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Mar 19, 2012

Debt Review Team Meets

Mark Espat

Last week Friday, the news broke that former Albert area rep and deputy P.U.P. leader, Mark Espat had been called to lead the negotiations on the Superbond. The government announced in a release today, that Prime Minister Dean Barrow, Minister of Finance and Economic Development, chaired the inaugural meeting of the Debt Review team, which is tasked with a comprehensive review of the external public sector debt and contingent liabilities. Other members of the team are Minister Godwin Hulse; Financial Secretary, Joseph Waight; Central Bank Governor, Glenford Ysaguirre; Central Bank Deputy Governor Christine Vellos; and Advisor in the Ministry of Finance, Alan Slusher. Government has also retained the services of external advisors who will provide support to the team.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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11 Responses for “Debt Review Team Meets”

  1. Rod says:

    You big traitor you should be flogged and driven out of the country .

  2. CEO says:

    A good move by the PM!

    I hope that as Belizean politics matures we will start realizing that our country is more important than our politics. Resolving this issue will benefit all Belizeans regardless of your political interest or preference.

  3. alley cat says:

    Why are people calling this man a traitor? Definition of traitor: One who betrays one’s country, a cause, or a trust, especially one who commits treason.

    1. He did not betray his country, he quit his party.
    2. He revolted once the cause of the party was compromised.
    3. The people in Albert Divison still Trust him and we all know he would win in a landslide against candidates from either party.
    4. On treason well he has never been accused of working with some foreign power against the interest of Belize.

    Let’s be real here nothing but attempts to assasinate this man’s character because he does not have confidence in PUP and does not share the main PUP ideology any more…

  4. concerned belizean says:

    Always knew he was too good to be true. A criminal just like the rest of politicians but this one is snake under grass. I guess he finally got the position he sold out his party for. Good Luck!

  5. subKonshus says:

    Define Irony:

    The PUP Ex-Communicated Mark Espat and Cordel Hyed because of the strategic move they pulled when they resigned their candidacy just weeks before the General Elections. This was the mother of all strategic moves because it ultimately caused the PUP to lose the General Elections. Moreover, it is now revealed that Mark Espat was a key player in the negotiations of the infamous, burdensome, “jack boot” SUPERBOND! Well, as the saying goes, “One man’s Trash is another man’s Treasure”. Lo and Behold! this same PUP “Trash” has now become the UDP’s “Treasure”. Now the elections are over, and before the smoke has cleared, Dean Barrow appoints the same mastermind that negotiated the Superbond, to re-negotiate the Superbond. Remember one of the main reasons for the early elections was for a new mandate with regards to the Superbond. It’s now obvious that the solution or the management of the country’s finances with relation to the Superbond are way beyond any brain power within the UDP camp, including Dean Barrow. Why else would the PM employ the “trash” from the PUP exhaust pipe. In retrospect I can’t help to think that the PM really wanted a bail out, hoping that the PUP would take back office and deliver the country from economic meltdown by calling early elections. Well, since that did not work, he can only resort to the next best thing. Humbly employ some PUP genius. I say PUP genius because Mark Espat was a PUP, he was fed on the same economic grain like Ralp, Said, Godfrey and rest of the PUP clan. After all, they established the Superbond, so it stands to reason they had a plan to move the country forward with that “Jack Boot on the Belizean throats.” So whether the die hard UDP’s like or not, it will take a PUP brain to deliver Belize once again to the Promised Land of economic stability and growth.

    Define Irony:

  6. Tony Hunter says:

    subKonshus: You are assuming Espat will be successful. And who measures said success?
    How can you call the brain behind a problem a genius? I wish Mr. Espat (and Belize) the best.
    But it doesn’t matter what his PUP history is, WE ALL need to work TOGETHER to get out of this mess. If our economy does not grow, re-negotiation will not help. Espat cannot deliver us to the promised land. Only leadership united around good ideas can. The people are ready.

  7. Charlie Price says:

    Mark Espat helped to create the messy SUPERBOND…HE SHOULD HELP CLEAN IT UP!!!

  8. Initiate! says:

    LOL Rod, you are at least interesting!!!!

  9. Kalim says:

    Between Mark and Cordel, they collected more than $520,000.00 dollars in the name of being elected to fight for the betterment of the people of Lakei and Alberts. If they entered the National assembly 5 times to speak on behalf of the people whom they represent, then we would have been able to say that they worked to earn that money even though each visit to the house would have cost us $104,000.00 dollars for each day they entered the assembly, but they didn’t. Even the times they entered they said nothing on behalf of our suffering. If that ain’t treason against the poor people who trusted them, then I don’t know what treason is.

    To make matters worse, they choosed to pull out at the last hour and are now being rewarded by the UDD with our money for what they did.

    It’s like saying E tu Brutus!

  10. Judas says:

    It a shame to hear that this traitor will be post in different position in the Dean Barrow Gov. to negotiate the superbone and lead ambasador post in a country, if they have turn there back to their constituency in Albert and Lake I for money. Imagine what this traitor will be doing in a foreign country where they will seeing a lot of money.Traitor////////////

  11. OriginalWoman says:

    The above coments from most of you is a big reason we as belizeans have the kind of problems we do. From every level in our society, the lower class or poor, to the upper class or middle-class and rich people. Not enough of you seem willing to come together and compromise. You are too hung up on UDP, PUP, RED, BLUE, etc. If Mr. Espat decides to leave his party, for whatever reason, he should be able to do so without being LABELED A TRAITOR BY THE SAME PEOPLE WHO ARE CONSTANTLY COMING ONLINE AND DISRESPECTING BOTH MR. SPAT AND MR. HYDE…THE WAY HOW SOME OF YOU EXPRESS YOURSELVES HERE, I WOULD NOT WANT TO BE A PART OF YOUR PARTY EITHER. People have the right to choose or refuse. Mr. Hyde said he was leaving to support and take care of his SICK SON IN THE US, YET NO ONE HARDLY SEEM TO REMEMBER THAT. All most of you do is rant on and on about how these men betrayed the PUP party. Well, in that case, why would you even care what other position they hold OUTSIDE the PUP party???? THE ELECTION IS OVER. You people need to move on and come together with others be it in the government, or independently, for the good of ALL BELIZEANS to see how you can help solve the problems we are facing and make the nation a better place to live and visit!!

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