Blackmint your are an idiot bringing politics into this. This is one sick !@&%^& and he deserves a long and painfull death which I would be more than happy to oblige even if it takes me to hell.

  19. droseflowers says:



    I PRAY THAT jasmine rest in peace in the arms of our saviour ANd to the father and sister i say GOD SAY VENGEANCE IS MINT

  20. MadDOG says:

    again and again, story of Belize, my people where is the PM to address these concerns, where are the things the US Embassy has donated to Belize… to Improve crime ask the PM . AFIX it is put up people and the US embassy will soon take it back cause we no one is trying to fine a place for it , no space to put they say, The Police Dept. fine a BUDGET to make one cause the Owners will pack up these expensive equipment and give it to Guatemala , no DNA or AFIX we cant have cause the GOV need these murders and robberies to happen so we can get scared. i hope and pray that these murder get solved ASAP. in 10 years if we no stop crime, our children will pay the price.

  21. roska says:


    we need a culture of snitching…… somebody must have seen something… but our belizean mentality of “me no wah no problem” is being used by all types of killers ,like the monster that did this, to do their heinous deeds…..

    where is human rights?? shakron?? and all this other organizations that make a lot of fuss when GSU is being heavy handed against the KNOWN criminals??? Now an innocent child is brutally murdered and not a word from them…. and please stop the stupidness of another useless demonstration…. WE DONT NEED AWARENESS… WE NEED ACTION…. against the criminals…. let us promote a culture of SNITCHING…. and professional police work!!!

    or we may need to take direct action ourselves against these monsters……!!!

  22. skylar says:

    according to channel 7 “He (Estradabran) could not determine the cause of death due to the advanced state of decomposition. He did observe superficial wounds, but these would not have been enough to cause the death of the 13 year old. ”

    Come on i’m tired of hearing this continuous BS from forensics “could not determine the cause of death due to the advanced state of decomposition “….seriously seriously?

    Belize is a sad sad country, the system is corrupt. Majority of those who are in power don’t care, and those who do care are powerless. Man lets stop talking, and do something! Join me we gotta make justice happen, and stop waiting for others to do it for us or play the blame game it starts with us… come on lets DO SOMETHING!

  23. teacher says:

    What a shocking news?
    Only a Psychopath can do such a brutal act.
    This child was an innocent person. Why???????
    Come on people let’s not just sit and wait for the police to capture this killer, let’s hunt him down like the animal he is. Let’s get him and show him that our children are not alone.


  24. Barack Obama says:

    I believe the person is closeby and may even be helping with the investigation and was involved in the search team…..don’t look too far.

  25. truly disturbing says:

    Question? i know for sure tour guides are required to get a police record, and this is renewed at a certain time. It is a must for them! Are these requirements applied to taxi drivers as well, and have their police record renewed every now and again? Or those anyone simply become a taxi as long as they have their green plate???? If not this should seriously be considered as well!!!!!!

  26. Royal Creole says:

    every body pray fu Barrow, now lets see if they will pray for this child. Remember whe this Prime Minister said, “move over CSI Miami, here comes CSI Belize.” where is it. lets see all efforts used to solve this crime. this press conference government is clueless. Barrow should resign.

  27. BlackWidow says:

    First off I am A Cub Scouts Leader from Belize City and I work with these young people I have a daughter who will be 10 yrs old in August she met Jasmine before and she is feeling so sad right now I know what the parents are feeling right now I will pray that God gives you the strength and peace to go thorough this together .
    My sympathies to the family even the mother Babs because no one can judge a mother that’s God’s job. Whatever she might be it is still her child.
    I hope that this time they find the murder. Go’d Peace be with the family especially the little sister but like the dad says we have to learn to forgive God does not sleep and everyone that does wrong in this life does pay for it one way or the other. To the Police I say leave the men with the one stick of weed along and try to spend your efforts catching the big drug dealers, the rapist and murderers.

