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May 10, 2012

Cops on Duty during Boco T’s death placed on interdiction

Kevin ‘Boco T’ Kelly

A trio of officers attached to the San Pedro Police Station is tonight on interdiction and a criminal investigation has been launched into the death of Kevin ‘Boco T’ Kelly.  Boco T was buried today, but the circumstances surrounding his demise while being held inside a cell at the San Pedro Police Station on April twenty-sixth, remained shrouded in mystery until Tuesday when a post mortem examination by Dr. Mario Estradabran indicated that Kelly died of hypovolemic shock. That was reconfirmed by a second post mortem by Dr. Hugh Sanchez. The autopsies confirm that the thirty-eight year old Belize City resident succumbed to injuries caused by a blunt object.  Boco T’s family has maintained all along that they were suspicious and believed that he had been murdered, contrary to an account given by Assistant Superintendent Vienni Robinson, Officer Commanding San Pedro Police Formation that Boco T died of natural causes. In a statement to the media on April twenty-seventh, ASP Robinson said that Boco T had fainted several times after being recaptured and that he was discovered unresponsive a few hours later.  So, was Boco T murdered while in police custody?  That is now under investigation. This morning, a prohibitive order by Commissioner of Police David Henderson was issued to police constables Chuc and Jimenez, as well as special constable Tun from the San Pedro formation.

In related news, the Ministry of National Security has concluded negotiations on a contract with Dr. Estradabran, which means that he will resume duties in respect of post mortems relating to police cases.

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6 Responses for “Cops on Duty during Boco T’s death placed on interdiction”

  1. Seletar says:

    It’s a start toward justice. Bad cops must be rooted out for the protection of us all.

  2. Seletar says:

    We mustn’t lose our humanity simply because we are tormented by crime. We all begin as God’s children, and my guess most of us have been sinners — I know that applies to me. So I think it is important for us to agree it is wrong for police to stomp to death a petty criminal who is helpless in their custody. And even San Pedro police are imperfect, so it is just possible they might arrest and stomp the wrong person. Aren’t we all entitled to some sort of trial before being killed by the government? Do you prefer haphazardly trained police to be the judge, jury, and executioner?

    I’m not entirely happy with the mysterious demise of Arthur Young, occurring in police custody and without a trial, but I also feel he and a handful of other “born killers” are special cases, and I can accept that the only effective way to deal with them is summarily. Belize is at war with gangsters, and war is hell.

  3. Rod says:

    This is what happens when there is no leadership in the country it’s a free for all this udp gov. Killing people congratulations to all who voted for udp you voted for a thousand more murders this year hope none of your family members are in that number ooooo I forgot they and you all live in the us.

  4. Westbred Jay says:

    Belize is at War with gangstars and our own Government.. This does not give the police and the Government the authority to murder criminals without trail… This is why the police force was enable to protect everyone, Criminals and law abiding citizens alike… Police should arrest criminals period. I think some of these Officers , that use excessive force should, lose their Job and pay money’s to victims.. Criminals should also have to pay this price , but only after a Court tried case…. Our Justice system needs to be reinvented, due to Facts, new age types of situation we live in.. Video taping of witness statements , is a good start , i would say… Have a Judge or someone in that sort of position accept into evidence , only task that will be assign to this individual position or team … We need to protect our country ,protect property, protects life and our way of living..

  5. protect the reef says:

    Police brutality is not only occurring in S. Pedro. The government needs to literally clean up the police dept. the inspectors are allowing the police to brutalize people IN their cell blocks. Police no longer care about respect. Respect and responsible behavior doesn’t exist for many policemen. Yu cannot fight violence with violence, but like some have stated, there needs to be responsibility taken up by government to ensure that from the very top, the justice system prevails. You will never correct a criminal if you accept that policemen do the job of a judge through beatings. If a police beats me up I will be embittered and I won’t care; If policemen come and strip away my dignity, I will Hate them. Our JP’s , Law makers have also been failing to protect US from police brutality against the humanity of any individual. LET the judge do his job. The lawmakers need to begin fixing those laws that give policemen a perception of immunity.

  6. Storm says:

    Not long ago I talked with a senior law enforcement official from Los Angeles, California, and he explained to me that they come down hard on abusive police when they find them, for several good reasons:

    First and foremost, 99% of the people are good and should be protected from the other 1% — and when police abuse the good people, police lose their support and credibility among them. In the end, they must have that support to do their job.

    Second, it is wrong under their system — and since USA and Belize constitutions both come in part from the Magna Carta and English law, it is also wrong under our system.

    Third, when they arrest and charge the wrong person, then the real criminal has gotten away, and there is no justice in that.

    Fourth, abusers always run the risk that THIS TIME they will get caught and prosecuted themselves, ruining their career and all the cases they were then working on.

    I think we need to send our senior officers, maybe all of them, for training in some place with professional and ethical police.

    Some important things for us to consider. Do you think we need to reform and improve our police department?

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