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May 3, 2012

McAfee said he contacted National Security Minister to prevent dispute

John McAfee

The estate of the founder of McAfee Antivirus and investor, John McAfee was busted by GSU earlier this week. Sixty-six year old McAfee has been living in Belize for some time now in Orange Walk town and claims that he has been politically victimized. This further led to a GSU raid on Labor Day this past Tuesday which has emotionally shook the philanthropist who has given millions in kind to various government departments, NGOs and the community. In the process of the raid at his research facility near Tower Hill, one of his thirteen dogs was killed, his passport confiscated and everyone on the compound—including McAfee—handcuffed for fourteen hours. The philanthropist says the raid was as a result of him refusing financial support of an Orange Walk politician who lost in the General Elections.  According to McAfee, in anticipation that something like this would have happened, he attempted to contact the Minister of National Security three weeks ago, but to no avail. And now he hopes that the minister would finally get in contact with him.


John McAfee, Philanthropist

“I attempted to reach Mister Saldivar, the Minister of National Security on six different occasions. He did not return a single phone call, neither did his secretary—which as a last resort, I tried to reach him through his secretary. I sent him a text saying Mister Saldivar it is urgent that I speak to you. He did not respond. He is a member of the same party that was slighted by my refusal to donate. So this is astonishing too; the Minister of National Security. And I was going by to meet with him anyways—I would with any new minister just out of courtesy. I am a foreign citizen in this country; I want to meet the minister to let them know I am here if I can help in any way, hello, goodbye, whatever. It’s just politeness. He refused to respond to my phone calls, to give me an appointment to meet him or in any way to talk to him. And this was three weeks prior to this event that I was trying to reach Mister Saldivar. So Mister Saldivar, please would you call me now?”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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53 Responses for “McAfee said he contacted National Security Minister to prevent dispute”

  1. Storm says:

    This incident with a high-profile foreign victim will be an excellent test of Hon. Saldivar. Is he an “empty suit” or a leader worthy of respect?

    I’m waiting to see.

    I suspect Mr. McAfee has the capacity to hit back pretty hard at Belize and damage its international image greatly. But good behaviour by the police and National Security Minister should not depend on the recipient’s ability to defend himself, it should be a matter of course.

    And, some explanation must be made as to why the GANG Suppression Unit was involved in something that does not remotely seem connected to GANG activity.

    Someone once said something like, “Those who give up liberty to gain security deserve neither.”

  2. easy Glenn says:

    Sounds like the typical response we all get when we try to communicate with the people of Higher Power in this country Its a shame that they are so self centered an arrogant. this is why nothing in this country will change PERIOD so wait in line like the rest of us and hopefully he will acknowledge your request or Pleee for discourse I hope Mr Mcafee will get his turn I hope
    Yeah right !!!! I know he has alot that he can teach Our country Why dont they open an dialouge but wait there to busy the mek deal with the Gangs oh shuksssssss the gangs maybe you need fe be a criminal to get attention round ya so

  3. Robert says:

    John, take your money and leave, before they kill you and take your monry

  4. Islander says:

    Everyone in Belize knows that if you want tO meet the ministers being a law abiding philanthropist is not the way to do it , you have to be a thieving, murdering gang member in order to meet all the minister including the PM.

  5. Belizean says:

    this guy is out of his rockers. who are you for a minister to have to meet with you? not because you throw a little bit of money around means you are above anyone else. you lost almost all your money John, you are not all important, you are a foreigner in this land, you are not above the law!

  6. alley cat says:

    The dog that got shot wants an apology.

  7. Belizean says:

    Mr Saldivar please listen to this man, will you? At least LISTEN, if anything…It is shameful that Belize treats foreigners in such a dreadful manner

  8. bzeborn says:

    Yes, Belize needs help, but I have seen over and over again where these Americans come to our country and think they can take over because they have invested. The GOB must take a stand and investigate who these people really are and what they are up to. Belize is not a place to cover up your illegal activities, we are taken for fools, when in fact so many Belizeans are well educated. OPEN YOUR EYES – BELIZEANS.
    Mr. Minister. do not meet with this man, if he was in the USA he would be in jail. Hold him for having a 17 year old girlfriend, a minor.

