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Apr 19, 2012

Father and daughter reunite after 35 years

The following story will warm your heart. A young woman in search of her father who she had not seen or heard from in years finally catches up with him. News Five’s Delahnie Bain located Percival Blancaneaux and the reunion with his daughter who lives in the United States has been bittersweet. Here’s their remarkable encounter.


Delahnie Bain, Reporting

Over three decades ago, Percival Blancaneaux was deported from the US, and had to leave behind his wife and baby girl, Shashauna. As she grew up, Percival’s daughter became curious about him, especially since her mother passed away.


Shashauna Jones Blancaneaux, Reunited with Father

Shashauna Jones Blancaneaux

“My mom died so all the information about him, she took with her. I was never old enough to ask her questions that I wanted to; I didn’t know the correct names to ask for to look for him so that made the search even more difficult. So I was in Belize twice before that just randomly looking out there, knowing he’s here but just not really knowing where and not having a correct name necessarily as well. So that was quite difficult.”


Percival Blancaneaux, Reunited with Daughter

“I got deported and I tried to go back twice and they put me in jail in Mexico. I came back and then I couldn’t go back anymore. I had a friend looking for me but she changed state and we couldn’t find her anymore.”


Percival Blancaneaux

Delahnie Bain

“So you’ve been doing your own search from this end.”


Percival Blancaneaux

“Oh yes and not only me. I have friends in the states but every time they go to the address, she doesn’t live there anymore. She got grown up and she moved on to a different state.”


The search eventually led her to the News Five website, and after a call to our newsroom, I located Percival at his Taylor’s Alley residence and passed on a contact number to his excited daughter.


Shashauna Jones Blancaneaux

“I’ve been searching for him for many years, close to thirty-five—somewhere between thirty and thirty. I’ve been watching the news, going on the media online and luckily by Channel Five I was able to get some help with in finding him. And yourself was the only person who I spoke to I believe on a Monday and you told me by Wednesday I would have some information for you. I’ve heard that many times that someone would have something for me, but you were the only person that kept your word. That Wednesday morning my phone rang and you had a phone number for my dad who I have been looking for and it changed my life forever. Words can’t—I mean how do you put into words how you feel after so long.”


She immediately started planning her next trip to Belize and after thirty-five years, the father and daughter were reunited earlier this week.


Percival Blancaneaux

“I was happy, I jumped up and down and then she called five minutes after you left. Five minutes later she called and we spoke like three hours on the phone. I talked until my ears caught on fire. I’m still happy up to now, especially when she came off the plane, up to now I’m having and we will make sure we stay in contact this time.”


Shashauna Jones Blancaneaux

“I’ve been in Belize since Monday so that’s two days now and I hardly sleep. I put my head down for a little while and spend all my time meeting my brothers; I have brothers here, nieces and nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins, everybody. So I’m trying to meet everyone who’s here at once. So it’s overwhelming but it’s really positive and I’m happy but I had to stop by to say thank you as well.”


Both Shashauna and Percival plan to make sure they never lose contact again, even if that means getting him back to the US.


Shashauna Jones Blancaneaux

“I don’t know when, but I have to obviously come back and see what I have to do. Of course, I wanna get him over to the US if possible; I don’t even know the beginning or start of something like that but I’ll do everything I can to be able to see him as often as I can. But I have a number, we can talk I mean so I’m appreciative of that. To know that a relative could possibly be still here, be living. His blood is mine and he’s out there and it’s just like you go through life feeling like—I was raised fine and my family did the best of taking care of me, making sure I was okay but you always have that piece of puzzle that’s missing that you want to find him, know he’s alive, know he’s okay and it’s just like the puzzle. I feel whole, not missing.”


Percival Blancaneaux

“I’m very happy, I’m a different person. I’m happy that I met my daughter after all these years.”


Delahnie Bain for News Five.


Shashauna’s visit ended today and she has returned to the US.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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38 Responses for “Father and daughter reunite after 35 years”

  1. ME! says:

    Nice story but can anyone really get lost in Belize?

  2. sweets says:

    Great Job Delahnie Bain. She’s not the first person that came back home looking for relatives, you should look into this and help more people…what the heck get ur own show. Very Heart warming.

  3. belizeanpride says:

    nice joyful story on family reunion.

