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Mar 8, 2012

Barrow says he still has mandate of people

Dean Barrow

The United Democratic Party was returned to government with a significantly reduced margin. Of the twenty-five seats held by the U.D.P., it lost seven. The pendulum swept completely in the south and the opposition also gained ground in the north and west, giving it a stronger voice in parliament. We’ll look at those details later in the newscast, but this afternoon the Prime Minister held a press conference at the Best Western Biltmore. The Prime Minister says that despite the loss in seats, they still have the mandate of the people. The U.D.P. government will continue with the pro-poor policies that has defined his government over the last four years.

Dean Barrow

“Our mandate is greatly reduced or rather our numbers are greatly reduced. But I want to make the point that what the U.D.P. stands for, what the U.D.P. believes in is unchanging; is as constant as the northern star, is unwavering. Our stand for Belizean nationalism will continue undiminished, undaunted. And our pro-people and pro-poor programs will actually be expanded. We will want to work with all; we will want to extend a hand to the opposition, to civil society, to the NGO community. We will always try to be understanding and accommodating but nobody better ever think that the U.D.P. is in any sense weakened. To the contrary—speaking for myself—we have been given a second term and as I’ve said in one interview that I gave, that provides us with a certain degree of latitude. It gives us the luxury of never again having to worry about being a one term government. Therefore we will do what is right without stopping to count the consequences. Work with us; we say to all in society. No come test wi. No test we because we are not about to back off. We want to embrace all, but fi there is any that wishes to fling down the gauntlet, then it will be tit for tat and butter for fish.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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14 Responses for “Barrow says he still has mandate of people”

  1. OriginalWoman says:

    Well said Mr. Barrow, congratulations on winning a second term in office as Prime Minister of our beautiful “Jewel.”. I pray that you make your promises come true, with a sincere efforts to help the poor people of Belize …..

  2. hard woking Belizean says:

    Arrogance at its highest…..Offshore drilling here they come! Be prepared Audrey and remember your PM’s words, ” No test we because we are not about to back off. We want to embrace all, but if there is any who wishes o fling down the gauntlet, then it will be tit for tat and butter for fish”. Take heed!

  3. H1N1 says:

    Now that the votes are in, we will be watching to see who will be getting their pound of flesh for their campaign conuntribution.

  4. A Jew says:

    Instead of doing write offs for supposedly poor people why the govt no pay the rice farmers. These write offs will only make people more lazy and depedent. Worst people no a want work when they put the food pantries around the country. Uno a full they belly while we hard working people of Belize barely di manage fi buy food to feed ourselves and family.

  5. subKonshus says:

    Come on now Mr. Barrow. Humble Pie doesn’t kill anyone. From the results of the polls, I would not be so sure that you still have the mandate of the people. First of all, there was a record low turn out of registered voters. Barely enough to trigger a referendum as pointed out by Godwin Hulse. Secondly, of the low numbers that turned out, the UDP lost 7 seats. Ironically, the seats lost in the elections are from the poorest regions of the country, the rural areas. Yet you claim your mantra to be “Pro-Poor”. If I were you I would change my slogan, because its not speaking to the reality that took place at the polls. Why would the poor want to vote out a Pro-Poor government? You know fully well, that the UDP had close to a 10% chance of winning seats in the rural areas. That is why all the so called “pro-poor initiatives” were concentrated in the Belmopan and Belize City area. You already calculated that if you lost Belmopan and Belize City you would have lost the elections. All the Christmas assistance program and mortgage write off programs mainly benefited the people in the urban areas. Not necessarily the poor people. The only thing your pro-poor initiatives are doing is keeping those people in the Belize City area dependent on handouts. Instead of going full speed ahead, you should analyze the needs of the people in the rural areas that were obviously being neglected or taken for granted.

    Finally, whats all the macho talk about “no come test we…..we are not about to back off!” Who the hell you think you talking to? The social partners and civil society are made up of the same registered voters who voted you back in power. In short, we are your friggin’ bosses who came close to firing you less than 2 days ago. We can test you whenever we feel like. We put you there…we can move you from there sir!! So please ” No try test we”

  6. Jan says:

    Well said Subkonshus….

  7. cayobway says:

    wait one year, if no changes, bring in the revolution.

  8. Mad Black Woman says:

    @subKonshus- Done seh it!

    Barrow still no learn man…we the voters are not stupid. Don’t take us for granted..this time it was a close time???!!

  9. Realist says:

    Mr. Barrow gaan from ihself if he think he have a mandate from the Belizean electorate. He have a mandate from the Southside gangs, the naturalized Belizeans, and those people who received the pinata giveaways. He certainly noh have a mandate from 5 out of the 6 districts!

  10. JahKid says:

    @subkonshus my thing is I think you need to get conscious, before you get unconscious, the beginning of your comments I agree with most of your comments, but at the end, the Prime Minister is not talking to grassroots people like us. He is talking to those bully companies and nations who just want to come into Belize and call shots. I voted against the Offshore drilling, because it will benefit Belizeans for life, that beautiful blue sea makes us proud. Even if Audrey is well paid I don’t care, but I know it is good for Belizeans. Let us support the new government and work along without bais nor hate. Let us be happy brothers even if your stomach pains for one meal and you know that someone that has had no meal at all for 2 days and now has 1 meal be happy because you sacrificed yourself for someone in need. Respect my Brother!!!

  11. Pontius Pilate says:

    Well said subKonshus! The rural will feed the ministers and their city mice! How ridiculous. Barrow’s agenda is: Pro-rural not pro-poor.

  12. Pontius Pilate says:

    Of course, Barrow is talking to grassroots. The NGOs represent the grassroot Belizeans, that’s the reason for not riding with Barrow. The first clash in Barrow’s new government will be with OCEANA. “NO TEST WI” these words are words of intimidation, arrogance and challenge to the NGOs. Barrow has not learned his lesson. A revolution is in the horizon. Watch it out!

  13. Gods will be done says:

    @ JahKid maybe u need to double check on that because if you do agree w subkonshus then he is in reality speaking to the ppl of bze….this man…dean thinks he is so high above everybody….careful…God is watching…

  14. subKonshus says:

    @Jahkid: If you look at the PM’s statements carefully he says:

    “We want to work with all…”
    “we want to extend a hand to the opposition…”
    “to civil society”.
    “to NGOs”
    “to all in society”……
    “we want to embrace all”

    I am certain he is referring the Belizean society bro. At no time did he indicate international interests. Trust me, arrogance and being explicit goes hand in hand. Those statements were directed at the Belizean societies who opposed the 9th Amendment and Offshore drilling just to name a few memorable peaceful protests.

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