  9. Buju says:

    That is the same reason why everyone hates Americans!

    They fools come here – get our land for li bit of nothing… Spend a little money and make far more than they spend! And want the Belizean people to bow down to their every request!

    Now he is demanding the Minister call him – who does he think he is??????


    If you are so displeased with Belize well only $1000.00+ for a ticket

  10. Amazed says:

    If he were in a gang, he would get an apology from the government. But since he isn’t, then…nada.

  11. Skywalker says:

    You all commenting here disappoint me. Who is he to call the minister? Someone who has donated to the police force and coast guard is who. I can understand why he has a grievance if !@#$%^& GANG LEADERS can call meetings (on their own terms and whenever they want) with the PRIME MINISTER, much less the minister of defense. I agree he sounds somewhat arrogant, but !@$$ man. In Belize we really believe in cutting off our nose to spite our face.

  12. aldo says:

    I give mcafee the benefit of the doubt but my thoughts are open. Does it realy make sense what he is claiming. Does not sound right somehow . Would a losing politician bother to harass someone after the fact. I assume he is referring to Mr Landy Burns and as far as I can tell Mr burns would have welcomed a contribution but was in no desperate need for one. Again would the G.S.U. bother to target at random with no circumstancial evidenve to something wrong?

  13. Jamrock says:

    Minister Salidivar shouldn’t have done such thing just for political reasons

  14. lolo says:

    Wow some of these comments are really harsh. I didn’t realize us Americans are so hated by some of you .. that makes me sad .. i come every year to Belize and love it. This man became a citizen of Belize and has done many things for the country .. someone of his caliber certainly deserves a call back. There is no question this was about politics and not an unlicensed gun … look at the horrible crimes being committed all over Belize and this good citizen was treated like this .. Horrible … Huge black eye for Belize!

  15. Toledo says:

    Mr. saldivar has made Belize go down with his attitude to our forigner

  16. Sharon says:

    lets b smart

  17. Leslie Godoy says:

    @ Belizean….He is a man that provides alot of jobs for our community…if you say it doesn’t affect you, you are very wrong! He may take some money out of the country, but surely puts money back in…and not in a corrupted way like our gov. Foreign investors provide jobs for our people without them Belize would be even more screwed up that what is already is!!

  18. Mara says:

    Some of these comments are ridiculous….why are people looking at the totally irrelevant issue of him being “white” and a foreigner?…the gist of the matter is, he is a person, and regardless of who that person is, or what color he is..what country he came from…NO ONE would want what was done to him to be done to them…people always have a lot of crap to say..until the reality of it hits home for them.

  19. snap says:

    Belizean asks John McAfee: “who are you for a minister to have to meet with you?”

    He’s an accomplished businessman, programmer and the founder of McAfee. Who’s the minister? Just because someone is selected to a ministerial post in an authoritarian banana republic does not mean that he or she isn’t an ignorant empty suit.

    John McAfee is a self-made man – the minister is a public servant at the taxpayers’ dole. Get it?

  20. Steel says:

    This is a shame. All the belizeans who are being small minded! Time and time again we need 2 meet with our heads (pple in charge). As concerned people we want to know what is going on in our country and maybe even be a part of the solution to the problems. This is just the way things go with these politicians. They never want to see you, but as election time comes around they send bs letters to ur house saying they miss you and vote for them, forgetting who put them in power. Mr. McAfee, i hope you get your call.

  21. dunfedup says:

    snap! you make sense. Ignorant empty suit is the best moniker for a majority of the ministers.
    buju- you realize it is white man (the world over-not just Belize) feed the world. If all white man took your advice and left Belize you would soon be hungry! Best you watch what you say!

  22. RawBelizean says:

    Mr. Mcfee, don’t you read the lines… this Government is racist and does not appreciate clear skin people and they do not have no respect for foreigners or Citizens. Perhaps if you start financing a gang in Belize they will pay you mind.

