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Mar 8, 2012

U.D.P. reelected; Cabinet members to come from senate

Dean Barrow

He hasn’t formed a new Cabinet and we will not know which of the seventeen representatives will get a portfolio. He did announce that not all of the elected members of the U.D.P. government will sit in Cabinet. Four others will be brought through the senate, which means that the new Cabinet will be fifteen strong; the outgoing is twenty-two.

Dean Barrow

“Looking at the realignment of ministries, I then expect to take the weekend to contemplate on the question of appointments to ministerial positions. It is a long weekend; Monday is a holiday so I will not propose to announce the cabinet until sometime Tuesday. But I would like to make it clear that there are seventeen of us that have been returned to office under the U.D.P. banner. There will now be seventeen members of the House of Representatives on the U.D.P. side. The constitution of the country is clear; only two-thirds of the members of the house coming from the party that makes up the majority and forms the government—only two-thirds can become ministers. The constitution contains and expresses limitation. Two-thirds of seventeen doesn’t give you many. So, basically as I’ve said it and I am not good on maths, it means that only eleven of the elected members of the house on the U.D.P. side can become ministers. So those who have won, this has nothing to do with me; it is the constitution of the country. It also says that the government is able to appoint four additional ministers to come from the senate. Altogether then, even if we felt that there is a need for more ministries in the circumstances, the constitution limits us to fifteen ministries. And four ministers out of the fifteen ministers that will head these ministries must come from the senate. We will discuss this matter privately; that is all the elected members of the house on the U.D.P. side, but the nation needs to know this so that when you hear that in fact only eleven of the persons elected are made ministers, don’t think that it is because the prime minister has an ax to grind; that is the supreme law of the land, my hands are tied, we must comply with the constitution. it will perhaps take us a little longer to convene the first meeting of the national assembly so that the four ministers that would come from the senate would essentially be minister designate until we can get the governor general to appoint them and they take the oath of office in the national assembly at which time they will be sworn in as senators.”

The PM will spend the weekend in Placencia contemplating the Cabinet to be announced on Tuesday.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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24 Responses for “U.D.P. reelected; Cabinet members to come from senate”

  1. RadicalBelizean says:

    Mr Prime Minister Congratulations. If you can only now unite this country, and I know we are in a global recession and so things are tough everywhere. All I want is for transparency and end of corruption,

    - tougher sentences for the gangs, and the traffiking of drugs (planes), and the chinese people.

  2. Bmp man says:


    The people has spoken….


  3. H1N1 says:

    Hoping the PM will get a better grip of what is going on in Belize and stop saying (i am not aware or i was not aware)

  4. H1N1 says:

    Have we realize what defference mass registration made in this election in the Cayo districe? Mr Penner admited paying for over 300 recent migrents and won with just under 20 votes. Patrick Menzies i am with you.

  5. Concerned woman says:

    He is back with his arrognace and disrespect. What kind of teamplayer are you Mr. prime minister? Insulting your fellow aprty members who lost….in one breath you give thanks and in the other you hurl insults. No one is inciting violence it is you with your tit for tat and butter for fish commentaries.
    Mr. Dean Barrow has a complex and always feels he is being attacked. He should be evaluated psychologically for his life experiences must be taking a toll now!!!!!!!!

  6. Santa Elena Resident says:

    Radical Belizean for your information how will there be an end to corruption when it is the gangs that the UDP are paying to keep them in power and the Chinese along with other immigrants who are given first preference over us, the born Belizeans!!!

  7. hevenlyblaq says:

    It is never praise worth when a “leader” chooses not to give his people a fair chance to speak just to give himself an his croonies a greater advantage of continued self gratification. PUP team an the Independent candidates need to be appluaded for putting up sucuh a good fight with so very short notice. Had they been given a fair amount of time you bet that Dean Barrow and his scoundrels would have been totally voted out of power. I hope that he is a lot more humble this time and that he finally proves himself worthy of respect. I am anticipating that he will not ignore the south because the -people of the south exercised their constitutional right to vote for better representative. We have experienced the malicious and vindictive nature of the UDP repeatedly and this comes straight from the head. Now is the time to unite the people so that riding the waves of uncertainty, ever increasinf crime and endless poverty becomes a lot easier.

  8. Belizean says:

    The OAS recommendations seem very good and adequate for what they observed, maybe they should stay and investigate the real issues behind this election.

