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Apr 23, 2012

George Street Leader, Pinky, and female companion murdered

Shelton “Pinky” Tillett & Kamille Andrews

There was a prevailing sense of insecurity that enveloped the Old Capital over the weekend as open gang warfare flared up. In the past fifteen days alone, there have been fourteen murders; that’s almost one per day. But turning to the bloodbath, at the start of weekend on Friday afternoon, Orlando Reyes was killed at the corner of Orange and George Streets. He was not the intended target but eight hours later, one of the City’s most dreaded residents and leader of the George Street Gang, Shelton “Pinky” Tillett was gunned down at a service station along with a female companion. On Saturday afternoon, another gang affiliate from the SSG was killed on Caesar Ridge Road. This morning, the well known gang leader Arthur Young of Taylor’s Alley was killed while in the custody of the police.  We will have the full reports and the murder scenes of all the murders in the City and another in Belmopan which means that six persons lost their lives in the weekend’s violence. We start tonight’s newscast with the murder of Shelton August Tillett AKA Pinky of George Street who was killed on Friday night. Considered the most dangerous gang leader, Pinky was murdered just before midnight at a service station on the Northern Highway. He went inside the convenience store and on returning to his vehicle, someone opened fire from a silver pathfinder parked near the street. Pinky died immediately and his female companion, Kamille Andrews, was also shot dead. News Five’s Andrea Polanco reports.


Andrea Polanco, Reporting

George Street Gang leader, Shelton “Pinky” August Tillett’s vehicle was riddled with bullets on Saturday night shortly before eleven-thirty.  Killed on the spot, August is seen slumped over the driver’s wheel. He was shot to the center of the chest, left side of the chest, right arm and neck.  Also in the vehicle at the time, was twenty-three year old Kamille Andrews, she was also fatally shot to the left arm, left arm pit, right breast and right rib cage. It is reported that Tillett was at the gas station to make a purchase inside the mini-mart, and upon re-entering his vehicle; a man with a dread hat and mask over his face exited a pathfinder and fired the fatal shots:


Fitzroy Yearwood

Insp. Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer

“A little after eleven o’clock on Friday Shelton August also known as Shelton Tillett, the claimed leader of George Street Gang was driving his white Ford Ranger pickup. He arrived at the Esso Gas Station on the Northern Highway in the company of one Kamille Andrews. Mister August exited the vehicle, made a purchase in the gas station and immediately upon returning into his vehicle, a lone gunman opened fire on him and the female killing both of them on the spot.”


Tillett, along with Micah Thompson and now deceased, Charles Woodeye were jointly charged with the San Pedro murder of John Paul Saldivar at the end of January 2009.  In 2010, the murder charge against Tillett and four others was withdrawn.  In November 2011, Pinky was one of the three men, all affiliates of George Street who won the lawsuit against the government on the grounds of false imprisonment on the murder of John Paul Saldivar. Tillett, Thompson and the family of Woodeye were compensated $25,000 each:


Agnes Segura Gillett, Attorney [Nov 15, 2011]

“I think that their life at liberty was worth more than twenty-five thousand dollars. So we are not satisfied with that aspect of the decision. They have been awarded their loss of earning in respect of one of them and they have been awarded their attorney’s fees and fees that they had paid in the criminal trial. However they have the recourse of appeal; to appeal the quantum of damages and that will be up to them to decide how to go.”


Agnes Segura Gillett

Jules Vasquez, 7News

“Obviously your clients have a certain public reputation and while no evidence was used in court to indicate anything that they are George Street affiliates or anything, do you think that the quantum indicates that there were some sub textual, implicit consideration of that? Because I would like to think that a lay person such like as myself if imprisoned for eleven months, I would get more than twenty-five thousand dollars.”


Agnes Segura Gillett

“I would hate to think that that was one of the considerations that was taken into account because at the end of the day, they are human beings, they are entitled to liberty and they were deprived of that liberty. They were imprisoned in super max, they gave evidence that they slept on the ground. I mean all of these things affected them psychologically. They were deprived of access to their family. Even if you are a member of a gang, you are still entitled to your freedom and you don’t suffer any less because of who you are.”


Earlier that year, In September of 2011, Tillett along with key dons of the different gangs, engaged in peace talks with the Prime Minister. That discourse later led to the “gang truce.” Back in September of last year, Prime Minister Barrow met with key figures in the George Street Gang after they went public expressing their grievances against the GSU and making blank threats against innocent civilians and public safety.


