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May 2, 2012

Video reveals the man who killed “Pinky” Tillett

The streets have been swarming with rumors about the recent gang related murders and who may have benefitted most from the slayings. The Arthur Young shooting death and the Shelton Tillett murder have been the most talked about in the rumor mill. But tonight, we hope to settle that discussion once and for all.  A copy of the gas station footage, which recorded the slaughter of Pinky Tillett and his female companion, Kamille Andrews was turned over to News Five this morning. It chronicled the ongoing dispute between the George Street and Taylor’s Alley Gangs. Despite the losses of these two men, the Restore Belize team is making every effort to bring back the two gangs to the truce.


Jose Sanchez, Reporting

There has been plenty speculation as to who killed Shelton “Pinky” Tillett. The leader of George Street was gunned down at the Esso gas station on the Northern Highway. Pinky’s nemesis, Arthur Young, the leader of the Taylor’s Alley Crew, was named as the suspect. The public had speculated without evidence, but the gas station video clearly shows what transpired at about eleven thirty on Friday, April twentieth.

After making a purchase inside, Pinky Tillett is seen getting into the driver’s side of a white pickup. A silver Pathfinder that was trailing Tillett had already pulled up to a gas pump. As Tillett closed the door, the Pathfinder’s passenger opens his door and points, followed by a predatory seven step run to Pinky’s window. With both hands, the gunman points with right and balances with his left as the chrome handgun releases four rounds—each visible from the recoil. The last bullet is fired downwards to the target, who is slumped over.

Shelton "Pinky" Tillett

The shooter then takes care of collateral damage, Kamille Andrews. He reaches into the vehicle and shoots Andrews four times. After killing his prey, the predator pounces back to the silver Pathfinder, which started to roll as he jumps into the vehicle. Barely visible on the top left of the screen is the attendant who was lucky that his view was blocked. The other attendant at the top right moves from his hiding place behind the pump as the vehicle rolls out of the murder scene. The body type, height, clothing, dread cap and color of skin are all indicative of why the police named Arthur Young as the only suspect. Twenty-four hours later, young the Taylor’s Alley leader was killed. Police say he was accidentally shot while trying to escape custody. And after three accidental shots while handcuffed, Young was promptly cremated.

Kamille Andrews

With these two rivaling gangs affecting the gang truce which was agreed upon by thirteen gang affiliated leaders, a ministerial meeting supported by Restore Belize was organized to ease the tension. The Executive Director of Restore Belize says that most of the gangs have returned to the discussion table and Taylor’s Alley and George Street have followed suit.


Mary Vasquez, Executive Director, Restore Belize

“In each of the groups that we work with—and we are working with thirteen gangs—we asked each of them to identify who they want to represent them at the table. In the case of George Street, Pinky was one of the representatives. They have stated that they will appoint another person to sit at the table as their representative. So when we have another truce meeting, we expect that there will still be two representatives from there. Likewise for Taylor’s Alley, there were two representatives and they have also indicated to us that they will nominate someone to sit at the table in Arthur’s place.”


Mary Vasquez

Jose Sanchez

“But how do you keep the peace? What did you do specifically after that violent? How did you go about to keep some of the peace?”


Mary Vasquez

“Well the first thing that happened was a lot of communication. There were a lot of conversations by phone as soon as it happened and continually throughout Saturday. The Prime Minister requested that we had a meeting of the leaders on Saturday and we did that. Ten out of thirteen gangs showed up including Taylor’s Alley. A couple gangs indicated that they would not be able to showed up and one pulled out at the last minute. But of those three, they all called in to say that they are still in support of the truce and of the peace process. So we spoke with them. The minister of police was there and he gave the perspective from the police regarding the gang truce and the perspective of the government. And the perspective that was expressed to them was that they do intend to continue with the truce program which is the government’s part of the commitment and they expect the gangs to maintain their part of the commitment which is peace. The different groups also expressed a request to the police department specifically for increased security so that they could be safe while working. They expressed that they needed that level of security so that they could work and they also requested that the police be there as a force to keep the peace and not as a force against them who are working as a part of the truce program. That was expressed openly and it was well understood and respected by the police department representatives; including the Minister of Police.”


