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May 15, 2012

McAfee says GSU acting like “Business Suppression Unit”

Three persons have been charged for attempting to corrupt police officers in connection with a raid that was carried out at the estate of John McAfee on April thirtieth. Matilda Garnett, a second class clerk of Orange Walk, Police Constable Darius Martinez and ex-cop Rodwell Richards were all labeled as affiliates of McAfee, who attempted to bribe PCs Adrian Lopez and Stacy Humes to get information on McAfee. Well, McAfee has responded with a press release saying that Marco Vidal and the GSU are continuing attempts to discredit him. He referred to a press release issued by the GSU on Friday, which said that Richards, was his right hand man. But according to McAfee, the GSU also said that Richards is a full time employee of Benny’s and, therefore, could not be his right hand man. McAfee claims he does not know Garnett and while Richards is a friend of his, he has never asked him for information regarding the activities of the GSU. He asks, “Why is the Gang Suppression Unit, whose purpose is to suppress gang activity, be spending time, money and resources pursuing a minor misdemeanor charge allegedly involving business people?” Clearly frustrated by the GSU, McAfee goes on to say that there are serious crimes being committed by the gangs that the GSU should be suppressing. He also suggests a name change from GSU to the BSU or Business Suppression Unit.


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20 Responses for “McAfee says GSU acting like “Business Suppression Unit””

  1. Storm says:

    Business is already suppressed enough in the Jewel — it can stand any more!

    We do not have enough local capital to build business and create jobs here, and that is the real, permanent solution to widespread poverty. And that poverty doubtless feeds the crime.

    WE MUST HAVE FOREIGN INVESTMENT. It is the only way to create jobs here quickly [and by quickly, I mean before our children die!]. So we need GOB to ENCOURAGE foreign investment, develop and promote a reputation as a BUSINESS-FRIENDLY place for honest foreign investors and businesses.

    So far, GSU is getting international attention of the worst kind for the country because of their thuggery in the case of McAfee. And I don’t know him, I don’t even use his software. But he has a big reputation and rich friends who could invest here or not, depending on how people like McAfee are treated. [He shouldn't be above the law, but likewise the police must not be used to extort donations to crooked politicians, if that is the case.]

  2. issues says:

    McAfee is going to get himself killed with this kind of talk. Probably escaping custody? The head lines will be; John McAfee was accidentally shot 5 times while trying to escape while hand cuffed, and escorted by 5 GSU members. or something like that.

  3. E Torres says:

    Many Americans/foreigners from first world countries feel that they can come to Belize, and do whatever they want: exploit young women, buy their way around, and be exempt from the law.
    I don’t think Richards will take $200.00 out of his own pocket(this man is poor) and give it to a GSU officer unless someone was behind it.
    Marco Vidal, a man of unquestionable ethics, unbiased is a self contained and disciplined officer-A Pillar of society! who in 20 years I have known him has walked a straight path in the police department. I am not even a friend of his, but know him because I worked along side with him. I can tell you Mr. Mcafee, that if you fly straight in Belize, you have nothing to be paraniod of!

  4. Bruce says:

    Dear Mr McAfee: The gangsters shoot back, BUT you are civil and your biggest problem is you
    have money. The BSU is trying to get money for nothing, they also want to be on your payroll.

  5. Bruce says:

    Dear Mr McAfee: I also believe you are trying to get natural remedies for common ailments that the BIG drug companies have a strangle hold on. For EVERYONE’S information these big companies SYNTHESIZE and MASS PRODUCE, they are a short term solution and lose their effect Whereas the NATURAL form continues to work and if I have been properly informed they (BIG DRUG CO) will do just about anything to discredit your WELL INTENTIONED WORK.

  6. concerned says:

    McAfee wants to distract the media with his comments. People don’t know what his real intentions are here in Belize but for sure are not genuine. Why is it that he cannot live in the US? Because of the same illegal activities he is involve in. Wealthy people are of the belief that they can do whatever they want and get away with it, not here in Belize, Mr. McAfee, not here. He has a lot a money and think he can buy everyone. He can do that to those low class police officer, including the Officer Commanding Orange Walk, but not the GSU. Thanks tot he GSU or else McAfee could continuing feeling he is untouchable. Same way GSU touched McAfee they should do other prominent Belizeans who are highly involved in illegal activities and also have heavy political connections.

  7. The World says:

    Mr. McAfee is correct in his assessment. The question is? Why would the Belize Government ever want this type of activity to occur unless there was a specific reason. The answer Mr. McAfee is not playing nice with the local politicians and giving them “Bribe” money.. The Belizean people should demand that the GOB apologize publicly to Mr. McAfee for this injustice. Failure to do so will result in businessmen from other countries not even considering investing in Belize.

