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May 14, 2012

Cayo teacher murdered in his home

Marco Thompson

A well known teacher was stabbed to death at his home in San Ignacio. His body was found on Sunday afternoon by a roommate. Marco Thompson was stabbed multiple times by a yet unidentified person who apparently had easy access into the building. The motive for the murder is not known but one theory is that it may be a crime of passion. The community and students are grieving the shocking murder. News Five’s Isani Cayetano reports.


Isani Cayetano, Reporting

At the main entrance to Sacred Heart College a black ribbon adorns a wrought iron gate.  Today the student body, seven hundred and fifty-five teenagers, mourns the loss of their English teacher.  Forty-five year old Marco Thompson, a resident of San Ignacio Town, was callously dispatched by someone, whom it is believed, knew him very well.


Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer

“Police visited a scene at the corner of West and Second Street in San Ignacio where they saw the lifeless body of Marco David Thompson, forty-five years, a teacher by profession, with three apparent stab wounds. Mister Thompson’s body was in a nude state. Initial investigations revealed that Mister Thompson had a roommate, a man Vasquez that was out for the entire night because he was visiting his girlfriend and upon returning home, this is the scene that he saw when he opened the door to the living room.”


Fitzroy Yearwood

Thompson, a career educator, is believed to have been the victim of a crime of passion.  It is unclear when, during the course of the weekend, he was murdered; however, the shocking discovery of his body on Sunday afternoon has left the faculty, staff and enrolment of the high school in a state of grief.


Dr. Eve Aird, Principal, Sacred Heart College

“Around midday yesterday afternoon or nearer to one o’clock, I got a telephone call from one of my colleagues saying that Mister Thompson had been found dead—stabbed in his home. I don’t know anything else. I know that there is a police investigation underway, I know that he was stabbed to death in his home, but I don’t know anything else. I suppose in a situation like this there will be lots of speculation.”


Eve Aird

…and indeed speculations are rife.  What is certain is that there were no signs of forced entry.  His killer gained normal access to the residence and possibly waylaid Thompson before going to work on him with an edged instrument.


Insp. Fitzroy Yearwood

“We hear about three large apparent stabbed wounds. Evidence gathered on the scene, be believe that a knife that was used on him was still left on the scene.”


Undoubtedly, students of his second form homeroom are grief stricken.  Across the campus they have erected shrines and in the classroom his students are busy making wreaths.


Kobe Gutierrez, Student, Sacred Heart College

“To me it was a shock because I didn’t know until this morning. I was really sad. It just spoilt my morning because when I was coming to school, I felt all happy and all of a sudden, they just told me that Mister Thompson had died, passed away and it just like shut me down completely.”


Isani Cayetano

Kobe Gutierrez

“In terms of what your colleagues or classmates are saying and how they are feeling; what has that experience been like being able to talk to the teachers and the counselors?


Kobe Gutierrez

“Well the teachers and counselors have been a big help because lot of us were sad and we were crying because we really miss him. In my experience, the teachers and counselors have been a real help.”


In this case however, the teachers themselves are in need of counseling.


Dr. Eve Aird

“I think a more significant irony is that Mister Thompson himself would have been very much in the forefront leading this kind of effort. Our head counselor is very ill today himself. So we are a crippled staff but our community of schools—through the Sacred Heart Parish—has provided us with a visiting pastor and some seminarians. Father Leo from the Parish was on campus this morning leading a prayer service. I think that we have been very blessed that it is a horrible tragedy to have to deal with, but the assistance for us is coming through from within the school communities.”


Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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30 Responses for “Cayo teacher murdered in his home”

  1. Rod says:

    Where is the supposed leader of the country he needs to be called out on all these murders am telling you belizeans march march on this useless pm and gov. Now murders have become the norm in Belize and not a word from our make believe leader of course he is in Miami where else.

  2. Stand up says:

    I disagree Rod!! The problem is the leader of the opposition!!! Where was he whlle Mr. Thompson was being murdered? He should have been right there to stop it, like superman or batman or spiderman!! And he should have been in Orange Walk too!! And Buena Vista!! And where was he while Hyde was murdered in Dangriga?? It’s all the leader of the opposition’s fault!!! (sarcasm) Rod, stop biasedly blaming people and start realizing we have a SOCIETAL problem that is stemming from the loss of VALUES and breakdown of our homes & families and morals and decency in our country!! These repeated murders are SICKENING!! And when they get the suspects, our ‘human rights” attorneys will help to get them off for big bucks!! Our supposed “justice system” is being prostituted! THAT is more the root of the problem!! Why can’t human rights attorneys nail the bad guys on behalf of the ultimate violation of human rights, which is what happened to Mr. Thompson?? Be part of the answer, not part of the problem!!

  3. Storm says:

    Dedicated and inspiring teachers are among the Jewel’s most important assets.

