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Mar 8, 2012

Several U.D.P. seats lost; candidates to blame

Dean Barrow

The U.D.P. lost eight of its seats and at times during the night it appeared that the P.U.P. might have won. The PM admitted it was a close call and he even considered what he would say to the media if the tide had turned. But what caused the loss in of so many U.D.P. seats? The Prime Minister said that it wasn’t that people didn’t come out for the party, in some cases, it was the candidate that was rejected.

Dean Barrow

“Could I next thank all the candidates of our great the U.D.P.  Many of them didn’t win—far too many of them for my liking—but there is not one who has anything to be ashamed of. I can say that during this campaign, each and every single one of those candidates put it all on the line. They all left it out there yesterday. Look at what has happened. There are those seats that we lost, there are other seats in which the margin of victory was too close for comfort, but there were so many other seats in which the margin victory was outlandishly huge. Erwin Contreras won by one thousand seven hundred and ten votes. Finnegan and I increased our majority—I won four to one. I am, sorry to say it, but I always try to engage in straight talk.  I can point you to at least six seats in which our seat defeat had nothing to do with party and everything to do with candidate. That is God’s honest truth.  So I will also concede of course that while I believe our government did a creditable job, while I believe that our policies were the right policies, there is no doubt that we were bedeviled, haunted by the objective circumstances both locally and internationally. So of course, there would in any case be slippage in our fortune. You can’t come to power in 2008 on a floodtide of expectations, be confronted by the inherited situation which you can’t complain about since you knew that is what would face you, but almost immediately after taking office, find that the entire world is plunged into a global crisis of unprecedented proportions which affect us most in this part of the world. And affect countries like us with small opened economies dramatically. You can’t be battling with that set of circumstances for four years and hope to come out unscathed.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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31 Responses for “Several U.D.P. seats lost; candidates to blame”

  1. now i see says:

    I knew Belizean were not stupid! Congratulations mr.Prime Minister and dont leave us bad i mean we that suported you.We understand the economy is bad world wide and that third world countries suffer the most. Lets go for the second round.U.D.P. All the way.

  2. Jessejames says:

    This goes to RAMON WITZ u lost becuase u did nothing gor ur people. I am a U.D.P but am glad,u lost lost. All weh u do da courting deh lee young gial. How u think u mi wah win when u neva do NADA fi ur constituency. So this goes out to all winning candidates, u have to get out deh and work.

  3. Jessejames says:

    This goes to RAMON WITZ u lost becuase u did nothing gor ur people. I am a U.D.P but am glad,u lost lost. All weh u do da courting deh lee young gial. How u think u mi wah win when u neva do NADA fi ur constituency. So this goes out to all winning candidates, u have to get out deh and work.

  4. krtdiaz says:

    Some Ministers and HOR members seem to become demigods unpon election and as such the people punish them at the polls. serve the people and they will keep you in power for many years to come. you can survive any tide, red or blue, if you serve….

  5. Belizean says:

    i am and will always be UDP but for unitedville people are better off without any minister the ramon witz, Witz done nothing in his term, Hope he never wins again. PM please send someone to fix the streets, to holes in middle of streets so big the church bus can’t pass anymore. Witz no neva fix 1 hole.

  6. jose says:

    da true from my parents say da goog fi Ramon witz cuase he never help in those village he should be ashme any how i think he expected the lost

  7. wise1 says:

    if u look at this loss, it has to do with 2 men in the udp!! Dean barrow ( arrogant of course) and rene montero. why?? look at the areas the udp lost??? all farming areas. rene montero affects the lives of all belizean farmers. he is a cold crook. he should have lost. i am sure he did but…

  8. wise1 says:

    pup should really stand up and defend our people. we want rene montero OUT !!!!!! he is bad for belize. he only thinks of roli, bobby, mr canto. look weh u get !@#$%!!!

  9. Bunny says:

    Hey i Support the UDP and there policies, however this election is a wake up call that we as a people aren’t voting by color but for the person who would represent us the best. I didn’t want castro to win he hasn’t done much for our people but to enrich himself. He didn’t even have the balls to campaign in person.

  10. Hardy says:

    I hope Mark Espat and Cordel Hyde are happy, they got what they wanted. I mean its obvious they resigned two weeks before the elections just to hurt the PUP. If Espat was so unhappy with where the party was going why didn’t he take over when he had the chance, the people of Belize would have been with him.

