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Apr 16, 2012

51 year old man murdered on Banak St.; is it a case of mistaken identity?

Darrington Rivers

A few hours after the murder of Clifton Flores, fifty-one year old Darrington Rivers, a bicycle repairman of Belize City, was killed. His grieving relatives believe it is a case of mistaken identity.  Rivers, who lived on Coffin Street, a block south of where he was killed was walking along Banak Street in the direction of Central American Boulevard shortly after midnight. Several shots were heard shortly thereafter and the bullet-riddled body of Rivers was discovered lying on the street. The bullets from the lone gunman hit him in the middle of his forehead and on both thighs.


Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer

Fitzroy Yearwood

“From police investigations we have gathered that sometime around 1:20 a.m. Rivers was walking on Banak Street towards Central American Boulevard.  Residents of that area have said that they heard several gunshots fired and upon making checks outside they found Darrington lying in the street.  We haven’t gathered much on that but we have investigators who are still canvassing that area to see if we can pick up any lead as to who may have done this to a fifty-one year old man.”


Voice Of: Family Friend

“I was asleep and my neighbor from upstairs she came down and she banged on my door and she told me that a police guy came and told her that they just shot Charro because that’s his nickname, Charro.  So I told her “what?” and she said “yes, they just shot Charro by Mayflower Street.”  I am the closest friend that they have to the family right now so they came and she told me and the only thing I could have done is picked up the phone and tried to tell his daughter because they live in Mahogany Heights so I am the only one they could have come and tell and I contacted them and I still didn’t believe.  We stayed out here and we talked until the morning when the other CIB [officer] came that’s when I believe that, you know, the guy really went.”


A week prior to the shooting death of Darrington Rivers a pair of teenagers came under gunfire outside a residence on Banak Street by three men.  It is not clear whether the two incidents are related and despite not making any arrests, a police investigation into the matter continues.

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12 Responses for “51 year old man murdered on Banak St.; is it a case of mistaken identity?”

  1. EZ GLEnn says:

    Yes ah yer they just chance weh man outa ih life.WOW chance ah Somebody Father,somebody’s Son, Somebody Friend,Somebodys buddy well he tha me my lee buddy What is Belize becoming Full of cold blooded Murderers shoot the man like DOG IN THE STREET And I hope you can’ t sleep ah hope you see eh face ova and ova iona you sleep and if they have weh ma or someone they love ah hope they get sick and die a miserable slow death Because all unu Murdaras unu weh pay I me think you get back aw ta man you got beef with . if the man do something beat ah unu just shot the man fe street fame and because unu have wah gun unu tha …. and that all i haffi seh Rest in Peace mi funny Friend I will miss you very much Now Who wah meka laugh now when I go dah the shell station just like the hole inna eh head unu left wah Hole Inna mi Heart RIP CHARROMY MAN

  2. Rod says:

    Useless gov. And pm but this is what you people voted for .


    Enough already, and likely to send shivers down most of the readers spines and have Rod yelling profanities at the government loud enough to be heard on the East Coast.

    The government is still not doing much about preventing crimes or holding nothing back in his promise of increasing the body count.

    In conclusion, crimes maybe down for this period of year, but don’t hold your breath any longer.

  4. Darrington Rivers Jr says:

    Love you dad. Take care, see you in the after life when I get there.

  5. Darrington Rivers Jr says:

    I love you dad. Take care, see you in the after life when I get there. ONE LOVE ONE HEART.

  6. Storm says:

    Catch the killer and hang him high. No mercy, no exceptions.

  7. I Belize it says:

    Inspector Yearwood, how is the Giovanni Chi murder case going?

    Country needs a memorial wall for the innocent people murdered.

  8. Storm says:


    I think everyone in the Jewel can get behind such a project, except the people who are supposed to be protecting us from violence.

  9. Eldon says:

    These senseless killing needs to stop it hit me at home now and it really hurts to see someone i know become another victim of gun violence.

  10. Dirty sugar!!!! says:

    This country is realy in a bad shape — then watch mi — the Budget have not even been read yet — then it might sound so glorious and thing and pple wa still di dead pan di street —- none of the Politicians care and the Senior Police Officers dont even have a clue as to what to do!!!!!

    They are like headless chickens running arround — most if not all of them have never worked the streets so they dont know what the hell to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They just sit down and speak like they know — and sit in their offices doing not a thing —all they can do is force the police officers to work extra duties —- without pay___ and that does not help —

    The Gov and the Police dont realy care about what is happening on the streets and it can be see because so many innocent persons have died and they have not done a Sh**.

    Just wish we had a Death Squad in BZe — Fish — i would like to form one myself!!!!!!!!!! And clean the streets for real — 1% of the population making everyone suffer — fish that Killl all the GAng members and the Murderers!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Elorine Rivers says:

    This message is to the one that take my brother’s life. The bible said vegence is mine saith the Lord, I SHALL REPAY. Remember, we are not fighting against flesh and blood, but the power of darkness. Teenagers, it might seems like fun and games right now, but remember who holds tomorrow, and when you die and have to stand before God, and he will turn you away, into that pit of hell, where the worms never die, and the fire never quenches. The devil is recruiting you all, don’t be a fool, the devil doesn’t love you, he wants to see you guys die and go to hell, wake up before it’s too late. Just remember, you live by the sword, you’ll die by the sword. Wake up young people, give your live to the lord and make our country a better place for our children.

    You took the life of someone’s son, father, my BROTHER, but I don’t hate you, I just feel real sorry for you. Repent, repent, you wont just die, there is eternity, your soul is more important to me than than anything in this lifetime.

    God is LOVE

  12. EASY GLENN says:

    NEW LAW CUT OFF TRIIGA FINGA then man cant shot and haffi fight now!!!!
    shot finga gone and out law hand gun inna Belize only riffle fe hunting.

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