Dean Barrow

Dean Barrow [Sept 2, 2011]

“The primary purpose was to diffuse the situation in terms fot he threat that had been issued. By the time I got here this afternoon, I learnt that a press release had in fact been given to you yesterday and that the George Street and Affiliates had already given an undertaking. It was nevertheless necessary to confirm that undertaking in today’s meeting and to go beyond that. We had two sets of meetings. The minister arranged for everyone else other than George Street to come one-thirty and we spoke to them and then of course we had the meeting with George Street and its affiliates at three-thirty. We agreed with both sides that there is a need for a face to face dialogue and all parties meeting with government—of course with the state acting as facilitator and that will take place on Sunday. The idea is to try and forge some kind of a truce and that was made clear to both sides—both sides expressed that willingness to talk about exactly that objective. Whether we will actually be successful coming out of that meeting on Sunday is another matter, but given where we are, it is certainly worth the effort and I certainly am absolutely committed to investing my time in the process to try and achieve the outcome that we all desire.”


Reporting for News Five, I’m Andrea Polanco.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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43 Responses for “George Street Leader, Pinky, and female companion murdered”

  1. easy glenn says:

    All done by the government dont be foolish Belize the biggest gang has finally had enough Execution who wah be next fi step up and play boss they think if they cut the head off the head of the snake the problem will stop they no see nothing yet. the guns are still out there and the grenades are still out there this will change nothing we still have ignorant people that have no disipline which start from home and everybody wah follow Jamaican Movie “Shottas” this is an epidemic that people are watching from all over the world nobody want to come to Belize now
    to Many guns in the street everybody have one.If unu mi disipline them when they mi young this no mi wah the happen (when it all started The gangs) No they want to bend a grown tree no No. Now people nuh even fear God eitha they heart evil now the jewel is Ruin in Belize city what a shame.numba 5 ina the region an rising soon the bird will to roost Good Luck Belize !!!!!!Many will cry many will die what happen to the love we use to have Old Belize gone no luv ina the city nobady respect each other no one respect they elder now I am ashamed to call Belize my home I hate this so so much. We use to be able to do anything walk any way and live to long till we old and nuh have to worry about nothing.THE JEWEL WOW!!!! duutty I hope the shame to and Change fe the betta I hope

  2. rose says:

    Is this mean belize is safe again? Or more blood shed! Wow i guess people isfed up..

  3. Rod says:

    You reep what you sow And what is the pm doing he is having ice cream with the gang members while people are dieing all over the country does this pm have any brains at all I don’t think so he better start doing something about all the crime in this country but he is incompetent and impotent on crime march belizeans march on these useless gov. And pm.

  4. now i see says:

    What? Finally some one is thinking and cleaning this garbage in Belize. And for that stupid woman defending this garbage how can you sleap at night? I dont know about you guys but iam very happy with this news. Hope they all kill each other.

  5. alley cat says:

    Get the popcorn and pepsi, the show is starting…


    Everyone one of these animal death brings the streets a little closer to “normal”.

    Hell can have his @$$ now.

    What kind of woman associates with criminals and gang members anyway.

  7. Storm says:

    I’d like to think that GOB has finally turned on its gangster allies, in a kind of “Night of the Long Knives” [Nazi Germany in 1934].

    Whatever, I assume there will be an internal war of succession within George Street, and more gang killings are imminent.

    Sad for the girlfriend, but if you lay down with a dog, you get up with fleas. There’s a lesson here for women. Gangsters are dangerous to have as boyfriends! You might become “collateral damage.”

  8. Elgin Martinez says:

    I am in total agreement with easy glenn. We are a lost people,Belizeans are so busy trying to be Jamaicans.There is anything wrong with trying to be Jamaicans my Belizean brothers and sisters.However let’s not adapt the negative aspect of the Jamaicans Culture.What about adapting the Musical talent or something positive from the Jamaicans that would make us more productive Citizens.

  9. dasilva says:

    start clearing up all the groups that hang out in the alleys in the city.LAZY,THIEF,MURDERERS,..
    Their family will weep,time for that Belize…When they kill,their family are the first to go and take them out of jail to come and do the same R again….Nuh sorry for their family, They condone what they do…..GSU should walk through all the gangsters alley and just riddle them up with M16 SO THEY KNOW HOW IT FEELS WHEN THEY TAKE INNOCENT LIVES…..

  10. dignity says:

    Another piece of sh*t shoveled off the street. Belize can be a better country just as it was 50 years ago. We need peace and we cannot achieve it with criminals like these walking around. Gangsters keep killing yourselves and leave the innocents out of it.

