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Apr 20, 2012

Bombay’s Cool Spot Owner murdered

Glenford Jemmott

The body of a man that was found in some bushes on the Hattieville-Boom Road at around eleven-thirty on Thursday morning. The murder victim, who had two chop wounds to the back of the head, has since been identified as a well-known owner of bar in Hattieville.  Just last year, the man took home close to a hundred thousand dollars after he bought a winning Mega Bingo ticket. He was last seen alive over the weekend. A female who lived at his house is being questioned. News Five’s Andrea Polanco reports.


Andrea Polanco, Reporting

The body discovered on Thursday at mile three and a half on the Hattieville-Boom Road has been identified as Glenford Jemmott; proprietor of Bombay’s Cool Spot in Hattieville.  A truck driver made the discovery of the partially nude decomposed body shortly before mid-day on Thursday. On the scene were two red pillows, blankets, a blood stained shirt. All that police found on the body were two lottery tickets inside the pants’ pocket. Local Artist, Harrison King, is a close friend of Jemmott’s. He is still in shock over the murder of his long time pal:


Harrison King, Friend of the deceased

Harrison King

“Like I just bawl out and deh inna shock, check, cause yuh know. Who wah want do Gramps something like that? “


Who, indeed, would want to kill Jemmott? From King’s account, the Hattieville resident was an easy going man.


Harrison King

“Well, I know gramps hmmm like many, many years mien and dah one ah the most pleasant person fi deh round and ih humble, neva hurt wah fly. Gramps does play basketball and all deh thing back inna the days when Belikin Wheels and Grand Marna and all ah deh teams does deh. Humble young man, right and fi dis happen to ah, ih kinda sad to all ah we. Gramps dah mi friend and we does always go dah ih house and cook up. We guys ova fifty gwein suh we have to watch it cause like deh nuh di respect age nowadays at all. Dah madness man.”


Andrea Polanco

“Now as a close friend of his, you aren’t able to come up with an idea as to why somebody would want to kill him?”


Harrison King

“Well, I nuh want to speculate yuh know miss, I nuh want to speculate but I know that he mi win wah Mega Bing thing right, suh I nuh know if he mi gone draw any money or anything and deh figure ih got money and thing, right.”


On July sixth of 2011, Jemmott won the progressive mega bingo jackpot of over a hundred thousand dollars. Back then, the avid player of the game told us that he didn’t have any immediate plans for his winnings, which was over ninety-six thousand dollars after taxes:


Glenford Jemmott, Mega Bingo Winner [File July 6, 2011]

“Yesterday when I went to check the ticket on my way home.”


Andrea Polanco

“Are you a regular mega bingo buyer?”


Glenford Jemmott

“Yeah—I buy it off and on.”


Andrea Polanco

“So what are you going to do with your winnings?”


Glenford Jemmott

“Right now I don’t know but we have some couple stuff that we have to deal with and then we have to make a family decision. Me and mi lee cousin will sit down and talk about it.”


Andrea Polanco

“So you are going to continue playing the mega bingo progressive jackpot?”


Glenford Jemmott

“Yes, always—me and she always wah play together.”


Jemmott was last seen alive on Sunday night when he left his business. It is reported that police have since picked up a woman for questioning:


Harrison King

“Apparently Sunday  night because I meet one ah close friend, wah young lady weh he and she very close and we mi di talk by the chiney and she get wah call just before and she tell me that she talk to gramps afta nine on Sunday night. I talk to my stepson and deh mi deh out ya Sunday night and say he gone home pahn ih bike afta the club lock up.”


Andrea Polanco

“And that Sunday night, a lotta business mi di tek place; a lotta people mi deh ya?”


Glenford Jemmott

Harrison King

“Well, I neva mi deh ya Sunday night right but dah usually karaoke night and we have a lee crew weh come out and that dah Sunday nights dah Hattieville right yah suh. But this mawning, police got wah young lady hold right, wah young lady weh used to live deh, weh live deh. Ih look like police find blood dah the house and deh hold she too right because she mi live deh with ih boyfriend and thing suh I nuh know weh gone on right deh; if deh kill ah right dah ih house and ker ah up through Boom Road. Suh I nuh know weh gone up right deh.”


Reporting for News Five, I’m Andrea Polanco.


Jemmott was buried on the spot because of the advanced state of decomposition. 

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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5 Responses for “Bombay’s Cool Spot Owner murdered”

  1. Guillermo Lopez says:

    Crime news from Belize are becoming headlines these days ,but nothing is worse when the victims are people that you are acquainted with. I used to see this young man playing basket ball at Bird’s Isle back in the early 1980′s. So sad to see his life wasted like this. I extend my condolences to his family over his tragic ending. Whosoever committed this cowardly act shhould recieve the maximum penalty.Let us restore capital punishment and send murderers to the gallows an eye for an eye.

  2. Storm says:


    Now, are police and DPP up to their job, finding the killer, convicting him, and hanging him? Or her. For the sake of all the good people in Belize, we must hang all murderers. No mercy, no exceptions.

  3. JAMES JOSEPH says:


  4. Gerre Stephen says:

    Yesterday I read my long time family friends page to find out that her nephew Gramps also a long time friend died. Oh how heavy my heart felt. I knew this gentle man from back I the seventies. I felt sad and angry because they murdered him like they did to my brother last Christmas night. I pray that they find all who is involve with his murder and yes hang them but before than let them suffer painfully.

    Belize is my country at birth but most of my generation left. And to look at what the younger generation is doing make me not wanting to know what will have to our future generation. May god bless Belize and We all pray for a better Belize.
    Lets push the killers for the murders the committ.

    Belize is ours young and old we are all one. RIP my angel. God have you in his loving arms both you and my beloved brother.

  5. Sharlene4belize says:

    Hé was such a kind Man, i LOVE Glenford (GRAMPS) hé would go ABOVE & BEYOND for a person… May his killer/killers get exactly what they deserve. It doesn’t matter if the police can’t find them, God CAN & hé already know….


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