  8. jose says:

    am with you McAfee they are alot of murders to solve and these stupid people frpm the GSU now seems BSU BUSINESS SUPPRESSION UNIT. needs to get there act together and stop playing hide and seat and go after the real criminals how fool they are to be doing what they are doing

  9. jose says:

    MR McAfee has nothing to worry about because he has two of belize best attorney so listen to me mr McAfee let ingnorant people say what they want, dogs that bark doesnt bite probly they want you to become there friend for abet of money but its better to send them to find a job somewhere else because they are the same backbiters that will try to kill you for your money,,some people in belize has that wicked ways give me some money or not ill hammer your ass to hell with those stupid ignorants fools

  10. ThugLife says:

    Marco Vidal is the enforcement boss for the UDP political suppression paramilitary arm called the GSU. Belize is a military dictatorship. Just watch how many decent, law abiding citizens are now in jail, and how many criminals are free. In Belize, if you are not with the ruling party, they harass you to death or send you to jail. If you are with the ruling party, no matter how criminal you are, you get rewarded. Politics in Belize works @$$-backwards.

  11. ET--SB says:

    There is plenty of corruption in Belize, just like any other country! However, there are good police officers! The intel Belize is on Mcafee is not local, but foreign–My guess it is the DEA! Again, this is my personal opinion.

  12. Sasha says:

    I very much agree with CONCERNED. Jose just because there are other crimes(killing) to be solved doesn’t mean you pay less attention to someone that is committing an illegality. McAfee will take all his Natural Herbs sell it back to the US and you people will still be making your $1/hr while he makes his MILLIONS OFF YOUR HEAD/LAND

  13. Belizean says:

    Thumbs up to ET-SB and Sasha!!!!

  14. Rose says:

    I just read on another blog that some of Mc Afee’s supporters are planning a peaceful demonstration in San Pedro. Regardless of Dr. McAfee’s intents…be it generous gifts , bribery, his personal privacy and security or production of antibodies….  he has increased the cash flow into the Belize economy substantially . His gifts alone , must almost equal the entire Gross National Product ….. just for that they should give him a Parade 
    don’t you think? 

    You know… he may just come out of this as a Conquering  Hero, instead of the Vile  Child molester Villian as portrayed .. He brought the corruption , bribery all into the light , to be seen and addressed .
    Its the Lay and the Play of the land, The way of the Jungle Games, known by all, but rarely spoken of . He gave it a voice ,  a famous name , and the world of the internet is at full attention on Belize
    I wonder if the tour boats to Lamani  will continue to include the “Mc Afee”   stop as a place of interest  ?
    and .. will they   tell the full story of the Police Raid, arrest and killing of his favorite dog ? . 
    Perhaps a photo of Mr. McAfee, disheveled,handcuffed , surrounded by 60 armed police and swat teams., with his dead dog at his feat …would make a great cover shot for the Belizian tourist brochure . He can be the Poster Boy
    “Come to Belize , This Too Could Happen to You . 
    Its the way of the Jungle…Belizeit
    Its “the other side ” …..of Paradise . “

  15. ME says:

    I find it very interesting how police officers and Belizeans across this country can tell you exactly which houses are crack, cocaine, or any type of drug houses… they can tell you who is running the drugs, who is landing the planes, yet, you never see the GSU or any Police battalion breaking down those doors… BUT the minute some one calls and just hints that they “think” this person doesn’t have a license for a gun, hell’s fury is unleashed by the GSU on them. I just find it interesting how they can always tell you who is doing what in our socieity and do nothing about it…

    Just saying….

  16. The Doc says:

    Why are so many of you defending this man? I will state again, the GSU needs some work, but McAfee is so full of it. Get your facts together people. See how many lies he has told about his intentions here in Belize. Jose, maybe you should ask John McAfee to send you back to school so you can learn to write. He has two of Belize’s best attys??? Where are they???McAfee is playing all of you.. Again, GSU needs help, but some of you are so gullible…. Grow some. McAfee is not making any real dent internationally to Belize. And as far as investments??? What investments has he made to Belize? Any taxes paid??? NOTHING… He donated a boat. Thanks…. was that his hush money… GSU did not just go there for fun… They had a reason. Open unu eye. Besides, Why has this not been on CNN???? Cause McAfee does not have that kind of influence… Screw this dude…

  17. Initiate! says:

    Very poetic Rose

  18. bubba says:

    we are all watching this play out here in the states. Dr mcAfee has many friends here. we at the jeep asylum will drive down there and kick some @$$!

  19. bubba says:

    we at the jeep asylum are watching this closely and will drive down there and kick some @$$ if you mess with our friend mcAfee

  20. The Doc says:

    Hey Bubba, is that supposed to be an intimidation tactic??? Or should I alert the IRS as to exactly where McAfee and his assets are? Bubba, when you come down here, make sure you take your boy back with you. But keep your kids away, he likes them underage….

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