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Jun 5, 2012

National Security’s finest, B.D.F. and Police Officers, charged for Credit Union Robbery

Oswald Young

Three weeks ago on May fourteenth to be precise was the last time a police officer was arrested. The charge? Trying to corrupt another cop. Police officers have been arrested for murder and another infamous case was when several were charged in connection to the landing of a drug plane on the Southern Highway. So it came as no surprise when the suspects of a heist at a credit union, turned out to be members of the Police Department, particularly from the Patrol Branch and the Belize Defense Force.

Sachario Cuz

In total five men have been detained, following the brazen mid-morning heist of the Toledo Teachers Credit Union on Monday morning.  The two constables are twenty-nine year old PC Oswald Young of Unitedville and twenty six year old PC Sachario Cuz of San Marcos Village in Toledo. They were busted along with thirty-one year old B.D.F. Corporal, Romel Elijio of Sunflower Street, in Belize City. The two other men, believed to be involved are twenty six year old Bernard “Hijo” Linarez, a player on the National football Team, and forty-two year old taxi operator, Nelson Bardalez both of Independence village. On Monday, three armed men bearing high powered rifles, two of whom were masked, pointed their weapons at the employees and demanded money.

Romel Elijio

Fearing for their lives, the cashier opened the vault where the robbers gained access to the safe whose contents were emptied into a green military bag. The robbery netted thirty-four thousand and sixty-four dollars and the robbers fled the scene in the credit union’s 2008 Toyota Hilux, valued at seventy-five thousand dollars. Barry Bardalez, manager of the branch, told police that he later discovered that two nine millimeters pistols with fifteen live rounds valued at six thousand five hundred dollars were also stolen.

Bernard "Hijo" Linarez

The police were carrying out their investigation on the Savannah Road in Independence Village when they saw an Isuzu Trooper, being driven by Nelson. Police stopped the vehicle which was heading in the direction of the Southern Highway junction and discovered all three law enforcement officers inside. A subsequent search of the taxi resulted in the discovery of the green military bag containing the loot from the heist. Police recovered the Toyota Hilux on a feeder road off the Savannah Road and Southern Highway Junction. At this time the men remain in police custody as investigations are ongoing.

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26 Responses for “National Security’s finest, B.D.F. and Police Officers, charged for Credit Union Robbery”

  1. GEORGE USHER says:

    who could we trust belize please try god please god is the only way

  2. Storm says:

    I wonder how these corrupt cops will get off, and how long before they are reinstated with back pay?

    I want to hear Hon. Barrow’s remarks on this — he is head of GOB, and ALL of this corruption is on his watch. Does he have a plan to stop the corruption? Does he WANT to stop the corruption?

    Gangsters on the government payroll, criminals in the police department — what a government! It would be a comedy, if it weren’t the tragic reality in the Jewel.

  3. Gone fishing says:

    Hiring criminals to be govt corruption officers is not perfect.
    Besides working for the prime and his ministers, these dudes have serious life or death oaths to their local gangs or international crime cartels. The only real problem is they got caught.

    More corruption officers are needed to replace these loosers.

  4. The World says:

    Its way past time for “confidence testing” on the Belize Police and BDF. The government of Belize is responsible.. The “WORLD” is watching.

  5. Blackmint says:

    Corruption corruption corruption from to to bottom and not a word from the leadership of this ya country pitiful pitiiiiiiiiiiifull this pm should step down he is not a leader he is taking the country to the cliff don’t drop over people.

  6. Stephen says:

    What a shame one can only serve one master, now a police and a criminal we all need to be careful. All police officers need to be fully mature before they become one. I believe we should get recruits at the age of 21 and not 18 also they need to be on the force a lot longer as to say 60 yrs and not 55 as they can teach more before they leave.

  7. islander says:

    Waterboard them and try to get them to talk using any means necessary.

    I hope the detectives cavity search them and traumatize them the way they did with the beauty queen that was the manager in that orange walk bank.

  8. Danny says:

    Build a bigger prison and once you locked those corrupt officers you then trow away the keys and forget about them period…

  9. Teacher says:

    I know Oswald Young, he was in my class at Primary school. After he became a police officer da man forget all ah lee bway them. He act like he better than we, that is where pride gets you.

  10. Belizean Pride says:

    holy smokes, WTH is going on with this officers, i bet their wife’s of each one would want to have their heads stuck in the sand like an ostrich to know the other face of their husbands life, imagine growing up to ask your daddy why he’s jailed, when you have to explain to your kids “I’m jailed because we rob a credit union place” when their job is to serve and protect. I’d be ashame to be a son of this scums, really it’s a shame no pride in their status as law enforcers but scum bags.

