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Mar 30, 2012

15 years for man who shot Rodwell Williams

He was convicted on March fifteenth of the attempted murder of Attorney Rodwell Williams and today Akeem Thurton was back in the Supreme Court to learn his fate. Thurton was facing as many as twenty-five years to life in prison, but after reviewing a social report on his character, Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin handed down a sentence of fifteen years in prison. During the one hour session, Thurton had no character witnesses to speak on his behalf. But from the social report, CJ Benjamin noted that he had no previous offences, he was a family oriented person and a talented football player. On the other side of the coin, however, the Chief justice pointed out that on the night of May thirty-first, 2010 Thurton waited over an hour for Williams to leave his Albert Street office and then pounced on him, which makes his actions premeditated. While those were the deciding factors that led to the fifteen year sentence, Akeem’s mother, Lorraine believes that the personality involved also played a role.


Lorraine Thurton, Mother of Akeem Thurton

“Dah noh wah good term but I mi expect dat because di type ah person weh get shot, I done know dat dehn mussy mi wah want give ah more dan dat but just because dehn do di social thing bout ah and dehn know dat ih dah wah good lee bwai, ih dah wah fisherman and thing and dehn know dat my lee bwai noh shoot Rodwell Williams. Dehn know dat and my lee bwai tell dehn di truth from ih heart and still. But I lef everything eena God hand, he dah di ansa fi all di questions.”


Anita Nembhard, Court Reporter

Lorraine Thurton

“You have the option to appeal, will you be doing that?”


Lorraine Thurton

“Yes I will cause I need fi help my son cause I know to my heart dat my son noh do dat.”


Anita Nembhard

“Have you been able to get someone to represent your son as yet?”


Lorraine Thurton

“I spoke to two lawyers and they told me to bring the transcript as soon as I get it and they will look on what grounds they can appeal it.”


Daniel Ortiz, Channel 7

“We have seen the entire trial take place without an attorney; we got the impression that no one wanted to represent your son because of the attorney he is up against. Would you speak to us on why is it that you had difficulties finding an attorney?”


Lorraine Thurton

“First, I noh have no job. I have six kids; noh only Akeem, I have six ah dehn and I have to fight everyday fi find food fi dehn. I noh have wah job so I couldn’t come up wid no money cause we poor so dehn noh look pan we weh poor but if I mi have money, dehn mi wah look pan me.”


Williams was shot once to the abdomen in what is believed to have been an assassination attempt. Thurton was charged along with Ricky Valencia, who was murdered before the trial began.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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8 Responses for “15 years for man who shot Rodwell Williams”

  1. Storm says:

    Maybe he had not been caught before, but he had set the ambush together with Valencia, one of the Jewel’s most violent gangsters. “Show me a man’s friends, and I’ll show you the man.”

    Thurton meant to murder, and it is only God’s merciful hand and the advanced medicine of the States that foiled that purpose.

    Me? I’d hang the rat, and sleep better because of it.

  2. Rod says:

    Does anybody know why Roswell Williams was shot what was the motive for the shooting it wasn’t for robbery so why was he shot this has never come to light inquiring minds want to know .

  3. Islander says:

    One down many others to go! I am starting to like this trial without jury

  4. lino says:

    lawyers are officers of the court-as a former policeman -also an officer of the court-it is as night follows day that when you shoot a police or attorney, you will be caught and dealt with by the system they work with-futile try so now take the consequences for the company you keep.

  5. BZNinCALI says:

    Sadly Miss Thurton, the guns & ammo cost a lot less than an attorney & it is something for our children to think about before committing a crime. Rodwell did not attempt suicide. While I agree that the system is very flawed, until parents, siblings & everyone involved allow their children to take responsibility for their actions, we will continue to victimize & be victimized. Rodwell grew up a few blocks from where he was shot. Regardless of what you think you see, until there are real consequences for taking another person’s life, no one’s life has value. Your child is still here, too many parents can no longer touch or talk to their children, the only reason your son was not convicted of murder was because the victim had the resources & contacts to get exceptional care. Thank God for small favors

  6. FREE your black mind says:

    why is Dean Barrow paying gangbangers to stay low, this makes no sense, he needs to educate and create employment for our black brothas and sistas.

  7. CEO says:

    Rod you are stuck on one nonsense “why was Rodwell shot?” as if the reason would come to light Rodwell’s shooting would be justified. This is nonsense; what ever you think the reason is and the shooting of Rodwell are bother wrong that need to be removed from our society. Why not work so this will not happen again?

    I am sure your son is no saint and I am sure he deserves the sentencing he received because he admittedly was on the scene at the time of the shooting. This makes him an accomplice. There are many just like your son who are serving life sentences because they were an accomplice to a crime.

  8. Jan says:

    Yes people are glad now that trials are without jury. But wait when it comes knocking your door then you will see it unfair. The answer is not if he is innocent or guilty cause the court has charged him now. But my question why these two men wanted to kill this prominent lawyer that has to be investigated. And also why he didnt have legal representation is it the right for anyone to have a laywer. And again how fast they sent him to jail well I gues now the justice system is working. No true. Hooray to the government when it comes for its friends… Yeah rite…

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