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Mar 9, 2012

International Report says Belize is Transit Point for Drugs

The 2012 International Control Strategy report has been released by the US State Department.  The US Department notes that the security situation is likely continue to deteriorate in Belize, which has become a major drug producing and transit country in 2011. The report notes that the country had no successful prosecutions related to large seizures of illicit drugs last year and that along with El Salvador, we will be facing serious security challenges.  Seventy-nine percent of all cocaine smuggling flights from South America now pass through Honduras while fifteen percent of the cocaine which enters the US passes through Guatemala. The state department also notes that there is an upward trend in drug related violence in the Caribbean, citing Jamaica where drugs are frequently traded for guns. The report is highly complimentary of anti-drug efforts in Colombia which is described as a partner in exporting security and stability throughout the Western Hemisphere. But it classifies Colombia as one of the world’s largest producers of cocaine.

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13 Responses for “International Report says Belize is Transit Point for Drugs”

  1. Money says:

    tourism and farming business falling apart,
    illegal transit of guns, cartel drugs, and human trafficking is the new economy.
    Being a gang member has the experience to move to these career opportunities.
    Why steal and kill 500 people when you can have 20 people do it for you.
    Only vicious gang leaders need apply.

  2. Initiate! says:

    “major drug producing and transit country in 2011″?? Well as long as not in 2012…

  3. Orange Walk observer says:

    We do not need a report from the State Department to know that Belize is major shipping port for illicit drugs, everybody knows that for years and that is nothing recent, it has been as such for over a decade. Whaen their is a demand for a product, there will be producers competing to supply that demand. When will the USA cut or at least curb it’s huge appetite for that high??? Deal with that first and all the other factors shall just fall apart or people will have to diversify. No matter how much our poor countries are pressured or de-classified, once there is that demand, the drugs shall be supplied. Simply, the US is not doing enough at home!!!

  4. Storm says:

    What a shock.

    We have had at least two governments with security forces that were at best inept, at worst in collusion with drug cartels.

    Who can be trusted? Who is policing the police?

    I can’t remember having effective, honest leadership at the top of our security forces.

    I’m not satIisfied with the situation — ARE YOU?

  5. Seletar says:

    The love of money is the root of all evil — and that is why the presence of drug money in the Jewel is corrupting government and citizens at all levels.

    It’s dirty, blood money from a dirty, bloody business that profits from killing people.

    Honest Belizeans should track down the drug criminals at every level, and rid the country of them.

  6. Liberty and Freedom says:

    Orange Walk Observer is correct. The United States has an insatiable appitite for any drugs, from pills to heroin (meth, cocaine, pot, etc).With all the technology and money spent by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), they cannot put a dent in stopping the supply lines. Now they face the Mexican drug cartels and have been supplying arms to the drug cartels. If you Google “Fast and Furious” the facts become clear. Try finding the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in any USA phone book. Trying finding a budget for the CIA. They get their funds from somewhere. Why are they protecting and arming the drug cartels? Conspiracy therory? You be the judge. Keeping your populace drugged stops people from finding out the truth……

  7. issues says:

    The problems is that the USA sells guns to the gangs and the gangs sell drugs to the USA.

  8. Storm says:

    Liberty & Freedom is half right.

    American appetite for drugs is half the problem, but drug cartels created the addiction there.

    Anyway, the drug money and violence is our problem HERE AND NOW. We are not so weak that we just have to throw up our hands and say, “Our country is being destroyed, let’s wait until the gringoes fix their problem.”


    Do YOU condone murder with impunity in the Jewel?

  9. jackl13 says:

    i have to agree with orange walk observer also, i am an american who has seen first hand the need for drugs. anything an everything. many of my friends have died because of drugs. and i live in a small state.(west virginia) i dont do drugs myself, but would like to say sorry to all the people of Belize for the blame that the U S has put on your country. i would love to visit your beautiful country one day. thank you, jack

  10. Roger says:

    The USA is taking the rest of the world for fools. They are not doing anything at all to stop drug consumption in their country. Just look at most celebrities who are well-known drug abusers in the USA. The police and soldiers are not arresting, imprisoning, shooting, or killing them for possession of drugs. They are adored by all until they die of overdose.
    And yes, the DEA is supplying weapons to Mexican drug cartels with the pretext that they are forming a link to capture the drug lords but no such thing is happening. Only the guns are being distributed to Central America for more crimes.
    Common sense says that it would be easier for the USA to fight the drug trade within their territory. Without a USA drug market, there would not be any need for suppliers to go to the USA. However, the USA politicians don’t want their people to turn against them so it is better to go and kill people outside of their country.
    The USA foreign policy stinks. All indications are that they are using their nuclear power to dictate and keep the rest of the world suppressed.
    The present President of Guatemala made an accurate observation and has the correct solution to the problem in the region but he needs regional support to put an end to the USA demand for bloodshed in the region.

  11. issues says:

    It is all about money, If the USA wanted to stop drugs they would. The gangs would not be such a problem if the USA did not arm them. A gang with lone stick and stone, make no trouble. Wake up it is a billion dollar industry. No one in the USA is interested in stopping this there is just to much money involved.

  12. Pelican says:

    So many Belizeans got their wealth during the prohibition era.. we are there again, that is all…

  13. issues says:

    Pelican has a good comment; Many Belizeans make good profit from this. Belize should legalize and control the drugs with in its boards and profit by them. Using the profits to help the poor instead of having the money in the hands of criminals.

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