  11. A Jew says:

    If the candidates were to Blame then why Stann Creek, and Toledo did not vote in the UDP? and OW would also be like SC and Toledo if Vega had not pay thousands of dollars to buy votes and win. People from the South are tired and are not afraid of threats. This elections was close indeed, this is a sign of how Belizeans are starting to lose faith in the UDP.

  12. Belizean says:

    I am tired of hearing Mark and Cordel’s name, they are both cowards, they should be ashamed of themselves, if they cared about their people they wud not have done what they did.

    These elected officials, some of them r smart its time they work together as a team regardless of color and take the country forward and not just hussle our money for one set of people… Let Belize flourish, they should all love our country sooo much that they stop their nonsense and fix our country and do their utmost best at it.

  13. PG resident says:

    Prime Minister says he and Finnegan and Faber win by huge margins, but it is because they give these lazy criminal gangbangers money to stay home. we in PG are working hard can’t sell our rice, I voted UDP in 2008 but NO WAY was I going to vote for chancey vindictive Juan Coy.

  14. belizeanpride says:

    I BELIEVE IT’S GOOD TO LET THE CANDIDATE KNOW THAT THEY WERE VOTED OUT CAUSE THEY NEVER DID WELL. this suppose to go to the rest of the candidates. they need to work with their area or else they’ll be out. now if they turn around against their party now i see it just ignorance. people want candidates that work not self centered who gives a crap about his people he represent. good for them who lost and a warning to those in power to work harder.
    the people have spoken let see what this gov. has to prove now.

  15. RAMONWITZ says:


    goes by the name of Ramon Witz, missing since wednesday March 7, 2012. if anyone see or hear from him. please do not contact the voters of Cayo South. all his arrogance gone now, continue to hide forever. the people have spoken RAMON

  16. JahKid says:

    It is time for us to support a native Cayo South Reprensentative. We need to have someone who born here in our villages and know our way of living. Doesn’t matter if they are PUP or UDP but just someone who grew with us. Someone who swims on the Belize River, walked to school with their books in their hands, walked bare feet at times and bounced ball with us on the basketball courts, kicked ball on the football fields or played softball with the other gurls. It wants to appear that Cayo south has no intelligent people or person to represent us from both parties. It is time that we get our own grassroot young leaders to represent us on election day. Wake up aspiring politicians of Cayo South and lets get strangers out of our area. You give people no choice but only to vote for the way these strangers talk to us, because we do not know who they are. We know they are Belizeans only and nothing else. Ramon did a little bit, which can be classified as nothing but here we now have Julius, who is he, I don’t know him also, just like Ramon when he came here. I will not say what I have heard from Julius because it is hearsay and that does not count for me. But we will be watching and constantly linked with Julius, here in Cayo South we don’t have time for players. You either work or get the hell out. Personnally I want nothing but please make our villages looks good. Streets, lights, water and beauty along the highway, so that whosoever drives passing through the Cayo South villages leave impressed by just what they see whilst driving through especially Roaring Creek. We walk a NEW BRIDGE IN ROARING CREEK. Julius better make, buy, ask for donations or do something to happen or else him gone again. Blessings My People and let us support this stranger until we produce our own.

  17. MBW says:

    This goes out to Penner too. You very well know u mi ah loose so u had to gaan buy them immigrants vote. How many times u visit ur people? Have u looked at the needs of ur constituents? U win by 17, SEVENTEEN and we know that neva mi ah happen if u would have been fair. ..u just get put back but we already di count down to next round.

    Work for ur people or u get out like Witz…

  18. Carrie says:

    Dean Barrow should thank mark espat and cordel for giving him their two seats, cause because of them the pup lost those two seat…..mark and cordel, you traitors, hope people never ever put their trust is you ……..

