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Apr 18, 2012

College Shooting Victim fought attackers so classmate could escape

Anthony Leslie

It has not been a good week for students. Five days after his twentieth birthday, another Belize City student was shot while walking home with his female classmate. The Wesley Junior College student is well known not only by his classmates but also by students of other schools. Anthony Leslie has entered numerous athletic activities and he’s called Lionman by teachers and his peers. Since the shooting on Monday night, doctors have surgically removed the shards from his body. News Five spoke to Leslie’s father who says that he is making a speedy recovery.


Eggbert Muschamp, Father of Anthony Leslie

“We need more patrol from Wesley College all the way up to Port Authority into the Boulevard. Lately they are not patrolling the area.”


Jose Sanchez

“In regards to your son’s injuries, I know he went through surgery. It’s been a couple days now. How is he doing?”


Eggbert Muschamp

“Well ih di recover much better. Ina the space of yesterday till ina di evening, ih recover much better because ih noh di complain and ih sound more lively.”


Jose Sanchez

“Did the bullet go all the way through his back or was there shards left inside?”


Eggbert Muschamp

Eggbert Muschamp

“Lodge up inside and they had to operate to take it out.”


Jose Sanchez

“I know your son is into athletics, the Lionman etc., does this affect him in the future? Did the bullet go anywhere where it could affect his performance?”


Eggbert Muschamp

“I don’t think so. I spoke to the doctor and he told me that everything alright.”


Jose Sanchez

“Now what is your son actually saying at this point?”


Eggbert Muschamp

“Well all he said was that he was coming out of school and the guys approached him from the back and they start to demand things and he resist.”


Jose Sanchez

“But I guess for the future he will just give up what he has.”


Eggbert Muschamp

“Yeah. They just wanted him to give up what he had. And what concerned him was that ih mi di walk with wah young lady and ih feel like they mi wah ker she through the same process so ih kinda tell she go and he resist so that she could get out of the zone.”


Jose Sanchez

“Now that he is out of surgery and he is recovering, what is he saying to his family? What is he saying to the well-wishers who are coming around?”


Eggbert Muschamp

“Well mien he’s got so much well wishers cause everybody know Anthony; everybody love he. So all he di tell them; he know he wah make it cause ih young and ih strong and he noh di do nothing weh di mash up ih body so we might recoop quickly.”


Jose Sanchez

“Have the doctors said how long the recovery process will take?”


Eggbert Muschamp

“Mi wife mi fi get that understanding today.”


News Five spoke to Leslie’s mother and she said that he is recovery is going well. 

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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11 Responses for “College Shooting Victim fought attackers so classmate could escape”

  1. Bengal says:

    Big up Iron Man cause JAH run things. HE is the real big man. That’s what Belize has come to now a lot of coward, cold hearted people; who has no respect for GOD, older folks, brethrens and sistrens or authorities.
    Best wishes on your recovery and your athletic career mi lee bredda.
    May GOD give my dad, our family and all your well wishers and yourself the courage and perseverance to pull through these stuff times.
    And to the cowards who did this brazen act; remember JAH noh sleep and shedding of innocent blood is an abomination to HIM.
    Only JAH can help us now!
    Wake up Belize!

  2. Rod says:

    When good kids like this is getting shot coming home from school you have to ask yourself what is this incompetent useless gov and pm doing to prevent these kinds of situation we need to march on this non exestent gov. And pm lets kick them out for not doing their job.

  3. CEO says:

    Eggbert sorry to hear about your son. I am an old friend from boyhood days on Amara Avenue from across the fence.

    I hope some day all this mess will end and we will be able to enjoy our country in peace again.

  4. shabba says:

    deh bally done get deh chance fi do right. time to get rid of dem now.

  5. joseph thompson says:

    wanted to retire in belize. But i have changed my mind too much violence i will stay in usa i still love my country but it is better to be safe than sorry.

  6. Adrianne says:

    Joseph Thompson I agree with you. I was also planning to retire home but not anymore. I know its violent worldwide but dang Belize is getting out of control.

    Happy to hear that the young man is recovering. Brave of him to risk his life to protect his female friend.

  7. now i see says:

    The police should give him a medal because he is a hero he save the girl that was walking with him. I hope you get out of this soon and keep going with your healty life and you sir, Belize needs more fathers like you. And for the loosers that did this ” your time will come soon.”

  8. Elgin Martinez says:

    This is what happens when our leaders negotiate with criminals.

  9. hard woking Belizean says:

    Hats off to Anthony and thank the good Lord he is alive to recount the happenings. Belize needs vigilante style killing for all those no good damn gang people who are having a ball of time killing innocent Belizeans!! If they can get away and remain free for what they do then what are we Belizeans waiting for???? At least we would be getting rid of the good for nothing extra baggage poisoning our jewel!!

  10. ny says:

    All this madness started in late 1999, when innocent people like Brian Smith aka Peppa Seed Jack, and Kevin Brannon aka Gramps, got killed, and the authorities didn’t do anything to bring their killers to justice. In Kevin’s case they knew who the killers were, they actually had them in custody, but because of the incompetence of the police department and the DPP, the rich kids were made to walk free, and have since fled the country. Brian and Kevin were good people, and it made me realized that if the GOB didn’t do anything to nip the problem in the bud which was to solve these crimes, then Belize would become a killing ground, and many more innocent people would perish along the way. It’s now 2012, and after so many murders, the authorities still have not learned how to go about collecting evidence, and building a strong case to secure a convition and putting away some of these dead beats away for good. When I hear about convicts serving concurrent sentences, it makes me want to go insane. When you look at the penalties for the crimes in Bze, these cowards find it quite laughable, because they consider it a slap on the wrist, and this is why this problem woulld never go away, until the justice system change the sentencing guidlines. They have to make prison an unbearable place for the people who cannot be rehabilitate because prison for some of these a**holes is like a vacation; the GOB needs to get its monies worth for housing and feeding this fools, by having them work for the benefit of bzean public. In NY and the rest of the other states, they have different sentencing guidelines for felony offences, for eg aggravated robbery, assaut w/ a deadly weapon and rape, people who are convicted of these crimes are sent away for a very long time, because they are a threat to society. In tiny bze, you have a few deadbeats giving the entire nation a bad rep making all our people looks as if though we are uncivilize. Growing up, I never thought I would seem arm police officers patrolling the streets of the jewel, I thought that was for the uncivilized countries of the world, i guess i was being naive.

  11. martha castillo says:

    Big up the young man that got shot. God is with you. The person that did the shooting sin for him, he needs God in his life. I just want to let him know that the hand that he use to shoot the Almighty One can take it away from him since he is doing the wrong thing with his hand. Its God that give us each body parts. Lets try and do good things. If he was blind he wouldn’t have shoot. He better pray now that God don’t take away the use of his hand and eyes. I will pray for you young man. You just continue school and pray before you go anyway. God sees everything.

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