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Mar 20, 2012

Dragon Unit suppresses Mayans en route to protest

Remy Choc

And while some protestors made it Belmopan to picket outside the National Assembly Building this morning, a second busload was turned back upon reaching Armenia.  Both buses were met by a contingent of armed officers, believed to be members of the Dragon Unit, who formed an ad hoc checkpoint near the outskirts of the village.  According to Remy Choc, the passengers were required to exit the vehicles where a complete search of their persons was conducted in a nearby field.  When it was discovered that the second bus was being driven without a permit for charter, the driver and his commuters, were forced to return south but not before an exchange with the officers.

Remy Choc

“We got a call from one of the bus drivers and a lady. They said that the police were dressed in civilian uniform, dragon unit. They pulled them over and they took them to afield and they took out everybody from out of the bus. We never did have a close chat with the people but when we came here because the time was on the doc, so we told them we need to start the process. Don’t worry about that. We came here not with the violence, we came here with love to let our minister and the senator hear the people. At least give us that chance.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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15 Responses for “Dragon Unit suppresses Mayans en route to protest”

  1. Earl Grey says:

    Belize has turned into a POLICE STATE…

  2. Listen or else says:

    When the Gang Suppression Unit is not serving busy gangs members fresh cocktails & useful intelligence in The city, the Dragon unit is busy pushing around peaceful Mayans in The country.

    For vacation GSU upstarts earn extra money in Zimbabwe, and train hard in North Korea & Syria learning the latest ways to keep crowds of people happy obeying their guns & intimidation.

    Next week they will be demonstrating strip searches for the public to watch. Lucky winners will get a televised body cavity examination to help the public understand their role in patriotic subservience.

  3. Chitown says:

    You should be allowed to protest nut you also need to follow the laws of the land and protest the correct way. The police did their job. People has been killed in these type of protest before in Belize; remember Orange Walk.

  4. Rod says:

    Go my Mayan people do not let this gov. Silence your voices protest every day if you have to let no one especially this useless incompetent gov. And pm try to silence your voices march .

  5. RedBwai says:

    Now this sounds very vindictive on the part of the police department and GOB…shame on them….let the people protest peacefully….thats our right as citizen’s of this beautiful country…to protest or demonstrate the injustices we see happening all around us on a daily basis…our voices must be heard…our presence must be known and our will must be done….stop suppressing the people, that will only succeed in doing more harm than good…

  6. murphy says:

    This is what this Gov’t is all about, Dictatorship. People can no longer protest! If it was a PUP Gov’t, I can bet u, u would see this red dumb a### protesting and they have this mentally that they will do whatever it’s necessary to get it done. Memba people people Dean Barrow’s own word “We wil embark in civil disobedience”. And they did! UDP Gov’t is a parasite for this Country!!!

  7. Charlie Price says:

    Protesting within the law is not really protesting…THE GOVERNMENT THAT TELLS YOU HOW TO PROTEST OWNS YOU….and will not listen, but TO PATRONIZE.

    NON- VIOLENCE on the edge of the law gets the attention of those in power.

    The Orange Walk protest…. THE BARROW GOVERNMENT KILLED AN INNOCENT MAN…and that killing has one unpunished.

  8. JG says:

    gang suppression unit????

    So….they maya people were in a gang?? or is it that GSU take over traffic police?

  9. EY says:

    JG…u can’t read or what ..the news clearly stated the DRAGON UNIT not the Gang Suppression Unit…and i believe everybody has the right to fight for their living..kudos my mayan people…

  10. Rastaman says:

    Well, for too long now the people of the Southern District have always been forgotten, when they try to create their own source of income, there is still chaos and problems. How long will my people have to suffer before their voices are heard. I as an Artist I had to generate my own income in order to survive in the south. It is not easy, think about the sufferers, about the people who elected you, and now this is the pay back. Rise my people to the top and keep on fighting.

  11. Elgin Martinez says:

    What kind of democracy are we living in if people are not allowed to demonstrate.

  12. Omar Ayuso says:

    It doesn’t matter whether it was the Dragon Unit or the Gang Suppression Unit because the newscast clearly states “armed officers believed to be Dragon Unit”…the point is, if the damn bus was being operated without a charter permit then why wasn’t the driver issued a traffic violation ticket and allowed to continue. Is it that it was LEGAL to operate the bus from PG to Armenia and back but no farther? Or was it just an excuse to deny the Mayas their right to assemble? And I have no problem with our police or military setting up checkpoints…its their job. But if they will be looking at traffic-related violations then shouldn’t the TRAFFIC DEPT be present to issue tickets? From where I’m standing it just seems like another case of our police throwing their weight around…

  13. Billy says:

    Shout damn barrow, he.better no mess with belizean….

  14. Jason Jones says:

    Perhaps the “Dragon Unit” should be placing their focus on the CRIMINALS that are taking lives on a daily basis. Spend some time cleaning up the mess in Belize City.

  15. Jason Jones says:

    Perhaps the “Dragon Unit” should direct some attention toward the criminals who are ending lives in Belize City… While you’re “supressing” innocent civilians people are being murdered…

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