  4. bzn2dbone says:

    Kudos to Channel 5 for being instrumental in this father & daughter reunion. It may be the topic of a new programming that can be used.

  5. Carlos says:

    Congrats Shauna! I know how much this meant to you!

    Also, I like “sweets” idea! Delahnie, you are doing great things! Keep it up!

  6. vicky says:

    Now that your life is full you can keep on keeping on! Congratulations & Thank God your dad is still alive

  7. Looking for Visa says:

    Soshana looks smoking, maybe she should stay in belize a while longer, you know whe a meen

  8. julie says:

    I’m so touched by the story. Shauna had never lost her hope to find her father. Now they reunited. Those people who helped make this magic happen are very much appreciated!

  9. marleny estevez says:

    What a great story! For you not to have your father’s real name and still be able to find him thousands of miles away. Then you don’t on meet your father but his whole family too! This is a dream come true! Great job by the reporter of channel 5 news for stepping up and making a difference in this woman’s life!

  10. Nikki J says:

    This has been something that has plagued you for years and to know now that it is over is fascinating. I would like to give a shout out to the news reporter who did her due diligence and has made this all possible for you. My prayers are out there for you and your family and I pray that you are able to bring him to the states :) Love ya girl.

  11. Jason says:

    Wow, what a great story! I’m so happy for you and your father, Shauna. Its good to know that perseverance pays off!

  12. Jason says:

    Wow, what a great story! I’m so happy for you and your father, Shauna. Its good to know that perseverance pays off!

  13. Shem says:

    Me siento super feliz de que al fin se le haga realidad a Shauna a conocer a su papa! Gracias a todas esas personas que le ayudaron….cuando uno tiene determinacion siempre se puede!. Es tan bonito este encuentro!! Te quiero mucho Shauna!! Disfruta a tu papa te lo mereces!!

  14. shemwow says:

    Congratulations!! U deserve it!! So happy for you!

  15. Lu Gomez says:

    Shashauna and I are childhood friends. Hearing stories like this are testaments of the human spirit. Hope is one thing none of us should ever lose, and with impossible odds against her, Shauna did not give up. Something so beautiful happened to someone who truly deserved it, so I thank Delahnie Bain for going above and beyond to help a total stranger. Miraculous events like this make the world a better place to live, especially when long lost daughters and fathers can finally embrace after thirty years apart. I salute your perseverance and hope for many years of peace and joy getting to know your relatives.

  16. Kriti says:

    Amazing!!! It is such an uplifting and heartfelt reunion and so touching to hear how much it meant to Shauna. Her enduring search and efforts led her to the shinning light which is her father and that missing piece in her life! Thanks to all those that made this happen for her and making her dream come true. Couldn’t be happier for you Shauna!!!

  17. Kristan says:

    Soy tan feliz para usted y para su padre y tu familia! Le deseo muchas memorias felices juntos! Channel 5 hizo un gran trabajo. Your dedication and determination is such an inspiration. So happy!

  18. stephanie says:

    Yo soy una de las persona que has tenido el saludo de saber a Shauna. Ella es una mujer con un corazon tan grande, el amor que ella pasa a veces es imposible explicar y por eso es tiempo que algo importante como esto -encontrando a su papa se pasa finalmente. Yo se esperaste muchisimo tiempo por esto y allegro que alguien coho tiempo para ayudate. I am so happy for you, this is muched deserved and as you know only means that your future shall just open more with possibilities because your final piece of your past has been found. Love you n bendiciones :)

  19. Bridget W says:

    Shashauna and I grew up together. We have been close friends for 30 years. She is more like a sister that I never had. Over the years we talked numerous times about finding her father which seemed impossible, but she never gave up. I am extremely happy she reunited with her father because I know that a part of her felt lost all these years. Thank you to the newscaster made it happen. You have changed their lives forever. Shashauna and Percival best wishes in your future together. God bless u both xoxoxo

  20. beth gonyea says:

    Thank you for bringing so much joy to my friend shauna. There is nobody I know more deserving of this gift you have given her by reuniting her with her long lost father. What a blesssing.

