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Mar 8, 2012

Manifesto includes oil refinery

Dean Barrow

There were over a hundred campaign promises made by both the P.U.P. and the U.D.P.  And now that Barrow is in for his second term, he intends to fulfill a promise that he says wasn’t on the manifesto. He wants to explore the possibility of a national oil refinery. Barrow also intends to seek write-offs for student loans at the DFC.

Dean Barrow

“One of the things I want to achieve first achieve I don’t think even found its way into the manifesto. Straight off, I want to try to source some of our fuel imports out of Venezuela so that we might take advantage of the Petro-Caribe Arrangements in order to bring down the price of fuel for the consumers at the pump. Longer term, I am absolutely determined that there will be the construction of an oil refinery in this country. we have to start processing our local crude. When we do that—I don’t want to engage in wishful thinking and this is not smoke and mirrors—that is going to mean a reduction in prices at the pump as well. It is not going to mean that you will start to get your fuel free, it is not going to mean that the reduction will be greater or lesser depending on the price of crude in the international markets; but it will certainly produce a measurable, complete, tangible benefit by way of local prices being lower. We are going to be as well very determined to try to go the route of bio-fuels—everybody tells us can use to produce energy. Those are the kinds of things that we are going to be looking at very, very seriously indeed. So for me those are the immediate big ticket items that we can attack right away with initially some favorable results and over the medium term even better results.  We are also; I promised for the new budget which will have to be delayed clearly, I promised that we are going to increase the tuition subsidy for first and second formers. And I promised that we were going to tackle in the new budget the question of funding that will enable government to continue with the write off program. I’ve said that we’ll look at some of the mortgages at the DFC together with some of the student loans of DFC.

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19 Responses for “Manifesto includes oil refinery”

  1. Earl Grey says:

    Now he’s TALKING SENSE..Build a refinery AND WE CONTROL OUR FUTURE.
    Dean Barrow ….. He’s smarter than he looks.

  2. murphy says:

    A’right, u won for now, but promises were made to be broken! King Dean d talk bout the construction of an oil refinery; why the hell did his Gov’t closed down the one from shipyard. The man had already invested over a million dollars and was already processing crude oil. u wicked Dean. Moreover he the talk bout bio-fuels, Its a good idea but as again Govt amened the 9th law the Mexican who was investing in the Libertad factory in Corozal quickly packed up his things and gan back da mexico. No investor was to come to Belize knowing that Govt can take way fi den company!! North is Blue and will always remain like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. belizeanpride says:

    when we talk about refinery at list a small one for the local consumption of the Belizean people. bringing a refinery for international sales of refine fuel will cost a lot but at least a small one to help the Belizeans would be perfect and i wouldn’t mind if you do Mr. Barrow. now your talking something hoping it turns real for the benefit of the whole country.

  4. hard woking Belizean says:

    “he’s smarter than he looks”!!! Come on Earl Grey, dah fool the talk but I thought dah no fool the listen! If Mexico who produces its own crude oil until a few years ago was able to put up their oil refinery now Belize being such a small country and without any idea of how much crude oil our country has, will be able to establish an oil refinery so quickly!! Come on, but then again, “IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES” right!!

  5. Mosh says:

    am anxious about the oil refinery, hope you keep the promise, cause before your time we will throw you down.

  6. Ashley says:

    If any of you have a clue in how much and what it takes to build and run an oil refinery that will meet all of belize needs ? Man I sure wish some of you would get educated before talking , a refinery would cost us to run and build about more than what we have to run the country and if we get a company to invest what we will do steal it from them when they want to make the money back from the investment.

    I think by now Belizeans would do their research properly on empty promises like this but I guess I was wrong.

  7. Reader says:

    GOB will never give up the revenue earned from selling oil abroad – they cant!!! It’s the oil money that is saving our economy. If they refine the local crude they miss out on over 100 million in taxes per year from BNE.

  8. John Boy,Carson,Ca says:

    Four years from now a oil refinery will not be in Belize. Fool di talk , but da no fool di listen.

  9. concerned says:

    when Said Musa was suggesting an oil refinery when he was in term Dean Barrow made a big deal about it!!!!what’s the difference now????hope everyone is happy with their decision they made to put the UDP another term!!!please dont complain in some days that life is hard… rightnow we cant afford a pk of bread…wait some months and u will see!!!dont be complaining Belizeans..You were given the chance to speak out ur opinion and u failed ur country and Hon George Price immensely!!He was the one and only one who honestly tried to better Belize… all these politicians are just taking Belize two steps backwards.. Dean Barrow is a smart yes because he is taking all our money and depositing it in banks in the U.S. on election day they are paying wat?$50.00?is dat enuff for all the suffering u go through for 5 yrs???

  10. Do it right says:

    Stop being pessimists and lets see what happens. This is progress and Belize needs to progress instead of rescinding. The elections is over. Lets focus on how we can move the country forward and not backwards.

  11. subKonshus says:

    What does it cost to build an oil refinery?

    First, there are many parameters you must determine because they all become important consdierations in the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of the facility.

    A 10 MBPD (“MBPD” = 1000 Barrels Per Day) might not cost a lot at first, possibly under $10 MM (MM = $1,000,000 USD). But a 100MBPD refinery is substantial, from $500MM to $10,000MM (yes $10 Billion).