  23. Swamp Dragon says:

    Buju- think for a moment. The gringos pay top dolla for the lands in Belize. They also pay bribe, fees, lotta fees just to receive title. Then get overcharged for every thing. Without these gringos, Belize would be beyond broke. The world is moving all over the place. They are here, we are there. Chiny man and Arab man taking over Belize not the gringo. They just visit and retire here. Most of them nice, calm, peaceful people. Also, Everyone does not “hate Americans”. You do, clearly. Why be the fool talkin loudly? Think before you speak. This man give millions to Belize. How when he is attacked by GSU, you also attack him for being White and American. Racist, bigot!

  24. MR HUMBLE says:

    Belizeans wake up I detect alot of hate and anger in many of you,how about treating humans you all being one, the way you all would like to be treated.There is always a right and wrong way about solving problems especially when it comes to humans.Let us take pribe in doing the right thing and learn not to bite the fingers that feed us.Think about it ,out.

  25. Belize is For Belizeans says:

    Belize is for Belizeans these so called Investors come to town invest some Money and feel as if this give them the right to do as they want I have been searched by the GSU these guys are doing a job on information they get be it right or wrong info but they are doing a Job. If I was making so called illegal antibiotics or had a flaw in my gun licenses I still would be in custody so Mr. investor you got a run. Now the bigger pictures is how is it all these wealth investors ends up in Orange Walk and are living with17years old take for example the other complaing investor Alan Saum who is all over Orange Walk with under age girls i thin this is the Bigger Picture. Did anyone checked why theses Americans live in our country and not there do the math they all like little girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the bigger picture.

  26. Proud-bzean says:

    Belizean, he no invest libit a money, he donated 1.2 million dollar boat to coast guard…how much can u donate? And as for the 17 year old minor, stop hate pan di man…the age of conscent is 16…

    Bzeborn, if you don’t know who McAfee is, you should investigate. We should be happy to have these people bring their monies into Belize. If they do wrong, then its wrong, they must suffer the consequences. GSU should have verified the information they received. Heck!!! They can monitor calls now…set up a sting…But NO, they choose the wrong way.

    As to if the Minister should see him or not, give the man an audience, he could help finance our budget needs. We don’t even have a budget yet for this fiscal year.

    @ Buju, he no think he is somebody. He is SOMEBODY. Very powerful too. Could cause lot of potential investors to change their minds about Belize.

    Amazed, you are right…they only apologize to gangsters. Investors could frig off…(dats what their narrow minds think.

  27. blacksheep says:

    i AM ASHAMED!! ashamed behavior of not only the GSU and minister saldivar but also of di prime minister. if we would take time out to evaluate our economic status and the percentage of belizeans who depend on tourism as a source of income, we would see how potentially devastating this incident is to us as a country. its like they have no regards for us the struggling majority. all they know is they are in power and they can do wat di hell dey please and answer to no one. this is all just terrible publicity for us as a country who is very dependent on tourism. JUST HORRIBLE. buuuuuutttt our government is obviously not tinkin about that. if they were, they would have at LEAST responded to the man’s phone call.
    Whats very frustrating and aggravating is the fact that our government makes gang truce and are so concerned and adamant in sayin the gang truce is ‘holding’. what hapen to Dragon Unit??? arent they the ones to conduct those patrols and stings??? GSU strikes agen……but i heard that not even the minister has control over them anymore. dont like listenin to gossip but their actions seem to prove that part correct.

  28. Village girl says:

    First I agree things should be done the right way. If there were some suspicions regarding Mr. McAfee’s compound it should have been done LEGALLY and not like a bunch of huligans, that’s my first comment.
    Second, I resent the insinuation that only WHITE people take care of the world there are benefactors from all races. I really wish Belize people would stop worshiping WHITE people, that is so ignorant and WHITE people you all need to get over yourselves you are not GOD’s gift to the world. Yes there are some good generous white folks but there are also the ones that come to Belize to rape and pilage the country and it’s people. Blaming Mr. McAfee for having a 17year old girlfriend is putting the blame on the wrong person. I believe the parents of this child should take some of that blame what kind of parents allow their young daughter to live with a 66yr old man. I am sure they are doing it solely for the money so what does that make their daughter and them???
    Thirdly, I don’t understand why it is a problem that Mr. McAfee wants to meet with a minister of Gov. I wish the Gov. offices would be more professional and return phone calls and set up appointments as most intelligent agencies should do. As a citizen I should be able to call for an appointment at the minister’s convenience and meet with him or her wheter I am giving millions or not after all I pay his salary and his secretaries salary, they work for me not me for them and should worhip them. I should give his or her office respect but not worship.
    In conclusion this is a black eye for Belize because it will go out in the world as Belize being a bunch of crooked holligans and that is unfortunate. Please stop inviting people to leave Belize if they disagree with your bad behaviour get a brain and open it to doing things the proper way.

