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May 16, 2012

Another Matura murdered on Boulevard on broken dreams

Kaylon Matura

While the highways turned deadly, there was another homicide in the City this morning and from our records it is murder victim number fifty-one for this year. It happened just before seven o’clock; twenty-eight year old Kaylon Matura was ambushed as he was leaving his house for work with the Ministry of Works. He is the third in the Matura family to be murdered and it is the second attempt on his life. The gunman lay waited Matura and opened fire when he exited his yard on Central American Boulevard. News Five’s Jose Sanchez spoke to distraught family members this morning.


Voice of: Sister of Kaylon Matura

“The young bwai weh kill ah, you tell he, he got it coming because this da the third one now—third bredda.”


Jose Sanchez

“What’s the name of the other two brothers who were killed?”


Voice of: Sister of Kaylon Matura

“My other two bredda? The other two Matura. What happen to the cousin them? Da only Matura they want kill now? They happy now; they happy because Kaylon gone.”


Jose Sanchez, Reporting

A third member of the Matura family on Central American Boulevard was murdered today. According to the police, the killer was up at the crack of dawn and waited for twenty-eight year old Kaylon Matura.


Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer

“He departed his residence at number three Central American Boulevard sometime around six-fifty-nine a.m. on today’s date. And upon exiting his gate, a lone gunman fired several shots at him hitting him twice to the left side of the chest and once to the chin. He was rushed by a police vehicle that was in the area to K.H.M.H. where he was pronounced dead.”


Fitzroy Yearwood

Jose Sanchez

“Obvious question: is it gang related?”


Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood

“We can’t say as yet. We know we are looking for someone in connection with it; someone known to the police who we believe can shed some light on this incident.”


The first shot caught him in front of his residence by this zinc fence. But instead of going back inside to familiarity, his family believes he ran down the street to avoid shots being fired near the home.


Andrew Gilharry, Cousin of Kaylon Matura

“The man was a straight man; di man dah mi family. The man dah somebody weh nothing di go on. The man da mi wah family man—ih dead left his son and ih daughter. The man dah wah straight man. The man hold it down. Everybody off this boulevard weh know this man could tell you the man straight; ih hold it down. But da dehn bally from over so bring the pressure. The man hold it down; the man is a family man.”


Jose Sanchez

Andrew Gilharry

“I know this must make it very hard on you or the other family members, but if there is any reprisals, it can only continue with the whole sense of more people will get hurt. And that is not what you wants for the kids; that’s what nobody wants for the rest of his family. That’s what he was trying to portray.


Andrew Gilharry

“Exactly, exactly. That’s what the man di try to portray. The man has young ones. It’s not like how they paint di man. The system paint the man how the man look. He leaves behind two kids and his common-law.”


Jose Sanchez

“If he was holding it down and even though this happened to him, I’m assuming that he would want everyone to see what he saw; to protect the family, to try to find another way. That’s what he would want, wouldn’t it?”


Andrew Gilharry

“Exactly. This is not about colors—this dah noh bout crip, blood or nothing like that—this is not like that. We have to understand that the people weh we deh di kill dah fi we own bredda. The man dehn weh you kill dah lone strength you di kill. We no see the Chinese and the Spanish killing up one another. They balli di multiply, they are living successful.”


Voice of: Sister of Kaylon Matura

“Ih mi gwen dah work. Right dah that lamppost weh da youth deh pan that bike. My bredda was going to work fi that…aye. The GSU now, instead of deh ker ahn dah emergency room make the doctor see ahn and pronounce ahn dead, they ker ahn straight dah dead house. Ih dah what? Dog or they are the doctor da hospital? Or what, Kaylon dah just wah piece of cloth or wah piece of dirt? We tired of this. This dah my third bredda. Me tired of this. When the GSU hurry ker mi lee bredda dah the dead house, the people from the dead house send them dah front back with the dead body because the doctor fi pronounce ahn. But what? Because me and dehn  ketch ina wah lee misunderstanding that they shoulda mi ker the lee bwai straight ina emergency, they left the lee bwai ina di truck back.”


Jose Sanchez

“They believe he was taken to the morgue first and he should have been taken to emergency—they think he was alive when he was taken.”


Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood

“Jose, I visited the family a little after midday today and they expressed that same feeling especially a sister that travelled with him to the hospital. And I explained to her that while we are not medical officers, we have been trained to know when a person is breathing or not breathing. And the officers if they made a bad judgment call in their presence or to their opinion, they should have highlighted it to the medical officers. The point remain that to the end of the day, the doctor did declared him dead.”


Andrew Gilharry

“That man right there stop a lot of crime from happen because he could say it and it happen, but he just refused to hold it down like everybody else but then man noh say that. They bally dehn just come and they just want fame. That noh wah put them no way bredda; that just wah put them in a frame.”


Voice of Sister of Kaylon Matura

“Well all ah we da Matura. And so one go, five more come.”


Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.


At news time, no arrests have been made for Matura’s murder.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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  1. Storm says:

    What a family legacy.

    Nevertheless, the killer should be caught, given a fair and impartial conviction, and then be hanged publicly until he is dead, dead, dead. No mercy for murderers, no exceptions.

  2. j killa baby borther says:

    Much love , respect n love u kaylon n family cus

  3. jose says:

    I dont care who he was i no understand how some fools like to judge people without poening the book anyway we are in belize and i hope the murderer will be caught as soon as possible so GSU go after him and not after McAfee

  4. janet says:

    yea McAfee no the trouble no one go bos pan george street n tek weh the guns fa they bad man!

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