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May 9, 2012

12 days until postmortem; Widow alleges foul play during incarceration

Kevin ‘Boco T’ Kelly

Kevin ‘Boco T’ Kelly died inside a cell at the San Pedro Police Formation on April twenty-sixth. His body was transferred to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital morgue but he had not been laid to rest because the family was awaiting an autopsy for twelve days.  On Tuesday that examination was finally carried out by Doctor Mario Estradabran, whose contract with the Ministry of Police is under negotiation. This afternoon the police department released the official report citing the cause of death as “Hypervolemic shock due to internal bleeding; due to multiple abdominal trauma, and due to a blunt instrument.” What it does not say is that Boco T was in police custody at the time of his death and whether or not there is a murder investigation with the guidance of Internal Affairs. We tried to speak to the press officer on who are the investigating officers, and if any police officers stationed in San Pedro are the subject of that investigation, but he did not return our calls. Police originally claimed that Boco T had escaped from custody following a robbery and fell on his face after scaling two fences. He was recaptured on the threat of being shot. News Five was able to reach Boco T’s widow, Lorna Wade who believes he was murdered.


Lorna Wade, Widow of Kevin ‘Boco T’ Kelly

“When they done, Dr. Estradabran send the paper out to me and then stated that Boco no died from broken neck or no died from any overdose; that he died in the custody of the police—trauma to the stomach and internal bleeding.”


Jose Sanchez

“Trauma to the stomach and internal bleeding. Did anyone say from the San Pedro Police Formation how that may have happened?”


Lorna Wade

“Up to now as I’ve stated, no police come talk to me yet. They still no tell we why they detain him. We just the hear lee things, just rumors on the street, but up to yet no police talk to me or the mother.”


Jose Sanchez

“Now this sounds like something for internal affairs. Have you spoken to any police about investigating those officers out there?”


Lorna Wade

Lorna Wade

“Well right now we di talk to our lawyer, Kareem Musa. He wa do wah private investigation to the police. He gwen out to San Pedro and find out more or less weh he could gather up because we di look fi do wah sue to sue the police because why they take so long to do the autopsy. We believe they mi have something fi hide and not the doctor report confirm that probably Boco get several beating and that’s why ih mi di bleed inside.”


Jose Sanchez

“Now just for putting it into perspective, his case is the second case of a person at least they were saying just fainting or just drop down and died. Does that also concern you that there is something more happening in that department?”


Lorna Wade

“On the street I hear that they banned Boco already from the island and he neva come in. So I believe that dah something that they meant to do to him because as weh I say, I mi just wish maybe if they mi bring him, detain him, and charge him for a crime that they said he commit. But don’t kill him and hib ahn dah morgue without report nothing to we. Me nor ih family noh know nothing until somebody come and tell we oh ih body done deh dah more. Police still no come to us and say well Miss Wade or Miss Kelly, we have Kevin Kelly’s body at the morgue.”


Jose Sanchez

“Do you think he was killed?”


Lorna Wade

“As me and ih family says, when we notice Kevin body, we know ih mi bruise so we know that they beat him. And the young man that was with Kevin on the island said he notice they di throw water and the taze him—shock him up—and several people say they see when they mi di beat Kevin. That lead up to they di kill ahn noh.”


Jose Sanchez

“Boco’s children, his family that he is leaving behind, how have they been doing without having their provider around?”


Lorna Wade

“Well right now as we said, he used to look after ih three daughters and right now I have my children them and he used to help me out. So I don’t know weh we wah do. So when it comes to his funeral we di ask if anyone could assist us because due to the police holding the body so long, we could not get around to anybody helping us because they tell we they need the death certificate. But being now that it is twelve days since ih body on this earth, we have to hurry do something weh we could do. We di ask if anybody could assist us.”


If you would like to assist Wade, you can call her at 651-0178 or make a deposit to her Belize Bank Account number at 2025666. Wade says that Boco T’s funeral will take place on Thursday afternoon at Saint Mary’s Church.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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7 Responses for “12 days until postmortem; Widow alleges foul play during incarceration”

  1. lino says:

    let all criminals now know that if you act up-Police will catch you if you know what I mean-and when you die-we will all write-good riddance and make fun of your pathetic lives.

  2. Storm says:

    I’m no medical examiner, but “abdominal trauma” sufficient to kill him sounds like a beating or boot stomping administered in the cell.

    It’s certainly not “natural causes,” so we need a full, fair, and thorough investigation to see the matter through to final justice, no matter where the trail leads.

    If we fail in doing that, who knows who will be the next petty criminal stomped to death in San Pedro’s jail?

  3. Jessica Montegrado says:

    why is it that in Belize we “care” so much for known criminals when they pass away? when in fact when they were living they were one more statistic

  4. david96500 says:

    there have been many beatings in the San Pedro Jail as in all of the jails in belize. But i bet there was money involved to ensure this criminal would never be able to talk about it. You reap what u sow…it is as simple as that….

  5. Dacta FEELRITE says:

    sounds like Estradabran is mad with the Pollice for not “fixing his contract” first police in police custody to not die from shock synrome.

  6. alley cat says:

    This guy chancey a little girl and took her phone, if I was that girl’s father I would have lost my temper and probably killed him. It’s hard to find Pity for these guys, big, grown and strong back man does not want to do work and get things legally.

  7. Seletar says:

    Jessica, we mustn’t lose our humanity simply because we are tormented by crime. We all begin as God’s children, and my guess most of us have been sinners — I know that applies to me. So I think it is important for us to agree it is wrong for police to stomp to death a petty criminal who is helpless in their custody. And even San Pedro police are imperfect, so it is just possible they might arrest and stomp [to use Storm's graphic word] the wrong person. Aren’t we all entitled to some sort of trial before being killed by the government? Do you prefer haphazardly trained police to be the judge, jury, and executioner?

    I’m not entirely happy with the mysterious demise of Arthur Young, occurring in police custody and without a trial, but I also feel he and a handful of other “born killers” are special cases, and I can accept that the only effective way to deal with them is summarily. Belize is at war with gangsters, and war is hell.

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