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Apr 24, 2012

Corozal Teen shot to death

Aidan Perez

While the circumstances in the killing of Arthur Young are under investigation, in Corozal a gunman opened fire on an eighteen year old in the presence of many persons. Aidan Perez was shot multiple times at around eight o’clock on Monday night following an argument. His cousin was also injured, but has survived. News Five’s Andrea Polanco reports.


Andrea Polanco, Reporting

On Monday night an old beef escalated in the Haulze Layout Area in Corozal Town and has left eighteen year old Aidan Perez dead and twenty-one year old Kareem Jones, hospitalized. Perez, along with relatives, were standing out here on Mahogany Street when a group of guys from San Andres Village approached them. In that group was Sergio Tun, who started a minor quarrel with Kareem Jones:


Raymond Jones, Cousin of the Deceased

“My lee bredda gone out pan the bike and he come back and the talk about wa lee something weh gone between he and some next bwai from wah village. So we continue sit down—we neva had nothing ina it so we just continue sit down pan my verandah. Like wah two minutes after that, I see wa group ah bwai come front ah my house. So my lee bredda dehn gone out deh and start wah argument. So I gone out deh and I tell dehn well they have to hold it down cause this dah my house and I have pikney and I noh want anybody get hurt—make dehn noh deh di stone or whatever. So one ah the bwai haul out wah gun—weh we mi think dah wah pellet gun. But no pellet gun noh let go smoke. And he shoot over my lee bredda head and then they run ina this next yard.”


Raymond Jones

But shortly after, Raymond Jones says that another gunman appeared. He was identified as Ivan Tun, the brother of Sergio Tun.  It is alleged that Ivan Tun, who was armed with a gun, appeared in front of many onlookers and fired several times. Neighbors say that as many as nine shots were heard. Jones was shot once in the leg. Perez wasn’t as lucky, he was hit multiple times. He managed to make his way into the yard, where he died:


Raymond Jones

“Look like one of them from deh call dehn bredda weh live up di road and he come di ride with the gun ina ih hand. So while all ah we deh up deh di stand up, we see him di come. Everybody say—cah lotta people; noh only who mi deh ina the fight or whatever—everbody holla di balli di come with wah gun; everybody scatter. But nobody neva move. He ride pass everybody and he reach over fi he side—dah ih pa dehn house—then fi he pa and ih bredda come stand up beside he. Then he haul out the gun and he then he crank di gun; put one ina the head. But when he pressed the gun, the gun look like ih snap and he gone down again. But by the time I see that, I remember I have my lee son ina di house so my mind dah mi fi come lock up my house. So I mi reach right by down deh when I hear the first shot. When the shooting happen everybody run to front of my ma house; dah front deh. And then when he come dah when my next lee bredda and my uncle say they find ahn pan the ground just di try crawl. Ih mi done too late because ih get wah shot ina ih heart, one ina ih ribs and one ina ih leg.”


Kareem Jones

After he killed one and injured another, Tun fled the area. He has been on the run ever since. But this isn’t the first encounter with the Tuns:


Raymond Jones

“Yeah deh di search fi ah cause they know dah who. Everybody know dah who; everybody know dah who do it because he just come pan di bike barefaced—without wah cap, without wah rag; no nothing. He run away ina my yard ya mien. When my cousin drop, my neighbor over deh say he see everything. He say my cousin drop and the balli run over ahn and finish ahn; put two more pahn ah. Dah two different groups ah people cause the first group weh come dah from this village San Andres. They used to be good friends with me, but they di go through wah lee thing with my lee bredda and fi his crowd. So well like I said, they connected to the bwai weh do the shooting. They do wah shot yeah but they neva ketch nobody—they shoot over the head and then they run with dehn gun. But dah then, they one end up ina it and they call their bredda and he big and bold so he come and he kill the man.”


Andrea Polanco

“This guy who did the shooting was he ever involved in any previous altercation with your cousin or your brother?”