  11. Sasha says:

    I haven’t hear PM or any minister praising the Police Force for the OUTSTANDING work that was done on their part, as soon as his wife need MEDICAL ATTENTION, ALL OF BZ KNOWS.

  12. Buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Its sad that these guys did what they did and i would not be surprised if more officers slide into doing criminal activities. We always complain and never try to understand what is realy happening.

    The government must seriously look at raising the salaries of the Police and the BDF as they are being under paid and over worked. I am not saying that this is an excuse for them to turn to criminal activities but it will help them not to.

    On the other hand — the Government — has shown the general public that being a criminal pays. As they are paying the criminals to behave!!!! I would love to hang on the block smoke weed and be paid by the government!!!!! Or better yet start a gang — be the leader and get paid!!!! If they dont want to pay me just go about randomly shooting up the place to get some attention!!!!!! Then i will be paid to behave!!!!!!!!!!

    And yes i am waiting to hear a simple comment from a senior police officer or a senior BDF officer because they are apart of the problem… They are a bunch of selfish —- i dont know what.

    In front of the camera they pretend to care about the Junior police officers and the BDF Soildiers — but they dont —- they never advocate for betterment of the lower ranking members of the department!!!! Yet on television they pretend to do wonders for the welfare of the officers!!!!!

    I will leave that story for another time!!!!

  13. dunfedup says:

    time for minister of police to go! what you expect when he is corrupt (paying for votes on election day) his whole force will be. the whole gov’t rotten to the core.

  14. Royal Creole says:

    Belize is becoming like Somalia and Haiti, lawlessness prevails and an incompetent government is clueless and is on the take very early in this term as they figure its impossible to fool the people for a third time.

  15. Rod says:

    I tell unu this is the worsepm and gov. In the history of this country please step down judas barrow how you cols sleep knowing that all these murders are happening and you don’t have the ability to do anything about it step down give the position to someone with grit and know how go take care of your wife you are a total failure at this job.

  16. dasilva says:

    We can’t stop at Police checkpoints anymore.Are they really police officers? We do not know…It’s best to run the checkpoints and pay a fine than to lose our lives…Look at what happened on Spanish Lookout road,Men dressed in police uniforms at a checkpoint ,Then robbery was the motive.How do we know if it’s real officers at checkpoints?

  17. GSU commanding officer says:

    I dont always get robbed, but when i do i prefer it be by police, that way they can take my statement same time, save me from going to station

  18. james says:

    Sachario Cuz
    is a known cop who likes to extort people out of their money in Belize City

  19. BDF says:

    The economy is one factor causing these crimes not only civilians are feeling it. The cost of living in Belize is ridiculous Prime Minister do something. Parents cannot pay for Parents Night and Graduation this year hell. I Blame the economy if i had the guts i would do the same.

  20. Mel Staine says:

    I say they should Punish for their crimes even more so because they are law enforcement officers. They should be keepers and protectors of the law.. they shouldn’t be breaking it. lock them up and i hope the judiciary does their part to ensure that this does not turn into a circus and they walk… its high time justice prevailed in this country.. tired of these criminals getting a slap on the wrist.. bet they members of a gang or members of law enforcement…

  21. I Belize it says:

    @GSU commanding officer, do all the districts have that now?

    Definitely saves us time, and them paperwork.

    That is the new GOB efficiency, and people say the UDP can’t come up new ideas.

  22. Elgin Martinez says:

    All this corruption starts with the people in the
    higher echelon of the GOB.

  23. Belize my Home says:

    Whomever this Sasha person is, the PM wife’s illness has no business in this, she is fighting for her life, ( GOD BLESS HER SOUL) if you were half the woman she is, Belize would be A better place, it’s because of women like you, we are in this mess, where is your compassion? it’s people like U who have sons who turn out to be monsters cause they steal from people from their young and bring it home and mothers like you say nothing, so they grow up to believe that this is cool, for the people who work hard to buy what they need, people like your sons end up killing them to take it.

  24. jone says:

    the minister have nothing to do with the police mind. the police is from the public and are human beings.we are all screw ups at times. stop bad mind the P.M

  25. sacario castemundo says:

    We will soon see the Crime minister address the nation on the condition of his wife`s health.
    What`s happening with his police officers is of so very little importance to him!!!
    Our $$$`s will be devalued !!!

  26. Guillermo Lopez says:

    Well ,at least we have honest Police Officers who arrested those criminal elements who are giving law enforcement a bad name. Give them credit , they arrested some of their own let’s root out the rotten apples.

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