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May 9, 2012

Minor charged for Attempted Murder of 2 persons

A fourteen year old minor of George Street has been arrested and charged for the attempted murders of Terrilee Middleton and Avery Rowland following a shooting incident which occurred on Bocotora Street on May fourth.  Today inside the Belize Family Court the teenager, reportedly the stepson of a reputed George Street figure, was read three counts of attempted murder, three counts of use of deadly means of harm, three counts of dangerous harm and one count of attempted murder on Middleton and Rowland. On Friday night the young man allegedly rode up on a bicycle and fired multiple shots, injuring twenty-five year old Glenford Young, twenty-three year old Kyle Domingo and thirty-four year old Lloyd Bowen.  The charges were read to the minor in the presence of a guardian; however, no plea was taken.  He was later remanded to the Belize Youth Hostel until June fifteenth.

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11 Responses for “Minor charged for Attempted Murder of 2 persons”

  1. lino says:

    just convict him and use a smaller rope for his smaller neck and hang him from a little shorter tree-as long as he dies for his crime-who cares if it is a child-he should pay the man’s penalty if he wants to now act like a man.

  2. Storm says:

    In these modern times, a 14 year old gangster is not a child deserving of leniency. Murder — or attempted murder — is not a child’s crime. He should be treated like any other gangster regardless of age, and made to serve a long term in prison. We need to update our penal laws to catch up with and protect us from the depravity of our times.

  3. Seletar says:

    Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Try him as an adult and sentence him as an adult.

  4. david96500 says:

    i agree with the above opinions but sadly our laws say differently

  5. Bunny says:

    Our government needs to amend our gun laws, think if minors are caught with a weapon or have the state of mind to kill or even attempt it then trial them as adults.

  6. OriginalWoman says:

    He is the step son of a reputed gang member, so what do you expect??? ….. This child was doomed to turn out this way, because of the way he was brought up. My heart is saddened by this news. He is one of many who is growing up and being prepared for the “thug way of lving.” I know this kid from the time he was in Wesley Primary School, a nice little boy, just being raised and led the wrong way. It is easy for people to pass judgement and say “lock him up and throw away the key” but none of you are in his shoes. I am not surprised at how things turned out, just truly and really sorry for him.

  7. Seletar says:

    OriginalWoman, you’re right from one perspective — boys like this don’t really have a fair chance in life. Neither do children being raised by single mothers, alcoholics, and drug addicts.

    The practical answer is to sterilise the gangsters and their women, so society won’t have to deal with the problem and doomed children won’t be brought into the world. But my guess is that few people would want to adopt that practical answer.

    We can and should make fathers financially responsible for their children, even if the child is an “accident” — if not the father, who should pay? That solves the financial problem, but not the child-rearing one.

    Bringing a human into the world is at least an 18-year responsibility, with no time off. [My own father says, "The first fifty years of raising a child are the hardest."]

    It’s a problem, it needs better solutions than we have — which so far are really no solutions. But at the same time the other writers are also correct, society at large did not create this young killer-wannabe, and innocent people should not have to be at risk because of what the parents/step-parents did.

    I’d contribute to a real foster home / orphanage run by educated and moral people, if these children could be identified and committed to it before they become gangsters.

  8. rick young says:

    Who u guys too judge a man for what he did or he done in his pass ..that’s my son u guys are talking about…how do u kno he did it???? What if it was your son what would u say???? ask your self that question….

  9. NoNo says:

    Seletar i disagree with you on one major thing. No one is an accident, who are you to say God make mistakes? Everyone that is born is no accident God put them there for a reason but he also created us with our own free will to choose. YOu shoul slap your self silly for having made such a statement. And yeah i would say he should be charge as and adult. I’m sorry for the poor kid but its not his fault he didn’t have a really father figure to lead him the right way. And like the news, said he was the step son of a gangsta figure, so do that math, he was his step son so he didn’t care about the child. A stip father who cares would show him and teach him good ways.

  10. OriginalWoman says:

    He needs you now Rick in every possible way that you can help him. Please get in touch with his mom ASAP!!!!

  11. frend of the kid says:

    mein its sin for di poor lil kid…… do they have proof to show dat he did it?!??!?they shouldn’t charge him like an adult because he’s still a kid……..not because he did wrong they should deal with him di wrong way too……i think they should give him another chance……

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