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Mar 2, 2012

Another Poll Result for Election

Yasmin Andrews

Economist and Statistician, Yasmin Andrews has been doing polls for five years and in the last election, the results of her polls proved accurate in voting patterns and results. Andrews also predicted the outcome on Wednesday’s People’s Referendum. Her survey showed a ninety-four percent saying no to oil drilling and exploration. She came extremely close; the results are that ninety-six percent said no.  Andrews has also conducted three polls on voting perceptions for the upcoming general elections. The results of the first, which were conducted before the general elections were called, have been released and showed a small margin between the two major political parties. But in those cases, thirty-two point five percent of voters were undecided. In the last poll, Andrews removed the undecided option since the election is drawing near. The scales have tipped significantly in favor of one party. And in respect of the biggest issue for voters, it has been consistent. This morning, she provided News Five with the poll results.

Yasmin Andrews, Economist/Statistician

“We asked the same economic factors of number one will you go out to vote for the upcoming elections, which was a very high turnout. It was a very high turnout of ninety-three percent so people are eager to go out and vote, either as a dissatisfaction vote, protest vote or just want to be active and conscious like what was shown yesterday in the referendum. So that shows a very high—then we asked the same economic questions, quality of life increased…”

Marleni Cuellar

“And those were consistent over the three polls?”

Yasmin Andrews

“Consistent; it shows that those are the pressing issues. In these three polls it was very high and even higher because in the first poll it was around sixty percent. Look at this third poll, it’s increasing; the dissatisfaction level is increasing because this latest poll shows has your quality of life increased and it goes to “no” eighty-seven point two.  “Are you better off under this administration?”, again no eighty-seven point two. In statistics Marleni, any above eight is strong, very high powered. Any above eight, you can’t go higher than eight talking about strength and power of your test. This is eighty-seven nearly close to ninety and it was at sixty. For the last two polls it ranged around sixty, decreased way to eighty. “Are you satisfied with the current administration?”  No, eighty-six. You see how these three things are consistent between the eighty-five, up? So we asked those three economic parameters because this was the issue that we noted when we asked what was the most pressing issue for you; it was the economy. So we took that out but keep asking these questions. Then we asked the final question, who will you vote for in the upcoming elections, which is next week. And now it’s very solid. The response is very solid because we removed the thirty-two percent, the undecided. We removed it because we want to box in people now. Who will you vote for right, election is next week; who will you vote for? And it is reflective of what the three other were asked. Based on the economic indicators that showed the dissatisfaction of over eighty percent. When we asked this question, who will you vote for in the upcoming elections, the highest response was the P.U.P. sixty-point eight percent. So over half of this country is saying that they will vote for the P.U.P. and then for the U.D.P., it’s thirty-one point two percent. So thirty-one point two and sixty percent, it’s double. You’re talking a big difference there. And then VIP one point nine and P.N.P. six point one.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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23 Responses for “Another Poll Result for Election”

  1. Josephino Estroberto Pesomedio says:

    UDP ignored its own people, called elections too fast, big error !!!

  2. concerned says:

    you are living in dreamworks her and should move to california. the udp cannot lose this election over the conniving hopeless pups who have stolen so much from the people. granted the udps have done nothing to move the country forward except complain that pup left a mess but god knows that if we have anothe pup dog gon eat we supper bcause all the pups know is to theif. polls dont work like this easy and if they did we will not need elections and so on all we will have is a poll and use that as the decision. this poll is like going to the fish market and hearing those opinions and jumping up and down saying we did a poll. well the fish still stink.

  3. now i see says:

    I dont need to go to school waste money and time i predict that the u.d.p. Will win again its going to be very close but they will win.The p.u.p need to stay together and stop pelear about who is better, who robo mas,you guys give this elecciones al u.d.p.La proxima election you guys will win.One advise save you lee money no buy votes because you will need it.El diablo no es diablo por malo sino por viejo.Good luck amigos.

  4. javier solis says:

    A woman scorned. She did a lot of ridiculous things while in th foreign office now she is blaming the UDP for her arrogance. But to her polls, she has to stop sokiing that stuff green. At the lowest level of popularity and the PUP at the highest of public support in 1998 the PUP got 60% and the UDP 40% of the votes. Now she is saying that the UDP will get 31.5% ??? Better go shave them eybrows gial, you di trip now!!

  5. javier solis says:

    A woman scorned!! Yasmin msut be smoking that thing green. In 1998 when the PUP was at its height of populairty and the UDP at its lowest, the PUP received 60% and the UDP got 40% of the ballots cast. Now that the UDP is more steady, they will only get 31% ? Gial go shave that eyebrow. You still not going back to Foreign Affairs if the PUP wins. No one wants your arrogant demeanor around them.

  6. Joe Guerra says:

    This Yazmin has resentment over the UDP that´s why she is playing with the numbers. She is doing so because she was fired from the Belize High Commission in London after she stole a load of money. PUP don´t build hopes with this girl´s stats.

  7. latinos del norte says:

    haters gonna hate!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. John Doe says:

    Concerned, you are right. But the UDP doesn’t deserve our votes either. I simply shiver when I think how badly the economy and unemployment would look like if the UDP wins again. It has NEVER been this bad.

    We need to send the message that we will not accept poor leadership, by voting them out after one term.

    We have three choices on March 7th: we can vote Independent, we can vote VIP or we can vote PNP.

  9. babylongirl says:

    yashim is an educated female and all power to her. we love u girl. continue being a strong belizean. polls can be right or wrong but at the end of the day its good to do an unbiased poll.

    udp clearly doesnt like strong belizean women. and additionally her poll is in line with what wall street journal has said— pup is favourable to win the next eleection.

