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May 14, 2012

Police, ex-cop and clerk in McAfee Mess

Darius Lionel Martinez

In the local courts, a police officer, an ex-cop and a second class clerk have been charged for allegedly attempting to bribe police officers, following a raid by the Gang Suppression Unit at the estate of millionaire businessman, John McAfee. During the raid on April thirtieth, seven firearms were found on the property, and police claimed that one of them was unlicensed. No charges have been brought against McAfee, but three of his affiliates have since been arrested. Clerk, Matilda Garnett; ex-cop Rodwell Richards and Police Constable Darius Lionel Martinez were all arraigned for Attempting to Corrupt a Police Officer.

Matilda Garnett

Richards, who was represented by attorneys, Dickie Bradley and Simeon Sampson, is accused of offering to pay PC Adrian Lopez on May eighth to provide confidential information on McAfee’s case. The same allegations were made against Garnett, but her offence was dated May seventh. When those two attempts failed, PC Martinez allegedly attempted to buy details on the information gathered during the raid from WPC Stacey Humes, who is attached to the GSU. All three pleaded not guilty when they appeared before the Senior Magistrate, Sharon Frazer. There was no objection to bail, which was granted in the sum of three thousand dollars each.

Rodwell Richards

They are due back in court on July sixteenth. While Garnett and Richards were free to go, PC Martinez was taken into custody by CIB officers in Belize City and escorted to Belmopan where he was additionally charged for resisting arrest and using threatening words upon Sergeant Francisco Ack. Once again, Martinez pleaded not guilty, was granted bail of two thousand dollars and is to return to the Belmopan court on June twenty-ninth.

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15 Responses for “Police, ex-cop and clerk in McAfee Mess”

  1. Storm says:

    If I were Mr. McAfee, about now I’d be saying “ta-ta” to the Jewel and moving to some other tropical paradise. He’s still a rich man, why should he stay where he doesn’t know whom to trust?

  2. John McAfee says:

    Since I was not asked for a comment prior to your broadcast, I will give one now.  I do not know and have never met Lionel Martinez or Matilda Garnett.  Mr. Richards is a good friend of mine.  If the allegations against him are true, then he acted out of friendship with the hope of helping me, entirely without my knowledge.  As to Mr. Martinez, I do not believe he ever said he was acting on my behalf.  He merely wanted information about me – specifically, information contained in a diary found in my house during the search.  (The contents of which I already know about so I would be unlikely to bribe someone to tell me what is in it). Many people want private information about me for a variety of reasons – to perpetrate various scams, to gain an upper hand in business negotiations, etc.  I am a wealthy public figure.  Such things are common. 

  3. jose says:

    this stupidness against MR McAfee need to stop and must stop because i dont know MR McAfee to be a criminal eliment and if it continues then i mysel with others will stage a peaceful protest because enough is enough it got to stop

  4. The Doc says:

    Mr. McAfee, Jose, you should protest against McAfee calling a 17 year old his girlfriend…Again, The GSU needs some training… with this, I agree. However, Mr. McAfee has tried to manipulate this situation several times.. I urge you all to read interviews he has given in the recent past, and then read interviews he has given since this unfortunate incident, and compare what he said then to now. Not all Belizeans are fooled by the money. Some of us can buy you out. Those of us that can, knows you are full of it….

  5. belizeaninasia says:

    @ Jose, it’s all good that you would want to go as far as to have a peaceful protest on behalf of Mr. McAfee. I just wish yourself and others would be as motivated to protest against the senseless killings in our dear country and against the blatant corruption in our Gov’t.and insist on changing that! I will never understand my Belizean people :(

  6. belizeaninasia says:

    …quick to come to the rescue of others but not of your own…sad sad times we’re living in…

  7. belizeaninasia says:

    …quick to come to the rescue of others but slow to aid and defend our own…sad sad times we’re living in…

  8. Concern Belizean says:

    @ jose he is just a plain stupid fool….. This is what Belizeans need to realize main. Whe we fi stand up for we dont do, but when wa rich white man comes into our Country we hurry fi run after him. He shud be ashame and this 17 yr old. Run whe white bway……

  9. islander says:

    This has become a bigger joke than clown shoes. Can both sides please make out and move on?

  10. W says:

    GSU means Gang Suppression Unit, so what the hell are they doing messing with a successful business man like Mr. McAfee??? He is renowned for his ZERO tolerance policy on drugs and gangs that peddle them. What Belize needs is to make government accountable for their actions. There are very few if any realistic checks and balances in Belize. The GSU appears to be more like the Gestapo or KGB both of which have long been extinct in part because of their covert unsanctioned, often times inhumane treatment of their victims.
    I think the PM and his crackpot team of rights violators have bitten off more than they can chew this time, and I hope they choke. GIVE THEM HELL Mr. McAfee.

  11. SFRASER says:

    The land of Free by the Carib Sea is now ruled by the police and current govt. At one time Belize was fantastic, now just a violent society. Adios

  12. be careful says:

    I hope Mr McAfee knows who he is swearing for and be careful. I can remember over 10yrs ago Mr Richards was one of the accused the the murder of Ms Therese Blake. Be very careful dude.

  13. Persia says:

    First Rodwell Richards was charged for conspiracy to kill a millionaire, now he is charge for helping a millionaire. Will his next charge be for becoming a millionaire??????????

  14. The Doc says:

    W……. why would you want to support a man that is lying to your country… learn your facts instead of asking him to give the GOB hell… Again, I do not support the GSU, however, McAfee is not what we want in Belize. I would kick him out personally…. But, you seem to be motivated by politics and an anti-UDP sentiment… That is your right, but don’t mix the two issues up…

  15. sam says:

    who are we to jude this man we dont know anything about him he had help many people and yet the gov’t is trying to fram this man only because he is a neighbor we are living in a corupted country that is full of un justic,lie pain shame and with out any help to my fellow belizean ,lot of crim happen everyday in belize sometime the police neven look into the matter but as this insident happen they act like they are helping i just dont get it it ,i believ if you are wrong you need to come clean but they dont have prove that this man kill thiis due they just suspect ,i know that this man had help many people and employed people who dont have a job come on my belizean people we need abetter belize an a better gov”t beause this country is ful of lies and murderer and most of all un you will never know the truth of a story so dont jude the guy we were not hter and we dont know anything of the insisdent and surtenlywe dont haqve prove to pin point tnis poor guy best of luck to u mr,mcafee

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