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May 11, 2012

Did trouble follow a murder victim from Capital to Dangriga?

James Hyde

A man, originally from Roaring Creek, was murdered in Dangriga on Thursday night. James Hyde was at a yard where he and a group of friends regularly convene after fishing.   That location is where he was ambushed from behind by at least three armed men. He is not known as a trouble maker among Dangriga residents, but the vehicle believed to have been used in the murder, bears Belmopan license plates. That raises the question: did trouble follow Hyde from his former home? News Five’s Delahnie Bain headed south to follow Hyde’s murder trail.


Delahnie Bain, Reporting

A murder, with all the makings of a hit, took place in Dangriga on Thursday night. James Hyde was along with friends at the home of Michael Jackson on Oak Street, when three armed men opened fire. Hyde appears to have been the sole target and was shot several times to the head and body.


Voice of: Area Resident

“Suddenly out ah di blue wah unidentified vehicle just haul up, stop front ah di yard. Three gunman exit and just discharge rounds inna f****** homebwai pan di ground, James Hyde check. That’s all and we mi so shook we noh even know. We noh si no face cause man ah man mi have dehn face cova down and fi avoid get shot too we just run. Everybody from di area, we just run from di scene. When we come back, bwai deh pan di scene motionless. Dah just dat check.”


Asst Supt. Julio Valdez, Officer in Charge, Dangriga Police

“On yesterday’s date, the tenth of May 2012, at about seven-twenty as a result of information received of a shooting on Oak street, police visited that area where they found one James Hyde, AKA Pecka suffering from gunshot injuries to his body. He was rushed to the Southern Regional Hospital where he succumbed to the gunshot wounds.”


Julio Valdez

Delahnie Bain

“You mentioned he was shot multiple times; can you be more specific as to how many?”


Asst Supt. Julio Valdez

“We believe he was shot at least six times. He has three to his head, one to his tongue, one to his knee I think and one to his left side of his ear.”


According to Assistant Superintendent, Julio Valdez, Officer Commanding Dangriga Police, the suspected getaway vehicle has been impounded.


Asst. Supt. Julio Valdez

“We have a vehicle in custody which we believe could be—we’re not certain at this time, as I said the investigation is still ongoing but we believe it could be the vehicle that we have in custody.”


Jules Vasquez, Channel 7

“As regards the vehicle, have you all looked at the origin of it? I understand it has Belmopan plates.”


Asst Supt. Julio Valdez

“We are looking at that also. That is all being looked into.”


Voice of: Area Resident

“I can’t give no comment pan di white Mazda cause I noh si no sign weh seh Mazda or anything. I si something white; wah car. Name brand, I noh really know.”


And while the motive is yet to be determined, Valdez says they are receiving information and have been interviewing several persons.


Asst. Supt Julio Valdez

“At this time we’re unable to establish a motive but we have a lot of information coming in and we are following all of those information. Per se right now, we cannot say what was the motive but we are following all the information received in respect to this investigation.”


Delahnie Bain

“Any suspects so far?”


Asst Supt. Julio Valdez

“At this time, the matter is still under investigation. We don’t have any suspects but we have people in custody who are of interest and may assist us in the investigation at this time.”


Meanwhile, the murder and the way it was committed, was shocking for Hyde’s friends, who also work with him as fishermen.


Voice of: Area Resident

“Di man sit down eena wah position weh di man neva ready fi dat and di man neva si who di come yoh know. So di man just tek dah lick just like dat mein. Dat mi just like, how yoh seh we neva expect dat, dat unexpected. Dat just totally—Dangriga dah wah cool place, we just chill out, relax, everybody dah culture capital, dis dah peaceful place. Dah violence noh usually deh bout like dat. Dis dah di man hang out spot, we run wah diving system. We build lobster shade, we deal wid netting, fishing. As far as I concerned—lobstering, conching—di man noh come deal wid no kinda illegal activities round we so fi we dah like wah surprise.”


Hyde’s friends, Akeem Noralez and Michael Jackson, are among the persons who have been interviewed about the murder. And while O.C. Valdez could not say, the residents don’t believe the shooters are from Dangriga.  Delahnie Bain for News Five.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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13 Responses for “Did trouble follow a murder victim from Capital to Dangriga?”

  1. nq mercy for murderers says:

    This guy was a cool person,he use to help a lot of family’s ,he was hard working and honest,and easy going talk very soft a real low key type of person.R.I.P Peca you know you will never be forgotten for the good person you were.

  2. griga man says:

    Me no know who them the fool, Pecka da wa boss man and wa big drugs man, He da Russel Hyde brother, Rusell Hyde whos house was raided by GSU and found large amounts of crack . The news always says “they werent known for being trouble makers” or ” he wasnt involved in anything bad” or “didnt have enemies” when this man is well known for bring a big drug man.

  3. Storm says:

    Let’s have a triple hanging!

    A public execution of the killers would be a good deterrent, well-deserved, and necessary for protection of the rest of us.

  4. griga queen says:

    dangriga has the dumbest set of cops in belize, instead of blocking and setting up check point in alll exits points in dangriga they the harass and detain man that don’t have a clue on the incident while the real killers made good their escape.griga man are not killers they might be teaf but as far as killing goes it’s unlikey. these police need to step up they game and develop some common sense.

  5. JahKid says:

    Everybody chooses the life they want to live. Pecker was a well known person, including by top ranking policve man. He was involved with a lot of illegal activities, but he doesn’t mess his hands as his notorious brother Russel Hyde. I am so sorry for his death but everybody knew that it was going to happen one day. So sorry!

  6. Roarin""" says:

    “griga”shut the$&$&up. Seems you know a lot you might need a visit. Peca was no saint and allll hyde’s r neither, at least he was no snitch. People die every day , yet still I. Feel sorry every time I hear the news, we are no body to judge let that be gods job, be careful what u say ur story might be next..

  7. Unknown says:

    No one knows what happen but the truth is everthing happen for a reason and I hope that it sent out a message to the other brothers. Peca was a cool guy think the wrong one die though.

  8. SCS says:

    RIP PECKA. He was a loving friend and brother…ALL ABOUT LOVE for his family and friends. You will be greatly missed bro. Our hearts and prayers go out to the Hyde family. God Bless!

  9. Mel Hyde says:

    y y’all people nuh stop judge people y’all think y’all nw everything about Hyde but u dnt so stop trying to be haters cause some day unu pic wa deh right up ya yer my fam was one of a kind ok and help a lot people nomatter wat y’all might have to say you’ll never find a nother ……. like him…. and wat russel do with his life it’s his problem an his life not yours so mind y’all own Dan business

  10. Karter says:

    Griga… aLL u want is somebody to comment on ur sh***…. everybody who knows pecka knows he diff from ih bredda dem… The man has something wat u called charisma and respect… man gone left all ih kidz dem but dey gon find who killed him tho trust me.. caz pecka nuh REGULAR….. Much soldiers deh bout…
    R.I.P PECKS!!!!!

  11. rush says:

    All i got to say to user name {GRIGA MAN} this world is round, every fat fowl have there day n u got your day coming !!!!!!!

  12. Hyde says:

    You got that right Mel, luckily the hyde family is big, and we are all over, so watch out who so ever the talk bull$&!?t, you no know the hyde. Griga guy, is pussy , bet u coward that’s why u have to hide behind that name….. Leave my cousin rest in peace, at least where he is now , there is no place for hater like u. So go to helll,! @$$….

  13. shatta youth says:

    pussy bout time thank god u no this was comming ha ha.

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