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Apr 24, 2012

Do you agree with the government that the gang truce is holding?

Tonight’s question is: Do you agree with the government that the gang truce is holding? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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22 Responses for “Do you agree with the government that the gang truce is holding?”

  1. Storm says:

    The only gang truce that will ever hold is the one immediately preceded by a massive, all-inclusive gang funeral.

    It’s war, gangs against the Jewel, and we must handle it as a war.

    Hunt all the gangsters down, don’t give them a moment of peace, until they are all dead or in prison.

    We need more GSU, more BDF, more government force.

  2. Islander says:

    Yea sure the murders are being committed by people who are not members of the truce lol The sad part is that these @$$hats are in denial while law abiding citizens are getting caught in the crossfire while buying T-shirts.

  3. Kim says:

    Honestly, I have no clue where Minister Saldivar and acting commissioner Henderson are living. Do they truely believe their words that the gang truce is holding. Come on open your hearts and minds to see what is going on.Everyone that listened to the press conference on Monday was probably shaking their heads and wondering what is wrong with you all and the PM just holding his head thinking the same thing. You telling me that Belize has so much corruption, that the police had to tell the most ridiculous lie that Arthur Young struggled with them for a police gun. Could have come up with a better story than that.
    Belize will never MOVE FORWARD until the people in power do right by the people and the law.

  4. R.I.O.T says:


  5. Happy says:

    Pure bulls**t!!! They are only telling us what they feel we want to hear!

  6. subKonshus says:

    Yes, I believe the Gang Truce is Holding….the City Hostage!!!

  7. bowden says:

    bring back the death penalty. An stop bringing the people from america back to belize when they get deported. Let the us government deal with them. When i visit Belize I am so scared to walk the streets. So sad. What are the government doing

  8. Looking for Visa says:

    look at Barrow hiding his face with his hand and the look of despair on his face. He knows that Saldivar was talking bull.

  9. cali says:

    Question! who is running the country is it the gangs or the government. The government should by no means have any type of truce with gangs which is running havoic on a country. They should be deal with force and smothered. So, Belizean we know who run our country? Corrupt politician is not only the gangs they all affiliate.

  10. mr gentle says:

    yes i belive its working to full extent ka i da one and we naw get ina a none a dem thing

  11. AwildaNY says:

    Whoever heard of the government sitting down with CRIMINALS. They must be in cohoots with the degenerates. If someone is hired for office and to SERVE the DECENT people of the country they need to DO just that. Again, whoever heard of the government sitting down with CRIMINALS. Someone mentioned that the British should be called in; I believe its HIGH time. Call in the British to wipe out this garbage. I pray for the innocent, impressionable youths and the elderly who have to live in this environment. GOD BLESS LITTLE BELIZE!

  12. Bze! says:

    Negative! The gang truce is not holding, nowhere in hell is there any sort of possibility in the world that the gang truce is holding, simply because the streets are in terrible conditions. The government might as well just have said it is the norm in Belize now that men will shot you in bright daylight in front of any and everybody in very public and busy streets. Remember they kill people in front of hospital, on orange street, Albert street in big day time in front of lot of people so only thing left them is to come kill you in your house and as well they had shooting on Freetown road not once but twice two days in a row to be exact. Don’t forget this is the same government that acknowledge Criminals give them the sense of importance by just meeting with them. They should receive the award for the world’s dumbest government and this is not an udp or pup thing, this is a Belize thing either way you take it jump high jump low quest what they are the one running our country in this time of crisis. Sad to say but start learning how to dodge bullets my fellow Belizean because bullet don’t got name or address and you might fall victim to the senseless shooting in our country.

  13. Mr. Chips says:

    Of course not! There should not have been a gang truce in the first place. These fellas are young delinquents who believe that society owes them. The only person who seems to owe them is Dean Barrow, who goes out of his way to meet with them. Until people start talking honestly about who is really making things happen with all this violence, the massacre will continue. The blame lies squarely at the feet of the prime minister and his shallow-minded bunch of ministers.

  14. Disappointed says:

    Belize seems worse after the SO CALLED truce. Nothing (gang crime) is slowing down yet our ministers think the truce is holding. I wonder if they themselves believe that. Because if they do let me tell you that those guys aren’t too bright.

  15. BeeJuice says:

    Are you kidding? Is this even a real question? Don’t you know that there is nothing but nonsense that comes out of these politicians mouth?
    Are you going to be lieve your eyes or these politicians mouth, ridiculous as they are?

  16. BeeJuice says:

    Are you kidding? Is this even a real question? Don’t you know that there is nothing but nonsense that comes out of these politicians mouth?
    Are you going to believe your eyes or these politicians mouth, ridiculous as they are?

  17. BeeJuice says:

    Besides, nobody with common sense will negotiate with terrorists. Then again we are talking about the Belizean politicians. Can’t accuse them of having any kind of sense, common or otherwise.

  18. Sick and Tired of being Sick and tired says:

    Eventhough I do not agree with state sponsored execution, as we already have enough criminal elements waving the Police badge, I must say that the Police Dept should be commended for their latest execution of Belize’s number 1 terrorist. They must have got tired of the jovial judicial system keep setting our local Osama free after they get him. How much longer should we bear the legal system saying this terror is innocent of his crimes and set him free to do it again and again. I know I am not the only one to be saying BRAVO, Bravo…

  19. belizeanpride says:

    GANG TRUCE is what the same gov. doesn’t know the meaning of, cause our city is still being terrorize and is living in this atrocities due to the lack of incentive ideas how to eliminate gangsters before they kill more innocent civilians.

  20. I Belize it says:

    Like it makes a difference?
    Holds mean Belize #6, fails means #5,4,3,2, or #1 worst dangerous homicide country.
    But if we get #1 means we beat El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

  21. Bgroovy says:

    If anybody believes that gang truce is working. Do I have a deal for you all, a ski resort in dangriga …

  22. april says:

    Gang truce with the government lol . thats plain and down right stupid believe i believe that the government should crack down hard on them stop harassing the ones that are the rookies deal with the veterans police brutality should be directed at them

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