    I won’t speculate about the circumstances, but I hope the murderer is quickly caught, convicted, and hanged. It won’t make up for the loss, but it will be a necessary act of national self-defence, and a good example.

  4. Tricia C says:

    this is a sin mien, he was a good man and very dear friend of mine…. never start problem with anyone. kept his own distance and was well respected by the community. I hope they find the killer and hang that !@#$%^ by the …..! The people who are supposed to be killed are the gang members that are causing all these senseless killing in the country, not people like Mr, Dave who give back to the community!

    RIP Mr. Dave, I will miss you.

  5. M.G. says:

    I will dearly miss Mr. Thompson. He was my moral support. He enjoyed watching other people succeed. How could this happen to him? I couldn’t stop crying all Sunday night. My wife my duaghters and I loved him so much. On December he spent a whole day at my house in Los Tambos, He drink about seven coconuts and for lunch we ate tilapia fish. In the evening I took him home. The next day he called me and said he had enjoyed one of the most wonderful days of his life. My dear friend Thompson, word cannot explain my sorrow.

  6. Elgin Martinez says:

    I am in agreement with Rod on this issue.The PM need to start acting like a leader and not a follower.

  7. Sharon says:

    Our life in Belize is becoming more and more frustrating where will we eventually turn for help when some the very same people that is making a change in our young people are been murdered senselessly.

  8. annon says:

    Rod you are a straight jackass. If you want to be an activist against all the murders then why dont you make yourself seen,come and start the march that you have been talking about. Stop laying blame and try to make a change. Make yourself and you’re agenda known.

  9. belizeaninasia says:

    It seems we’re all still too scared to step up and do something. Who want to be the first to organize a countrywide march? Anybody? Somebody? Let’s plan it cause we’ve been talking about it all this time. What will be the purpose of the march? What comes after the march? Come on people…where do we start and who are the people who would want to spare-head it? Not just Rod…but me and Annon also. If unnu realli serious…

  10. Dr. N says:

    I had the wonderful privilege of being taught by this very special man. He truly dedicated his life to helping others succeed. He inspired me and will continue to do so. He will be missed. We lost a good one Belize. This has to STOP!!

  11. Phicl says:

    @ STANDUP… Hear! Hear! I fully agree with your rationale; it IS a societal problem, a societal breakdown. Think about 30 years ago when we could walk the streets with minimal fear just to take a walk, now 30 years later we don’t want to venture out unless we must. The PM cannot be everywhere saving lives like comic heroes. If we didn’t have a current UDP PM in office it would have been happening the same with a PUP PM. I like and appreciate your sarcasm; can’t say that most can, or want to– everything is politicized these days. Good to know that all is not lost when I see posts like yours; it reflects that everyone’s views are not distorted — there is still some hope –

  12. Moses M. says:

    Rod you are right. The Pm is the leader of the country and has a great responsibility to address the country. He has not gotten our credit yet. He needs to lead the country, in fact his association with gangs has bad influences on other districts. If he can not handle the job, step down, enough is enough!!

  13. Believer says:

    We are in the end of times.

  14. now i see says:

    Some times i like to read Rods comments. But sometimes i get mad for so much stupidity but,thats what he wants so people just read and ignore him. Every one knows better of what is going on with the prime minister he is not super man or God. We have to unite and forget colours for a better Belize.

  15. mayan man says:

    THE REASON THIS IS HAPPENIG ALL OVER BELIZE…is because BELIZE CITIZENS are COWARDS and do NOT SHOW UP TO COURT AND TESTIFY against the MURDERS and RAPIST….and then they blame the politicians …..beyond moronic..people face it it is our fault and OUR fault ALONE..we create the ENVIROMENT for crime to FLOURISH..everyday WE turn a blind EYE to crime….get involved STOP blamming the politicians

  16. just a sad friend says:

    my good friend you are no longer with us but i pray that the lord above does justice in your behalf. my heart is broken and i am in a great shock still cant understand y you. rest in eternal peace.

  17. Evaristo Avella says:

    Rest in Peace, my brother…Rest in Peace. God will avenge your death. May God bless your family (especially your mother) as well as extended family (SHC..and other extended family). Peace and Love to all!

  18. John Doe says:

    I had the pleasure of being taught by Mr. Thompson at age 13. He was a true gentleman and a very effective teacher that cared for his students. I’ve known Mr. Marco for 13 years and always had his respect as a child growing up, and most recently as a man. He was a kind hearted individual for sure that always portrayed great respect for everyone in his community. So sad to know that after being so respectful to others he became a victim of outright disrespect!!!!!!!

  19. Anires says:

    Mien this is really really sad. I have so many good memories of Mr. Thompson. I remember he gave me a ride home one day because I was at school throwing up and had no one to come pick me up. He was such a loving teacher. Was a great English teacher and was always encouraging. Its sad to type “was” instead of “is”…I cant believe he was murdered. I hope they find out who did this. I never wanted to read belize news and know somebody on the news but today thats not the case. Sad.

