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Jun 6, 2012

Twin Towns residents say it’s time to take action against crime

Galvanized by the tragedy that struck the communities of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, residents addressed the media on the scene where Jasmine Lowe’s body was found. They say that it is time for action because too many young girls have been murdered and the crimes remain unsolved.


Miriam Ochaeta, Concerned Citizen

Miriam Ochaeta

“It was this morning, it was all about Jasmine Lowe and trying to find her alive. But we didn’t find her alive. So now, it is a new question; what are we as a country going to do about this situation because it has gotten out of control. What are we going to do to save our children from the plight that they are experiencing right now? What are we as a people prepared to do about this? What are we going to ask our policy makers to do about this? That is the question right now.”


Kimo Jolly

Kimo Jolly, Concerned Citizen

“I think this murdering our young girls is becoming a national disgrace. I think we as Belizeans should all be embarrassed that as a nation we are killing each other and killing our girls and raping our girls. And I think that when a girl gets raped to kill, it can’t be just one more gial that got hurt and rape. We have to as a nation make all ah we, everybody, has to talk about this and not just brush it under and forget about it. We have to talk about it and we have to find the person. My daughter is friends with her, I am friends with the father, I was friend with the little girl. She was a nice little girl. The first thing I heard was that oh she gone with a man; that’s the first thing everybody quick say. Oh it wasn’t anybody’s fault, she mussi gone with a man. That’s the first thing everybody instead of she is a small little girl, not that kinda girl none at all. All of us that know her know that that’s not the case. And we all started searching and even when I was searching, people were reluctant to help me identify the car. I was going out with a lot of people with pictures of the car. We still don’t have the car. So I’m asking somebody, look t the car—it is something like a white Corolla, something like that—but I’m asking everybody, find the pictures and find out who that person is. Somebody saw something. Every time someone goes missing, the country has to stop work for that day and make that priority. Find that girl. We can’t say oh just one more girl. Because when we say just one more girl, tomorrow will be a next girl—it becomes normal. Oh she must have done something; she got in a taxi. Not everywhere in the world is like that—that if you get in a taxi, you get killed. Me, I grew up here in Belize, I love Belize. I might sound like a gringo, but I grew up here. When I was a child, these things did not happen. Now they are happening and we are doing it to ourselves. We can blame all kinds of things, but we are doing it to ourselves.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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22 Responses for “Twin Towns residents say it’s time to take action against crime”

  1. Storm says:

    There’s a great resource at . They form citizen patrols to fight crime in cities all over North and South America, and they will help us here FOR FREE. A community leader, whether in government or a civilian, just needs to contact them to get that ball rolling.

    It would be smart if Hon. Saldivar or some other person charged with our security also called for help from a country able to provide it — the States and our Mother England come to mind. I am 100% positive that police and prosecutors can receive EXCELLENT free training that way. Those two governments are the standard of the world when it comes to fighting crime.

    If law-abiding citizens have to form into armed vigilante posses to protect themselves, even if they are armed with sticks and stones, it is better than waiting for the next child to be slaughtered. AND THERE IS STRENGTH IN NUMBERS.

    Yes, harsh action must be taken today to fight crime. Politicians who will not lead on this should get out of the way — they are part of the problem.

  2. Blackmint says:

    We need to find him ourselves and when we do hang him because this ya gov and pm is not cannot protect its people they only worried about pm wife no we he people well lets find him and hang him ourselves.

  3. Amir Castellanos says:

    We are all to blame! I believe that the people in GOB were placed there because they are educated and conscientious in what they do for work; unfortunately it is not so.
    It was time long ago to start screening taxi drivers; Lets at-least do that now. Lets do a background check on all taxi drivers.

  4. shabba says:

    Belizeans again with their knee jerk reactions. Crime was a problem even before this incidents. I bet all of them will lay down and dont care in 3 months time.

  5. droseflowers says:

    lets take action, not only words. wee will walk next saturday to protest and to find the evil murderer.


  6. rod says:

    count me in droseflowers then we need to march to the pm house .

