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Mar 8, 2012

P.U.P. petitions are about results and Lake I

Lisa Shoman

The P.U.P. is filing three challenges, which Fonseca says might overturn the results. Two petitions are on the razor thin results in the Cayo District and the other relates to Lake Independence where Yolanda Schakron’s nomination was rejected by registering officer, Noreen Fairweather. The director of communications cited allegations of irregularities and abuse.

Lisa Shoman, Attorney

“In respect of the Lake Independence Division, as you all know the electoral petition challenge there will be to the fact that Yolanda Schakron’s name should have been on that ballot and that her disqualification to her candidacy was not right and will be challenged by way of an election petition. In respect of the Cayo Northeast, there are several issues, among them, the bribery and misconduct of Mr. Penner in the issue of the naturalization of non-Belizeans and paying for the fees associated with nationality certificates and the facilitation of immediate registration of persons who should have to have first become citizens and then resided in Belize for two months before being put in electoral roles. We also have photographic evidence that was taken on Election Day of the candidate’s agent, of bribery and misconduct. And there is additionally and unfortunately, an outright refusal despite a formal request for a recount, an outright refusal to allow that recount in circumstances in which not only was the margin narrow but there were several rejected ballots and no good or no reason at all was given for this refusal and that will also ground a legal challenge. In respect of Cayo Central, serious irregularities were reported by election day workers and agents for the P.U.P. candidate as to the number of ballots that were in the ballot box, in particular one ballot box and the subsequent refusal of elections and boundaries officials to allow the right that is a legal right of agents to accompany the ballot box, to the place where the boxes were taken; and therefore, there was a serious discrepancy in the ballots that we had reported and that actually were counted. Additionally there was the refusal of the returning officer, Mrs. Parks to have a recount again with no reason at all given, she simply said it would not be done and her decision was final. Also in respect of Cayo Central, there is evidence of both misconduct and bribery by the agents of the candidate.”

Shoman says that those are just some of the concerns arising from their electoral petitions, but that list is by no means a full disclosure of the discrepancies that took place on March seventh. Shoman also said that the possibility for other electoral petitions may be brought to light.

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16 Responses for “P.U.P. petitions are about results and Lake I”

  1. Observer says:

    Mr Gegg and Yasmin pole was correct. Mark and Cordelia would have won their seats. Even Shakron world have won the seat. The pole did not factor in the mas registration of recent voters and the allowing of voters to vote in areas they don’t live with fake or vague addresses. John, Penner and Montero were going to lose their seats giving the PUP a victory of five more seats.

  2. Lisa says:

    John bussed in about 500 people th were falsely registered in Belmopan central. They were given fake addresses or vague street addresses. They came in with a lot of noise early. It was impossible not to hear them. In fact John even boasted that there were more to come. Find those people in the voters list and strike them out in the courts and give the win to both the pup city council and Mr Amin Hegar. I understand that the same was done by Penner And Montero.

    After that , let’s talk about honesty. The pup won by at least four more and is being cheated, which would have brought their total to 18 or even 19.

  3. murphy says:

    agree with Lisa, same S### happen here in the North where Gapi Beggar won!! UDP cheated!!!!!

  4. John Doe says:

    Please inform your PUP officers of all irregularities you saw in your area, so they can be brought to the attention of Francis Fonseca. Thanks

  5. Voter says:

    Serious investigations should be launged especially in Belmopan, we know a lot of people who voted here and do not live here, can give names and elections and boundaries needs to fix this and disallow people who voted here and don’t live here, John Saldivar DID NOT win his seat fairly…. another ilegallity he did was buy a lot of proxy votes for a meager 50 bucks… Our system needs to be fixed.

  6. Mosh says:

    Montero and Penner stole the election, they did not won legally, and this is a true testimony, not a side opinion.

  7. John Doe says:

    We need to hold a protest. Our rights are being violated by the UDP.

  8. cayobway says:

    Miss Tamai will not listen, if we take the complain to her she will reject them like she did 8000 signatures, That beeeeeeach was paid.

  9. Blue Sky says:

    John doe

    We need to overthrow king dean and the udp….

  10. Jan says:

    Its a really pit that here in Belize the elections & boundaries is not a transparent body. Cause in any country you can protest if you were cheated in any way when it comes for an election. And it would be so good that the court would look into this matter and try to solve it no matter what are the results. But again its Belize we are talking and am yeah PM Barrow owns the courts…

  11. javier solis says:

    The UDP has won, guys, no matter how hard we holler. Even Hon. John Briceno has said over the news that the people have spoken and we must all respect their will. He said we must now work with the government to develop Belize, which we all love. He recognizes that no court will overturn an election. As to the aliens, how can you prove to a court whom they voted for?Look at Grijalba in OW central, he registered 100 aliens and he lost by a bigger margin than in 2008. Just let us accept the results, cause the ones who were in charge of the counting did so with professionalism.

  12. toucan says:

    We do not need this country run by a bunch of deceitful leaders like the UDP! I hope the PUP will fight this until they get all the seats that they legally deserve! God Help Us!

  13. Santa Elena Resident says:

    Yes I agree that there were many irregularities in different constituencies especially those in the Cayo district. But we need to stop blaming and whining because nothing will change. We need to move on with the business of running the country and we need to come together as a nation to face the many monumental challenges that lie ahead of us!! Their time will come once again and hopefully it will be sooner rather than later!!

  14. La Isla Carinosa says:

    In Belize Rural South we were cheated out as well……at the very moment that boxes were being transported to the counting area electricity went off…….wish something could be done on that as well…….

  15. Gods will be done says:

    listen to urselves! be ashamed…we are not crying nor whining…fighting for our right is being an active citizen…we are a democratic country arent we? Well here in bmp everybody saw that one of the UDPs strongest hold “roaring creek” went blue…we also know that Dr Amin Hegar was indeed the one to win…but was cheated…this election was not professional! why did the people incharge int he polling areas have fones??? they were being called every now n again being asked how many votes were already cast and whats not? IT WASNT A FAIR election….its time to stop sleeping bze!! WAKE up!!! we need to talk—to speak out! it part of our civic right!

  16. Latina Mom says:

    There is no evil that lasts a hundred years as there is no fool that would bear it for so long…Karma is a be-ach and pay-back for a devious act is ten times worse!! It is obvious that the UDP were all just being voted out. People no waan dem no mo! Even though the UDP claimed victory, it was by default that this happened. THE ENTIRE NATION OF BELIZE knows that the PUP won the elections; full stopl!!!

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