  20. hrhlloyd says:

    I knew Dave personally, we have been friends for over 30 yrs and was just in Belize and spent a wonderful evening with him. I cannot believe of this senseless murder. He never bothered anyone, always respectful of people. On more than one occasion I have had the opportunity of spending quality time with him, be it here in the US or Belize and he was of great company. He will be truly missed. My sincere condolences go out to his family, but especially to his Mother. He had mentioned to me that the only reason why he is in Belize, was because of her. Isn’t it ironic that he went ahead. Dave, I hope that they do catch this person and he gets what he deserves, this should have never happened to you. Love you Buddy.

  21. Elly says:

    My condolences to Ms. Mom, Panche, Greg, Elena & d rest of the family. Such a sad day when a loving, peaceful, law-abiding, productive citizen’s life can be so easily snuffed out with no regard whatsoever. What is even more sad, though, is the fact that the killer will just walk free…free to do his sordid act again and again. We are on our own, ppl. Watch u own back, at least until Belize gets the “CSI forensic lab” promised us some time ago. Dave, you were a dear friend and you will definitely be missed!!!

  22. Elly says:

    My condolences to Ms. Mom, Panche, Greg, Elena and the rest of the family. It is a sad day when the life of a peaceful, law-abiding, respectful, loving, productive citizen like Dave is just snuffed out by a senseless person who has no regard for life whatsoever. Even worse, though, is the fact that he will walk free…free to do his sordid little again and again. At least until Belize gets the “state of the art CSI forensic lab” promised to us by our PM some time ago. Dave, you were a dear friend and will definitely be missed. Rest in peace, my friend, rest in peace!

  23. Ben says:

    You know we blame the prime minister but , what he has to do with all the crimes. I knew mr. thomson he was a respectful man no matter what rumours might say, he did his job mess with no one . I strong believe they should set up a curfew, I see a lot of chidlren late at night , drinking by parks and acting like machos and even girls where are the parents I ask? i think they should set up parrol with decent police man who knows the law right ! when i speak of this i mean not just go out there in a vechicle and harass anyone, i remember at one time we had police man partrolling now where the hell are they , what are they getting paid for to be in office or at camp !
    see how they remove the office from cayo why becasue he was doing his job , and I knew he was doing his job. i liked that , but people dont like good to be don. then we start to point fingers.

    we need curfew, get more forensic people to investigate and do the right thing not just pick on anybody and fix the problem .

    we need street partol maybe things might change , yes we lost a good teacher and maybe so belizeN WILL GET THEIR a#$@$# UP AND DO SOMETHING .

  24. Genevieve Matute Moralez says:

    Aunt Petrona, my thoughts are with you and the rest of the family. I was at work when Mon text and told me. I am so sorry for your lost, I know how much your children mean to you. I’ve always admired and respected the relationship between you and your children. Whenever you tell the story of when I changed his diaper when he was a baby how you laugh so wholeheartly. Need to hear your laughter again. May you find the peace I know Dave would want for you. May he rest in peace in the ever loving arms of God. Love Gin.

  25. MellowBelizean says:

    @HRHLLOYD – You’re lucky, you got that last visit with Marco. I’m planning to go back this summer and he was one person I was looking forward to seeing. All we have now are memories of him. I feel for poor Miss Mam and the rest of his family.

  26. STUDENTofSHC says:

    My neighbour/teacher is GONE.!
    im stil in disbelief.! SHOCK..
    i feel like when i walk to school, i still hope that he’d catch up to me & say ” Maybe Next time u’ll win” n salute me Goodbye.
    i dont want to win…i want to see him smiling with the diet coke in his hand..WAlking on campus.
    this sucks…

    Something like this just shows that even the person who changed students life or has that ambition to change our community can be taken away like nothing.

    Mr.thompson..YOU are one the best english teachers who made us, the students & others, to see life are a one of a kind man that looks for peace and a change.Your jokes we had have been remembered and cherrished..
    :’( ♥

  27. drose flowers says:





  28. k.c. says:

    When the life at shc seemed unjust and unfair for students, Mr Thomppson made it fair.

    RIP MR Thompson… Belize has lost an Excellent teacher!

  29. T says:

    I had the great privilege of being taught by Mr. Thompson…that was back in the 90′s. We became very good friends, he was also a great mentor. He came into our lives when we needed much guidance. He will always be remembered…thank you Dave for investing in us.

  30. canadian says:

    David, it doesn’t seem fair for someone like you to have left us this way. You made a difference to so many people. Visitting Belize was worth it coming to see you.
    The cause of something like this starts iN the home. A huge lack of parenting. If government isn’t doing its job we’re looking at the same parenting problem.

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