Arthur Young

Economics is the first priority followed by safety for the thirteen gangs. Amongst Restore Belize’s programs, is a program which provides jobs for at least fifteen members of each gangs. That’s one hundred and ninety-five jobs for at risk men and youths who openly say they also need the police to keep the peace. Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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16 Responses for “Video reveals the man who killed “Pinky” Tillett”

  1. Storm says:

    End the gang truce now — the major gangs are at a crisis point, and ready to be eradicated with a bold, relentless push. They are all criminals, and will always be a cancer on the Jewel.

  2. Islander says:

    Which gang do I need to join so I can get a policeman assigned to protect my business?

  3. LA RAZA says:

    WOW, Belize City has become a heaven for criminals. In no other country you would find a Country leader attending any meeting of this or any kind with these people, while here its done even on weekend. How many of us could do that? Do we need to be criminals or gang members? Why go to school if you can’t secure a job after completion nor meet with the minister.

    To be treated good in Belize you have to be a gang member. How many farmer get to talk to the Prime minister, not one. How sad what the Government is doing. PEACE!!!

    Make the Right choices.

  4. John says:

    Hi please stop saying Hattieville Prison on the news the correct name is Kolbe Foundation Hattieville does not own, manage or fund any prison.

  5. Sasha says:

    I have to agree with raza, no where in the world does gov’t get involve with gang members this makes you know how STUPID they are from the PM right down to the lowest cabinet member.

  6. Steel says:

    Helloooooo Mr. PM….. DO YOU SEE WHAT IS TAKING PLACE IN THIS COUNTRY????? Its official, Belize is led by gang members… they are the ones who tell the police what to do.. Mr Barrow, u only bear the title “Prime Minister”

  7. seanty says:

    The problems we face today cannot be eradicated in one swift event.. it is all of our responsibilities and in each our our dearest interests ..just as our civic pride is, so is it for us to work together as a community, to remedy these afflictions which fragment our society. We ask where is their humanity or compassion? But where is ours? That said .. it is useless for us to speak of these necessities and not act upon them..Let us go back to what never failed us…. Community, Respect, Unity, Peace and most importantly, Love for one another…. Love… Light ..and Oneness to all!!

  8. Bze says:

    @jonh, lol……….wow. really??? thats your conscern???

  9. Carlos says:

    I met a police constable running taxi in his spare time to make ends meet. And you see what the gang leaders are driving??? How demoralizing this gang “truce” must be to our security persons. AND TO ALL OF US LAW ABIDING CITIZENS!!! Only God can save us.

  10. HELLO says:

    there is a coalition goverment in Belize right now UDP/GSG!!!!

  11. EASY GLENN says:

    well i cant seh noting now i see the footage thank you Belize for being transparent. and thanks fe clean up the mess now bring back hanging Please and solve some of the open cases that are still unsolved

  12. lorna says:

    am respond ing to steel it is so sad that all these parents and wives and innocent lives these people is killing .the PRIME minister is only a name,WHAT IS HE DOING about all this ruthless killing .i think the only person can do something about this situaion is GOD ,and he will and when this happen aven the prime minister will suffer .YOU can hide from man but you cant hide from GOD ,he will find u even if u deh under the bed bottom, i dont know how he sleep at night ,knowing that people is killing each each and every day but am gonna leave with this [al gun dia. GOD said you shall be paid according to your works MR PRIME MINISTER GOD IS WATCHING you

  13. now i see says:

    To John we dont care whats the new name for everyone it will allways be HATTIEVILLE.

  14. belizeaninasia says:

    Yes…John is correct. PRISONS ARE NOT STATE OWNED…THEY ARE PRIVATE. Most people are down on what they’re not up on.

  15. Lova Bwy says:

    it about time pinky got som rest mann,, those …… hurt way too many people..

  16. Tommy says:

    It’s good that all these stupid %#*$& are killing themselves! I just feel bad for the innocent civilians.

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