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Jun 4, 2012

Fruit and Vegetable vendor gets canned by Magistrate

Julian Dyer

An Orange Walk businessman, who sells his produce at the Michael Finnegan Market, was robbed at gunpoint on May twenty-sixth and police have nabbed a suspect. According to thirty-two year old Julian Chell Junior, two men approached his vegetable stall at the corner of Bocotora and Iguana Streets shortly before eleven o’clock that morning. One of them reportedly pulled out a firearm and demanded that he hand over all his belongings.  In fear, Chell complied and gave the assailants his cell phone and his wallet, which contained four hundred and twenty dollars in cash and his personal documents. Both robbers then ran off in the direction of West Canal and escaped. The first suspected arrested for the robbery is the victim’s namesake. Last Thursday, police picked up twenty year old Julian Dyer, a George Street resident, who appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer this morning on a single charge of Robbery with a Firearm. Dyer was caught with Chell’s stolen cell phone. He pleaded not guilty, was denied bail and has been remanded to the Belize Central Prison until July fourth.


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15 Responses for “Fruit and Vegetable vendor gets canned by Magistrate”

  1. joe lopez says:

    Belize is packed with black people, which they only dedicate themself goin about robbing and killing people on the streets! The b lack people are the laziest persons in the world they like easy money by robbing people! They don’t work and smoke weed all day…

  2. surgery14E says:

    Joe Lopez or whatever your name is, stop being so racist and back up your stupid remarks. Do you know every black person in the world?

  3. cg says:

    Lets not point fingers at any one race, the world is filled with crime perpetuated by many races. The problem is robbery in issue at a time folks..

  4. Mick says:

    Joe Lop[ez sounds like one of these xeniophobes who lumps everyone into a particular reference. This may be a result of being inundated with faces that are black in the news or he has some learned responses that limits his already small mind. Joe Lopez should avail himself of much more information before he issues blanket statements like this. But again, his intellectual capacity may not allow him to. as critical thinking may be an area that he would grapple with unsuccessfully!

  5. Mick says:

    It is evident that intelligence and commonsense are not strong points that can be attributed to Joe Lopez. At least he/she can type so is able to hide behind the annonimity of the www! Joe Lopez should be careful in throwing out these blanket statements as he can be a victim/beneficiary of same. One can say that idiocy runs in his family! Am just sayin’……

  6. Charlie Price says:

    The biggest CRIMINALS ARE THE POLITICIANS. They are the ones that ROBBED THE NATION leaving the under class behind and CREATING POVERTY CONDITIONS leading to the above statements.


  7. one luv says:

    I do believe Barrow and the gang is to be blamed for the bulk of the currucption and drug problems in the country, but i also contribut some of the social injustice to the economy. If u create a evironment were more civilian jobs are created, jobs that people are able use to feed themselves and their family, people will not need to deal drugs. Everyone knows in recession you need to create jobs, by building roads and infrastructures. Why is the Barrow administration blocking development?

  8. me says:

    sorry fu seh, but me agree with joe.

    only black people d kill black people. dem and d alien dem from central america.
    what u want wi seh???? atta da true.

  9. Chillax says:

    while joe lopez sounds like a racist bigot, is there any merit to some content of his statement?. is there a disproportionate number of crime being committed across the country by Belizeans of African descent as oppose to Hispanics, Chinese, Indians of Mennonites.? if somehow we are able to remove emotions and passion that flare in debates of racism, there might be a point of discussion here.

  10. impartial says:

    joe lopes is racist; however, despite being the minority (45% of the total population), based on the news reports (video and pics) it would seem that a particular Ethnicity is responsible for the majority of crimes… whether you like it or not.
    that being said, one cannot just point fingers in the directon of just one race. The socio-economic problems of Belize are too complex and involve many aspects.

  11. JOSEPHBUDNA says:


  12. JOSEPHBUDNA says:


  13. joe lopez says:

    I just say what an international media said! Belize is dangerous the majority of the population in belize is darkskin, I don’t want to mentioned another name, tourist are getting scared to travel to belize because of the insecurity belize is facing chinese, hindus they are they don’t wnat to go and make bussiness in belize, they say the black people in belize robbed and killed people infront of their bussiness places. I am a belizean but now I am living in another country peacefully, it hurt me when I read news and see what’s happening in belize!

  14. borntobehero says:

    At the tail of this trend of crime lets make some sense here since some Important points are been made. I am glad that some light has shone our heads, dark skinned complexion assailant, dark skinned complexion gun man on shooting incident, the truth is black killing black is already a fact NOW if black no cares of killing its own then no respect for any others is expected, It is a raw and fearful truth! we need solutions to the violence cycle before it get more worse, Leaders of all kind history will judge you.

  15. John Eskisofrenico says:

    Joe is in some way right and in other way wrong. It is not adequate and fair to judge an entire race due to one’s actions, that is called ethnocentrism. Why right? NOT ALL but a large amount of black people don’t want to work an rather try to find easy money, SADLY but its a reality.

    This link will take you to an investigation made which proved city black men don’t want to work.
    We Belizeans should be happy that we still have land to work on, we shouldn’t be crying of the unavailability of jobs, that’s not the case.

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