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May 25, 2012

US to help destroy Cuthkelvin’s Meth precursor containers

The Customs Department seized six containers measuring forty feet each in March.  They have been sitting at the Customs compound since then under close surveillance. The cargo in the containers is methylamine hydrochloride, which is known to be used for the manufacturing of methamphetamines or crystal meth, a highly addictive drug. Its value has been placed at ten billion dollars on the US market and that’s all going up in smoke.  The containers were imported by Vernon Cuthkelvin for his company Belize Gardens Consortium. Cuthkelvin subsequently claimed that he had imported fertilizers and didn’t know that the precursor to the drugs were in the containers. It was expected that the Customs Department would have charged him for making a false declaration; for which a fine of two million dollars, which would be three times the cost of the duty, could have been levied. The department, however, did not press charges when Cuthkelvin denied knowing the substance that was actually in the containers. Sources have confirmed that Cuthkelvin used his connections to broker a deal to give up the containers in exchange for information on the real owners of the cargo. The latest is that the government does not have the expertise to destroy the methylamine hydrochloride, so it has asked the U.S. government for assistance in neutralizing or destroying the substance. The destruction of the ten billion dollars in methylamine hydrochloride is expected to take place shortly.

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11 Responses for “US to help destroy Cuthkelvin’s Meth precursor containers”

  1. Storm says:

    If anyone needs to have his phone wiretapped, he should be near the top of the list. There’s no way this shipment was imported without involvement of a major drug cartel.

    Don’t just have the U.S. dispose of the chemicals, GOB must ask them use all their resources to track down Cuthkelvin’s partners and put them all where they belong, in prison till they die. It’s a filthy business, based on blood money and misery.

    They are trafficking poison and murder here, and we need an honest GOB to stop it.

  2. Rod says:

    This is what’s wrong with this corrupt pm and gov. This guy has paid off someone in this gov. So that he gets off Scott free from this he he was not caught he would have been a rich man along with his corrupt gov. Officials nothing but corruption in this no good gov. Now they are doing it openly come on people we have to demand that this guy is put in jail he would have caused the deaths of thousands of our kids with this product he should go to jail for at lease 20 yrs no less instead this corrupt pm and gov. Are giving him a free pass how sad what kind of message does this send to all the rest of criminals in the jewel just pay somebody off and you gone free.

  3. BMNJ says:

    The public would definitely want to know who actually own those containers. I suspect that the same person had brought in those illegal drugs in the past – maybe a container or two. And he was successful at it! Now, because of GREED and the love of money, he was going all out; but this time he failed miserably. I would want the legal system to levy the maximum penalty on this ‘underworld billionnaire’.

  4. Seletar says:

    Wow, I agree with everyone and every word here. That’s a first for me!

    I hate drug dealers and would execute every one of them if it I were King. They destroy lives and feed crime across the country.

    Remember how this criminal walked out scot-free next time you have a chance to vote. First and foremost, we need to elect HONEST and brave leaders who will go to WAR with the cartels and gangsters. We will be a little Mexico, another narco-state where everyone lives in fear in 5 years otherwise. This GOB can’t save the Jewel, it is in bed with the criminals and has them on its payroll — and vice versa.

  5. Jimmy Criminal says:

    People of Belize. You will NEVER FIND OUT who is the real owner of these containers because it it someone high up and powerful in this UDP administration. Do you hear me NEVER !

  6. jose gomez says:

    so he and others got away again and agian .I mean how many shipments already went oficially undetected?Who are u trying to fool Dean?

  7. BLACKROSES says:

    Crystal meth was made to replace crack because it distroy the blacks but it back fire on them only white people smoke it black people don’t smoke crystal meth so if black people of Belize if you want to be a fool go ahead blacks smoke crack because they was already trying powder cocaine and crack was made from coke crystal is made from poison

  8. Ricky Malthus says:

    Jimmy, we already know who is behind all the drug activities in this UDP government. But we are waiting for the right moment to spring the trap already set.

  9. Nostra Damus says:

    under the UDP. five years for a stick of weed and nothing for 10 Billion dollars worth of crystal meth. did you imagine this possibilty.

  10. Rod says:

    In other words ch out of you black you can get away with anything even murder but if you no black dog eat you supper this is a race war going on in belize people so if you no black you better watch out ..

  11. Cazx says:

    you sleep up DEAN, could have sold it to colombians, and make the country free of dept

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