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May 23, 2012

Is government clueless on how to solve crime?

Tonight’s question is: Do you think that the government is clueless on how to solve crime? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to

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17 Responses for “Is government clueless on how to solve crime?”

  1. evandale neal says:

    the government know exactly what to do about the crime situation,their just scared of the results of what their action will bring.if the government realy want to stop the crime they can find a way to manuver around the human rights groups after all the prim minister is an atterny.

  2. Busby says:

    It’s more like parents are clueless how on how to prevent their children from becoming gun men and criminals

  3. blackberry says:

    NO not when an admitted gang leader was campaigning for the PM and the law says admitted gang members should be put in prison for six months. NO not until we enforce all our present laws without fear or favor.

  4. Verdict says:

    I do not think the Government is clueless; they simply lack the political will to truly make a dent in the crime situation. The type of ignorance that creates the senseless murders in the streets of Belize City is the same ignorance that keeps successive “do nothing” governments in power with handout politics. In order to reduce crime, urban poverty has to be drastically reduced, and our society has to be one that is educated and thinks progressively. Such a society would not tolerate the type of politicians we currently have, as citizens would demand that politicians actually serve the them rather than buy their votes. Why would any of our our current policians want to change a society that keeps them in power?

  5. Indalecio says:

    Yes I think the government is clueless about how to solve this social problem that is very rampant in the city and that gives Belize a bad name. If we see what is happening with our neighbors they too don’t have a problem to this. The British government in lieu of the gang unrest that happened last year hired Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton, a gang expert. My point is we have to look outside the box. Bratton was a Police Chief in NY who brought the gang under control and did likewise in LA. This has to be a multi-approach. A combination of hard laws and providing options to those willing to seek a more “normal” life style.

  6. Ordinary person says:

    I think that alot of government officials are behind crimes and that the gangs work for government and police. For this reason crimes will be hard to stop.

  7. Vanna says:

    Paying the gangs is no way to address the crime situation. Unemployment is a problem and young boys will join the gangs if that’s the only way they can make money. Invest the tax payers money into something more useful to the nation.

  8. Elgin Martinez says:

    The Government is just incompetent .

  9. now i see says:

    As long as the politicians stay away from the police and let them do their job things will be better. When are we going to understand that is NOT the goverment? We have very stupid laws. The law protects the criminals .

  10. Blackberry 2. says:

    The Goverment do not know how to their job, they write laws on their convenience. they should try learn a little bit from other countries in all aspects. Crime will never stop if they are interested in take out money from the innocents instead on working against the Crime.

  11. lovely says:


  12. Hugo A, Guerra says:

    It’s a combination of factors at the bottom of which is poverty, lack of political will, lack of resources, rampant fear, and hopelessness within civil society. I have seen the Belizean people come together and handle the Guatemalan claim and other socio-economic issues that were maybe not as challenging, but which required an all-out effort from all sectors of Belizean society. There is no one entity that you can blame, if as a country we saw it rearing its head when we neglected our youth and did nothing about it, we are all to blame. A government is only as strong as its people. Power to the people!

  13. Storm says:

    Is clueless the same as gutless?

    It takes will, it takes training, and it takes leadership. Right now we lack all 3 in the Jewel. [1] For whatever reason, UDP thinks it is a good policy to ally with the gangs and pay them off [how is that working in your neighbourhood?]. [2] Our police formations are infected with incompetent cops and dirty ones [by no means all, but you can't specify to have a good, honest one respond to your emergency!], and DPP seems unable to win trials — we should beg the States or Britain to give our law enforcement training on how to find and collect evidence, and present winning cases. [3] Political leaders seem to want to “go along to get along” with corrupting influences of businessmen, drug dealers, and others who want to line their pockets no matter what the damage they do to this little but once-proud country.

  14. O says:

    This poll is obviously biased and manipulating,this government is struggling to minimize crime I will agree but “clueless”? Show me the many countries that have all the clues on crime.

  15. EvEnInGsTaR says:

    The G.O.B is note clueless as to how to solve the crime situation in Belize. Our Prime Minister Mr. Dean Oliver Barrow and many leaders of our country (from whatever ‘political party’ because there is not a dime’s worth of difference between them) has sold out the Belizean people to the ‘greater powers that be.’ The country of Belize must be cleansed of most of its inhabitants so that these elites can take over, control and own all of the hidden resources in what has been described as “one of nature’s best kept secrets.”

    The G.O.B has not paid gangsters/hit-men to hold it down on the crime but instead to INTENSIFY IT!! Belizean people, the crime situation is only one way in which “Ethnic Genocide” is being perpetuated. ???????????????WHAT WILL WE DO???????????????

    We have to get up and do something. Belizeans UNITE!! And seek the Most High and let us Pull our Energy together to drive these forces away from Belize.

  16. EvEnInGsTaR says:

    @ now i see:you said “When are we going to understand that is NOT the goverment? We have very stupid laws. The law protects the criminals .”

    My friend, it is the G.O.B. The “stupid laws” that “protects the criminals” are made and passed by who? the Government.

  17. it's just that simple says:

    according to the CH5 pol of 300 votesl, 80% say yes.

    Congratulations you voted them back in.
    Or is it you did not vote, and let them back in?

    Ride this horse for another five years, then re-elect them a third time if there is still a country.

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