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Mar 9, 2012

Dean Barrow Swears Oath as New Prime Minister

Prime Minister Dean Barrow took the oath this morning for a second term of office. The ceremonies were brief at Belize House in Belmopan where the Governor General Sir Colville Young administered the oath. The GG, in offering congratulations, told the Prime Minister that his victory was not for the party but for Belize. The prime Minister was accompanied by immediate family members, including his wife, Kim Simpliss, his three children and his sister.

Dean Barrow

Dean Barrow

“I Dean Oliver Barrow do swear that I will bear true faith and allegiance to Belize and will uphold the constitution and the law and that I will conscientiously impartially and to the best of my ability, discharge my duties as the Prime Minister of Belize and do right to all manner of people without fear or favor, affection or ill will so help me God.”

Colville Young

Sir Colville Young, Governor General of Belize

“I want to congratulate you and your party for your victory. I trust it will be a victory, not for the party but for Belize and that the new term will be as fruitful for the prosperity and well being of Belize as I believe the former term has been. Once again, my congratulations to you and your team of the United Democratic Party.”

After the extended holiday weekend, the Prime Minister will be announcing the configuration of the new Cabinet. By way of the Constitution, only eleven of the seventeen elected representatives will make it to Cabinet; so the prime minister says he will be appointing four others via the senate.  Who will make the cut? It is expected that the Deputy Prime Minister, Gaspar Vega, who is the only one to be reelected in the Orange Walk district will remain as DPM and likely keep the portfolio of Minister of Natural Resources. As well, the minister of tourism, Manuel Heredia is a strong contender to remain in that ministry. The rest of the Cabinet will likely include a mix of other senior members along with newly elected representatives. On Tuesday, the new Cabinet members are expected to also take the oath of office. The House of Representatives is expected to be convened soon enough for the presentation of the budget for the next financial year, which begins on April first, 2012.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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17 Responses for “Dean Barrow Swears Oath as New Prime Minister”

  1. Nationhood says:

    Dean barrow knows and uses the law to the letter, isnt it illegal or premature to be sworn in before election and boundaries releases the official results and declares him winner?

  2. Storm says:

    I hope the arrogant Honorable Barrow feels appropriately humbled by his close call in the elections. He obviously owes his political survival to the 1,000+ Guats he nationalized just in time to vote for him.

    If the election had been left to real Belizeans only, Barrow would be out with the rubbish.

  3. Punkgial says:

    Yes election and boundaries need to give the final count of election results and approve a recount for those very close winners in Cayo then the GG can give all electorate winners the oath of office.The Belizean GOB is trying to promote democracy well let them show that we are a democratic country by starting with this election,give the people of Belize the benefit of the doubt and approve the recount.

  4. queen says:

    Barrow is the best thing that ever happened to Belize. Educate yourself before you talk rubbish.

  5. Steve says:

    And thanks to the corrupt public officers who worked as returning officers to steal the election. But a stormy and rocky road awaits Barrow in his stolen mandate.

  6. Eye In The Sky says:

    Heredia as Tourism Minister again ! NOOOOOOOO ! ! ! ! !
    We need a tourism minister in Toledo, Corozal or Orange Walk.

  7. Liberty and Freedom says:

    Just another fixed election. Money handed out on both sides to buy votes. Some people would sell their souls to the devil for $100.00. You have sold out the future of this wonderful country. You get what you “paid for” – now weep as the nation goes further into debt.

  8. Jessejames says:

    @Nationhood u da wah uneducated idiot. U r so stupid dont u know that elections and boundries pronounced him winner after they finished d counting u A-hole. U r a Jak horse. Why dont u keep ur stupid comments to urself

  9. John Boy,Carson,Ca says:

    Democeracy is a great thing , but in the hands of stupid people it could be dangerous. Anyone who is a die hard red , or blue are just ignorant. When you put party before your country, how could the country move forward. One other thing in Belize the P.M is like a dictator. In the U.S. The people vote for the president, and he needs both house gto get bills pass.PUP could have wrote a better constitution, But they were in power at that time, and being short sighted as Belizean politicians are they taught they were going to be in power forever.They same way UDP feels today.It is not about the country. It is about the party.

  10. Impartial 2 says:

    belizeans truly are too dumb for positive change. Best thing you can do in Belize, is become a part of the elite.

