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May 18, 2012

Was it a hit or a robbery? McNab Murder

Jerminie Ellis McNab

There were three separate shootings in the Old Capital on Thursday night that has left one person dead and three others hospitalized. The first was the execution of forty-eight year old businessman and owner of Mobile Hardware Store, Jerminie Ellis McNab. Shortly before seven on Thursday night, McNab was inside his business on Curassow Street when two persons entered his store and fired three shots fatally wounding him. Police were immediately called in and arrived on the scene to find McNab’s lifeless body lying face down in a pool of blood behind the counter. Freelance Reporter Duane Moody reports.


Insp. Fitzroy Yearwood

“Three to the chest; the chest area. Police recovered three expended shells from the scene.”


Duane Moody Reporting

Two men walked into Mobile Hardware Store, sometime around seven on Thursday night. After an exchange of words, one of the men replied with three deadly blasts to the chest of Jerminie McNab. Shortly after the businessman was killed, the police arrived on the scene.


Insp. Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer

“I personally visited the scene and we’re of the opinion that robbery wasn’t the motive. First of all, these two men entered barefaced—one of dark complexion, the other of fair complexion. Apparently they spoke to Mister McNab before the fair complexion male took out a firearm and opened fire on Mister McNab. Once Mister McNab was on the ground, they had all the opportunity to take whatever was on the cash register; even the money in his hand when we arrived on the scene.”


Fitzroy Yearwood

…But it appears that some cash was stolen. But additionally, McNab’s licensed nine millimeter pistol is missing.


Insp. Fitzroy Yearwood

“We are not certain what amount of money was stolen but we know that the cash registered had a large sum of cash that was counted in front of the loved ones and we had to take possession of it until we know who we should rightfully hand it over to. So we are looking for any other motive, but I must say we are not ruling out robbery but we know that Mister McNab was the owner of a licensed firearm that he always kept on him, but at that moment when we arrived on the scene, we could not find the firearm.”


There are speculations that the murder was premeditated as it is alleged that there was a previous attempt made on his life.


Insp. Fitzroy Yearwood

“We are also looking at that angle. The precision that these perpetrators moved with would suggest that it was something like that—that they were studying Mister McNab before they put their plan into action.”


Marion Ali, Love News

“Do police have any information that a hit was attempted on his life a few months ago, earlier this year?”


Insp. Fitzroy Yearwood

“After speaking to some people on the scene, we have gathered that; that someone may have made an attempt on him and he didn’t come to report it. it was not reported. That is why we are examining different angles and we are trying to establish the motive.”


Police says that they are looking for two street figures known to them in order to solve this latest homicide in the Old Capital. Duane Moody for News Five.


McNab, who is known to many as a Jack of All Trades, was a father of four children.

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12 Responses for “Was it a hit or a robbery? McNab Murder”

  1. Rod says:

    What a useless pm and gov. While people are dying all over the country where is the so called leader well he is in Miami again why doesnt he just resign and admit that he is a complete failure at his job just resign give it up you are useless march people march before you or your loved one is next.

  2. Storm says:

    Terribly sad for the family and children.

    No matter the reason for the murder, I hope police can investigate well enough to identify the killers, that DPP can win a trial and convict them, and that the judge and nation as a whole has the necessary will to HANG THEM.

    We need to be merciless in dealing with violent criminals. 200 countries in the world, and we have the 5th highest murder rate, and one of the lowest conviction rates!

  3. solo says:

    and this country wants investors or rather needs investor and entrepreneurs, and they are to feel safe in this kind of environment?? Come on GOB get up off your @$$#$ and do something,
    all men idling without a job need to be forced into BDF and will get 2 meals a day and will be trained and disciplined and be made into real people with discipline !!! i bet you all them lazy !@$$ ……. will find a job quick!!! i say ……. without prejudice bcus most of the people doing the killings are black people, bunch of no good ……., we just gotta say it raw and clear,

  4. the governor says:

    this is bs my good friend mobile hardware i was speaking with him last week and telling him boss its time to move outta that city as i spoke to a goverment official a week ago and i prepared a document for the military of belize [goes like this] early one morning the bomb sirene will be activated all citizen will be ask to leave the city in one hour LEAVE THE CITY IMMEDIATELT NO EXCUSE of course only the law and order people will leave and what will happen is this we will bomb the city to rubbles get twenty bulldozers and push all the evel thats left right into the sea everything in sight declare it a diaster zone clear the land casto will then assume leadership position i ask him to abondant the city i did myself move to placencia

  5. Truth says:

    It’s amazing how a woman who has been out of the picture for 8 plus years, constant altercations and never showed appreciation while married suddenly finds love in death. Greed is an ugly creature and whatever is acquire through evil will not last. Rest In Peace my friend, if the dead could only speak…
    May the good Lord protect your children always and those who truly love and appreciate you.
    Ok now police, let’s try and solve this and please look under every rock!

  6. Ricky Malthus says:

    Ride on Solo!!

  7. SadReality says:

    It is sad that while a family grieves someone finds it necessary to delve into back-biting and evil. The family no doubt is getting all the prayers it needs….”Truth”, i’ll pray for YOU

  8. belizeaninasia says:

    @ solo…the people who are killing are from all walks of life…black coolie, black creole, black hispanics. What’s your point??

  9. belizeaninasia says:

    ….and one of each persons who attacked this gentleman was of “dark complexion” and “fair complexion”…Me thinks we have enough issues on our hands to be making classifications here as to who is doing what…just sayinig cause I have to tell it like it is too. We have bad energy creeping across our boarders everyday. Tambien, who are the professional drug cooks who facilitate crimes that take many lives and destroy homes? No justification here. Lets deal with the real issues here Belizean people.

  10. FAIR JUSTICE says:

    I live in the U.S.A I want to move to Belize and open a business but this crop scares the hell out of me. This is so sad. The government need to get rid of all those parasytes. Eradicate them.

  11. Law-And-Order Kriol says:

    Yes Solo and Ricky Malthus, totally agree, all these black people are the problem….that’s why Tegucigalpa and San Salvador and Guatemala City and Mexico City are all so safe………….NOT!

    The type of crime we are seeing is an URBAN problem and it just happens that most blacks in Belize are urban. That’s all folks, so quit crying race and let us deal with the real social and economic issues at hand!

  12. EASY GLENN says:

    the man sell thing to cheap to the poor people they had to do something this is a shark tank and we as colored people cant think pass we nose offer them money and they wah kill they own mother what a shame finally on of our own me the help we the poor people and you se weh eh get you Belize Dead What Jewel Hell We they inna Unnu No see the foreigners have fe protect they investment keep the people inna suffering I hate BElize right no fe real I hate all this S#&t I really wah miss me freind he was nice and very understang and neva greedy like the other who murdered him No worry no justice wah come from this Lone R#$$

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