  7. lets make a difference says:

    please not another candle light vigil, or march against violence. we need to step it up. demand better forensics. Estradabran just negotiated a NEW CONTRACT, how come he can,’t determine the cause of death after 48 hours and other places they can determine cause of death after years. that is a scam, he is a fraud and the government and the police are in on it when it is convenient to them…

  8. cayobway says:

    There nedd to be a reward set up for information or a reward for who bring in the S.O.B. dead or alive.

  9. A Jew says:

    ANY MARCH IN BELIZE CITY TOO? I am getting so pissed with everything! If GOB cant protect us, we need to protect ourselves. Criminals are laughing at us, we need to teach them all a lesson.

  10. A Jew says:

    I am from OW and we here mi wa done start the war! from OW are not afraid to start.. We Belizeans feel frustrated. GOB has and is not doing nada. If this person is caught by someone plz dont call the police. Tie him up middle of the San Ignacio town and stone him to death and all the other criminals in Belize deserve the same retribution.

  11. Mary Jane says:

    Please my beloved people lets get seriuous and do something before another child or another crime happen we will parade Saturday or any day

  12. Rough says:

    Once you know who are the culprits, just shoot them. We need to take matters in our own hands since there will be no justice in Belize.

  13. A Jew says:

    What does marching do to solve the problem??? Honestly what?

  14. Pelican says:

    Storm when you listen to some mothers of those criminals they let you that they the Criminals are the Angels. Talk about Heaven on Earth!!!

  15. Eda says:

    Yay! Go Cayo set the example. Look out for each other only then will we be able to make a difference. Call in to the police if you c something. Let the police catch them in progress. Lets not make the CRIMINALS take over. NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH. Call on your neighbors for help if you see something.

  16. lovely says:

    its so sad that we r reaching to this again in early 2000 we had so many girls gone missing n then found dead . ” do really think thats normal” untill now police having done nothing its so sad but its real life our country need help . our prime minister need to stand up or not our peaple will stand on him , we all need to come together and march and let all dose politicians know dat we will stand and fight for justice thats the only way . bec tomorrow u will never know who will be next. and we dont want that we need to protect our kids future of tomorrow.

  17. now i see says:


  18. Tg says:

    Count me in droseeflowers

  19. Cayo resident says:

    PARENTS ITS ALL ABOUT YOU. Let us teach our kids the dangers lurking out there these days. Not to talk to strangers, teach them the dangers of being out late at night, or walking alone day or night. They have to learn and the parents have to teach them how to stay safe in today’s world. It is so different now than when I was growing up in San Ignacio 30 years ago. So parents lets sit down and talk to our kids first. Next the community need to be more vigilant. The government needS to invest in some cameras on the major streets of our town where the police can see who comes and goes in all direction….only then maybe we stand a chance against these murderers in our community.

  20. KINGSHIT says:


  21. Sasha says:

    Kimo, you need to run for politics, I always said the people with an UNDERSTANDING about HUMANITY should be in these type of POSITION, NOT PEOPLE that are there for their OWN GREED. Bz has alot of Intelligent people but they refuse to represent people whose voice is crying in the wilderness and are left to vote for whatever SCRAP is thrown at them. I have not heard any ELECTED OFFICIAL publicly DENOUNCE these crimes, but when it is a family member, ALL OF BZ KNOWS.

  22. Lenagial says:

    This really saddens me when I first heard about it. I didnt know the little girl but she was very much involve in my sisters scouts. I knew of her dad from a store he use to own back in the day when I was living home. I was just home couple months ago and it sucks to see how much has change in these past 20years. Cant even buy yuh plate ah rice an beans aftah club if big fighting noh erupt with guns and $#!%..I nevah had to deal with dat back in the dayz now its like WTF!!!!!!!! I MISS MY OLD LENA WHEN LIFE WAS JUST SIMPLE AND FUN. And to tap it off, all kind ah retards cud be police, no proper training for what protect and serve means. They are more bullies than the ones commiting the crimes, no example for the citizens so we are !–KED ALL AROUND……MAY SHE R.I.P

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