    You need to first define geographic location and environmental resources and impact. Is it in northern freezing climates or dry hot-arid regions so you can determine how much heating is needed for distillation & furnace operations in addition to the insulation and heat tracing design requirements? Are there economic and viable sources of freshwater for cooling water, sour water, boiler feedwater, and other industrial water needs? Is there sufficient land mass for refinery equipment such as the operating units, wastewater treatment, tank farm, and zoning restrictions? Is there a water table, swamp or wetlands, or other natural condition that might require an environmental impact study?

    Once you can provide the location/region, what is the refinery crude supply/slate, who’se crude oil will it be refining? There are over 150 different types of crude, each almost requiring a different set of conditions. Sour crudes require very expensive stainless and alloy steels and materials of construction that can withstand highly corrosive crudes and intermediates. Heavy crudes require substantial additional processing units to produce more higher grade fuel products like gasoline, diesel, and fuel oils compared to light crudes.

    Next, who’se technology will you be using or licensing? If you have no R&D or don’t own your own technology patents, you will have to license from the major oil companies and other oil-sector firms (like Rohm & Haas, UOP, etc.) the technology to convert low-grade heavy crudes and intermediates into high-value blend stocks, to remove sulfur from diesel in order to sell it to the US market, or to produce valuable petrochemical by-products that 50 years ago was simply waste-product, to name a few.

    Next, how do you plan to receive the crude and store it, and how do you plan to distribute the finished products? If you exp[ect to receive 1 shipment a week of crude then you need nearly 1,000,000 Bbls of crude tankage – at least 3-4 tanks at a cost of nearly $5MM each, not including pumps and piping. Do you plan to pipeline your finished products only or allow truck terminal operations for local pickup & distribution. A truck terminal will add significantly to costs.

    And not least what are the security concerns? Nearly every refinery in North America, Europe, and the Middle East has been forced to invest in substantial security measures to thwart terrorist attacks.

    The list goes on and on. This is no simple matter. I haven’t mentioned much at all about the Engineering Design considerations, Procurement, and Construction aspects of designing and building a refinery. And I have not mentioned anything about Operations and Maintenance costs. But hopefully, this gives you an idea.

    If you want to get a better idea of the probable cost to build a refinery (within +-30% accuracy), please provide more details like where this refinery is to be built (country, region, province, state, nearest city), source of its crude supply/crude slate, the finished products, existing industrial infrastructure elsewhere in the region, and any other details you can think of.

  12. fools will suffer says:

    I quit feeling bad for my people.everything they get after this is their just deserve.This man is a crook and this oil situation is the only thing he cares about. Whatever the profit will be from this oil will be for him and his croonies pockets only.I hope they will suck sorrows by the teaspoonful for being ignorant and stupid.they have no vision and for that they will perish.

  13. Jan says:

    Its not about being pessimistic, we would wish for Belize to prosper & flourish and we can do with a lot of hard work. But what this Prime Minister is saying will take a really long time an oil refinery is something really costly even if its for us to consume the fuel. We need to go back to the basci needs of the people.

  14. Eye In The Sky says:

    Lets start Drilling the Sea for more Oil and Make some Money. Who care about the gingo in San Pedro and the fish. We Want Money !

  15. Earl Grey says:

    subKonshus… WHY ARE YOU TRYING SO HARD TO DISCOURAGE US. It’s been said that a LITTLE KNOWLEDGE IS A DANGEROUS THING. You have too much knowledge about the subject. R -U -BNE???

    People have built small refineries in Belize before…DO NOT SAY THAT IT CANNOT BE DONE…
    If nothing else…KEEP HOPE ALIVE!!!


  16. Gods will be done says:

    are all UDPs arrogant and selfish ah @ Eye in the sky? think ue eye is pitifully failing you…or ur in the wrong sky….u need to research on ur country economic stats…

  17. subKonshus says:

    @Earl Grey: If you say you are going to build a house, and I tell you how much a house costs, (from the floor plan drawings to the digging of the foundation trenches and the engineering fees) how can that be a discouragement bro? Its just information so you can decide how big a house you want to build or if you still want to build a house any at all or continue to rent one for another 5 years until you can raise the capital to carry on the project.

    I guess you know by now, BNE sells Butane gas. Now that’s a far easier gas to extract from the whole oil manufacturing process, with the least overhead is suppose. Yet they are not talking about putting up depots country-wide to supply the country. Their is obviously a reason for that. Either Belize don’t have the population to sustain such an investment, or their isn’t enough gas to go around. I don’t work at BNE so I can’t say. But to me that’s a clear indication that an oil refinery in Belize is too farfetched. In my opinion, the PM really has good policies to reduce our cost of living. I think that using revenues from BNE and all future oil companies to offset the price at the pump would be a more practical and viable option. Revisit the PSA (production sharing agreement) with BNE to make the GOB receive a higher percentage, then use that to offset the reduction in taxes that would have been lost at the pump when you put the price of gasoline back at $5.00! If PM do that he will be PM for life…I can guarantee that all the way to the bank!!!!!

  18. Kelly says:

    Treaty Energy has already offered to build a refinery at no cost to Belize. And they would give great interest back to Belize and lower gas prices by 75%.

  19. Charlie Price says:


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