  11. rasman says:

    Barrow spent over a milllion having these guys live large. They got cable TV, food etc which we hard working Belizeans do even have. Buying a pack of bullets would have been easier, perhaps someone is doing this behind Barrow’s back and I say kudos to whoever that is.

  12. me says:

    i’m glad he’s gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i wish the others like him would go too, whether they go away, change their behavior, swing from the gallows or go the same way like arthur young and pinky. any means necessary, because we are not the same belize we were 15 years ago. and Belize is only 30!!!

    Belize people get nuff ah unu gang nonsense. there should be bounties on these gang members’ heads. anyone who kills from “Belize’s Notorious List” gets a reward. so to let them know, no leff ur house, caz u wa get lick down. cold!

  13. JESSEJAMES says:

    WOW I love this news…and as for the attorney who deffended them, how your conscience rest knowing u deffended criminals. I am so happy that these rotten potatoes are off the streets…and this is for the other gangsters….U WILL B NEXT. Continue di terrorize the city, u live by the sword u die by the sword.

  14. me says:

    those guys who hang out on the street wit their pants hanging around their knees, look like they just wake up rung 1pm, gat wa guinness eena they hand, d stand up front ah chiney shop d hustle “buy me wa lee guinness king”, who no even gat wa decent haircut that could get them a job anywhere……pack them up and ship dem whe. put they eena cage and dash whe the key. they spray bullets and no care who they ketch. no care if who get hit die, get injured, crippled or walk away. these gutys have no conscience, so i no gat conscience when ih come to dem eeda, i no care how pinky or arthut young died.

    im just glad they’re gone. a few more to take down and belize will be back on the road to recovery.

  15. kruffy di talk says:

    when i read these postings all i see is ignorance…. i think we are all part of the problem….how can you praise death? the more humane thing would be to teach and educate people….show them wrong from right…give them a chance to put their past to rest….. all of you that praise the deaths and killings whether it was a gang member or not is no different…..Belize will never change until the people collectively decide to change. Some of the people that aren’t out there flying thier red or blue flags with the gangs are the same ones that know all the drug dealers and socialize with them….but the poor youth weh only have the option of carrying out a hit or committing robbery always get look pan like they are the scum of the earth. Wake up and realize that these young men aren’t the masterminds behind the drugs and the guns coming into Belize…. lot of people say blame the prime minister… blame the politicians……i call BS on that because everybody know that dah Belize its all about a hustle….who can pay this or that to get this through customs….. who can call this one to get this done…. know how much pickney deh bout without dem pa now? they will fall into the same cycle…. primary school> high school> Hard time> Robbery> Jail> Streets and then the cycle continue… We need outreach programs in Belize, we need Trained Social workers to go out and talk to people and know thier issues and know whats going on. Sad mein….stop Blame everybody but ourselves.

  16. Belizean says:

    Totally agree with Easy Glen, the government is involved. How else can you explain the police airing the suspect name as if they didn’t know that it will only be a matter of time before he is dead. Or, did they set him up and then kill him so he can’t tell the tail. We may never know what happened. But there is one thing for sure two very dangerous low life is off the streets.

    It is unfortunate that a beautiful youung woman was innocently taken, but what do you expect when you hang around gansters. As the sister-in law said they are friends??? right??? Only in these wicked days are parents condoning kids in bs, when I was younger anybody can whip your @$$ if you were misbehaving. You go home and tell your parents and you get another whip@$$. She todays moms/brother/sisters/aunts/uncle everybody is being taking care of so go ahead and rob people, go ahead and kill, go ahead and sell drugs.

    Now you know, it’s only a matter of time…. Live by bullet you DIE by the bullet. And if you sleep with DOGS you wake up with fleas. So Mr. PM, you have a plan and it’s in effect, I like it. Let them take each other out so good belizean people can be safe again.