  19. villager voice, cayo says:

    I agree with Jesse, because first of all, he failed by not providing a good example to the chair man/ women! He promise the people for a land lease and that was his idea, not ours and ask them to pay $350.00 twice and failed to provide any answer back, first payment which is 350 all we got is one receipt . according to mr. Witz that they will survey the lots and open streets , nothing happen, stupid people re elected Ramon Witz again, again he came with his $#!% by asking 350. that a total of seven hundred, we received a false lease, now many villager visited the lands department to reveal the truth and its false. what kind of area representative mr. Dean Barrow talking about, that is so outstanding ? well all we wanted was the truth, if we need to pay this amount for a original land lease, then say the frigging truth and stop lie, because they taking the villager like their $#!%

  20. villager voice, cayo says:

    We elected Mr Julius Espat, I hope he work well for the villagers, because here in my village are villing to pay for their land lease and i am a belizean and i am working hard for my future, so hope Mr Dean Barrow work with the area representative as well because Mr. Espat won by many votes and he deserve a chance , i voted for him, bec i want to see a new work and new ideas, not some one like Mr ramon that will ask for next 700 dollar from individual and provide false paper!
    Also the chairman, they want to earn acres of land and want to take away land from people who can’t afford to build their home on time. chairman can build a mansion bec all the money they gather from poor people they took it and went to print a copy of land lease with out a original certificate

  21. Pelican says:

    This is how it goes. Mark and Cordell are driven/influenced by “you know who”!!! This guy (you know who) will not stop at anything to be featured or put in the pot light. He is now sitting on his verandah facing the sea laughing his heart away. Check out the zinc fence!!!

  22. impartial says:

    i lost my faith in the belizean people… you deserve every bad thing that is going to happen here in the next 4 or 5 years: crime, higher living cost, exhorbitant fuel pricesm economic crisis and less education…

  23. Storm says:

    Oh, Mr. Barrow, you sound like the great man Obama — still blaming what you “inherited” four years later!

    Well, you cannot say you have succeeded in 4 years, because the people like you less.

    At the same time, PUP has the stain of its past still on it, and it will take new leadership to remove it.

    It really is time for new leadership in the old parties, or new parties with brilliant ideas and impeccable leadership.

    The crown sits more uneasy than ever for UDP.

  24. Pelican says:

    I agree with Storm. The PUP will not make it – at least in Belize City – until IT REALLY CLEANS UP. New faces all over.

  25. jessejames says:

    @STORM….u are a real jack horse…how can u say that the people of Belize like him less u idiot….if the people would like him less he would have lost u A-HOLE….the people of Belize didnt like certain candidates….its a difference you know….I hate when u put ur comments because u r stupid. You speak like if ur brain is up in ur @ss.

  26. Gods will be done says:

    …Mark and Cordell never loved their people nor their country….yes i agree Dean and the UDP should indeed thank them both for willingly giving up their seats…this elections was so not democratic, nor free nor clean! How can ppl agree w Barrow making those statements? but if they had won their constituencies he would have swallowed all his arrogant statements huh?….

  27. Impartial 2 says:

    Belizeans only care about today.

  28. Impartial 2 says:

    From reading the comments in this forum, it is obvious that Belizeans still think that the PUP and UDP are not one and of the same. The same power structure and special interest groups are still in control, so this election was pointless, when it comes to who control Belize and benefit from its natural resources etc… Only illiterate Belizeans, who love election time because of free money, bus rides and food, think that there was a change on March 7, 2011. But, hey, majority of Belizeans are gluttons for punishment and they deserve the government that paid them for their vote.

  29. Impartial 2 says:

    Poor fools argue about who da who and who did what and who should have been voted out, right now they all behind the curtians counting money together and talking about who will get what and how, in the next 5 years. The stupid train makes too much stops in Belize, damn.

  30. Impartial 2 says:

    I meant March 7, 2012, but am sure if you are bright that wouldn’t bother you and you would figure it out.

  31. Latina Mom says:

    Evidently, Belize City, with its perhaps one-too-many constituencies determined the very-close-margin victory for the UDP. All anyone can suggest is that the people of Belize City, (including those who live in THE MOST DEPLORABLE AND DISGRACEFUL AREAS IN S.S. BELIZE CITY) are all contented with the ALMOST SUB-HUMAN lifestyle they carry. Yet, while the rest of the nation CRIED OUT FOR HELP FOR THEM, they themselves were undoubtedly happy to return to office the very ones who did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to better off the situation for them, EVEN THOUGH they had ALL POWER AND ALL THE MONEY in their hands to do so. NO ONE, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE IN TODAY’S WORLD DESERVES TO LIVE THE WAY THOSE POOR, ABANDONED PEOPLE IN S.S. BELIZE CITY DO, but then again, one can only do so much for people. IF these same people DO NOT want to help themselves and prefer to believe that the $500.00 that was given to them for their votes will suffice them FOR THE THE NEXT FIVE YEARS, then one has to ultimately believe that they deserve whatever comes to them. Such is life!

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