  10. Bmp man says:

    We don’t have to wait too long to know is Yasmin is accurate.

    I don’t believe she is and I’ll tell you why………..

    In some areas people are disastified with the UDP but when your alternative is Rodwell Ferguson, Amin Hegar, Phillip Palacio, Oscar Sabido, Arthur Saldivar just to name a few then you know they pup has definately not form the next government!

    Just my two cents – tell me what you think guys………..

  11. Czl buay!!!! says:

    Belizeans lets not criticize mein, Ms. Yasmin is a young and intelligent Belizean, just doing a prediction. Why Belizeans have to be negative about things. At the end of the day, whomever wins we will still need to live with them. Lets respect here prediction.
    Now i coat what Mrs. Audrey Matura Shepherd said this morning on the Open ur eyes morning show: “The young ppl of Belize, needs to decide on who will do a better job for our nation and stop the fanaticism.” Well said Mrs Audrey; Belize has young, educated and vibrant youths who can make intelligent decisions.


  12. Charlie Price says:

    This is only one side of the story…WE NEED A SECOND or THIRD OPPINION.

  13. Xtasy says:

    Since she’s so good with numbers…….emmmm…………….gimme the rake fi boledo tonight.

  14. impartial says:

    Charlie Price…here is your second opinion… if the UDP wins again we are doooooomed!

  15. Bmp man says:


    Xtacy i da no like she but i di buy 33 tonight!

  16. now i see says:

    @corozal buay you sound like some one that i know. And to Xtasy you should ask for the lotto sinse she is so good.

  17. now i see says:

    @corozal buay you sound like some one that i know. And to Xtasy you should ask for the lotto sinse she is so good. I think 87 will play this week.

  18. big big says:

    john doe it is not di udp fault dat their’s no work dats di world economy dat has gone down since di war started. if u see mexican news their are di majority of people without work in di usa is di same story so dont say is di udp. dean barrow has done a great job buying back di bel (what di pup sold)

  19. Concerned woman says:

    UPD abusive. They change the law to send innocent men to prison but yet pay gangbangers every week for what???Keep crime off???Shame on u Mr. PM. Your priorities screwed right up!
    UDP disrespectful: Have no respect for women and by extension this nation as the women he disrespects are quite capable of being leaders. Zenaida brought them victory and they turned around and messed up her name. Shame on Barrow.
    It takes a mock referendum for him to agree to one!! that is only because election is here. He is tricky and will not keep his word. Cant be trusted.
    How is he helping the educated? By giving scholarships?? Which job can they get if there is non and all even locals afraid to invest under his leadership as with the ninth ammendment ppl afraid he will wake upand take away what belongs to investors without paying for it! Now that is a monstrosity and real abuse Mr. Barrow!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Concerned woman says:

    Besides the above PUP accept their mistakes and promise to deliver this time around! Just the fact that they are humble enough to acknowledge and be humble is a plus. Mr. Barrow is like Pharoah in the Bible too arrogant to accept his mistakes and that is his downfall.
    We have heard the PUP and we believe they will deliver. We will see more long term investments and solutions to the problems of unemployment and by extension crime which are bread and butter issues affecting our Belizean people. We no fool and we are feeling the pinch in our pockets. With our country being as small as it is i cant comprehend how we are not a rich, manageable nation. Look at Dubai….they pay their citizens cash flow is so good. look at Germany…women are paid to stay at home and care/raise our kids or at least they can afford to leave kids in proper care. In Belize we have to decide if we will eat or pay bills, we have to compromise the level of care our kids deserve because we cant afford proper care for them and overall we can do less and less everyday witht he little we have. WE CAN DO IT PUP IF OUR PEOPLE, PRIORITIES AND HEARTS ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

  21. John Doe says:

    Big Big, please visit Guatemala City so you can see for yourself how ADVANCED this country has become. Much more advanced than Belize, as much as it hurts to acknowledge it.

    All of Central America is progressing EXCEPT BELIZE.. Even Nicaragua is progressing while Belize remains stuck in the past.

    Dean Barrow has not even been able to give us a cheap and fast internet service. This has nothing to do with the global economy. This is a poor excuse made up by the UDP for not providing progress to Belize. NO PROGRESS IN FOUR YEARS. This is why there is so much poverty in Belize.

    In Guatemala for only US$15 you get full ADSL2+ fast broadband internet. In Guatemala you can download TV shows in 15-30 minutes. Can you in Belize? Of course not.

    The truth is that Belize hasn’t progressed under Dean Barrow and RIGHT NOW is falling behind her Central America peers. Which is very painful to experience.

    If the UDP wins again, I am betting that Belize will be the poorest and less developed country in all of Central America. What a shame.

    For the good of Belize, PLEASE don’t vote UDP. They haven’t brought any progress to Belize.

  22. jessejames says:

    @john doe…..i agree with what u posted….but have u asked urself what is a day salary for guatemalans….they make $5.00 to $10.00 a day…. Belizeans make $20.00 to $40.00 u do the calculations…so its a dollar earned a dollar spent

  23. Pelican says:

    The Central American Republics have always been “years” ahead of us in almost everything. Also our standard of living is said to be higher – however I would say OUR COST OF LIVING IS HIGHER. For industries higher salaries, energy cost, skilled labour are the biggest deterrents. If these three are not addressed we will never have REAL investors – not “buy and sell” merchants – WHO DO NOT EMPLOY INDEGENOUS LOCALS. Another factor is our small population.

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