Raymond Jones

“Yeah, yeah. One time we mi gone through wah thing with he. Actually he dah my brother-in-law; I live with his sister right. But due to some lee problems we noh really agree with dehn. But we had wah past problem weh h mi done do it already. He shoot at us already. Me and my lee cousin, we neva run at that time—that was about a year ago. One of my friends mi just get ih shirt—the bullet mi pass through ih shirt, but nobody neva get hurt. So this dah noh di first time, but this time yah now ih come and ih hurt two people.”


And while the family grieves the death of young Aidan Perez; Jones says the situation is even more painful on the family because he was caught innocently in his cousin’s beef:


Raymond Jones

“Ih suh sad fi find ahn like that. We deh front deh and we noh know that he deh back yah di try fight fi ih life. Ih really hurt because I di feel this lee young bwai yah. I mean he dah noh know saint. Ih da noh saint; I noh wah swear fi ahn, but ih neva take nobody life before mien. And like I said, he neva had absolutely nothing ina this.”


Andrea Polanco

“So he was innocent in all of this; he got caught.”


Raymond Jones

“He was innocent; he had nothing at all fi do with this nothing and he dah the one weh dead.”


Reporting for News Five, I’m Andrea Polanco.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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8 Responses for “Corozal Teen shot to death”

  1. Storm says:

    Catch him, give him a fair and impartial conviction, and then HANG HIM HIGH!

    All murderers must be killed in the Jewel. No mercy. no exceptions.

  2. now i see says:

    This little group act like gang members jacking people and take advantage of inocent kids coming out of c.c.c. Big mouth when in a group like most gang members. We saw this coming from long time its sad to say but one less criminal on the streets. For this i blame his parents because they knew what he was doing. Now that this happen i bet his dad is saying *i wish time go back and give him more atention* because trouble children have a wared way to ask for love and respect.police,do something and charge all of them for the guns. Dont wait until another one die. Next time an inocent person.

  3. roska says:

    I know this group [gang] well….. unemployed youths involved in drug peddling….police have done quite a number of drug searches in that area and always come empty handed….. they are disrespectful, vulgar and small time thieves and trouble makers….not killers… YET…
    police know them good….
    once during a people’s coalition meeting I called on police to monitor closely this gang and the San Andres Gang {the ones that did the shooting} cause they were brewing problems since some time ago…… I was coldly told that they are not gangs????? They were just “boys hanging out”…… now one of them is dead….for “just hanging out”

    and truly he was no saint… far from that…. but still he was just a child…. with poor parenting and allowed to roam wild…but still he did NOT deserve to die!!!
    It seems that police nowadays dont mind doing “PREVENTATIVE” policing… cracking down on “boys hanging out” … but are only concerned when violent crimes are committed….perhaps iam being unfair to them for most likely they dont have the manpower nor resources to do preventative policing….

    gang .. definitions…
    1. A group of criminals or hoodlums who band together for mutual protection and profit.
    2. A group of adolescents who band together, especially a group of delinquents.

  4. R.I.O.T says:


  5. Disappointed says:

    Everybody da Corozal know the Victims and dem family. Everybody knows that dem da lone NOT NICE people. Jones d cry up pan TV like gial. I no blame the man caz da he cousin but no mek dem play like them lost or surpised – unu know unu deeds. If it weren’t done to them they would have done it to someone!

  6. Storm says:

    R.I.O.T.: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    When you’re right, you’re right.

  7. karma39 says:

    Hope dat now the big and mighty jones relax he self caz da he always d cause trouble and had the lil bally d prEtend fi be gangsters. I sad to see d good d pay fi d bad but karma has a funny way to get his way. Wat u do here u pay here some way or d other.

  8. Corozaleño says:

    I know these troublemakers! My friends and I have been victims of this gang. I use to hate going to by at the shop when I was a young boy because they would harass me. Not glad this happened but I hope it sheds some light onto the growing problem in Corozal. This place is too nice to be ruined by little thugs.

  9. boogy says:

    so sad to know that Aiden have gone frm this world i will miss him alot. honestly he never deserve that shot. jones was the one because he always play bad.i hope he can change hismind of view from his enemies caz den he will be nxt. r.i.p aiden..

  10. boogy54 says:

    life is so short for dem to waste their hating people.
    all lazy gang should find themself a job and work to distract their mind from hurting and thiefing others.

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