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Apr 17, 2012

Daughter confronts dad; dad charged for slaps

Gilbert Domingo

Hattieville Chairman, forty-seven year old Gilbert Domingo, was today arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on a charge of Harm and the victim is his twenty-five year old daughter, Tania Domingo. The charge is in connection with an incident at a house party in the village on Saturday, in which Tania claims her father slapped her several times. Gilbert was detained but released on police bail until he appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer today. He pleaded not guilty to the offense and was again granted bail of one thousand dollars. According to Tania, they were at a party when she noticed her father talking to a woman. She confronted him and during the argument that followed, Gilberto reportedly slapped her three times. Tania reported the incident and requested court action.

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20 Responses for “Daughter confronts dad; dad charged for slaps”

  1. Marie says:



    A daughter confronts his father, and in return he responded with violence.
    Lack of respect, lack of love.

    Gilbert need a hard lesson in fatherhood, lock his @$$ up.

  3. says:

    The daughter is an idiot!!! Why confront her dad because he is talking to a woman??? That is so STUPID!! They are at a social event he is socializing…Now if he was !#$%&ing the woman then she could have a negative reaction, so does that means everyman the daughter talks to screws her?
    Because of her tramp-ish ways she thinks everyone else is a tramp!!

  4. Village girl says:

    Yes she was out of line to confront her father but did he have the right to put his hands on her can’t you Belize men grow some ….. and have civil confrontations without hitting a woman. It takes a REAL MAN to restrain himself from animalistic behavior. I would not doubt that you john with a small j is a woman beater. Grow some…..

  5. Belmopan says:

    This is a sad situation all around! That is why we have so much trouble here in Belize – the family structure and respect for your elders is a concept of the past!
    Why on earth would this young lady confront her father in an aggressive way because he was talking to a woman! But on the other hand why would this guy slap his own daughter repeatedly????
    They have some serious house cleaning to do in there family!!!

    The situation should have never reached this point but FAMILY is very important in everyone’s lives… They should come together apologize to each other and try to move on as a family!!!!!!

  6. Papsi Buns says:

    I would slap her too, Guy spends all these years raising her and he can’t socialize with another woman. Would expect that form the mom and not her . think there is more going on here than meets the eye

  7. Steel says:

    You hit the nail on the head john. Stupid daughter, she just lacks attention from the father n was looking 4 it from the media..

  8. bzean says:

    dat dah only di daughter, imagine if the mom was there. :)
    people don’t have any respect, adult situations should be handled in private not in public to ridicule and embarass, esp your own blood.

  9. drose flowers says:




  10. landi says:

    Do not comment in ignorance people.

  11. joe says:

    It is written in the Bible. You cannot straighten a tree when it is old!!!


    I seen people laugh when a todler begining to talk says “bad words”

    Encourgement to when he gets bigger – he can say these “bad words” to any adult!!

    We are to blame!!

  12. rose says:

    Who the parent and whos the child? Its none of her beeswax she need to mind her own. The father did the rite thing

  13. tuts says:

    I’ve been around that young lady before and her attitude is nasty…
    But it still isn’t right for a man to lay his hands on a woman..
    Mr. Domingo should have just walked away…
    I just hope the father and Daughter relationship can be restore after this incident…

  14. jane says:

    John, u obviously must have the same mentality to say something as stupid as that. A child would not just confront her father in that manner without a valid reason. Do u know the whole story??? obviously not. obviously there is more to just the so called socializing. Maybe she got tired of seeing her father disrespecting her mother and reacted. As a public figure and a father he should have exercised more control and self respect. Steel…i hope thats not a a reflection of your mentality. Rose, so you condone men beating on women? regardless if she is his daughter. Maybe he should slap you too and see if your thoughts will still be the same. A real man respects himself and his family.

  15. reen dennison says:

    well, respect dad, wait untill you get dad in a corner or at home and ask the question. Dont embarass your dad, you deserve decipline. Dont matter how old you are, RESPECT always.

  16. John Boy,Carson,Ca says:

    No one have the right to lay hands on no one , regardless if it is your daughter.

  17. alley cat says:

    Bax or Slap? This sounds like it warrants a bax, dissing the old player. I don’t think she will be doing that again…

  18. Friend says:

    Her father will always remain her father. not because she thinks she is a woman she can do anything and tell her parents anythings she feels like.

    So i do not feel sorry for the daughter. She needs to get the sense. Who better to teach you a lesson than your parents.

  19. NoNo says:

    What she did was pretty darn stupid, if you father wants to talk to a woman, so what!! its not like he is doing anything wrong, what? does the daughter just want to see her dad alone in a cordner at the party not socializing! She’s just darn stupid thats all and i hope she is reading these comments. And yes the dad is wrong on hitting her but i’m sure he didn’t slap her for nothing, she has to have said something wrong but as usual people jus hear one side of every story. So i say next time know your darn role, your the daughter not the mother or the wife! Belize is a free country where a man and a woman, boy and girl can talk to whom he or she wants!!!!

  20. IDFWU says:

    All of u bunch of pansies that don’t know shit hear this. No it was not at a social event it was just at a family members house. The daughter confronted the father because he was was brave enough to take his side woman to a family members house. Mind you, this man is married & lives with them (his same daughter & wife). So how do u think she felt watching outright disrespect. This man didn’t raise her. Only her mother did. She was defending her mother you idiots.

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