  28. Beth says:

    Its so sad to hear this…RIP jasmine lowe…This country needs to get more strict with murders like this…they shouldnt let it pass away and forget about it..cuz thats wat they always do…..This Person that did this needs to get caught…the government need to do it urgently..this cant keep happening i have a daughter and i woulndnt like her to be in this kind of danger …. just because nothing is being done to these bastards…..there should be penalty death to people like this….GOVERNMENT DO SOMETHING…STOP BEING USELESS…

  29. Pelican says:

    One can say so many things at times like this. One thing i know for sure. Back in the sixties when we had issues bugging us we took to the streets and shut down everything. That was in protest of things affecting OUR LAND – NUESTRA PATRIA. NOW, we are talking of the people of this land. Some folks up north deal with criminals their own way.????? I agree with registration/training for Taxi personnel. But those are smaller issues in the big picture. The conviction possibilities in the jewel is LOW. Address that. We hear talk of “technology this and technology that” Well this is one area where IT WILL HELP. Catching criminals is not usually difficult for our hard working policemen. Getting them to prison/hanging/castration – whatever, is the major problem ADDRESS THAT! Then this nonsense on the part of the officer in charge to go on air and tell the criminal (s) how he will approach this case, is really out of this world. This seems to love a camera – ever since…. We are a lawless country but not to the point of no return. Things can be fixed. Let’s start by putting together all the information gathered by all the “studies” done. Then begin to plan action. Don’t just put it aside “because no money no deh”.

    And don’t forget that the crooks love to see the fruits of their labour on the screen. Stop showing videos about things these a… h… do. Just simply read the script and drop the pictures. And again the police should tweak their efforts by cutting back on these lengthy explanation of the modus operandi.

    My condolences to the family and all those who are affected by this atrocity.

  30. justice says:

    It true that it is easier to get away with murder than with a stick of weed the person that did this should be given a slow but very painful death because the authorities always set criminals free no a day we have to take matter in our own hands and our police and government are so curupted that every thing they think is bail(money) they dont take into consideration the pain that the family is going through i am saying this because a have two sister i would do any thing even grab a chain saw and cut the person who did to peices starting from his foot to his head. !@#$ the united nations we have to bring hanging to belize or change our national antem to “land of the rapist, murderers and corupted government”

  31. jen says:

    to Babs…. what is the mother’s name??

  32. deedee says:

    This is so sad…another young life lost & a family is grieving. What is so frustrating is that Mario Estradabran couldn’t find the cause of death with this child or anything of that nature. He is a waste of time & a waste on tax payers $$$$, why did the GOB even renew this man’s contract earlier this year????? Can’t they see that he’s contributing with murderers getting away with crimes…most of his findings/reports always ends with “inconclusive”. If my memory serves me right Pm Barrow was bragging about “CSI Belize” whats up with that???

  33. slim says:

    i wud lk to knw wat is belize GOB doing for dis? y don`t we belizean put GOB aside a do it on our own y don`t we take action, do a riot for d GOB to do sumting.dis can`t continue,wat r we waiting for, for d next kid to be 1 of our child,plz lets do sumting for d GOB to knw dat we are tired of dis murders…plz its my humble opinion & i knw if we get along we can do sumting for dis to stop..don`t let us complain lets do sumting ,plz post ur comments on wat we can do

  34. slim says:

    if for election we can come out & support d political party`s,,let cum out support d fam. dat r going through dis terrible situation,,plz lets do sumting

  35. Cantun Primedio says:

    Taxi is a public service.Anyone, ANY person young or old has right to get a taxi service.I do not believe a taxi driver has the balls to do that, none at all , maybe he was held at gun point while others did the crime.

  36. BMNJ says:

    It is known that Belizean people are interfering and love to ‘mine ada people business’. But yet nobody saw when this little girl got into a car or taxi. Just like the other unsolved murders of young girls, nobody saw anything.

  37. A Jew says:

    Enough is Enough, we need to act now. GOB dont care who gets killed, they are only worrying about how much millions each one get. This man (if caught) should get no mercy. Belizeans are really getting frustrated with everything happening! Also what is the media doing?? I know… Nothing.

  38. A Jew says:

    Enough is Enough, we need to act now. GOB dont care who gets killed, they are only worrying about how much millions they get to wine and dine Friday nyts at restaurants or for their personal travels out of Belize. This man (if caught) should get no mercy. Belizeans are really getting frustrated with everything happening! We are ready to act now. But who is coming out publicly to denounce these criminals and to tell GOB of their failed plan for our failed state.