  17. lunar says:

    all of this could have been prevented long time ago… rather than negotiating you should be make it clean WE DONT NEGOCIATE WITH CRIMINALS…. if war is what they want come right ahead if that’s what they want but will never join them… too much guns in the city… how these things get by the country??? only them and the heads of our country knw… after that encounter of cocaine on the highway with all those corporal and high man involve.. know what you think of Belize becoming in the further run.
    this no di done ya.. PM you need to do something know and stop wait fu mek them tell you what to do. you cant be thinking of your self when you have a huge family to take care of which are us…BELIZE if you couldn’t be all that responsible to make Belize a safe country why put your self in that position ……. knw all of us are worried… you di do toooo much fool just like trying to legalize “”‘GAY”"”" MARRIAGES i would say BS…


  18. shameless says:

    As they say, you live by the gun, you die by the gun!!!!! :(

  19. rose says:

    The sister in law said on the other news she was married, maybe its the husband killed them both. Lol police should investigate the husband. Scratching my head

  20. belizeanborn says:

    Boss when we listen to news and all we could hear is “dat one get shot and dis one get shot” my heart weep. Who can we blame? government? i no think so, police? i no think so either, you know who fu blame? PARENTS!!!!!!! We too damn busy the try be like america that instead of us adapting the positiveness of US all we adapt is the negative side of it.
    When the last time u as a neighbor scold a child that is doing something out of the way? We can do that anymore because the parents will get mad, first thing they say “nobody whe scold my pickney caz da me born him”. That is the reason we are where we are. Belize be smart and lets take back our children caz if we don’t do it, George street will and other gangs will.
    Am i happy that these guys got killed? NO!!! Am i relieved? YES!!!

  21. AwildaNY says:

    UNCIVILIZED! I guess this is an invitation for the “white man” to come and rule things. Is it so impossible for Blacks and Spanish to accomplish something wonderful. People are talking about Belizeans adapting the negative ways of other cultures. Can we start adapting some positives. I’m sure there other beautiful places in Belize to see, BUT it won’t happen until the GOVERNMENT, LAW ENFORCEMENT and other LEGAL organizations can ASSURE me the SAFETY of me and my family. Someone said it earlier, BELIZEANS have totally lost touch with GOD and just like the rest of the dysfunctional world who don’t believe, it will go down. What a beauty loss. People need to stop focusing on GREED, POPULARITY & MONEY (which is the root of all EVIL) and start revitalizing Belize to what it use to be – FAMILY, CULTURE, TOGETHERNESS & UNIQUENESS. God Bless My Belize and My People.

  22. Proud-bzean says:

    kruffy di talk,

    Whe you say “but the poor youth weh only have the option of carrying out a hit or committing robbery always get look pan like they are the scum of the earth”….I am in complete disagreement with you.

    We all have many options. We have the option of going down south to reap orange, up north to cut sugar cane..the option of being a good person or a bad person. Many people remain poor because they are too lazy to look for opportunities. The prefer to make a hit and risk their life than earn $25 a day for labor.

    Education is the key and those who don’t get the opportunity to get an education, can decide to learn a trade: mechanics, carpentry, masonry etc. It all boils down to decisions we make in life. Work hard and live right, or make an easy buck doing crime.

  23. finally says:

    Shut the hell up “kruffy di talk”.you must be one of them.despise people like you who encourage these guys in their nonsense.These criminals have parents so no one else should take responsibility for their rearing. Now that they are blown away like black bud we should feel sorry fuh them? Noh mein! something wrong with you.

  24. belizeanpride says:


  25. Al says:

    Women have these children and then they grow up having to provide for themselves. They drop out of school and so they have no education to get a decent job. It is the parents who are to blame, because even when they know their children are bad they uphold them. Love is whipping your childrens behind when they need it. We have mothers smuggling drugs into prison to their sons, how sick is that, they should be getting their son into rehab. Please change the course Belizeans.

  26. JESSEJAMES says:


  27. lino says:

    let all them gang guys see the end they will have-act tough and big for now and when you die and look at curled up and frightened to death and $#!% your pants-that is what we always will remember-and the sluts with them who die too.

  28. I luv ch5 says:

    The young lady was married right then why was she out at that time of the night with another man who is said to be the most watever leader of gang. Isn’t she supposed to be with her husband. Agree with Rose lol investigate the husband lol.

  29. about time says:


  30. Pelican says:

    I have been relentlessly been saying what Easy Glenn has said. The rod of correction was hung up sometime in the 80′s / 90′s when all this “misused” human rights crap came around. When children who were still being upstart with their parents were starting to have children….. When all the young boy’s dream shifted to copying the negative “vibes” coming out of the West Indies and USA….. When the media houses – especially one in particular started glamorizing the”rude” actions… when they started cussing out the police for being tough…. remember the early talk shows?????!!!!! When jurors started to confuse “reasonable doubt” with outright “confusion” after listening to drama driven lawyers…… No lawyer can confuse me… You can bet your last dollar on that. Come on kruffy di talk – there were uneducated kids when i grew up so put away the bull…. This is also my country and I want it CLEANED UP, PERIOD!!!!!! tHE FIRST TIME THEY BROKE INTO MY BUSINESS THE CULPRIT HAD A JOB THAT REQUIRED HIM TO WEAR A WHITE SHIRT AND NECKTIE SO, TRY AGAIN…… Right on Belizean Born it shows you are thinking and love your country, so do I. I intend to support any effort to CLEAN IT UP…..