  29. Bzean says:

    There are Belizeans who take- (steal, cheat, corrupt, murder) and Belizeans who give (charitable, upstanding citizens, people who love and respect Belize). The comments clearly show how ignorant some Belizeans are. First of all Mr. McAfee clearly donates his money to the betterment of Belize. He also was able to show that he has licenses for his weapons and with the money he has surely he needs to protect himself since the gangs have a much larger arsenal. Can you imagine if the Gov. would provide a climate for investors to create jobs and dontate their talents to Belize? Instead we storm their homes and have them sleep on concrete floors in jail, which is something even the gangs dont get subjected to. Little by little the productive citizens are becoming the underclass while the gangs can meet with the government after senselessly engaging in murder and other criminal activity.

  30. OriginalWoman says:

    Wow, some of the comments here are so disappointing to read. This man, Mr. McAffe, has invested A LOT OF MONEY already in BELIZE, much, much more than any of you, who are justifying the GSU’s actions, can or will ever give in your entire lifetime. Whether he is white and American should have nothing to do with right or wrong. Many black people are bad-minded, some of these comments prove that….Some of us are evil, regardless of our race. The GOB makes time to MEET WITH GANG MEMBERS, APOLOGIZE TO GANG MEMBERS, PROVIDE JOBS AND KILL FOR GANG MEMBERS (i.e: the murder by police of Young for killing Tillet) ….. Unbelievable. The world is truly turning upside down!!! I cannot believe what I am reading about my beloved country Belize. Mr. Prime Minister please look into this matter ASAP, a BIG APOLOGY IS IN ORDER HERE and those responsible for harassing and abusing these people should be held responsible and punished!!!

  31. CEO says:

    Everyone in the world knows who McAfee is! He is not your regular everyday run of the mill American who has absconded from the law and is using belize as a hideout.

    In any case everyone needs to be treated with respect, fairly and honor their human rights.

    Why didn’t the GOB have a list of those that have license weapons to see that hye is on that list so they would not go to his place and bullyreg the man?

  32. rose says:

    Run and never look back. Pls sir you dont need these dramas in your life. Go to the bahamas. Before they kill you.

  33. alley cat says:

    It doesn’t sound like they found anything. Two security guards that are not licensed…. Maybe I am missing something here what else did they find? Maybe there is more to the story… or maybe it is just a petty as he is saying…

  34. Jose says:

    Only one of you commented on the dog; so let me be second: THE ONE WHO KILLED THE DOG IN ITS OWN YARD IS A COWARD. PUNTO FINAL.

  35. OriginalWoman says:

    The world knows Mr. McAffe. He is one of the worlds’ richest men. I use his anti-virus software on my computer. He is right on the level as Bill Gates. I never knew he lives in Belize. Of all the places to live, he chose our “Jewel” and has contribute to it’s growth and well-being…. and this is how Belizeans treat him????

  36. EMC says:

    You know what? Discrimination will get us nowhere. I thought Belizeans were way above that. We are one people. The color of the skin does not or should not matter. The comments were somewhat attacking the person’s color, nationality and financial status. We MUST realize that one of our MAJOR industry is tourism. Let’s stay focus on the problem and not the person. Let’s try to make suggestions to the ministers and people in government in a civil manner. Let’s try to make a DIFFERENCE. Love My BELIZE.