  11. wise1 says:

    just put d blame pan montero ( di dumbest most corrupt udp member of all time), look at d seats d udp lost?? constituencies dat had to do with agriculture. mark my words he is not returning as minister. he is a failure and will be a lame duck representative along with penner who even his own people the mennonites wanted to get rid of him. what a shame belizeans. i guess wi wah eat manure fu di next 5 years ( if barrow could last dat long). politically he and his crew dun!!

  12. wise1 says:

    just put d blame pan montero ( di dumbest most corrupt udp member of all time), look at d seats d udp lost?? constituencies dat had to do with agriculture. mark my words he is not returning as minister. he is a failure and will be a lame duck representative along with penner who even his own people the mennonites wanted to get rid of him. what a shame belizeans. i guess wi wah eat manure fu di next 5 years ( if barrow could last dat long). politically he and his crew dun!! pup= government in waiting.

  13. observer says:

    As an observer, I am appalled at the mockery the UDP have done to our rights. The law is extremely clear, that you can only be registered in the constituency you live. In fact that law is so clear, that you can be jailed if you told lies that you live in a certain area, when in reality you are living somewhere else.

    Yet, the public officers who knew these things, and the requisite for registering a person, allowed people to be illegally registered… just using street addresses. If you walk the streets of Belmopan, or San Ignacio Santa Elena town, or even Belize City, there is no way you could find those thousands of people living in the streets who were allowed to be registered. These phoney registrations, are what is responsible for the biggest fraud against he people and country of Belize. There is no way we are that dump, or BLIND!

    The burning question is what can be done about it.

    In fact one of the questions usually ask at the Election and Boundaries office is, what color house you live in? In this case, it would have had TO HAVE been, what color street you live on, because there were no houses. It means that nothing were verified and from the beginning, by the Election and Boundaries office, since the object was to commit fraud against the Belizean people and country of Belize, from the OUTSET.

    We have walked these streets, whether it be Belmopan, Santa Elena or San Ignacio, but we don’t see this mass amount of homeless people. We would like to know; ‘WHERE ARE THEY’? How can that amount of people be invisible to the naked eye?

    Were these public officers doing these illegal registration threatened with the lost of job if they didn’t do these illegal acts? It’s a burning question that comes to mind. We cannot understand, how something like this cannot stand up in court, when even the Prime Minister knew that these people did not, and do not live in streets of these places. In fact, his words when questioned long before the election was, and I quote: ‘If they can find an address then that would make it legal’. A street is not an address, it is part of an address. From the outset the object was to steal the election, and you sure did! Even though the PM said he has the mandate of the people, stealing is not a mandate. That’s exactly what the UDP did.

    The mass suffering will continue, because the fraud committed, will not be righted… NO MATTA WHAT!

    Come clean PM!

  14. Orlando says:

    Did this man as leader of the country did such a fantastic job that the people granted him another term? this is hard to believe when the unemployment is so high and not to mention all the criminal activity. Now I am not a resident of Belize, but I certainly did not abondon the country where I was born and I try to keep up with what’s going on around the country. It’s true that Belize is a very beautiful country, but the question remains if the next generation will ever see anything like it and if it’s up to Mr Barrow the answer is HELL NO!
    Lets take a good look at Belize future, CRIME is = to UNEMPLOYMENT and UNEMPLOYMENT = CRIME = BARROW. Is that your ansewer Belize? or is that what you really want?

  15. Guat by birth says:

    Of course not! He did a terrible job. He is not a good leader and the message was sent to him very clear from all the districts except the Belize District that needs to wake up. That;s why Belize city is how it is……………………………………

  16. now i see says:

    Today, i was talking to one of my workers and i asked him if he was happy with the elections and he said “yes, i vote blue, they give me 150.00. So i said you think that was right? He said “i dont know”he said i went to see him 3 times at his house because he promise me some other things but i cant find him. So, i try to explain him you will not see him again untyl he need your vote again. Thats why this country is how it is because they pay for votes instead of using that money to fix roads or something good for the comunity. And like my worker are so many others that they think because they vote for a xxx party they have to mantain them for ever. Teach the people to love and respect Belize.

  17. mailman says:

    hey queen, Barrow the best thing that ever happened to belize???? really are u serious??? c’mon u should EDUCATE yourself b4 u talk rubbish

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