    This man has no shame he was over d news with a big deal because he had not been congratulated by Francis Fonseca, he is one idiot, what makes him thinks he needs to be congratulated???

  9. belizean woman says:

    Mr. Prime minister, congratulation! you have the chance to do what you couldn’t do in 5 years.You have been given another chance to prove just much you love your country or destroy us.There have been a lot of senseless crimes in your term, now we are not saying that you are responsible for them–We simply begging you to try your best just a little harder to reduce them,because we are smart enough to realize that you can’t stop it completely.Let’s see more justice be given to these devastated families who lost loved one’s to murders.Go for it Mr.Prime Minister you have the ball in your court once again prove your worth.

  10. A Jew says:

    Yes the talk is on the Cayo district especially with Penner and Contreras. A week before elections Contreras was in Melchor on Guatemala Television and radio advising illegally registered guatemalans to go to Belize and vote for him. Also, during the mass naturalization last month Penner’s people crossed droves of Guatemalan’s illegally into Belize through the Los Tambos area.

  11. cor says:

    well i just hope and pray that the UDP party unites and provides a beter living for us belizeans. And i must congratulate Hon. Dean Barrow for his win because they made history Back to Back. UDp all the WAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  12. JahKid says:

    Julius had money and lots of it on Wednesday and he won. But whatever the fact, Ramon was not a good team player overall. He helped a lot of people but had to do more. Had to at least visit people from his constitution more often. I thank Mr Barrow for the law bring the darkness of the tinted glass vehicles or else we would not have seen Ramon any at all. Also Ramon had some of his Chairmen in the villages that contributed to his fall. The Teakettle chairman is so corrupt that Teakettle returned a lot of blue votes back to the PUP. God made the election results the way how it ended. I am happy with the result. We have to learn to work together and stop the hate with one another just because of the party difference. God Bless all those representatives elected to govern our beautifull Belize. Stop complaining and critisizing. No more of that, but it is pure work now. God Bless Belize!!!

  13. John Boy,Carson,Ca says:

    It would be a cold day in hell when I call Dean Barrow Mr Prime Minister.

  14. John Boy,Carson,Ca says:

    Crime will only get worse when the leader of the country is a criminal.

  15. Blue Sky says:

    Dean barrown is not the Prime Minister of the country of Belize. He is King Dean of Belize…..

    No ONe can tell him anything he does only what he wants and to hell with the people….

  16. Jessejames says:

    @jahkid….i want u to show me what Ramon Witz did in his term in office show me. I would really want to c

  17. Eye In The Sky says:

    All I want is to make some money, live safe and good, and spend very little money on bills and I will vote UDP again.
    If not then I will vote PUP next time. Do you hear that?

  18. nicholasa says:

    Elections are over even though we know that in cayo in was not fair. What Elvin Penner did -paying for peoples documents- is human trafficking and he should be criminally charged. He further threatened the naturalized Belizeans that he would take away their nationality certificates if they did not vote for him.Mr. Prime Minister what we want now is peace. You should be thanking God that you were given a second opportunity and tone down your arrogance. It is nauseating to listen to you, you talk as if you are ready to fight with this nation instead of uniting us. On another note, there was one CEO that contributed to the reduced number of votes you received countrywide -Peter Allen. This man acts like a real colonialist and treats everyone in the health ministry as if they are idiots. He is vicious and vindictive with the staff. If you appoint him again you will lose the next election because 95% of employees of the ministry of health countrywide voted against you because of him.

  19. Pelican says:

    It is a dam shame how we have become a nation who rely on handouts. The evidence of buying votes was everywhere. Some get right up to $500.00. But the sweetness of these short term candies will be short lived.

  20. islander says:

    Looks like the PM got the message…stop messing with our constitution MR PM and we will gladly give you a third term in office.

  21. Phenomenal Citizen says:

    I am happy the election went the way it did no land slide and no arbtritray behavior although it proves where all the smart people are and where the suppressed ones that love hand outs are. Anyways our Constitution cannot be amended as there is only 17 udp it will only be able to change with the approval of the Opposition Yayyyy Long live democracy God bless my people in southern Belize Lidan Dan Houn Somoutu

  22. Earl Grey says:

    I guess THE MORTGAGE BAIL-OUT WORKED…it bought votes that would have gone to PUP.

    Don’t underestimate Dean Barrow!!!

  23. Pelican says:

    Mark Espat will be made a Minister thru senate!!!!

  24. Pelican says:


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