  37. Why bother says:

    Been coming to Belize since 1983. Live on school teacher wages. Over the years I have invested a small fortune in number of Belizean businesses with no expectation of getting it back, money to schools, when friends have money problems and need medicine they call me because $50 ain’t going to break me and they need it. When they get stuck traveling in the US, I get them a ticket back home. When they pass through town, they got a place to stay; same when I come to Belize. I count a lot of Belizeans friends, good people I go the distance for, including Belizeans that live in the US and have not been back to Belize in 40 years. Never paid a bribe, never asked to pay a bribe. Recently I spent a year trying to set a single appointment with BTB, total run around. Lately the govt has become incompetent, petty, and corrupt, penny wise and pound foolish with their self important attitudes; but there are some good govt workers and elected officials, high and low and they are demoralized. I have found it easier to have meaningful, accessible, and ongoing communication with people at the White House, than some of the rude, inaccessible, and self-important out-touch-in-the-head officials in Belize govt. They don’t take calls, they don’t return calls or emails, I have to hire a lawyer literally to ask a simple question or raise an idea, which can cost a lot when they get around to it, not like I snap my fingers. Fortunately I have a competent lawyer, a lot of them are impossible to reach and want more than what I pay in the US.

    If it was not for my friends in Belize, I would have spent my money somewhere else, with a better return on my time and money. Reading some of the racist, ignorant CH5 posts tells me how poor this country is, and why it is falling behind the rest of Central A, far below its potential. Same idiots who are crushing the jewel with evil intolerant attitudes, who accomplish nothing for the country but complaining. The more corrupt it becomes the worse it will get, more fearful you will be in your own homes & country, less future to give your children. Watching the BZ crime news almost every day, I tell people who ask, stay away from Belize it is too unstable, invest their money elsewhere, vacation somewhere safer.

  38. Retired CEO says:

    After reading some of the above comments, it makes Belize and Belizeans look like bigots. A bigot is a bigot regardless of race, creed, nationality or socio-econimic status. This is a very unfortunate situation for an underdevelop nation like Belize. In todays world we are like one big global community, there exist an interdependency amongst nations. Therefore we should encourage and foster unity, peace and harmony amongst all people. Especially to foreign investors, philanthropists, etc, etc. These people should be treated as our honored guest, and in the event there is any evidence that they are breaking our laws, there are certain civil, diplomatic and appropriate ways to deal with them. By all means the Prime Minister, the Foreign Minister, The Minister of Defence and the entire cabinet owes this man an apology. Nevertheless, if he is proven guilty of any wrong doing he should be prosecuted to the fullest. However, in our country one is innocent until proven guilty. One final note, I am a proud Belizean no matter what and I am delighted to know that most Belizeans do not think and act the way some of the above think and write. I love my Belize.

  39. islander says:

    WOW reading the ignorant racist comments clearly show why GOB acts the way they do. They give a bunch of ignoramuses who’s votes were won with a loaf of bread, piece of ham and 100 dollars.
    They have nowhere to go in life.

  40. I Belize it says:

    The ministry of national security only knows how to use guns, when they are not stolen from them.

    They have not figured out phones or email, other than wire tapping and illegally reading the opposition’s email. They can’t solve the xate problem, but they can kill a dog.

    Wait, be patient, someday it might happen that they provide good service, by getting their left boot out of their @$$, and the right boot off of taxpayer’s necks.

  41. Libra says:

    Apology for what?
    For finding guns, ammuntion, child mollestation, secretly making god knows what in his laboratory
    this is how I see it:
    yes he got money, more than most of us belizeans could only dream of
    yes he has contributed to the Government but only the POLICE in San Pedro and Orange Walk, both places where he lives to protect his own assets, oh and to abondoned women so he can take advantage of them and their children.
    he has armed security guards, 13 dogs what is this man hiding?
    the police found a cache of high powered guns and ammunition, why does someone need that many guns, if he got hired security, the security firm provides armed guards, guns and ammunition, what is disturbing is how did he get these guns into the country, and worse how did he get licsense for all these guns except one? (did he pay someone off Customs mabey)
    he was found living with a 17 yr. old minor that should be in school, in his country the all mighty United Statesof America he would be considered a child mollestor or a child predator and jailed immediately (he knows this).
    now the police find a LABORATORY where illegal anti – biotics is being made is it? or is it something else that can’t be made llegally in the U.S?
    he got busted cat out of the bag he now crying political foul, my does this sound like an ordinary crook, it was all good u got caught! Ha
    yes I agree he should meet with the government, but not to bargin or pay someone else off, but to find out when he should leave my beautiful JEWEL, my fellow belizeans not all that glitters is gold, at some point or the other we all got to pay the piper so Mcafee TEK U LICKING
    Peace, Unity and Love to all.