  21. Daa'iyah M. Rasheed says:

    En la longitud de tiempo que he vivido en esta tierra, es todo el tiempo a la chica, quien se convirtió en una mujer y es alguien que ha siempre sido como una cuñada me había estado buscando a su padre. Aunque ella ha sido mi familia es una bendición saber que ha encontrado y visto ahora su padre cara a cara. Su padre poder volver aquí a Estados Unidos, más importante aún el lugar donde estaba que él creó le será el final perfecto.

  22. Abdul Latif says:

    La integridad de nuestra experiencia en el amor es equilibrada por la fragilness con que llegamos a conocer y aceptar su poder. Yo, como muchos han conocido, adorado y amado esta señora maravillosa mi vida entera. Hay algo acerca de nosotros como un ser humano y como gente que no está totalmente completo sin el amor de quienes nos hicieron. Siempre había algo especial en Shashauna, pero algo hizo más frágil por la pérdida de su madre a una edad joven y tierna. Una edad que no importa qué, teniendo ahora su padre traerá una integridad necesaria para ella y lo que la vida que ha planeado para ella desde aquí de salida. Me imagino que el amor de su madre y para el hombre que concibió a esta hermosa alma que es Lalice, tenía una mano fuerte en el uso de su espíritu para guiar estas dos luces de la vida en este mundo uno al otro. Así como siempre y con todo mi amor… Estoy orgulloso de ustedes y feliz para ambos.

  23. Deepali says:

    The video was beautiful brought me to tears. Knowing shashauna personally, I know how important having loved ones near is to her. She its a strong and diligent woman. I’m do happy that her diligence paid off. She was determined to find her father, and with the help of the reporter, was able to not only find and reconnect to him, but with her family she never knew she had. I’m sure I can speak for all of shauna s friends and family, when I say that we are truly grateful for Bain and everyone at news five for reuniting sashauna with her family. We have been touched here in the US, by the warmth and loved shown. Thank you

  24. Cori says:

    Thank God for Ms. Bain and Channel Five. What a wonderful and life-changing thing she did for Shauna, one of my oldest and dearest friends. You have no idea what a hole Shauna had in her heart for all of these years. I’m glad that Shauna was willing to try one more time to find her dad and was able to find Ms. Bain. It’s so nice to hear a story about putting families back together during these crazy times when families are falling apart all around us. Thank you!

  25. Hank says:

    Wow, what a hearfelt story!! Congratulation channel 5 on a exceptional piece of work. Watching the video and seeing the joy on that young lady face is PRICELESS. Kudo’s to all who helped make this moment possible.

  26. Letitia Hughes says:

    Delahnie Bain provided the essence of what true reporting should be. I am a close friend of Shashauna’s and I know how long she has searched for her father and I also know what a life changing event this has been for her. I think it is just wonderful that she was able to receive help from Ms. Bain who moved quickly and was able to really connect Shashauna with her “family”. Kudos Ms. Bain!
    May God continue to watch over and to bless Shashauna and her Dad.
    Mr. Blancaneaux you have an amazing daughter, who has searched high and low and has NEVER given up hope of finding you.
    As I am sure you have already found out, she has a tremendous heart and she is truly a special treasure. Congratulations to you both on finding one of the few things that truly matter in life….FAMILY, LOVE, & PEACE. Love you Shashauna and I am so happy for you.
    ~Letitia Hughes Westchester, NY, U.S.

  27. Vonetta L says:

    Congrats to my cousin Shashauna on finding her dad and also for finding myself and the rest of our family. I wish you guys many years to catch up and to form a strong father/daughter relationship. I want to say kudos and thank you to the reporter Delahnie Bain who was instrumental in helping my cousin find her dad. This very touching video truly captured how much it has meant to my cousin all these years to find and connect with her dad and the rest of her family. Thank you agin Delahnie and i hope to meet you one day in the near future cuz.

  28. Chali says:

    Shauna is a fighter for sure and her finding her father/ connecting with the right people to help her find him, is expected. This is a beautiful addition to her already love-filled life. I’m so happy she has reunited with her family and can finally be a Blancaneaux. She is so caring so I’m sure her new found family is overwhelmed by her joy as well. Congrats Shuana a well deserved and greatly timed find that is going to fill the gaps that just can’t be filled with anyone else! <3 always

  29. Carlos says:

    Give Delahnie Bain a raise! Or a promotion! Or both!