  31. Lisa G USA Born Belizean says:

    I have just a few words corporal punishment meaning bring back the hanging for your crime

  32. EASY GLENN says:

    and we need witness protection if they kill the witness hang them or give them automatic life outlaw hand guns an assault rifles if you get catch the shoot trigga finga gone.


  33. Gaza says:

    Didn’t know belize had so many internet thugz . :)

  34. peace says:

    Good Riddance….won’t shed a tear for criminals

  35. GazA says:

    Didn’t know Belize had so many internet thugz….:)

  36. Truth says:

    I concur with kruffy di talk. He is the only one that actually makes any sense on this page and is looking towards the future. Hanging will not solve the problem, wiping out the alleged gang members won’t solve the problem either. We have youths now that don’t see a tomorrow, I don’t see how hanging them will solve the crime when I believe some of them prefer going 6 feet under. I say we as a people should put some of the blame on ourselves. I was raised to believe, it takes a village to raise a child.

  37. Paco Smith says:

    Kudos to Proud-bzean and finally,

    When I read your posts, I am relieved to know that some Belizeans are actually looking at the situation for what it is. Continue to speak the truth!

  38. Miss Bumbastic says:

    hey everyone don’t be fooled by the politicians ok……….with PINKY being dead and Author young being dead doesn’t mean that its over……………in my eyes the war have just started like someone said the guns and grenades are still out there and if the “so call bosses” are gone then someone will want to take up that spot…………… Mr Barrow what makes you think that you can stop the war or the crimes i wonder if you’re not apart of the war that is taking place? But you know good looking out and good try just please try harder and i just hope it works. it sure takes an Entire a village or community to raise a child i grew up that way too but that was back in the days not now you can’t tel those anything now a days they’ll curse you and still threatens your life then the parents will come and shoot a whole leap of crap is if though she can or was doing anything to him or her. like WTF? parents need to get a grip cause in most cases you are the blame you might not see it but if you look outside the box you will see what i’m coming from.

  39. I luvpinky f#$k unu says:


  40. Killer Instinct says:

    I tend to see all is well with one or the other. The matter of fact is that we allow them in our lifes and they are gone we treat them likr gods. Life is meant for death and till death do us part. Live the life you wanna live and die the the death you expel.

  41. Belize is for Belizeans says:

    Hope all you people are ready for when the bubble bust that most of Belize is living in these are our children at one point they were all friends the HIGH Society leads in example to the GANGS when we play politics with everything the Truce is a good that the GOVERNMENT is Trying but no the PUP`s feel that because it was a UDP idea it is wrong see my point PUP supports there leader and even if some of them know it is a good thing they still say it is Bad . Know how do expect them to think if we play so much Politics. I knew PINKY and Arthur Both and these guys weren`t dumb society and all of Belize created these guys and until we can take the blame and we as Belizean work together to fix our problems this will never end Both PINKY AND ARTHUR if they had the oppertunities that all the rich Kids (who parents got rich from the poor) are given they could have been the CEO of any BIG corporartion in Belize Please rember the same way you can say oh I am Glad they are both dead and they live by the Gun so they die by the gun ONLY God can juidge but for all who thinks that way are you any Better than PINKY or ARTHUR but until it comes to your steps then maybe you will all see my point my buuble has burst along time so I am ready for what ever but are you we nee to show LOVE not Ignorance. Good Luck PM at least you are trying unlike people who want to see change but do not do anything to reach there. R.I.P PINKY at least you died trying to fix the problem how much of us can say that.

  42. Gully side says:

    Remember all the ppl ur responsible for, all the mothers yo mek cry now ur mother di cry fool! who rains supreme now? it just goes to show not even a deal with the devil “Dean Barrow” could save yo from gunshot! Burn in hell fool!

  43. sammi says:

    If you don’t know him…don’t speak about him.only God can judge him.walk a mile in his shoes then maybe you would sound a little less ignorant.but as shelton would say…”I am too complexed to understood by narrow minded peopl”…stop being vicious and ignorant and light.stay in the positive

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