  42. Charlie Price says:



  43. Dr Seuss says:

    Since McAfee claims to have so much money and feels offended then he is free to pack up and leave. In the words of Dr Seuss that was directed to a Belizean politician before General Elections, ” I don’t care how you go, just go…….”

  44. Hipolito says:

    GSU is the TONTON MACOUTE of Belize

  45. SJ says:

    It is clear that ‘Why Bother” and “Retired CEO” have a complete picture of this issue. However Mr. McAfee should leave Belize and never return. Some of the comments show exactly why that should happen. Just because a person, Black or White has money and security guards at there residence should not be a reason for anyone to be suspicious of them. The crime rate in this small country has skyrocketed over the last 3 years. Those who feel that they need or want that type of protection and can afford it, should do what is necessary within the law to provide it for there family or employees. Given the comments from a few posters on this matter it clearly dictates that there is a fringe group of Belizeans who dislike Gringos simply because they have the means to live comfortably here in Belize. That has a simple terminology its called “Greed”, coupled with Envy. Mr. McAfee did not deserve this type treatment and neither does anyone else without due process. If this “Out of Control” group of officers were in any other civilized country they would be in Jail themselves. It is extremely unfortunate that this incident occurred in a country that was just listed by the UN as the 5th highest murder rate in the world. This incident will do more to kill investment, real estate sales, and business than any single thing in many years. So, for those Belizeans who “hate” gringos simply because they are “as described”, “White”, have a few bucks and wanted to retire to someplace, I hope you enjoy the loss of your jobs, your country, and your ability to support your families as “WE” Gringos will start looking for someplace else. Please remember that the terminology “Gringo” also applies to many races from the “civilized” countries of the world, of which Belize is unfortunately not a member, as it continues to display and prove everyday by its actions. It is my fervent hope that the US Government kills all funding to this country without delay until this “Joke” of a government is dissolved and replaced with honest “individual” Belizeans who desire to stop the corruption and govern by the rule of law for all citizens equally and fairly.

  46. beachman says:

    So many people with such strong viewpoints!!!! Have you ever thought that we don’t have all the facts yet? Just because McAfee gave us his side of the story doesn’t mean it’s all true! Let’s wait until all the facts are revealed before we jump to judgement.
    17 year ol Belizean girlfriend….are we certain he isn’t into human trafficking? Legally she has her age but he’s 40 years older than she!
    Manufactoring antibiotics…..we don’t reallt know what he’s making with out a license? He got lots of time & money. Read he changes his IP address every 8 hours to keep hackers away. Sounds like a good way to be involved in child pornography & not get caught! Just sayin theres much more to this story than what has been told. Reserve judgment til it all in the lite.

  47. Elgin Martinez says:

    My Belizean brothers and Sisters we all need to turn to God,what’s up with all this hate?

  48. Richard G says:

    Belize will always remain a poor stinking third world country forever on the dole from the second and first world powers! Why? Because Belize has been run by a bunch of thieving scandalous politicians and foreigners that props up the puppet government. That is why Belize will never belong to Belizeans. You sorry !@#$% have sold your birthright for pennies on the dollar and the sad part is that no one seems to even konow that fact. Pathetic, might as well be in Africa where human life and dignity has no value.

  49. ang says:

    If he is a citizen by naturalization he has the same rights as a born Belizean exc. be prime minister I think. He paid for it now lol buyer beware, or seller?

  50. EASY GLENN says:

    Belizean been racist longtime gainst they own what new !!!! American s Beware!!!!

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