  30. Richie says:

    It is always a great thing to see family reunited. Congrats to Shauna and her family for this wonderful blessing. Great job by Delahnie Bain on covering the story.

  31. Priscilla says:

    It is so nice to see good things happening to people, especially in a world surrounded by violence and dishonesty. And to see something so important actually happen to someone you care for is priceless. I remember as if it was today, having a conversation with my dear friend Shauna in the car, when she told me her story and about her father.. I could see through her eyes that missing part in her. I know she was ok overall, but I can only imagine what it would feel like if I didn’t see my father for so long… Or not even being sure if he was ok, alive, or what.. and now thanks to Delahnie she has this part complete in her. I am so happy for you, Shauna, and I am so thankful to you, Delahnie, to have helped someone so beautifully like you did to Shauna. Your act gives me hope in this world, that we still can trust and that we are not alone. You increadibly changed Shauna’s and her dad’s life, but not only theirs, you also made a big thing for all of us, friends and family, that have shared this situation, for maybe long or short period of time, but that deep inside had a wish for the deserved meeting of father and daughter. I am so happy for you Shauna, and I hope many blessings come to you in your life. You are a great person, a dear friend and you deserve all the good in this world. Delahnie, I really wish you all the best as well, and thank you for helping people, thank you for giving us hope, and may all the good you do to people come back doubled to you!

  32. Jesse says:

    You know it’s really refreshing to see these types of stories. More often than not we hear saddening stories in the news of loved ones gone missing but this wasn’t the case. I cannot imagine how tough life must have been for Shauna but she never lost faith and never ceased looking and thanks to the efforts of those who helped, after almost 35 longs years of looking she finally met her father. Shauna I’m very happy for you and thankful that your search did not go in vain. Gives those who are in a similar situation hope that they too can find who they are looking for.

  33. Brady says:

    This story is especially near and dear to my own heart and extremely simular with different results. I am so happy for my friend Shashuana and her father for making this miricale reunion. I know your struggle has been extremely difficult. My words can’t even begin to express my feeling of joy for you. My personal pain has somewhat been soothed through relief you’ve found from finally looking into your father’s eyes. You have proven that one should never give up on any dream or asperation they desire.
    I wish you and yours many days ahead to learn, remenise, grow, and love one another.
    For all of your efforts in getting this ball rolling, I truly admire you.

  34. Buster says:

    Words cannot express how happy I am for dear friend Shauna, her father and family. I’ve taken this journey with you both physically (Dance Company traveled and performed in Belize) and emotionally. I’m so glad to know that this heartwarming chapter of your life has been lived.

    Because of Delahnie Bain and the support of your love ones, you can now move forward into a new chapter of your life that includes new members of your family.

    Gracias Delahnie Bain. Sus acciones altruistas ha causado sueños se hagan realidad.

  35. Gary says:

    This is truly an amazing and heart warming story. Congratulations to Shauna and her family for being able to start a new chapter in their lives!

  36. Desiree aka Tonya says:

    OMG! I can’t stop crying. Shauna and I have been friends for 20 years and there was NEVER a time that she did not talk about her father and her hopes of finding him. Even when I thought it was a daunting and somewhat impossible task she never gave up her search. I admire Shauna because she is just that persistent. When she sets her mind to do something she WILL get it done even if it takes 30+ years. Thank you so very much Delahnie Bain for your assistance in reuniting my friend with her dad. Kudos to you for a job superbly done.
    Shauna I am so happy for you and Dad (Percival). Congratulations on finding each other and I wish you both long life, happiness and all of God’s rich blessings. Enjoy this time of reunion.
    I LOVE YOU BOTH oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  37. Angela says:

    This story is truly a blessing and shows that miracales happen before our eyes everyday!! Shauna continually touches the hearts of those she meets and brings happiness to all of us. Her beauty truly radiants inside and out and those who know her are truly touched forever. To know that someone so good and so loving find such an important piece of her truly shows that miracles can happen and she is living proof of that! Great things happen to great people!! I wish the both of you a very happy life together and that this time at hand brings you the blessings that will fulfill your lives forever!! Congratulations Shauna you deserve all of the happiness in the world!! Love you xoxox

  38. CARON says:

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