    Also what is the media doing??? I know… Nothing. They seem afraid to bring out the real issues happening in Belize.

  39. Stephen says:

    There is no need to blame the mother, what we really need to look at is that all TAXI drivers be check out and if they have a criminal record then too bad they are not to have a Taxi license as they are the one who made that choice. Anyone can go in Town and notice that most Taxi drivers are naturalize Belizean where we do not know what they did or their life style before coming here. Please review Taxi license holders and if they have a criminal record revoke with prejudice. This is Belize and we should be able to travel without fair, what will happen with the children that are selling on the streets time to have a Charles Bronson in Belize vigilante justice.

  40. Eda says:

    Hmn this story brings to mind Andrea Saragosa’s daughter, the girl that went missing a year ago in Bze City. It was said that she left her boyfriends house with the intention of returning. The last tiem she was seen she was getting in a dollar taxi in Bze City. Could there be a connection to Jasmine’s killer? We need to have community watch. Look out for each other. The crime rate is so high that the policemen cannot do it alone. People we have to go back to the ole days and look out for your neighbor. The family is in my prayer. It does not or should not matter what road the mother decided to take. Remember that we r on the outside looking in. We don’t know what the mother has been thru or is going thru so lets leave her personal life out of this okay people. Lets focus on finding the CREATURE that is responsible for these murders. God bless Bze and Her people.

  41. impartial says:

    Belize is going down the drain… sad but true

  42. Christopher Dyer says:

    I am the extremely sad at this horrible news that I’ve just heard. This is my little step sister, Chris Lowe is my father. I live in NY but I can’t come to belize for the funeral, I just want to know if I can get more details on this. Anything will suffice. I will be checking up again on the news and on this post. Thanks for any info anyone can give me.

    You can ask Chris about me for verification. Thanks again.

  43. Dee says:

    I was in scouts as well before i moved away, i’ve seen her at camps and other activities. she was always smiling and laughing and taking part in mainly all of the activities. it feels like i’ve lost a sister :( R.I.P. Jasmine you’ll be missed.
    Condolences to her family

  44. Creole Hellion says:

    It is really sad to see the amount of crime being committed against our children….they should be our future…no parent should know the agony of having to bury a child…I always say the police is Belize are a waste of tax payers money…I believe you can put a civilian on the street and they can do a better job…they are here to protect and serve and yet we feel like we have to constantly watching our own backs because no one else will…and when you do decide to take the law into your own hands you become the bad guy…to the police officers pick up your game…stop harrassing the innocent people and find the real culprits…like they always say no one feels their own pain until it hits home…what happens if it was one of their own?

  45. Elgin Martinez says:

    Our leaders are doing thesame thing as a result we’re going to keep getting thesame results.

  46. now i see says:

    Who cares whats the mothers name? My prayers goes to this family. So young and full of energy now she is gon. I dont have any words for this. Did you guys check on the Guatemala side? I dont want to be racist but, to me it looks like some Guats drunks liked her with all respect for the family maybe rape her and probably she knew one of them so they had to kill her. Bring someone from the U.S. And do some d.n.a if she was rape check her finger nails i bet she try to defend herself, foot prints,tyre tracks,there arexso many things that can point to the killers. I hope they get what they deserve soon.

  47. Jose Chacon says:

    The Cornerstone Foundation and the Scouts Association will be holding a candlelight vigil on Saturday, 9th June 2012 infront of the Police Station in San Ignacio starting 7pm sharp in relation to the recent death of Jasmine Lowe. Please make this your business and tell your friends via facebook and email. We need all to attend and support! Bring your candles and white t-shirts in support!

  48. dominick morales says:

    i feel so bad for this girl she didnt diserved to die :(

  49. lol says:

    The person who did this will not have one night in peace every saints have his day

  50. justice says:

    Post the perpetrator’s picture bad style the police have in protecting these devils. show the world who it is so people can be aware and prevent these horrid horrid murders.

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